Birthday Present

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Well this all happened two weekends ago. My boyfriend Jake’s father was turning 45. Seeing his wife left him a couple of years back and not dating at the moment. We decided to take him out for dinner and maybe some drinks.

Jake still lives with his father even though he’s 23. Seeing its a huge house and they both run a landscaping business together it works for both of them. So there they were about 5:30 pulling into my driveway with Jake’s truck. Not the work truck but his new Dodge. Even though it was winter in the North-east and fairly cold I decided to wear my black skirt with a light white top.

Throwing on my long coat I went outside where William was waiting with the door open so he could help me get in between them. Sliding over to Jake I gave him a hello kiss to which he said “Don’t forget the birthday dad,” he said smiling. I turned to his dad grabbed his head and planted a big kiss on his lips.

“Happy Birthday!” I said smiling.

Off we drove off. There I was sitting beside 2 big men. Jake looked like a younger version of his father. Bill had his arm hanging on the seat behind my head. His arm kept slipping down and landing on the back of my neck. After saying sorry for the third time.

“If your gonna keep doing that you might as well leave it there and give me a massage,” I said laughing. “I would give you a good one but your coat is in the way,” replied Bill with a sly grin.

“No problem,” I said unzipping my coat an pulling it off my shoulders.

“There,” I said, ” Work your magic!”

It felt a little strange at first have his father massaging my neck but after a few minutes of his strong hands working my muscles it started to feel good. Way to good. I closed my eyes lowered my chin to my chest and let my body go limp. I have to admit it my body started to react to his attention. I could feel my nipples hardening under my blouse and a little moisture between my thighs. I’m sure they both heard a couple of unintentional moans. Even though it was a 40 minute ride I, opened my eyes and realized we arrived. Entering the restaurant Bill excused himself to the rest-room.

“I see you really liked my fathers massage, your nipples are still hard,” said Jake leaning in to me.

“He has very strong hands,” I replied trying really hard to hide the fact that I was blushing.

“Maybe you should return the favour on the way home,” added Jake cheekily.

“Can’t really reach back there he’s to tall,” I shot back nervously.

“That’s not the area that I think he would like massaged” he said smiling and leaving me completely speechless.

“THAT’S YOUR FATHER your asking me to jerk off!” I said finally getting over the shock.

“But its his birthday and it’s OK with me,” Jake said.

With that I said “we’ll see but you better get me some drinks,” Bill returned and we went to the bar before are table was ready.

Our table was ready in about 20 minutes and with my second margarita in hand we sat down. Now it was my turn to excuse myself to the powder room. Once in there I looked at myself in the mirror to try to figure out my next move. Never have I ever thought of doing something like that with an older man never mind my BF father with him next to me. His massage was great and I started wondering if the son got his cock from his father. I thought if I tried something he would probably stop me. With that in mind I headed back to the table but not before releasing one more button on my blouse.

Both men were gentlemen and stood on my return and Jake gave me an little wink noticing my opened blouse. He also said he ordered me and his father another drink. So we got down to the business of ordering our meals. Everything sounded so good that none of us could really decide. So we all chose a dish that we liked and we were all gonna share. Couldn’t help catch Bill glancing down my blouse a few times. While waiting for our food to arrive we just made small talk about life, weather and my school. Telling them I’m almost done getting my business degree.

“Ya know Jake,” Bill said “business is good and we were planning on hiring someone to work the office and do the scheduling and the books. Maybe Hannah could come work for us. She would sure pretty up the office,”

The drinks had clearly had an effect on me when I said “Sure that would be great and I’m sure I would have to take care of my bosses,”

“No but that would be a big perk for you,” Bill said laughing.

Thank god the food arrived and it all looked? fantastic. We all dug in and shared each others meals. Picking off others plates an being fed by two handsome men was very arousing. Between the drinks and all the flirting got me thinking about Jake’s ankara moldovyalı escortlar request, I thought to my self that I might as well give it a shot. Finishing our meal Jake paid up while Bill went to get our coats. This time I didn’t zip it up.

Stepping outside we were all surprised to see it was snowing heavily and there was a inch or more on the ground. Jake went to get the truck while we waited at the doorway. Feeling a little buzzed I held onto Bill’s arm to steady myself. When Jake pulled up ” Damn now my feet are gonna get all wet and cold,” I said shivering to emphasize my point. With that Bill swooped me up in his arms and carried me to the truck. He opened the door with one hand while still holding me sliding me onto the seat. Doing this made my skirt rode 3/4 up my thighs. I didn’t try to straighten out I just closed my coat. Bill got in an off we went.

Little ways down the road I let my hand drop on Bills thigh. Patting it I turn to Jake and said what a sweet man his father was for carrying me to the truck. He and Bill just laughed a little. I left my hand on his leg and soon my fingers were starting to massage him. That’s when I thought the fun was over because he placed his hand on mine and stopped me. But to my surprise he just did that so he could unzip his jacket. He then took my hand and placed it a little higher on his leg and used his hand on mine to start massaging him. He stopped but my fingers kept on going moving up ever so slowly up his body. Reaching the front of his pants I could feel that I was doing a good job. I could feel his hand slowly undo his belt and unzip his pants. That made it easy to slip my hand into his briefs to find I wasn’t going be disappointed by the big package inside.

Just then I felt Jake’s hand on my bare leg “told you Dad, my Hannah is one hot woman,” said Jake proudly.

“DAMN right she is didn’t think she would do it!” He laughed back.

“Now keep your eyes on the road don’t want to land in a ditch,” He commanded Jake.

I should of been mad for being set-up like but now I was horny as hell so I didn’t give a flying fuck. I turned my body to him so I could get both hands around his hard cock. As I stroked him he lowered the back of his seat and pulled me closer too him grabbing my head so we could kiss. Our lips connected and out came our tongues to explore each others mouth. His hand then slipped into my blouse to play with my hard nipples. His cock was so hard I thought he was gonna explode right there. I started to slow down but he told me to keep going. When he lowered his mouth to my breast I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan.

“Suck my cock Hannah!” he whispered in my ear seductively ” I want to feel your mouth around my cock” he ordered me and I wanted to obey is orders so badly.

Lowering my mouth I slowly stuck out my tongue to lick his swollen head. His cock was just as long as his son but a little thicker. Cupping his balls with my hands I opened my mouth and started sucking. That got an instant moan of pleasure. I could feel his hand working its way up my thighs so I spread them open so he could get to my pussy. His eyes opened wide when he got there to find it bare and bald. Running his finger over my clit made me quiver and go deeper down on his cock. Spreading my lips he inserted his finger deep inside.

“You like that baby don’t you,” he asked.

All I could do was shake my head yes. With that he pulled it out. Grabbing my hand from his balls and bringing it to my pussy.

“Make yourself cum for me Hannah” he said looking me right in the eye.

With that he placed both of his hands on my head and started guiding it farther down his cock.

“Cum for me Hannah!” he asked again.

My thumb rubbed over my clit as I inserted 2 fingers in my pussy. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had my first orgasm as I quickly finger fucked myself. Bill was fucking my mouth faster and faster and his frantic pace made it obvious that he wasn’t going to last long either. That’s when I could feel it building up inside me, my finger fucking myself faster and faster until the pleasure of my orgasm arrived burying my mouth deep down his cock.

“Fuck baby I’m gonna cum take it all for me!!” he shouted.

With that he unloaded his seed down my throat. Holding my head down making me take it all, load after load of hot thick cum.

All was quite for a bit until Jake spoke up “Hannah you were fantastic,”

“Thanks,” I said as I gave his cock one more kiss before I zipped him up.

Straightening myself up I was surprised to see that we have missed the exit to my place.

“Where are we going?” I asked to which Jake said “Your gonna spend ankara ukraynalı escortlar the night at our house,” accompanied with one of his mischievous smiles.

“WHAT?” I said in shock but in reality I knew this was coming. Jake just simply laughed at my astonishment.

Within a couple of minutes we arrived at there house. Once again Bill carried me while Jake pulled the truck in the garage. Once inside Bill took our coats and shoes.

“DAMN! your pretty,” he exclaimed looking at my now exposed breasts.

“Thanks, your not bad either,” I said winking at him.

Jake came in and Bill excused himself. Jake took me over to the couch so we could sit. He turned on the TV so he could check the weather. Pulling me close he gave me a big kiss.

“Thanks for doing that for my father,” he said to me the gratitude was evident in his voice.

“My pleasure,” I said.

“Now, I think it’s time to take care of your boyfriend,” as he gently began to guide my head down his body.

“Take your pants off!” I said impatiently.

To which he stood up and exposed his hard cock for me. Pushing him back down I crawled between his legs so I could taste him. I could taste his precum as my tongue circled his head. He reached over my shoulders and pulled my shirt off so his fingers could pinch my hard nipples. “Damn boy! is that anyway to treat our house guest,” Bill said as he entered the room.

“We got a big bed upstairs and your making her suck you off on her knees on the floor,” he said sternly.

“Take her to the bed and get comfortable,” said Bill once again the authority he held over Jake was evident.

“Hannah you think I could join you two,” Bill asked completely surprising me for the second time in one night.

Took me all of two seconds before I grabbed there hands and let them lead me to the bed. Damn the bedroom was huge with the biggest bed I have ever seen. Big flat screen TV and a big mirror dresser. The door was open and I could see a full bath.

Removing the rest of our clothes we climbed on the bed. Jake laid down with his head resting on the headboard. I started to get between his legs when I felt Bills hands grab my hips and flip me over and drag me to the edge of the bed spreading my legs wide. I could see his head lowering down and soon felt his tongue circling my clit.

“Lick me!” I begged to which I could feel his fingers parting my lips and his tongue diving into my pussy. COME here Jake let me taste your cock. Jake moved to my side and started feeding me his cock. The feeling was incredible. Bill was fucking fantastic!! Alternating between his tongue and fingers in my pussy bringing me almost there then slowing down. When he knew I couldn’t take anymore he grabbed my hips and buried his tongue deep in my pussy. I screamed so loud Jake’s cock popped right out of my mouth. My body was still trembling when Bill turned me over and positioned me on my hands and knees. “I’m gonna fuck you now Hannah, do you want my cock baby,” growled Bill.

“YES!” I replied.

“While you suck my sons cock and I will pump my seeds deep in to your womb baby,” said Bill barely hiding his excitement.

I crawled between Jake’s legs and took his cock in my mouth. I could feel Bills cock parting my pussy lips and with one thrust he buried it deep inside me.

“FUCK your pussy is so tight!” he said.

With that he started fucking me with long slow strokes. I was taking Jake’s cock deeper in my mouth with every stroke of his father. His cock was picking up the pace and I could feel it growing bigger than it was. His hand reached around to play with my clit. Bill soon began increasing the speed of the strokes. His thick cock pistoning in and out of my pussy at rapid pace, I met each of thrust my thrusting my cunt back up against his thick pole. I don’t how long Bill was fucking me, it felt almost like an eternity when it probably wasn’t, but I knew it would be over soon as Bill’s thrusts became more frantic and animalistic.

“OH GOD! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!”, I screamed out as I came once again.

“I’m gonna cum baby!” declared Bill as I felt the first of many loads shooting into my belly. Just then Jake grabbed my head and unloaded in my mouth. We all just laid there for a few minutes before we started to move.

Bill got up and looked out the window “DAMN!” he said “Jake looks like you got some ploughing to do my boy,”

“Why me?” asked Jake.

“Cuz I’m the boss and its my birthday plus you were the designated driver tonight,” said Bill once again showing his power of Jake, just seeing him be so dominant got me excited all over again even after being fucked senseless. “Don’t worry Hannah and I ankara minyon tipli escortlar will be fine,” he said mockingly to his son. Jake was pissed but he did what his father wanted.

“Kids!”He laughed.

As we heard the truck drive away. Bill told me that the bathroom was mine if I wanted to shower and freshen up a bit. Giving him a kiss I said I would be back soon. The bath was gorgeous. The cabinet contained everything a women would need after a good fuck, clearly Bill had many house guests. I didn’t want him to be alone a long time so I took a quick shower and dried my hair. While I was brushing my hair I thought I heard the sound of porn from the bedroom.

“Hell! he can’t still be up for more can he?” I wondered to myself.

Leaving the bath with just a towel around my body I could see Bill watching TV slowly stroking his semi hard cock. I froze when I looked to see what he was watching. On the big screen was me being fucked by Bill. He quickly turned it off.

“SORRY, your just so hot I had to record it,” he said apologetically. I knew I should have been pissed but then again I fucking enjoyed and the recording looked like movie quality.

“Lets watch together then you can delete it,” I said jumping on the bed next to him. He said he’ll delete this one if he could make one of just us. He didn’t want to share me with his son, he wanted to own me. I had no objections as long as he kept the video for him self, I asked him to promise me that he wouldn’t show it to anyone else.

“PROMISE,” he said.

With that he showed me the three cameras he had set-up in the room.

“I can even do split screen with all three,” he replied.

He turned on the cameras and there we were on TV. There we were laying next to each-other. Bill slowly reached out with his hand and placed it on my bare pussy. Running his fingers over my lips running them over my slit. I could feel my body getting hot as I ran my hands over his chest working my way down. He turned to me so he could kiss and suck my nipples. I was surprised to see how hard his cock has gotten again.

“Mmmmm your lips are getting me so hot. Stick a finger in me,” I cooed seductively. With that he positioned me on all fours but this time he got on his back and pulled my body over his face. “But what am I gonna do?” I asked.

“Cum for the camera Hannah cum for it,” he told me with a wink.

With that he ran his tongue up and down my slit rolling his lips around my clit. He had his arms around my ass pulling me closer as I tried to pull away. Then I could feel his tongue leave my pussy and start licking my butt. Something Jake would never do. Sensing I enjoyed that he stuck it deep inside. That was it my body had the best orgasm I’ve ever had, my third orgasm of the night. Trying to get away he held me tighter.

That’s when I heard a vibrating sound and the feeling of it entering my pussy. It wasn’t big but it drove me over again. Begging him to stop I screamed “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”. With that he pulled it out of my pussy but now he held it tight at my butt. His tongue lapping my clit as he inserted the toy in my ass. This time I broke free.

“Please fuck me Bill!” I begged, I was so damn fucking horny again.

Oh yes its time for a fucking, looks like sluts all horny and ready!” he said.

“Does my little slut want daddy to fill her womb again?” he said knowing full well that I wanted his cock.

“Yes daddy! Please fuck me! Fuck me daddy!” I pleaded once again. He got me get on all fours and slid his cock right in. He didn’t start slow this time but was hard and fast from the get go.

“Look at the camera Hannah show it how good it feels how your tight bald pussy takes my big hard cock. Fuucckkk immmm gonna cum!” he grunted.

“YESS DADDY! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME YOUR CUM DADDY! Cum on my face, mark me as your bitch!” I screamed, I had never let Jake cum on my face but here I was desperately wanting his father to cum all over me to mark me as his. Bill stood up and began stroking cock faster and faster as I waited desperately for his cum.

“Oh fuck” he said as I felt a thick wad of cum land on my forehead. “That’s it Bill give me more, give more,” I egged him on. With that the floodgates opened as Bill unloaded thick ropes of cum all over my face, I was completely drenched in cum. I grabbed Bill’s cock and took in to my mouth wanted every damn drop of his cum. I don’t what happened but it was if I was possessed by some cum demon.

“How was that do you think that’s going to look good on camera,” I asked looking up at Bill wiping the cum of my eyelids.

“Hannah its going to look amazing, now we should probably clean up before Jake gets here,” he laughed as we made out way to the bathroom together.

“So do you wanna come and work for me then?”

“Yes I do daddy! Especially if I keep getting bonuses like tonight every now and then” I replied with a wink.

“Looks like I found a new employee,” said Bill smiling mischievously at me.

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