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Max smiled at the pretty blonde whose picture lit up his phone. He had taken the picture of Sarah on their third date and despite almost four months of memories, it remained his favourite. She was wearing a little black dress that showed off her curves but still left plenty to the imagination.

He had surprised her that night by taking her out to a little sit-down comedy club where one of her favourite comedians was performing and her laughter and smile had proved contagious. He had been hooked on her smile ever since and was thankful that he had managed to capture a sneaky photo of her with her perfect white teeth lighting up her face in a way only she could manage. Sensual yet approachable. She was unbelievably easy on the eye yet managed to portray an angelic innocence. A girl-next-door type. An innocence he had yet to fully unhinge.

‘Hey, you.’ Max, almost reluctantly, answered the call and Sarah’s face vanished from the screen, replaced by her soft and soothing voice.

‘Hey babe, what you up too?’

‘Just finishing up some papers. I swear the kids pay less attention every year.’ Max had been teaching now for almost five years and had spent most of his twenties focusing on his own education and career. As a result, he was approaching thirty and beginning to wonder when the right girl would come along when Sarah, filling in for the pregnant Miss Jones, had arrived at the school to take the junior sports classes. She had caught more than a few pairs of eyes in her fortnight stay, however, Max, a bit of a sports nut himself, had managed to hold her attention long enough and their conversations about the local teams eventually spilled over into drinks, an awkward first date, coffee, a short hike where Max showed off his impressive physical prowess and then that third date where the night had started with laughs and giggles and ended with whispered moans.

Sarah had surprised him a little that night as the angelic outer made way, just momentary, for a devilish side that while not yet fully unleashed, had resurfaced every now and then in their lovemaking. They were both young and energetic and Max, full of fantasy, often wondered if Sarah had her own secret desires.

‘It might be their teacher.’ Sarah teased.

‘It probably is.’ Max admitted with a laugh. ‘I’ll be finished up soon if you wanted to come over? I could cook us some dinner and test out the new games room?’

Max had only recently moved into his new home and his pride and joy was an upstairs media room that spread out into a games area. Despite still shopping for most of his furniture, the games room now housed a pool table, poker table, darts board, and large screen tv, even if there was an absence of a couch. A few framed sporting jerseys hung in what was a preview of the final product.

‘You sure you can handle losing on your own turf?’

‘The house always wins. You know that.’

‘Well, big guy, don’t go betting on yourself just yet. My dart game is pretty strong!’

‘See you at eight then?’


Max hung up the phone and ran his red marker through another answer. Half an hour later and with the clock showing 7:30pm, he put the cap on the red pen and put everything aside. Work was done for the night. Time to play.

He sauntered over to the kitchen and was about to pull some meat from the fridge when he heard a knock on the door. Looking through the peephole, he could see a familiar blonde-haired beauty holding a bottle of rum in one hand and a bottle of coke in the other. He couldn’t help but stare and just for a moment, his manhood twitched at the sight.

‘Here already?’ Max greeted as he pulled the door open.

‘Well, if only one of us can come early, it’s me.’ Sarah winked.

Max laughed. ‘Have you started on that already?’ He said, pointing to the rum. She had a bounce in her step and while not totally out of character, she was not usually quite so forthright in her inuendo.

‘Nope but it’s Friday, we’ve got the weekend off and you promised me a fun night!’ Her voice trailed off and she bounded down the hallway, leaving Max to stare longingly at her behind. Another twitch.

Sarah was already pouring them both drinks when Max arrived in the kitchen.

‘What am I beating you at first?’ She asked, forever sporty and ultra-competitive.

‘What about dinner?’

‘Let’s play first. You can eat after I beat you.’

‘Is that the bet then? Max asked slyly.

She laughed, and her eyes momentarily flashed that devilish side.

‘That depends.’ She said, cautiously. ‘What do you want if you win?’

‘The same’

‘So, the winner gets oral sex?’ She inquired.

‘Sounds like a good way to raise the stakes and I haven’t had your mouth for a week or so.’ Max teased.

‘Okay. Deal.’

‘You better gulp that down. It won’t be the last thing you swallow tonight!’ Max sneered, motioning at the glass she had poured.

‘We never said anything about swallowing?’ Sarah protested as Max laughed. It had been an unusually risqué night for canlı bahis the pair and Max knew that Sarah had no qualms about swallowing. He had finished in her mouth a few times yet and she had never complained. Still, he was enjoying the tease and the impromptu back and forth negotiation.

‘Okay.’ He said. ‘Let’s add that to the bet.’

‘Then what do I get as an extra incentive?’ She asked.

‘What do you want?’

‘Hmmm.’ For a second her eyes lit up, but she quickly brought the rum to her mouth to hide her smirk. ‘If I win, you have to do it in three different positions.’

‘Oral in three different positions?’ Max asked. This was new, he thought. He knew she loved the tip of his tongue, but she had always been happy to lie on her back as he parted her legs and made her moan. Interesting.

‘Yep.’ She replied, clearly a little embarrassed.

‘Deal.’ Said Max, presenting his hand for her to shake.

‘Let’s finish these drinks and you can lead the way.’ She said, taking his hand and then quickly downing the glass.

Max finished his drink and motioning to the stairs. ‘After you.’

‘You just want to look at my ass.’

‘This one?’ He said while giving her a playful pat.

‘Hands off big guy. That’s not part of the bet.’ She teased as she spun around and bounced up the stairs.

Max watched as she disappeared up to the second level. This was a side he had not really seen from her. A side of her he was, none-the-less, starting to enjoy and very keen to explore. He felt that twitch again. ‘Not yet buddy’ he thought as he made his way up the stairs. ‘Not yet.’

‘301?’ she asked as Max appeared. Sarah had already got two pairs of darts ready.

‘How about we draw out the suspense? 501 but you can finish with a double or triple?’ Max replied. Both were familiar with the game of darts, in fact, they had played one game previously, on their date while grabbing a drink at the local tavern. Sarah had put up a good fight but narrowly lost that night, she was, however, confident of reversing her fortunes.

‘501 sounds good.’ It was a simple enough game. Both players started on 501 points and were required to throw a ‘double’ to start. Once that was thrown, the players simply added up their score from their three throws and subtracted the amount from their overall points. It was easy enough but the trick was that you also had to finish with a double, or in this case, a triple, and you had to finish exactly on zero requiring a bit of tactics, maths and an accurate finish to win.’

‘And to clarify, If, wait, when I win, you, as the loser, are sucking me off and swallowing while If you win, you want my tongue three different ways?’

‘Don’t get too cocky.’ She said. ‘I’ve been practicing.’

‘Practising darts or blow jobs?’ Max teased.

‘Wouldn’t you like to know.’ She laughed. ‘Nearest the bullseye goes first?’

‘Yep.’ Max grabbed a dart and stood behind the line painted into the floorboards. He effortlessly sent the dart towards the board, the needle piercing only a centimetre away from the middle target.

‘Not bad.’ Sarah admired before sending her throw just a little wider. ‘Guess you’re first. Did you bring the rum up?’

‘No, I thought you might want to save some to wash away the taste of losing later.’ Max winked.

‘Fine. Don’t forget you need a double to start, smartass.’

Max grabbed his three darts and took aim at the top of the board, wishing for double 20, the highest possible start. His first dart landed just outside the area, producing a giggle from his blonde playing partner. The second hit 20 and the third managed to sneak into the double slot next-door to where he was aiming. ‘Double five!’ I’m away!’ Max rejoiced as he crossed off the 501 on the whiteboard next to where Sarah had written their names and scores. ‘491 to go until you’re on your knees.’

‘On the knees is just one of the three positions you’re going to be in, buddy.’ Sarah said while grabbing her darts. Her first shot flew and with a thud, hit the double 20 section. ‘First try!’ she laughed, clearly impressed with herself. She followed it up with another 20 and a 10 to record 70 points in her first round. ‘431 to go, Mr!’ She cooed.

Max grimaced as her prepared for his next three darts. ‘One, Five and Twelve.’ He counted as he pulled the darts out. ‘That’s only 18.’ He sighed as he crossed off 491 and replaced it with his remaining 473. ‘Don’t get too excited just yet.’ He warned her, watching as she tried not to laugh. ‘There is a long way to go and you’ll be choking on more than just your words if you’re not careful.’

‘Ha! You can kiss my ass!’ She laughed, preparing for her next throw.

‘That’s not part of the bet.’ Max chuckled.

‘Well, it should be!’

‘Oh?’ Max replied, a little curiously.

Sarah was silent, but her eyes glowed a little sheepishly. ‘Yes.’ she said. ‘It should be.’

‘You want to raise the stakes even more? Max cautiously probed.

‘Yes. If I win…’ She started. ‘I get oral in the positions bahis siteleri and…’ She paused while glancing away. ‘You have to put your tongue in my ass.’ She almost whispered the last part and Max wasn’t sure he had heard correctly. Was she, after just a few months, showing a bit more of her devilish side than he had ever expected?

‘You want me to tongue your ass? Max asked inquiringly.

‘If I win, yes. She replied.

‘And if I win? Max responded. ‘If we are raising the stakes, what do I get if I win?’ Max’s mind went racing with possibilities.

‘What do you suggest?’ Sarah asked shyly.

Max’s mind went crazy. Do I go for it? I’ve always wanted to ask… ‘If I win.’ Max started, a little cautious as not knowing the response he’d get, and he didn’t want to upset her now. ‘You don’t have to swallow but…’ He looked up at her and tried to gauge her reaction. She knew where he was going.

‘You want to cum on me, don’t you?’ She conceded.

‘Yes. I do’ Max was so excited. Would she agree to his terms? He had been longing to finish on her ever since they started fooling around but was so worried of degrading or upsetting her and she had always seemed so innocent. It would almost be an insult to ask… or would it?

‘Okay.’ She reluctantly conceded. ‘If you win, you get head and can finish on my boobs. Deal?’

‘Deal!’ Max’s mind was so caught up in the scenario playing out in his mind that he almost missed as Sarah’s darts hit 15, 20 and double 20.

‘Another 75 for me’ She said proudly. ‘That’s 356 to 473. You’re going down Mr! Pun intended!’

Max tried to steady himself, realising his dream scenario would only play out if he won the damn game! Composed, he hit double 20, double 16 and finished with a 14, resulting in a round high of 86.

‘387’ She said. ‘Still behind and I’ve got a round in hand’ She smiled confidently before setting her sights on the board and throwing triple 20, 20 and double 20. ‘Ha! She exclaimed. ‘120! That leaves me with just 236 to go! In your face!’ She danced.

‘In your face or on your face?’ Max smiled.


‘You’re obviously confident so let’s raise the stakes. If I win, I finish on your face.’ Max almost choked on the words as he said them. He couldn’t believe he was asking but it was more about trying to throw her off her game at this point. He was trying to unsettle her.

‘Okay, deal.’

‘Wait, what?’ Max wasn’t sure he heard correctly.

‘And if I win, I get all we have agreed on and you have to buy me that sexy lingerie we saw in the shop the other day.’

Max retraced his thoughts back to their last shopping venture and how Sarah had spied an almost see-through red corset. It was rather pricey but would look amazing on her.

‘Yes or no, Mr?’ Sarah’s voice cut short his daydreaming.

‘Oh, deal.’ Max replied. Hell, he was thinking of buying it for her anyways and it was certainly worth raising the stakes if he could finish on that beautiful face of hers. He could just about picture it now, her lips parting as he exploded…

‘Your turn daydreamer!’ She said sharply, though, her eyes shone a little more mischievously.

Max picked up the darts and focused on the board. He needed a strong score here. His first dart flew to the right but somehow managed to land on triple 18. His next dart hit the spot and recorded triple 20 and he finished with another 20. ‘134’ he said smugly. However, his renewed belief dwindled as Sarah managed to hit two triple 20s and the 15, recording 135.

‘101 plays 253.’ She said, glancing at the board. ‘This is starting to get embarrassing for you.’

‘I’m still confident.’ Max stated as his next attempt hit double 20. He grimaced at the next two darts could only manage 15 and 18. ‘180 to go. Don’t forget we said you can finish with a triple so It’s doable in one round, you know?’

‘Not the way you’ve been throwing.’ She laughed. ‘You can bet your ass that you’ll be eating ass!’ She cooed.

Max had never heard her speak this way before but despite the unfamiliar vulgarity from this otherwise angelic girl, he wanted to see how far he could corrupt her.

‘I think you should bet yours then.’

‘Bet what?’

‘Your ass?’

‘Haha! No way!’ She said. ‘You know I’ve never done that.’

‘Scared?’ Max said, exploring.

‘Not at all. Well, not of losing anyway! But I’m not betting you anal! Besides, you’ve not offered me anything in return.’

‘Well.’ Said Max, sensing an opening. ‘If you win, I’ll take you out to dinner every night this week’. He knew how she loved to be wined and dined and there were a fair few new restaurants opening that she had already made a note of.

‘Every night?’ She asked.

‘Yep. And you’re already well ahead so…’

‘So, if I win, I get the lingerie and all that oral PLUS you have to tongue my ass and provide me dinner out every night for a week?’ She asked, her excitement betraying her slightly. ‘But if you win, you get to put it in my butt?’

‘Yes, and I still bahis şirketleri finish on your face.’ Max said, hastily, suddenly not lacking in bravado and exploring his fantasies.

Sarah looked at the scoreboard. She only needed 101 and it was her turn next. Max still needed 180 and unless he was perfect, would take another round or two yet. It was all in her favour.

‘Okay.’ She said meekly. ‘You have a deal.’ Sarah picked up the darts, did a bit of math in her head and aimed at triple 20. The dart flew and faded just ever so slightly, landing in the 20 section. ’81.’ She said, under her breath, as she took the second dart and scanned the board. One again, she took aim at the triple 20, however, this time the dart flew perfect and landed with a thud inside the mark. ‘Just 21 to go!’ She exclaimed. ‘Triple 7 to win!’

Max held his breath as the dart flew, his exotic and pornographic dreams were about to be toast and worse, he was about to be out of pocket. The licking he could handle. He could almost handle losing to his petite little blonde too. However, he had so much new furniture to buy and the thought of an expensive week of clothes shopping and dining wasn’t one he cherished, even if it was for her.

The dart struck the metal wiring and bounced out.

‘What?!’ No way!’ Sarah exclaimed. ‘That was going straight for it!’

‘Guess we’ll never know! If it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t count!’ Said Max, relieved at his temporary respite.

‘Fine.’ Sarah reluctantly conceded, acknowledging the rules. ‘I’ve only 21 to go anyway. I guess I can wait for one more round for my prizes.’

Max took his position behind the line and tried to steady himself. The first dart landed perfectly, triple 20. He breathed in deeply. ‘Same again buddy’ he thought. Sure enough, triple 20! He had somehow put himself within one dart of winning! He glanced over at Sarah whose smile and confidence had vanished.

‘You know it’s going to be a lot more than concern on your face soon, babe!’ He laughed.

‘You’ve not won yet!’ She replied but her voice was showing worry.

Max tried to concentrate and was about to throw the last dart when something caught his eye. Sarah had taken her shirt off and stood in her bra and short skirt, facing him.

‘Getting ready already?’ He asked.

‘Just seeing how good your concentration is.’ She replied, winking.

Max returned his focus to the dart board and was once again about to take aim when something landed on his throwing arm.

‘What’s this then?’ He asked with an eyebrow raised, holding up the black G-string that had landed on him.

‘Concentrate.’ She said while perching herself on the pool table. Her skirt just not quite revealing the now bare treasures underneath.

‘I feel like you’re trying to distract me.’ Said Max, enjoying the temptation but focusing back on the task at hand. ‘It won’t work!’ He said.

‘Maybe we can work out a deal?’ She asked, placing her fingers under her skirt.

Max’s eyes followed her fingers, longingly, her skirt not allowing him to see where they touched but the slight little moan that escaped Sarah’s lips gave a strong indication. ‘What kind of deal?’ He asked.

‘We’ll call it a draw, forget the bet and you can take me here, on the pool table.’

‘And the extras?’

‘No extras. Just sex. Here and now.’

Max looked down at the dart in his hand, his pants bulging. He wanted her, but he also wanted her in ways he had never experienced before. He looked at her, her mouth slightly ajar in a sexual pout, beckoning him. He took one last look then spun, aimed and threw the dart towards the board.

She gasped. First that he had rejected her proposal and boycotted her in her most vulnerable and entrancing position but also at the third dart had landed between the other two, scoring the third and final triple 20.

Max slowly walked over to her. ‘Good game.’ He smiled.

‘Be gentle.’ Was all she could think of in response.

‘I’ll make it worth your while.’ He replied.

Max slowly lifted her skirt, revealing her bare lips. She has always kept herself immaculately groomed and the sight, smell and heat of her made Max tremble. He put a hand on her thigh and dug his fingers into her flesh then placed his other hand in the exact same spot on her other leg. He pushed her back a little so that she fell softly back onto the pool table, her knees bent, and her butt rested on the table’s outskirts. The table’s felt caressed her back.

Max slowly brought his lips to her inner leg, softly kissing her thigh and working his way towards the centre of her legs. His tongue danced over her wet area as he made his way back up her other leg, forcing a groan of frustration from her lips.

He continued his slow assault on her limbs, moving between her inner flesh and only briefly flicking where she most desired. He was teasing her, moving in and out and drawing moans, sighs and deep breaths as he avoided her most delicate area.

Without warning, Max drove his tongue fully into her, forcing a gasp as his tongue penetrated her lips. He pushed back and forth, thrusting in as deeply as he could before softly licking all around. He loved the taste of her and he loved driving her wild with his teasing.

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