Carnal Cravings

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After my dad passed away at 86 I decided it was time to move in with my mom to take care of her. She was 84 at the time and I just didn’t feel good about putting her into a home for the elderly. With the help of caretakers who looked after her during the day while I worked, I spent the next five years watching over my mom until at 89 she finally joined my dad.

Although I was happy to be there for my mom in her last years, between work and watching over her I didn’t have much of a love life. Some of my friends said I was crazy and I should just have hooked up with random women on tinder for one night stands. I’ve never really been much into the online dating scene so I ended up watching a lot of porn while Mom dosed peacefully in the other room.

The porn I started watching was fairly generic but as time went on I discovered some pretty dark crazy stuff. I was obsessed with watching anal and then one day I stumbled upon some incest porn. The thought of doing anything with my mom was a complete turn off. I had absolutely no desire to have sex with my mom and I am an only child so I had no fantasies to be with a sister. But the idea of incest was a turn on and most of the people I was watching on the incest videos were actors.

A few months after my mother’s funeral I had sold her house and tied up all the loose ends that is associated with the passing of your parents. My mom rewarded me with a living trust and I was able to pad my bank account and life became a lot easier financially.

I moved into my own little place and spent the next several months mourning the loss of my mother. My friends got tired of me moping around and insisted that I jump back into the dating scene. They took me out to the local bars, pubs, and clubs and I did meet a few girls. At first the sex was great but most of that was due to the fact that I had been in a five year drought. It soon became apparent that none of these girls could measure up to my incest, anal sluts on the Internet. I’m afraid that porn had ruined me.

Of course I couldn’t tell any of my friends about my incest fetish but I did decide to give tinder a try. Anyways what did I have to lose? So I signed up and wrote a tasteful profile and made sure I didn’t come off as creepy. At the very end I simply put “incest curious”. After a two day soak I checked my profile and discovered I had three winks. The first girl’s profile had a picture of her taken so far away that you couldn’t see her face. Usually this means that she’s not anything special in the looks department so I moved on to the next profile. This profile was a lady in her 70s and although I’m not that picky about age I had to draw the line somewhere and she was just a little too far out of my range. The last profile was a woman who was just a few years older than me. She wasn’t going to win any beauty contest but she wasn’t hideously undatable. She got my attention by writing “Hey little brother”. We spent the next day getting to know each other through instant message and gaining each other’s trust before we exchanged phone numbers.

Our first date was just a quick meet and greet and we mutually decided that if it didn’t work out there would be no hard feelings. As it turns out I was right that she wasn’t half bad looking and had a sort of rough around the edges appearance which I found to be kind of sexy. You see I’ve always had a problem with wanting to do impure depraved things to a woman that’s a flawless 10. If she’s too good looking I feel like I’m doing something wrong to an innocent girl. I’d much rather be with a woman who has a few body defects and who’s face isn’t fresh off the cover of a magazine. As we sat down for coffee I realized that I would have no problem doing some very bad things with this woman.

She broke the ice by saying, “Look, I know that first dates can be a little nerve-racking but we both know what we’re here for so there really is no need to be nervous about anything. You see, I’m not much of a game player. This funny little dance that men and women do to get to know each other is stupid to me. Neither of us knows the future so if something serious grows between us then great but until then why don’t we just have some fun?”

I was blown away at her directness and responded by saying,

“Wow! That was so refreshing to hear you say that. You’re right, it does make things a lot easier when you don’t have to play that cat and mouse game. It’s such a waste of time. Thank you for that. I’ve never met anyone who thinks the way you do.”

“Look, we’re not getting any younger and at our age do we really have 2 to 3 weeks or even a month of bullshiting each other? You trying to impress me and me trying to impress you with this, that, and the other? Fuck that shit. The truth is, I’m attracted to you and I can only assume you’re attracted to me or we wouldn’t even be on this date. Let’s just relax and pretend like we’ve known each other our whole lives.”

“Yes, I’m in, I’m all in.”

We canlı bahis got our coffee to go where we then took a walk and discussed in more detail our sexual fantasies and discussed a time and place to meet. It turns out she was very open and actually enjoyed anal sex and was very open to incest role-play. She did have siblings but did not have any real life experience with incest. It had been a deep dark fantasy that she had kept a secret for fear of such a taboo subject and being an outcast with society and her family. We were both very excited to find someone who wouldn’t pass judgement and wanted to explore a more fulfilling, kinkier sexual release than just plane ordinary vanilla sex. We were both at a point in our lives where we had experienced all we could out of regular sex and were ready to take it to a whole new level.

We decided to meet at a motel that weekend and my heart and mind raced in anticipation. The day of our meeting could not happen soon enough. As I daydreamed, I was jolted by my phone ringing. Her name appeared on the screen and I nearly dropped the phone. I quickly answered “Hello!”

“Hi, it’s Jessica.”

“Yes, how are you?”, I said with a lump in my throat.

“Well, the truth is I can’t stop thinking about you. I’m going out of my mind.”

“Fuck! Me too. You’re all I can think about.”

“Really? That’s crazy. It’s going to make it so much better that we are waiting though, trust me. But I swear to fucking God you better have a good strong heart and stamina cuz I’m gonna fuck your fucking brains out!.. bro!”, she shouted through the phone. And then she hung up and that’s when I dropped my phone.

30 seconds later a got a selfie pic text of her in full doggy position with a dildo up her ass. The text said, “See you this Sat little brother.” She was looking back at the camera and she had this intense contorted expression on her face that sent me flying to the bathroom where I dropped my pants and jacked off till I made a personal best distance record across the bathroom. I took a dick pic of my spent member and messy hand and texted it right back to her with no written text. I figured the picture said it all. I got a series of erotic emojis in reply. After my much needed release it got me thinking that there was no way in hell I was going to last long with this chick. I was already way over stimulated and knew that cumming too fast was going to be an issue so I zipped up and drove straight to the nearest pharmacy for some erection protection insurance policy.

After a few restless nights the day finally came and the plan was to meet at 12 noon. The logic for that time was so that anyone else staying at the motel would probably be out to lunch and our sex noises would mostly go unheard. We checked in and to our disappointment three college looking guys were entering their room right next to ours. There was a noticeable look of annoyance on her face as we entered our room but as she set down her purse she turned to me and said,

“If you think a few college students are going to ruin this then you’re crazy. I don’t care what they hear through these walls.”

“Okay. If you don’t give a shit then neither do I. Let’s do this.”

She sighed, “Oh thank God”, and dove on top of me and we fell back on the bed. We made out vigorously for several minutes. Her mouth tasted like fresh mouthwash which I appreciated. Nothing like rank breath to make a bad first impression. I had returned the favor by giving my teeth a good scrubbing before we met so I knew I was covered in the breath department. I had also taken my erection protection pill about an hour before to ensure I had some lasting power for the big event. I even went to the trouble of doing a little manscaping and went as far as to trim my ass pubes just in case she really wanted to get freaky.

The kissing was amazing but she could feel the bulge in my pants and soon freed my aching cock from it’s prison and jerked my pants around my ankles. She let out an animalistic she growl just before devouring my fully erect cock. Sounds of fellatio filled the room. Like someone trying to talk with their mouth full. Wet smacking sounds with muffled moans entertained my ears. Her hands were hard at work as well, twisting and stroking after every mouthful. The triple threat of the visual and touch sensation and audio was sending me to a rapid blast off so I broke free from her embrace and flipped the switch by tossing her backside down on the bed and violently yanking her panties aside beneath her dress.

She kept things trim but natural, just enough bush to let me know I was dealing with a woman and not some bald little girl. I matched her ferocity and dove into her pie patch like a male dog on his bitch in heat. After taking a few laps around her labia my tongue and mouth found its target and I began in earnest sucking and licking and diddling her swollen clitoral nerve endings. Then, out of nowhere, she screamed like someone was being bahis siteleri murdered. It was such an authentic straight out of a horror film scream that I jerked my head up to see if I had like hurt her or something. But instead of a pain face she seemed to be having a grand mall seizure of an orgasm as her eyes were rolled back into her head and her body was having full convulsions. I had never seen such a display so I went into full panic mode thinking this girl was about to die on me and shook her trying to snap her out of this demon possessed body contortion. I shook her shoulders yelling,

“Jessica! JESSICA!! Are you okay? Answer me God damn it!” Then the body spasms subsided and her eyes rolled back into place and she began sobbing. Just then someone was pounding on the door and a guys voice shouted, “Hay, what’s going on in there?”

She gained her composure and I shouted back, “It’s cool man, everything’s cool.” Not satisfied he pounded some more saying,

“Don’t make me break this fucking door down bro. Open up! Now!” Annoyed I move towards the door and opened it. Sure enough it was the college boys and one of them yelled in, “Everything okay lady?”

“Yes… I’m fine. Sorry about the noise. My husband and I are on our honeymoon and it got a little intense being our first time and all. You understand right? We’ll try and keep it down guys and thanks for your concern.” I looked at him and shot him a raised eyebrow saying,

“Okay guys? Everything cool?” He shot me back a stink eye but said,

“Yeah, sorry to bug.”

“It’s cool man, like she said, we’ll try and keep it down. Thanks fellas.” I closed the door and slowly turned around. She gave me that bashful ‘sorry bout that’ look and followed it by actually saying,

“Sorry about that. I kinda got lost in the moment.”

“Uhh, yeah… ya think? Shit man, what was that? I thought you were dying on me there. You were like having a seizure or something. What the fuck?” I tried not to sound pissed off but damn, I didn’t know this chick and she scared me half to death. “What the hell happened?”

“Look, there’s been such a build up for today and you… the way you threw me on the bed and went to town on my pussy… I don’t know. You were so God damn intense and were so aggressive on my clit… I… I just caved in and had this mind blowing orgasm. Like, the craziest orgasm I’ve ever had. No shit dude, my heart is still fucking pounding. God damn man, what the fuck? Where’d you learn to eat pussy like that?That was crazy. I mean never in my life…” she left the sentence hanging. She was clearly dotted with beads of sweat. And what I thought was some kind of epileptic seizure turned out to be a massive shegasm.

“Well… I don’t know if I should apologize or say you’re welcome.” We both looked at each other and then started to laugh. I said, “I don’t know about you but that was kinda of a mood breaker for me.”

“Awe shit really? God, I’m sorry. I totally blew it. Fuck… I’m so sorry.”

“No, it’s cool, don’t be. But on the real, what we’re trying to accomplish here clearly needs to be more…”

“Private?”, she finished my sentence.

“Yeah, yes exactly. So… what about your place?”

“No good, I live with my sister and I have close neighbors. Too close for my comfort anyways… You?”

“Same, I share a wall with my neighbor and he’s like retired or some shit. He’s always home.”

“Damn, that sucks.”

“Yeah, it does. Can’t you just like, keep the noise down a little, maybe no more murderous death screams?”

“The answer to that question is yes, I can, but I don’t want to keep the noise down. Fuck that shit. I’m sick and tired of keeping the fucking noise down, worrying about someone hearing me having sex. For once I just want to let it out, be as loud as I want, to say anything. Just so you know, I’m not some quiet little church girl. I’m done with that shit. I’m ready to be a rude, loud, dirty talking whore who wants to GET FUCKED HARD GOD DAMN IT!”, she raised her voice.

“Shhhh, not here damn it.”

“You see… that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t want to keep my voice down. I need to let the beast inside me out or I swear to God I’m gonna freak the fuck out!”

“Okay, okay… so what should we do?”

“I’ll tell you what we should do, we should get out of the city. Go somewhere, anywhere, the dessert, the mountains, the middle of fucking nowhere. Somewhere where there’s no one around for miles. That’s where we should go. Where we can be as loud and crazy as we want to be. Where we… where I, can let the beast out to play. Look, you say you want to role-play this fantasy of yours… well I can make that happen and more. You have no fucking idea the kind of madness I want to get into. I’ll make your wildest fucking dreams come true dude. You have no idea. What do you say? Let’s get lost in the fucking woods man. I’m no girly girl, I can fucking camp out. I’ve got a backpack. Let’s go do bahis şirketleri the whole campfire backpack thing. Find some spot where there’s literally no one and get our freak on. What do you think?” I thought about it for a minute and finally said,

“Yeah, that’ll work. What the hell, I’ve got a backpack too. Let’s do it.” I raised my hand for a high five and she stood up and slapped it like a guy. There was something kinda tomboy about this chick. She was definitely all woman but she had that ‘one of the guys’ sort of vibe that was kinda cool. Like classy but trashy at the same time. The way she talked and carried herself, she had a confidence that was so appealing. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to say it. I think it was safe to say that I dug this chick. And we were just getting started.

“Come on”, she said, “Let’s get the fuck out of here. We’ve got some planning to do.”

We hooked up the next day at a little breakfast cafe and planned our sexual escapade. Between the two of us we had a lot of what we needed for the trip and went shopping at a nearby sporting goods store for what we didn’t have. It was only going to be an over nighter so we didn’t need a ton of crap. We planned for the fallowing weekend but saw each other during the week cuz we knew we just couldn’t go that long without seeing each other. She told me that she didn’t want to scare me away but that she was starting to fall ‘in like’ with me. I told her the feeling was mutual.

Just like before, the days leading up to our trip were agonizingly long. But finally on our big day I borrowed a friends 4wheel drive pick up and drove to her place before sun up. We wanted to be in the middle of nowhere hopefully by the mid afternoon to have plenty of time to do our thing and have a nice romantic campfire by nightfall, then pack up and leave by morning. When I pulled up to her place she was waiting outside with her backpack ready to go and before I could do the gentlemanly thing and put it into the bed of the pick up she tossed it in like a guy and jumped in.

“Let’s go dude”, she said like an old friend. I smiled and hit the road. Then she leaned in and kissed me on the neck like a girl I’d known for years and said softly,

“And thanks for driving.”

“No prob, my pleasure.” And then she grabbed my crotch and said,

“Believe me, it will be your pleasure”, which she said with an over exaggerated sexy voice for dramatic affect. I swallowed hard and turned on the radio to break the tension bomb she just set off. She saw through my plan and laughed then started to sing along to the well known song that was playing. Falling in like was beginning to turn into something more for me. And we were still just getting started.

We pulled into a rest stop just before we were about to leave the main highway and start up into the mountains. We ate a high carb high protein breakfast for the hike, hit the bathroom and then we were on our way to what we hoped was going to be the best sex of our lives. The excitement in the cab of the truck was so thick you could cut it with a knife. She turned off the radio and rolled down the window. As we got into the pine tree line she leaned her head out the window and took in a deep breath. She sighed as she exhaled saying,

“Ahh, smell that fresh mountain air. There’s nothing like it. When’s the last time you got up into the woods?”

“As a kid I used to go all the time. But I went with some friends before I moved in to take care of my mom so like at least 6 years ago.” She looked at me with an odd smile. I looked back and asked, “What?”

“You loved your mom didn’t you? To put your life on pause to see her comfortably through her last days? No dating, just work and taking care of your mom? That’s impressive. Most people would have put her into some kind of home but you took care of her all on your own.”

“Well, I had help. I had day care givers and nurses while I was at work…”, she cut me off saying,

“Stop it! Just stop it! Don’t be modest. What you did for your mom was huge. You’re a God damn hero is what you are.”

“Well, I just…”

“Aaa… I… I just nothing. You’re a hero and don’t argue with me mister. It takes a real man to do what you did and you know what that is?… that’s sexy. It says you’re not a get when the going gets tough kinda of looser. And you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna reward the fuck out of you mister man. You have no idea. All those years of love and devotion and sacrifice are going to pay off for you big time mother fucker. You just wait. You just wait.” The road was curvy but my foot got heavier and we were soon hauling ass up that mountain road. She softly laughed again but there was a hint of something sinister in that laugh. I swallowed hard again. Where was that fucking trail head?

About the 4000 ft elevation level we saw an off road detour so I hung a left and popped her into 4wheel drive. We slowly wound our way up a little further from the main mountain road until it finally got too dicey to keep driving so I pulled over and we got our first look at what looked like an old but still visible hiking trail. We got out and put on our backpacks then hit the trail.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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