Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 06

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Saturday afternoon – what were they all doing?

Dear readers: You may be totally confused by this story. If you are please do read the sequences leading up to Saturday afternoon following Nude Monday.

Thank you!


When my Partner left her workshop there was complete, stony, silence in the room.

She went out, hand in hand, with the beautiful naked mother of the Titian haired girl, who had been bare breasted at the Restaurant only the evening before.

The girl remained standing, looking shy. She had the body of an innocent, young, teenager.

Parlour Girl remained dressed in her outdoor finery from the trip to the Mall.

This consisted of an exquisite eighteen carat gold collar, the most beautiful gold breast cages, held in place by her pierced nipples. There were gold drops on her outer nipple piercings. She continued to wear the linked butt plug, cunt plug, and jewelled clitoris cap, and of course her labia stretcher chains swung between her legs.

She had become completely used to them all. They were so comfortable, that she felt nude.

The idea of this dress epitomised the development of Starburst Jewellery, and it’s affect on National Nude Day.

My Partner, and the Goldsmith creator, was developing jewellery to enhance both female, and male, nudity. She was designing beautiful adornments that could be worn to emphasise the qualities of the human body. It was jewellery that would allow people to walk nude in public, to eat, and to shop.

Partner Girl was not overdressed for a Saturday afternoon shopping trip, but then neither had the others been, when they all went out three hours before. They were creating a stir, as at the Restaurant , or the red haired girl would not have brought her mother to the house.

Parlour Girl broke the ice by asking the daughter if she would like to see what they had bought on their shopping trip. The girl wanted to do this. They went, hand in hand, to the lounge room.

A dozen, or so, bags were scooped up from near the front door. They were deposited in the middle of the room. The two naked girls say cross-legged on the floor facing each other.

With Parlour Girl this meant that her stretcher chains touched the ground first, then her plugs were pushed together deeper into her most private holes. Always provocative, always sexy, she sat so that the two chains stretched out in front of her. Further she trapped them as she crossed her legs. This stretched her labia more.

She simply loved it, and as her mistress was in the shower, she wriggled about on the floor driving the plug further into her cunt, and the other deeper still into her arse.

The daughter watched in amazement as the collared creature continued to move.

In all innocence, she asked why she was not still. Parlour Girl giggled, then recounted her sexual activity since she returned from dinner on Friday.

The twenty year old girl was completely amazed that she had been a virgin. She stared in disbelief when she heard that she asked if she could try to give us a child. That she had willingly given herself to me.

She described how she had been bathed, and prepared by two beautiful women. She told of her hymen being broken, and how all four of us had slept together after wonderful sex.

The pretty redhead sat open mouthed. She was obviously becoming very aroused. She was hardly breathing.

Finally, when she breathed again, she gasped, and put a hand to her mouth. Parlour Girl was describing early morning sex. She told how my Partner aided her. She talked of how she had given her anal cherry.

She described how it felt as a penis pushed into her anus. She told the girl how full she felt, and how she wished she had given up her anus years before.

She told of how her hand was guided, so she could feel my penis moving behind her stomach wall. How she pressed her hand hard into her flatness as I moved out. How it was pushed away as I charged in.

Not many clothes purchases were seen. Instead the girl crawled to Parlour Girl, and pressed both her hands into that perfect stomach. She whispered, in wide eyed amazement, “And you think that there is a baby in there?” Parlour Girl’s head nodded imperceptibly.

Then she said, “Mummy does not know, but I am still a virgin.”

The girl took her hands away and rolled, in a languid movement, onto her back, gazing up at Parlour Girl. She placed her hands on her tummy possibly deliberately pointing towards her sex.

It appeared to be an invitation.

It was the body of a teenager on a twenty something woman. A person, who had become totally aroused by what she was witnessing, and hearing, yet did not know how to handle it.

The young slave, Parlour Girl, was filled with lust.

Now I believe that everybody has bisexual traits. Some are more bi than others. There are some, in whom it is virtually always suppressed. Then there are some who also suppress their heterosexual traits. It simply does not erotik film izle matter.

Sex is the most beautiful voyage in the world. Voyages of sexual discovery, and harmony, are the most perfect.

Life is one long journey through which we only pass once. It is to be enjoyed to the full. Sex is to be enjoyed to the full, and that is what these two young ladies did.

Parlour Girl gazed at her startlingly white body. She saw hips that were only just developing; she hardly had a waist. She looked at tiny cones where her breasts rose a little from her chest. She lusted for those wonderful pink puffy nipples. She wanted to suck the minute teats that tipped them.

A child like body lay in front of her, hands together above her naked, bald, sex crack, with her legs straight out, and feet together.

It was very inviting.

There was a definite aroma of arousal, but her cunt lips were still sealed tight shut. There may have been a small change where her clit had swollen to push the cheeks a little part. It was impossible to tell.

She was a delectable sight.

Parlour Girl moved in almost involuntary fascination. Her right hand lifted slowly, it reached to the start of that naked crack. It slowly moved down with only the slightest pressure. It moved to where the crack vanished between her legs, but no further. It moved back again

Titian Red hair surrounded her face. Eyes were tight shut, and she slowly licked her lips. Parlour Girl was entranced. There was not a sound, but as the finger moved down again, the tip of a tongue moved in unison over moist lips. It kept perfect time.

Parlour girl continued to stroke, while she slowly lent forwards. Her lips touched the tiny teat on the farthest breast, her mouth opened and she sucked the whole puffy peak into her mouth.

Her nipple jewellery just brushed the girls other breast, it ran gently over her naked chest.

The girl gasped. Her hands went behind the sucking head. She crushed it to her body. Her legs flew apart, so Parlour Girls last trace slipped involuntarily around the corner. It reached the bottom of her closed valley. She was dripping wet.

The single finger became two, and both plunged into the girl’s cunt in a continuous motion. Two legs flew up, almost crushing Parlour Girls exploring hand and arm.

A sexually repressed body became completely alive. She felt the constriction of her hymen, so knew that the girl spoke the truth. She took care.

Parlour Girl was thinking, “Well if I had a mother as sexy, and beautiful, as yours, then possibly I would always hold myself back”.

She tried to move her mouth to the nearer tit, but it was diverted to Titian’s mouth. There was a very long exploring kiss. Tongue moved around tongue, lips sealed them in, and they danced together.

Two fingers traced back from deep in her cunt, up an opening valley to her clit. At first they were gentle, but lust took over. They rolled, pulled, stretched, and massaged it out of slumber.

It was a beautiful climax. It may even have been her first.

That a pretty young female slave brought it on was irrelevant. The slave knew that her mistress would approve, and the girl deserved to be taken to ecstasy.

Two naked girls stretched out, and lay together. Touching, stroking, caressing, and kissing. No clothing was examined.


My Partner had taken Titian’s gorgeous naked mother to the shower in one of the guest rooms. Neither were lesbians in the true sense of the word. It was that both enjoyed sex in every way.

Winding the gold onto those beautiful breasts, while Parlour Girl stood behind her to lift them slightly, had proved too erotic, too sensual, for them both.

Two women needed to let of steam. They had to orgasm.

As they walked my Partner unclipped the gold chains from her Starbursts, and the one that still held the purse. They were dropped at the entrance to the shower room.

They just about reached the actual walk in shower before they were kissing again. Titian’s mother held my Partners face to touch both her eyes with her lips. She held onto her face, then her hands slid to her neck. Her mouth reached to a breast still covered in a Starburst jewel.

The extra long exposed teat was bitten and sucked.

The outer drops were removed, then her inner bars, exposing a completely bare nipple. It had become totally engorged, stretching to its full length beyond the encircling gold. Soon both nipples were the same.

There was a gasp of surprise at how long, full, and hard, my Partner’s teats had become. They were milked in complete unison by very skilled hands.

They still had not started to shower.

Each Starburst was slowly pulled the length of her nipple. Both her breasts and teats stretched even longer, there was a “pop”, and they were free. The jewellery was set aside.

Her hands passed over the now exposed breasts, along her nipples, on their voyage to her cunt. She moved with exacting care setting film izle the skin beneath her hands on fire. It was the touch of experience, and a love of sensual sex.

One had stopped at the exposed clit, where it poked through the Starburst. The other continued its journey. It turned the corner.

There another was a gasp of amazement, she had not realised that the Star hooked into my Partners cunt hole.

She knelt, her face close to the belly, where the diamond and emerald points stopped. She kissed the distended clit, she sucked it out form her body. Then she removed her bar. The third piece of jewellery was pulled away. It was set to one side.

Now both women were bare

She sucked on the totally distended clit; she pulled the whole hood, and clitoris, deep into her mouth. Fingers on her other had found that wonderful rough area as a cunt hole forms.

A first finger and her thumb moved up and down pincering the sensitive flesh. She sensed the rush of a huge orgasm, and my Partner shuddered to her knees.

And it was my Partners turn.

She turned on the shower, and knelt down again. They both realised that they would become totally wet. Titian’s mother crawled beneath the cascading water, her backside turned invitingly.

Two hands were placed on her rounded arse. It was stretched. Her cunt was slowly licked. It was kissed before an exploring tongue moved to her anal rose. She wriggled, and cried, with delight as an experienced woman rimmed her.

Two fingers of her right hand, the smallest and the next, were eased into her hole. The two remaining fingers went into her cunt.

The web between the middle two fingers touched that short patch of bare skin, between the cunt and the anus. She could not go any deeper.

She braced herself as best she could against the anti slip parts of the fully tiled shower. Her arms were apart, and she was ready.

She knew what would happen next.

All four fingers were rammed in, and out, of both holes. Her cries became louder. They were not of pain, but of delight, and pleasure.

My Partner set up a rhythm. She stopped after two strokes, with her fingers as deep as possible. Her thumb stretched to massage a completely engorged clit.

Titian’s mother pushed back to meet each inward plunge, she screamed for them to be deeper, for them to be moved.

She pushed, and pushed, then waited, gently rubbing.

She did it again and again, realising that a highly tuned animal was close to a shattering orgasm.

Two hands stretched behind. They pressed hard on a beautiful arse, to pull both cheeks as far apart as possible. She stretched her own anal hole more. Fingers may have gone deeper.

The middle finger in each of the stretching hands entered her anal passage. She tugged herself further open.

Cascading water entered with the plunging pulling fingers. It was totally erotic.

A body was saying, “Take me.”

My Partner reached forward with her left hand, she found a swinging breast, then an engorged teat. She grabbed it between her thumb, and two fingers. She pulled it hard down, and backwards. A nipple joined in the dance, while the free breast swung in consort.

She pushed her hips against that gorgeous mature behind. Everything moved in unison.

Fingers kept up their rhythm; hands stretched skin to the same beat.

Somebody, who had been a total stranger, hurtled over the top to a gigantic orgasm. She shook, and shook, with pleasure.

She said, “That was wonderful, I do not think I have ever cum so hard, no, not ever.”

The both lay under the cascading water, slowly gathering their breaths. They kissed and stroked, waiting for heartbeats to return to near normal.

They kissed again, long, intimate, loving kisses.

They slowly moved to kneel facing each other, soap was found and two mature beauties began to wash. Each soaped the other with intimacy, and care. They washed, bath towels were found, and they dried each other.

My Partner was asked if this was normal behaviour with clients. She screwed up her pretty face, and thought.

The answer was that nakedness changed everything, and National Nude Day had a great deal to answer for.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON – Chestnut – Anal sex with a difference

Chestnut had come to my Study immediately all the other girls retired to the jewellery workshop.

I have always prided my self about my Partners Desk. It is a beautiful antique. It may be unique. It has four kneeholes, rather than the normal two. I bought it in an Internet sale. It was no bargain, but working at it gives me continued pleasure.

This meant that the dear, bejewelled girl could either sit opposite me, or she could sit to my right or to my left. She chose to sit close to me, on my right, to be my right hand.

So there I was, late on a Saturday afternoon, sitting in my Study stark naked, except for my nipple shields, and my cock ring. I was expected to undertake serious work on the Business Plan with a seks filmi izle girl, who was also stark naked, except for gold jewellery, and chains. She was a girl, whom I had brought to a climax earlier in the day.

It was a little surreal, so I decided to confront my demons. I talked to Chestnut about it.

She was wonderfully frank, and open, about herself. It appeared that no man had touched her since her partner walked out, when she lost the unborn child. That meant that she had not had sex, with another human being, for several years.

My mouth fell open, and my heart went out to her. To all intent and purpose I had been allowed the privilege of helping two virgins to climax in the last twenty four hours.

I was awestruck.

My manhood was stirring again.

I asked what she had done to satisfy what was obviously a deep understanding of relationships.

For example, she had realised the games that Titian’s mother had been playing with me in the kitchen, and, as we had earlier found, she was a very experienced cocksucker.

She explained that the small hand case, the one that she had collected from her home, was full of dildos. I blinked in disbelief. She collected the case from the front entrance, and we began to explore.

We were not doing any planning!

She had everything, including two strap on dildos. One was virtually horse sized. Jokingly she said that Partner Girl should not see it. We both laughed, then realised that it was probably true. She must not see it.

She had simple butt plugs, two doubles, and several vibrators. She had jellies and creams. It was the armoury of a sexually active person, who had been hurt too much.

I asked about the strap on dildos. She said that they had never been used. She added, without prompting, that she did use single, and the combination, butt plugs. She completely understood why Parlour Girl was so attached to her plug.

She continued to explain that wearing the smaller, discrete, single, or double plugs all day set her on fire. She wore them to work. Then she would have to race home from a boring meeting, rush into her bedroom, and masturbate herself to an enormous lonely orgasm.

Suddenly she said, “Let us draw up an outline Business Plan. I will go onto the web. There is a particular site that has good free draft downloads. It will not take too long.”

Then she added, almost as an afterthought, “When we have finished the plan, please would you strap on the smaller dildo, and use it on me for anal sex.”

I was totally amazed. I gasped. What would we think of next! I did not know what to say. I sat dumfounded, in complete silence.

She started to work. Within seconds she was on our satellite link. She found the site, and two alternative Business Plan structures were down loaded almost before I had time to blink. She worked incredibly fast. I was very impressed.

Sensible questions were asked, about gross margins, current turnover of the jewellery design business, cost of stocks of gold, plus other rare metals, and stones. Then she began to ask questions on security at the Mall, design copyright, patents, and masses of other data.

She obviously had a critical business mind.

I ‘phoned our Restaurant Owner partner. He had some of the answers. Plus he had already discussed lease costs, local taxes, etc., with the current owners. These were e-mailed over. The document was coming together in a trice.

I stood. I went to lean over her shoulder from behind. She needed to find the Starburst design as a logo. My Partner had already transferred into a stunning symbol. She continued to work, apparently oblivious of the fact that I was still there.

I was completely mesmerised. I had just been asked to strap on a large dildo, and have anal sex with the girl only inches from me. What was happening to my life?

I gazed over her shoulders, past the three straps that hooked into her jewellery, that came together, and then fanned out to support her amazing breasts. I watched her both nipples move from side to side as she worked.

This was how my Partner had planned that the chains should work. They were designed to allow side to side movement, without sag. Her design was right.

I saw that her nipples were sticking proudly out from shield identical to the ones around my nipples. I saw the bars through each nipple. I had sucked there so hard only this morning.

I thought that I must be in a trance.

Suddenly she looked up, with that knowing smile that I had seen in the kitchen. She realised the affect that she had on men. She knew exactly what she was doing to me.

She said that she needed shareholders, and other information. I told her that my Partner, and I, had discussed this while they all slept this morning. We wanted true complete co-ownership, and that this would require the lawyer’s touch.

She pushed her chair back against my raging cock, and started the printer running. She said, “Now I am ready.”

She stood up, and turned to face me.

She said, “You are a darling man, you haven’t a clue why I have asked you to take me anally with a dildo. Let me explain.”

“Firstly, and most importantly, you must be very sore, and we need you for Parlour Girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


She always sat on the back of that ugly beat up car, a rusted box, drinking her beer. I passed her every evening, coming home. She was usually barefoot, her jeans tattered at the bottom. Some days she smoked as she drank, other times it was just the beer, watching the few cars that passed her on that backroad. I knew her name, hell, every guy in town knew her. We had all loved her in school, wanted her. She was Homecoming queen, Prom queen, student this, that. She had smiled, waved as expected when she won, but there was something behind that smile that seemed gone, hollow. I had pictured her in my mind many times, her cheerleaders outfit being pushed up by me, not that asshole jock she married. My hands had played across her tan skin, lips kissing hers, hands fumbling into her panties. I usually came at that image, drifting to sleep with sticky fingers.

Now she lived down a quiet stretch from me, married to Mr. Asshole, still beautiful, but sad looking too. Every day she was there, a drink or cigarette her friend, just looking at us. I never stopped, never had the nerve. I started to count on her being there. If she was gone I panicked a little, wondering what was wrong, if she had left him, left me also. She would always be back, her feet kicking in the wind, a tune where only she heard the beat.

It happened so quickly I almost missed it. She waved as I drove past. She waved at me. I didn’t wreck, luckily. My eyes were so far behind me trying to see her I just clipped the tree with my side mirror, the spring snapping it back hard, scaring the shit out of me. I jerked the truck back hard, too fast now…fuck…, fishtailed, then went straight again. I was embarrassed, sweating with adrenaline. Great, just great… she waves and I damn near kill myself. I didn’t turn around. I jerked off that night, alone in the bathroom, my wife sleeping. I pictured her waving, her smile. She was naked now, her breasts tan, no lines. Her hips swayed as she walked to me, she smiled as we touched, she seemed electric. Her hands were cool, delicate as they touched me. I came when she pushed her hands inside my jeans.

“Damn” I thought, “Fifteen years, and I still can’t go all the way with her.”

She was not there the next day, or the next. I started to think that she had wanted to say something to me, but after watching my near crash had thought better of it. Each evening as I came around the bend to her I sat up straighter, then slumped again, alone. The third day she was there again. Sitting on that heap, drinking again as a misty rain started to drizzle on her. She waved at me again. I stopped clean this time, I wanted to talk to her, know that this was real. I parked close to her, started to get out. She walked up to me, pushed me back. “Wait, not here. I wanna get in. We can go on down to mine, he’s gone on a trip with his loser buddies. He called from Florida. It’s all Marlins and strippers by now.” She climbed in my truck, her hand never leaving the beer or the cigarette clutched tight in one small fist. ” Do you remember me, from school I mean?” I asked her.

“Honey, I remember EVERYONE from school. You too, even if you never seemed interested enough to ask me out” she smiled wanly at that, like she was going back there in her head, then she shook a little, smiled at me again.

“Hell, you know I wanted to ask you out, but you were always with Mr. Sports, and I liked walking without a cane” I said.

She laughed at me, not mean, just a giggle. Then more, louder, finally she spilled a little of her beer as she shook, her T-shirt wet now. Damn, right on her breast, right there.’ Thanks, I’m hard now’ I thought.

“I’m sorry, it’s not you. It’s just thinking about him, how many times I fucked around behind him then. I wished you’d asked me. I stopped after we got married. I wanted to be a wife then, no foolin’ around. Then he found out I couldn’t have his litter. He never looks at me sober anymore. Fuck, he doesn’t look at me much of anyways now.” She looked away at that last part, her hand covering her mouth. The cigarette blew smoke into the bottle, then she sucked down another drink.

She just looked straight ahead. I tried to process everything that I had just heard, put it together somehow. He never touched her anymore? What the fuck? Cause she didn’t have his damn kids? Like I said, asshole then, asshole now. I didn’t have kids, but that was by choice. I didn’t touch my wife cause I got tired of the slap on my hand that usually followed, or the boring routine if she didn’t. She sat quietly, sipping her beer as I drove to her home. It was sat far back from the end of the road, no one else around her for a mile. I have to admit it was beautiful. erotik film izle With the money he made playing ball it should have been. I still smile remembering watching him blow out a knee running down a routine ground ball. Fucker, he didn’t appreciate her then, didn’t now. Now he sold real estate, took trips without her. I wondered how anyone could let her out of his sight without breaking.

When we stopped she slid to the door, turning to look at me. I felt like I was being appraised, studied. It felt a little unnerving. She looked at me like I imagine I look at girls at a strip club. We talked about what we had both done since school a thousand years ago. She told me she had wanted to go to college, but he wanted her home, available to travel to see him when he wanted while on the road. She said after the first year that was less and less, the women on the road new, always pushing him. She said she did not mind really, he was lousy in bed, but she did like spending his money.

I just followed her, picturing how her mouth would look open, saying ‘yes’ to me. I drank with her, after six feeling a little like I was swimming, like she was talking to me under water. I blinked once, then saw that she was next to me. I never saw her move, she was just there. When she leaned in this time I didn’t cum like in the dream, I just settled into the kiss, alcohol I guess making me bolder that in the past. It was what I had thought about, but firmer, the tongue pushing inside my mouth more insistent. She licked me, my hands bunching in her hair as I felt that buzz start in the back of your mind when you haven’t breathed in enough air. We broke then, gasping a little. I saw her smile at me then, her eyes a little dreamy, wiping her chin where it had gotten wet.

“I’ve watched you for a while, thought about this. I asked around town what your situation was. You never seemed connected to us in school. Not in a mean way…, just gone. I always wanted to know why .” She leaned over, kissing me again. As she did this I tried to comprehend what the hell she meant. I was a shy goof in school. But if that came across as mysterious, great.

“I think you’re still cute” she said.

I felt, then heard the zipper going down, her hand tugging my belt up, off. My stomach jumped then, that fluttery feeling you get just before a hand slips in, your mind screaming YES, wanting it to happen. If I had been a little more sober I might have actually cum when she pulled me out, instead I simply watched her smile, then look me dead in my eyes, her gaze never leaving me as she went down, till finally her head tilted to suck me in. Her lips were sealed tight, then she pushed, like I was opening her. Her tongue slipped around my shaft, her mouth filled with saliva. It felt like she was boiling in there. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, fighting that toe curling feeling, wanting to shoot off now. Her head beat a steady up and down, her hands on my knees. It was the most supremely satisfying moment of my life .

She kept sucking, using her mouth only. I had never known that it could be like that. Always good before, but now I felt desire, not just to please me, but to please herself by doing this. I knew what it was to be wanted finally. Every bob kept bringing me closer, each time she stopped and swirled her tongue over the tip, giggling, I felt like another person, out of body, watching, amazed. I warned her I was close, that I was so close. Then she did something my wife had never done. With no pause, she simply reached up, her hand on my mouth, telling me quiet. I erupted at that.

Every fantasy moment I had had with her spilled out, her lips never leaving me, drinking me as I screamed. I usually make no sounds other than a quiet hiss. With her I screamed, my hips pushing, trying to get as deep in her as I could. I think I slipped into her throat then. It’s hard to tell when you are fighting to stay conscious. She kept sucking, wanting it all. Satisfied there was no more, she looked up then, eyes watery, makeup running. I leaned down, to kiss her. She seemed a little startled, started to say that she still had some of me in her mouth. I didn’t care. I felt her passion rising, felt her wanting when I slipped my tongue in, tasting myself. She grabbed me harder then, kissing more frantically than before, pulling me down on top of her. I pulled up, trying to catch my breath.

“Nobody ever did that with me, I mean, not after I…” she seemed so startled, but smiled just the same.

I cut her off with another kiss, this time I was the one digging in her mouth, my hands cupping her breasts. I felt her up like I had wanted to all those years ago, squeezing, pulling. She had no bra on, film izle so I flipped her t-shirt up. I suckled her, my teeth grazing the nipples. They puffed up, engorged. Perfect. Perfect. I circled them, my hands never off her, lifting, holding. She started to breathe harder, pulled me tighter. My leg slipped between hers, our jeans rubbing. The more I bit, pulled on her nipples, the harder she humped my leg, her hands holding the back of my head.

I could hear her whispering, “yes… yes… sweet” was all she said.

I pulled the nipple in my mouth up, out. She crushed against me, her hips frantic. I knew she was cumming then. I felt like a God, I wanted more.

I dropped down to her floor, my hands tugging her jeans off, her own hands struggling to help me. She kicked them off, standing with her hands on her hips, her breathing ragged. She had nothing under the jeans either. I went around her hips, my hands digging into that sweet ass, that perfect heart shape. She was there, right in front of me after all this time. Her pussy, hers. My god, I was drooling at that point. Then I saw something I have never seen before or since. She had shaved her labia, only a small triangle of hair above her lips. As I watched, they parted, like time lapse photos of a flower, the wetness making her look polished. I reveled in her, lips locked in sucking her down. I slipped fingers in her as I ate her, first just one, then as she bucked at me, cried out ‘yes, yes’ I slipped another, then a third.

I twisted then in her, reached around to her g-spot. She came yelling my name, then again. I was holding her up by then, greedy to keep going, but she started to pull away. I kept sucking, my fingers fucking her deeper. My other hand had been tentative, teasing her anus. When I slipped a finger inside her back passage, it went in like a hot knife slicing into butter, no resistance. I thought she had moaned before, screamed. I was wrong. She started cumming in rolling waves, her hands beating on me, her words just gibberish and cursing now. Then it hit me, full in my face. No other woman, never, ever. She squirted on me, it was scalding hot with her body heat, in my mouth, on my face. I knew what it was, had heard of it, now it was real. I got hard again at that moment, faster than I had since I was sixteen.

She fell down then, just a little heap of skin on the floor, her hands covering her mouth as she rode out the waves. I was soaked. My shirt, stained from the liquid she had just given me. It looked like I had been dunked in a bucket. I felt myself growing harder, also I needed to pee from the damn beer. I stumbled up, my pants still on, just undone from her sucking me. I knew that I could not use her bathroom if I was that hard, I could never bend it down that far.

“I’ll be right back” I kissed her and stepped outside.

She had a stand of trees just off the side of her home, so I went over to them, fishing it out to relieve myself. Like a cat she had silently padded up behind me, still naked from the waist down. I jumped when I felt her hands on my hips.

“What are you doing out here, why’d you go?”

” I have to pee honey, but you made me hard again, I…I can’t get it down so I was just gonna pee out here” I said.

“oh…oh…OHHHHH…”she giggled again then.

“Uummmmmm…let me…lemme…hold it when you do it…K?” she whispered in my ear, her hand snaking around me. I had thought I was hard before, wrong. ” I wanna feel it, He’d never let me do this, hold it I mean. Do it…do it…do it…pee”

I trusted her, trusted her voice. We all pee, every day, but the hottest woman I have ever known had a hold of me when I did it. Her hand on me was that same cool touch of my dreams, the heartbeat thrumming in my cock making me jump a little still, tense up. I relaxed, let go. She seemed to enjoy holding me, making me shoot up, down. I got harder still. The beer gone she laughed, shaking me like I told her, her grip hard on her new toy. She turned me a little then, bending at the waist, sucking me back in her mouth. Back into that liquid velvet heat, deep in. She popped off, a loud suck as she did it, smiling at me. She held my prick then like you do a dog’s leash, pulling me to the porch.

She squatted down, taking my shoes, socks, pants off. I stripped off my shirt as she worked below. We were both naked finally. It was warm still but not as hot as it usually is. The rain started falling in a drizzle, cooling us even as the humidity went up. I shivered as I started to sweat. She simply went to her bench, her head on the pillow there. She had her ass up. She swayed her hips, waving them in invitation. I didn’t have to asked twice. I thought seks filmi izle her mouth had been tight, sucking. It was nothing like the feeling of spearing inside her, going in till my balls hit her clit as she pushed back. It was hotter inside too, it seemed hotter than a normal woman.

I started pumping as hard as I could with no thinking then. I was not even there with her. I felt like I was somewhere else, looking back at me fucking her, my hands gripping her hips so I wouldn’t die. Each time I pushed in my hips slapped against her ass, soft, the skin pale where her suit covered her when she tanned. It looked like she was still dressed. I pushed harder, tried to get deeper.

” Slap it…slap my ass as you fuck me” she said, grunting on each pump. She never let her gaze leave my eyes.

I hit her ass a light slap, saw her flush, buck harder. I hit her cheeks again, harder, then another harder. Each time I did it she flushed again, the red handprints now accompanied by her yelp, the ‘yessssss’ she squeezed out between clenched teeth. I started to feel it coming, the pressure. I pulled out, now shiny myself, slapping her with the wet cock that she has just been fucking. She spun around, pushing me down violently on the bench, bent over again sucking me, tasting her cream on me, moaning with each draw of her cheeks. She crawled on my lap, her hand reaching in to guide me. Joined again we fucked harder, more frenzied. Now in rhythm, I watched as she kept repeating her motion. She would sense when I was close, stop, suck me, climb back on. The rest of the time she kissed me. I was buried in her and she kissed me with more tenderness than I have ever known, even when I felt like she was trying to crawl inside my mouth as she pumped herself on me.

“I want something from you,” she gasped out “something I’ve wanted but never done. I’ve never trusted Him, never wanted Him to do it.”

She bounced off me then, leaving me waving in frustration. She stood again with that laser stare, daring me to look away. She dipped her fingers inside. When they were coated she turned. I saw her fingers disappear in her cleft. I knew what she was doing, lubing. She back up to me, her ass so close to my cock. Spreading her legs she grabbed my right hand now, taking my fingers in hers, pushing them it. I was hers, completely. She held my wrist, fucking my hand, getting me wet. Still holding my wrist she pulled me out, left me in mid air. She reached back, spreading her ass open, inviting me with her eyes as she looked over her shoulder at me. I pushed into her again, the muscle relaxing so easily as I fucked her ass, all three fingers coned to push deep. She never looked away.

Again I felt her hand on my cock, only now she stepped back, tilted her hips a little, my hands holding her open. For the first time for either of us, I settled into her ass. It was fucking, but something else. She opened to me, drew me in like her pussy never could. Each part of me that slipped in was caressed, loved like a fist grasping me. I heard steam from somewhere, realized we were both hissing in delight as the tension filled her, sucked me. I was in her where no one else had been. She leaned back then, her legs spread wide. She felt tiny to me as I held her up, bouncing her in tempo. I have no idea how long we fucked that way, I think days. She had her hands inside her cunt, beating the orgasms out, the fluids on my thighs, my balls wet with her as she came. The arm wrapped around my neck got tighter each time her hand got her off. My hands were cupping her behind her knees, still bobbing her to ‘fuck me, fuck me,… fuck,… fuck.’

I was shaking, my muscle control gone as I felt myself shooting in her, ropey shots of semen that seemed to start at my feet. Each spasm made her moan, telling me ‘yes baby, cum,…cum’, her mouth on my ear purring. Not made for it, her passage squirted me out, the cum pooling on her cheeks, my cock, pubic hair. She stood up, unsteady on her legs. She reached down, her fingers in the sticky white mess on my lap. She drew her fingers up, strings connecting us. She tasted it, smiled at me. She drew another, then leaned in, kissing me as before, pushing it into my mouth, amazed still that I wanted her to.

She came back outside after getting us one more drink. I sat on her lawn, letting the rain hit us as she kissed me till I stopped shaking, laughing with me then. We finished the beer as the rain tried to fill the bottles again. Inside we dressed as best you can when you stop every five seconds to kiss, grope another person. But I had to go home, she had to let me.

She promised me she would be there tomorrow, that she would wait for me. We met again, then again. It’s regular now. I find places on her that she didn’t know she had, she draws out fantasies from me that I have never whispered even in my own head. I have no idea where her road leads. I’m just going till it runs out.

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Raging Robyn

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I turned a whole different shade of red as I pulled my card out of my wallet. Seventy-three dollars never felt so embarrassing and I was more than thankful that the clerk was a young, beautiful woman. Maybe she would understand; then again, maybe not and her judgment was withheld behind her professional smile.

I tried to talk myself down. I tried to remember that she was a clerk in sex shop. She had to have seen it all before. Surely seeing a man come in with his girlfriend wasn’t a far stretch. I just wondered how many men went into the store to purchase a strap on for their girlfriends.

I paid little attention to the clerk or the contents of the newly stuffed plastic bag. My focus was more to my girlfriend, Robyn. Robyn was just as red as me, but she managed to grin in a way as to communicate with the clerk in the silent fashion that only women can understand. Robyn and I were well into our relationship and were well into kink.

Robyn, until meeting me, considered herself a prude. I figured that prudish behavior would have been and absolute waste on a five foot, ten inch blonde with large breasts, a thin waste, and well rounded hips. We were in a snow resort town when I first met her, so her physique was hidden beneath jeans and a hoodie sweatshirt. Though dressed down, she was beautiful and I knew that I had to have her in my bed. I didn’t plan on her becoming my girlfriend, but I knew that I at least wanted to fuck her.

Her prude-like habits eventually caught up and it took a while for me to actually sleep with her. However, she was not completely adverse to oral sex. In fact, she down right enjoyed having my cock in her mouth.

One at a time, sixty-nines, from the front, from behind; oral was the only intimate exchanges that we shared for a couple of weeks. I didn’t mind. I loved the smell and taste of her pussy set atop her long, thin legs and gladly went down on her often. She, of course, returned the favor. She was able to take the full length of my cock into her mouth and slurp hungrily as I came in the back of her throat.

After a couple of weeks, Robyn and I had licked, teased, sucked, and came with the use of our mouths only. Then, on a cold, but glorious Friday night, she spoke softly in a way that made my hard cock twitch. In fine, Robyn fashion, she buried my cock in her mouth to the hilt and waited for the near-cum pause. Unexpectedly, she pulled her face away from my hard on and paused. “Ah, I was about to cum,” I protested as she looked up at me with her face just hovering over my member. My dick throbbed, aching to cum.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered. I’m not completely sure if she was able to finish the phrase before I scooped her up to me and flipped her onto her back. I had my dick in my left hand and guided the tip to her pussy. She was soaked and I knew that she wasn’t joking. I expected to simply slide into her, but it was not as easy as I had planned. She let me in on the secret that she had not been penetrated for a long time and she moaned with the slight pain of my hard cock pushing into her.

I buried my cock into her as slowly as my hips would allow. I could feel her pussy pulsate against me as she whimpered. I felt powerful looking down at her grimacing face, but I held still for a moment. I allowed her to adjust and waited for her signal that she was okay.

“Fuck me,” she exhaled in a carnal voice. I obeyed the request-slash-command and began to pump my hips forward and back. I started with slow, smooth, light strokes, but it was not before long that Robyn had her fingernail dug into my ass cheeks. She was allowing me to pull back until the head of my dick nearly fell out of her then she jerked me forward as to silently beg to be fucked harder.

I didn’t have to ask where she wanted me to cum before she whimpered, “I want your cum inside me.” She didn’t have to ask twice before I twitched and unloaded my loins into the depths of her hole. I pumped until I could feel that every drop had freed itself from my tip then I collapsed.

I came so hard that I failed to realize that she allowed herself to come with me. I had never had a simultaneous orgasm before and I wished I had paid more attention, but there was no lack for want and I certainly was not disappointed.

Robyn and I lay in a pile of flesh and sweat. Our bodies heaved as we tried to catch our breaths, but we couldn’t seem to pry ourselves from the other. It was the most intimate experience I had felt as a man in my early twenties. I wasn’t inexperienced is matters of fucking, but I was certainly new to feeling an actual love. I wanted more.

We finally managed to pull apart with a kiss. Where most couples go to clean up and turn on the television, Robyn and I lay next to each other. We were filthy from the fuck and didn’t mind. We exchanged pleasantries and I began to fall to the natural urge to sleep. I figured that would be the best way to get some rest for snowboarding the erotik film izle next day. Robyn, however, was a natural woman and had the natural burst of energy following orgasm. She was more interested in talking than sleeping.

“Jon,” she nearly whispered, “what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?” I found the question to be kind of weird coming from her. It nearly felt like a set up for a knock down, so I answered with a somewhat tame and sheepish grin. “I had a threesome once.” She chuckled a little then admitted that such a deed did not surprise her.

“Was it with a girl and a guy or two girls?” I kind of liked where the conversation was going, but I had to follow my nature to joke. “Actually it was with two guys.” Her eyes bulged out of her head until I started to laugh. She slapped me across the chest for being so boyish in humor. Then I answered honestly, “It was with two girls.” I still laughed a little as I asked if she had ever done anything like that, and I was a little disappointed of find out that she had not.

“So, my dear, what is the kinkiest thing you’ve done?” She had me hooked into the conversation. It would seem that horny-based conversation is more enticing that going to sleep.

Robyn smiled and admitted that she once had a sexual encounter in a public park. I was amazed at her exhibitionism until I found out that it was during the middle of the night with no one around. I still accepted her ploy to keep the dirty talk going. Then, her turn came again and the next question was asked.

“So, what kind of stuff do you fantasize about?” The question, though good in nature with the sense that she was looking to please me in the future, was still erotic to me. I began to answer, but stopped for the sake of embarrassment. “Promise you won’t laugh?” I questioned and she agreed. “I want to be fucked with a strap on.”

I expected her to burst with laughter, call me queer, or simply roll out of bed and leave. She didn’t. She just questioned lightly, “Really? I wouldn’t guess that would be something you would be into.” She was right in her assumption. I was a rough-edged man and I understood her thinking.

I had never told anyone that before and it turned me on to get it out in the open. I felt my cock harden a little as I said it aloud. I looked at Robyn and could see the gears turning in her mind. Her fingertips had found their way to my left arm and she stroked lightly as though she was turned on. “Have you ever done that before?” she questioned. I answered that I had not. I didn’t even know what started the fantasy, just that I had it for awhile and was waiting for a woman that I could trust with my secret. “Would you be interested in something like that?” I baited.

“I might be,” she cooed at me with a grin, “but I think we should work our way up to that.” She nearly sounded expert in her words. How would she know what to do or not to do? I asked if she had ever done anything like fucking someone with a strap on. She answered that she had not. Then she admitted, “I’ve never even been fucked in the ass.” My cock grew immediately hard again. “Can I be your first?” I wanted so badly to bury my member into her ass at that moment. “I think we can work up to that,” she answered.

Several weeks later, Robyn and I had gone through a series positions and oral exchanges that allowed us to experiment with each other’s back doors. I would fuck her doggy-style just so I could push my thumb into her ass. She would blow me with my legs over her shoulders so she could push her fingers into mine. We both felt as though we were getting to a point where we were ready to have the other inside our asses. Then the day came.

We got off work on a Friday at the usual time. She called me to make sure that I was going to be able to meet her at her apartment and that went without a hitch. I arrived at her place and she was ready to leave almost immediately. She had an evening planned for us and I loved being out with a good time girl.

Our first stop was a late happy hour. Several bears, a few game of pool, a couple of shots, and a few rounds of darts and we were ready to go. I thought that we would head back to her apartment and commence with continued love making and anal finger fucking, but she had something else in mind.

I didn’t recognize the area of town that we found ourselves in, but she was clearly up to something as we pulled up to the Midnight Book Shop. It was a coy name for a fuck store. I looked at Robyn and could only smile as we got out of the car. We were buzzed and a bit loose, so to speak. We were relaxed enough that we greeted the girl behind the counter and moved straight back to the dongs and dildos section of the store.

Robyn, a little uninhibited, picked up a dong the size of her leg and waved it at me. “What do you think?” She was playful and it made me laugh a little as I said, “Yeah right.” Then the shopping turned a bit more serious as we came to a series of film izle boxes. All of which were labeled with goofy names like “Love Harness” or “Super Strap”. We, being a couple of novices, had no idea what we were looking for until I saw one that might accommodate us both.

The box was sexily illustrated by a beautiful woman wearing a black leather harness. The flesh colored cock poked out from her as she stood in front of the man with his hands on her shoulders. I picked the box up and looked at the details. The dildo was a girthy seven inches long, but it was connected to an inverted six inch dildo. It was like a his-and-hers package held together by leather straps. “How about this one?” I questioned Robyn and she commented that it looked great. With that, the decision was made. Robyn was going to fuck me in the ass to fulfill my fantasy for the first time.

The embarrassing purchase was made and we made an excited journey back to her apartment. I wondered what it would be like to be penetrated with something that large and my dick hardened inside my jeans. Robyn must have been looking at my crotch because she began to rub me through my pants. She could see how horny I was and I think that she must have been equally horny or a little drunker than I was.

I was driving, so she was able to open the newly purchased package without distraction. She pulled out the harness and held it up. She looked like someone brought Christmas early and I was pleased with her excitement. Then, I was able to see how drunk she was because she pulled the double dong out of the box. “Hmm,” was all she muttered before she placed the larger of the two dongs into her mouth. She pushed it in all the way and pulled off. “You’re bigger.”

Her matter of measuring made me even harder. I hated her for a second for doing something so arousing at a time that I couldn’t just take her. “It hardly seems fair,” she continued, “yours is bigger than mine.” I laughed at that, but she was trying to make the point that it wasn’t fair that I would hurt her more than she would hurt me.

We arrived back at her apartment and dashed to her bedroom. It was very late in the night, but we didn’t mind considering the buzz and excitement. It took no time before we were standing at the edge of her bed. Our naked bodies pressed to each other in the sexuality of the night and I couldn’t wait to get to business.

“Did you want to fuck me tonight?” she questioned. I thought the question was absurd considering my erection, but I answered in the affirmative. With that, she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Her head moved in and out as her mouth slid up and down my shaft. My dick throbbed with excitement and I had not been that turned on for as long as I can remember.

I thought for sure that Robyn was just drunk enough to strap on the new toy and have her way with me, but she had different plans. A cold sensation ran over my dick and I looked down to see that she was dripping lube onto me. “What are you up to?” I asked as if I didn’t know what the semi-liquid was for. She began to jack me off with my dick at her face level. Then I looked down to the placement of her other hand. She had reached a handful of lube to her rear and was rubbing a generous amount over and about her ass. Suddenly, I heard her moan her distinct sound and I knew that she had pushed her finger into her ass. “How many fingers are you using?” She admitted her use of her two fingers then I felt her let go of my prick and reach up between my legs.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” It was a question that a woman normally reserved for her man, but I was the one making the inquiry. “Not tonight,” she answered. “I want you to fuck me.” She moaned again then said, “Three.” I loved that she was able to get three fingers into her drunken ass and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I reached down and pulled her hand away from my ass. “Stand up and get on the bed.” She did so, but lay on her back. “Roll over for me.” I was in charge and ready to fuck her.

Robyn was obedient without reluctance. She initially lay flat on her stomach, but lifted her lower body onto her knees without further direction. I had fucked her from behind many times, but never had I guided the tip of my dick to her asshole. My cool, lubricated tip touched her rectum and she jumped just a little. She was scared, but accepting. “Please go slow.”

I had fucked several women in the ass before and I knew that the best way for her to accept me into her hole was for her to back into me. I told her the same and she began to push back until my head plopped into her ass. She paused as though she was stuck. Then she moan as if to cry, but did not pull away.

I felt her ass clenching tightly and I remained still. I loved the idea that I was effectively taking her anal virginity and I loved it even more as she pushed herself all the way onto me. Her ass cheeks pushed into my hips and I instinctively lurched forward. It seks filmi izle was too much too fast and she whimpered for me to wait. I could still feel her clenching tightly and I waited until she relaxed to say, “Okay.”

“Okay” was all I needed to hear. I ran my hands the length of her smooth back from her shoulders to her hips. I gripped tightly into her hips and began to push forward as I pulled back on her. She exhaled deeply with the first few thrusts before I felt her relax completely. “Fuck me,” she moaned. I began to pump harder and faster with the idea that she was enjoying being fucked in the ass.

It was not long before I was hammering away at her ass. I pushed forward with a continual slap of my hips against her ass. The lube that coated us both made my dick slide in and out of her hole with ease as I piled into her over and over. Robyn had since moved her hand to her pussy and was digging at her clit.

Her asshole bore down tightly as she came and the sensation of continuous contact with my nervous tip was too much. Her orgasm subsided just as mine began to pound through my body. I grabbed into her hips tightly and thrust forward as my cock spurt cum into the depths of her ass. I continued to fuck her sloppily until I wasn’t able to breath and my upper body collapsed to her back.

I kissed her between her shoulders and slowly pulled my still hard cock from her ass. She allowed herself to fall from her knees and lay flat on her stomach once more. “Oh my god,” she huffed in an audibly pleased voice. I was just as pleased. I always enjoyed fucking her mouth and pussy, but there was just something raunchy about hitting the glory hole.

The glow wore off after a few moments and we decided that it would be best to wash up after this go around. We walked each other to the shower and proceeded to clean one another lovingly. There was still romance after a good anal fucking and it was pleasant. Robyn was particularly touchy and connected and I enjoyed her company as such.

We returned to bed and fell into a hard and deep sleep.

The next day was fun. We had lunch with friends and smiled constantly as to show that we had a dirty little secret. We went out for drinks that night and whispered lightly to one another about things to come. We allowed time to pass in the bar before I finally had enough waiting. It was well into the night and I wanted to go back home. I wanted to fuck Robyn in the ass again. She was sitting at the bar when I went to voice my wants to her. In a sly, but less than discreet fashion, she reached down the front of my pants and felt my swelling prick.

“Let’s go.” We tabbed out and made way back to her apartment. In the same quick fashion, we found ourselves without clothing and aching for each other. I lubed up my cock, but this time I reached around to her ass for her. I pushed a finger into her ass, but she protested. “Not tonight, baby,” she stated as she put her hands to my chest. “Lay on the bed.”

I did as I was told and waited for her to climb onto me for a ride. However, she had a different plan. She walked to her closet and returned with the box that contained her cock. I involuntarily began to rub my hard on. I was so excited that I shivered a little.

Robyn reached into the box and withdrew the toy. She had put it together and tried it on while I was asleep earlier that day. It turned me on to think that she had been planning this all day long.

I watched excitedly as she held the harness out like a pair of panties and stepped into it. She slid the leather straps up her legs then spread her feet apart to give the smaller dildo access to her pussy. She hummed a little, pleased sound as the rubber dong entered her. Then she tugged at the straps and buckles until the unit was secure to her body.

Robyn sauntered toward me with the rubber cock bouncing back and forth. She stood at the edge of the bed in full view. She wanted me to get a good look and absorb the sight of her. I reached out as though I had no control over my hand and began to rub lube up and down the shaft.

“How do you want it?” Her new extension seemed to give her a sense of empowerment as she gritted the question. I was baffled as I didn’t really think the fantasy would go this far. “Doggy-style I guess.” I didn’t know how to answer and I don’t know where Robyn’s take charge attitude came from, but she retorted, “Well get on all fours then.”

It turned me on to have her bossing me around like that and I did not hesitate to get on my hands and knees. I felt her climb on the bed behind me and wedge her knees between mine. I shivered again thinking that she had already shoved the dildo into me. “Relax,” she cooed as I realized that she had inserted a finger into my ass. Whatever shyness or prude habits she once had were gone. I felt myself relax to her finger and I thought that I was ready.

Robyn moved the tip of the dildo to my ass, but her inexperience with having a cock caught me in the end. The head of the fleshy dildo pushed into me too quickly and I jumped forward. “Slowly,” I pleaded with a reversal of roles. Robyn decided it best that I push back onto her the way that she had done onto me.

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Revenge is a Dish…

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Welcome to my second story. It’s just a dirty little fantasy about losing my anal virginity. Not that the first time was horrible because it really wasn’t. But I just don’t know if there’s really much of an interesting story there. Anyway…

No one in this story (except me) is real, and any other character’s name or resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental.


I met Greg Perry through my boyfriend, Hal Engstrom. He was a guy for whom Hal did yard work.

Hal owned a business which did landscaping, hauling, snow shoveling and so forth. He was a jack of all trades pretty much. Greg had bad hayfever and couldn’t do the yard work himself, and he hired Hal right after he moved in. They eventually became good friends. I met Hal through his nephew, Walt Schmidt, whom I was dating at the time. Walt occasionally helped his uncle.

Walt was eleven years older than me, around 30 at the time, and very handsome. He was about six-three and lanky with medium brown hair blue eyes. Equipment-wise, Walt was average. Maybe a little bigger. But his dick hardly ever seemed to go all the way soft and he had stamina. We fucked like rabbits for hours.

But our personalities were totally different. Walt was quiet and shy. I wasn’t. We loved each other, but we argued a lot. I had to learn to watch what I said to Walt because his feelings could get hurt easily. The fact is that Walt had maturity issues. Sometimes I wondered if I was his mother instead of his girlfriend. But despite his flaws, Walt was a genuinely good guy. Besides a love of sex, we had a lot of common interests.

In contrast to his nephew, Hal Engstrom was a stocky, square-jawed guy in his mid-50’s with a thick mustache. He was about five-ten or five-eleven and stocky with blonde hair and blue eyes. So typically Nordic! He kind of reminded me of the Gorton’s fishsticks guy without the raincoat. Personality-wise, we were more similar: blunt and opinionated.

Hal’s major flaw was that he was cheap. Beyond cheap, he seemed obsessed over money. Making it and keeping it while spending as little as possible, that is. For him, there’s everyone else’s price and then there’s his price.

But Hal was big. I mean big! Pardon the pun, but I found that out the hard way.

One hot afternoon, the three of us were at a nearby public pool. I wore a tasteful black bikini. I guess Hal did some competitive swimming when he was younger, because he didn’t even blink at the $10-per-person admission fee. The pool wasn’t a waterpark; it was just a nice family pool. Hence the modest bikini. I’m five-six and about 130 pounds with 34-C breasts with light brown hair and green eyes, so even wearing the tasteful bikini, I still got lots of looks from guys. A couple of them were hot. One guy looked at me and got an erection. I had to resist the urge to not run in the dressing room and frig myself off. But since I was going with Walt, I very well couldn’t make friends with him. Although I’ve flashed a few guys (and a couple of girls, too,) I’m really not an exhibitionist. Don’t get me wrong; I’m proud of my body and I like it when people appreciate it. But I just don’t like being showy in public. But I have to say that it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to show off my curves without showing too much skin. Skinny jeans or tight Daisy Dukes with a T-shirt and no bra was pretty much all I wore. As firm as my tits are, bras aren’t really necessary and it’s hell finding one that doesn’t bind or constrict.

Well, Hal couldn’t keep his eyes off me. And neither could the little brunette in the print bikini sitting on the other side of the pool. I couldn’t make out her features from the distance, but she looked hot. I guessed she was between 18 and 25 and probably stood about five-feet flat. I could see that she had a fair amount of curve to her. Being bisexual, my first desire was to walk over to her and introduce myself and make a subtle pass or two to see which way she swung. I was hoping she was bi or lesbian, but if she wasn’t? Well, I love a challenge. I’d turned a couple of straight girls bi in my time, and frankly it’s another major turn-on for me to be the first girl another girl has ever been with. I mentioned her to Hal and he said she lived near him and she was beautiful.

“Nice girl. Name’s Miranda G-something-ez. Gomez, Gutierrez, something like that. Tiny little thing,” he said. “Can’t be over a hundred pounds. But I don’t think she’s interested in guys, Elena. I’ve seen her with a lot of girls. More than friends, you know what I mean? But I never saw her with a guy.”

Of course, that did pique my interest. “Oh?” I said, pretending to not be interested. But like I said, at that time, Hal didn’t know I liked girls, too. Walt either. If our relationship would’ve developed to where we were at the point where we talked about living together, I was going to tell him. However, my plan to meet Miranda went out the window when Walt and I began arguing about where we were going that night. erotik film izle I wanted to rent a movie, order a pizza, and stay in and fuck. Walt wanted to go get takeout from an overrated Chinese place and go home and watch the ballgame. It pissed me off! But I bit my tongue. As blunt and sarcastic as I can be at times, it could quickly become a nasty situation. We didn’t speak the rest of the time we were there and barely spoke on the drive home. When we got back to Hal’s house, we had another argument. I decided to take a walk in the woods behind Hal’s property to cool down.

Someone followed me. It wasn’t Walt, but Hal. His voice startled me.

“You know, Elena? A beautiful lady like you deserves someone a little older and a little more mature,” he said.

“Oh really? And I suppose you have someone in mind, huh, Hal?” I asked sharply with my hands on my hips.

“Well,” he said thoughtfully. “I was thinking maybe…”

But before he could finish his sentence, I walked up to him and pushed him against a tree and began unbuckling his jeans.

“Whoa! Damn, Elena! I…” he exclaimed.

“Shut up, Hal!” I ordered. “I wanna see if your dick’s as big as I think it is.”

Hal shrugged.

I got his jeans and his underwear down around his ankles and smiled. I stroked him with my hand and it got almost all the way hard in a few seconds. Hard, he was well over seven inches and pretty thick. Fucking a guy old enough to be my dad has never been a problem for me. My oldest was around 70.

“Wait. You sure you…?” Hal said nervously. “I mean you’re…”

I glared at him.

“Ooh! Very nice, Hal. Just the way I like ’em,” I teased. “Long, fat and…” I rubbed the head with my fingertip, causing Hal to stiffen and gasp. “Obedient.”

“Oh, Godamighty!” cried Hal.

“Oooh, you reaaaally want me to put that in my mouth, mister?” I teased in an exaggerated tiny voice. “I dunno… It’s awwwwfully big!”

“Goddammit, Elena!” barked Hal in exasperation. “Smart-mouth, prick-teasing little… bitch!”

I chuckled and dropped to my knees and spit on his dick. It was a trick I’d learned from watching pornos. I tongued the bulbous head. Hal closed his eyes and his head leaned back against the tree as his cheeks puffed out and he groaned in short, sharp bursts. I loved it. I licked him all up and down the shaft and finally took a deep breath and buried it in my throat. Slurpy blowjobs was another little something I’d learned from pornos. Some guys like slow and sensual, others go for rough and noisy. I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

“O-h-h-h-h-h holy shit!” Hal groaned. “Ohmigod!”

I wasn’t sure how long Hal would last before he shot his load. Some guys take a while, while others can’t handle a lot of stimulation. I actually once had a guy blow his load in thirty seconds. I barely touched him. But it took him no time to get hard again and he went for over an hour non-stop. God I was sore the next morning! If I had done anal at the time, I would’ve told him to fuck my ass to give my poor pussy a break!

I sensed Hal’s orgasm building and stopped and pulled away and stood up. I pulled my T-shirt off, giving Hal a full view of my breasts and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my panties off. My pussy was already wet and the slight breeze, cooled by the shade of the trees, made it tingle pleasantly. I pulled Hal away from the tree and walked to it and bent over, put my hands on it, bent over and spread my legs.

“Okay, Hal. Fuck me!” I demanded as I rubbed my pussy. “And don’t cum in me! You fucking cum in me and I’m cutting that thing off, you hear me?”

“Yeah, yeah…” Hal said in an annoyed tone as he moved behind me. Hal knelt and his fingers rubbed my soaking wet slit. He put one, then two inside me. He fingered my G-Spot. Bastard! It drives me fucking insane. Walt couldn’t find my G-Spot on his own with a road map. But Hal did, and he made me cum. I had to dig my fingers into the tree bark to keep from falling down. Then he began eating me out from behind, licking my clit and darting his tongue deep in my pussy. He brought me to another orgasm.

“Oh oh oh oh… Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck!” I squealed breathlessly. The world was spinning. “Ohmigod!”

But Hal didn’t give me time to catch my breath. He stood up and without warning, he slammed his thick meat into me. I yelped loudly.

“Oh, holy Christ that’s fucking tight!” Hal groaned as he grabbed my hips and began to brutally fuck me.

“Ohhhh Goddamn!” I yelled.

The force of Hal’s thrusts were so vicious that I was fighting hard to keep from falling over or going head first into the tree. I was literally hugging it; the bark was digging into my arms. I love rough sex. It’s really the only way I can get off. And with Hal banging away at my pussy the way he was, I was damned sure getting off! I buried my mouth in the crook of my elbow to muffle myself as I came. Hard!

“Oh, fuuuck! Oh, Elena! Girl I’m gonna…” Hal film izle growled through his teeth a few minutes later.

“Ohmigod!” I shouted in my delirium. I looked behind me and snapped “Goddammit, Hal! I told you not in me! Pull out, pull out!”

“Aw, shit!” Hal exclaimed.

I felt him quickly withdraw. He roughly pulled me away from the tree and down on my knees in front of him. Hal didn’t realize I didn’t need to be forced. I took his slick throbbing dick in my mouth. I tasted pre-cum and my own juices. Hal grabbed my head and facefucked me. It both overwhelmed and invigorated me. I looked up at Hal. His face was a contorted mask. The veins in his neck were popping out.

“Oh, God. Ohhhh, Elena! Oh, I’m… I’m… YUUUGHODDAAAMN!” Hal screamed as huge spurts of delicious cum filled my mouth. He nearly fell over. I massaged his balls and greedily swallowed all of the salty-sweet goo and milked him dry. When he was finally finished, I cleaned him up. Waste not, want not.

“Ahhhhh,” Hal sighed a shuddering sigh, breathing hard and sweating profusely as he leaned against the tree and rested his head on his arms.

“Goddamn, girl!” he struggled to say as he panted. “Oh, fuck!”

I looked up at him and smiled.

“Pretty good, Hal,” I complimented him as I licked my lips. “Pret-ty good. Maybe you and I can be friends.”

Hal smiled and shook his head. I stood and Hal pushed himself up. With cum-stained lips I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He didn’t seem to notice or care.

“Yeah? How about Walt? My God, if he…” Hal said with a concerned look.

“Meh. I don’t expect it to last much longer,” I interrupted. “He’s a nice guy and all, but he’s…”

I shrugged. The words escaped me.

Hal nodded sadly, knowing what I was getting at. “Yeah. Thought the Navy would straighten him out like they did me, but they didn’t.”

We composed ourselves and dressed and began walking back to the house separately. I followed Hal. On the way back, I thought I heard someone walking away quickly. The footsteps sure didn’t sound like Walt’s lumbering Frankenstein gait to me. More like a light pitter-patter made by someone much, much tinier.

Maybe it was just an animal, I thought. Maybe not though. I shrugged and kept walking. Hal’s lingering taste in my mouth made me worry if Walt wanted to kiss me. I snickered a little at the thought of him tasting his own uncle’s cum and wondering what the hell it was. I also lamented the fact that I didn’t have a towel to clean up my pussy, which was still extremely wet. Luckily, Walt was napping on the couch with the remote in his hand and a baseball game on. The Dodgers and the Cardinals. According to the announcers, the Dodgers were winning 5-1. I rushed to the bathroom and took a shower and cleaned up. Knowing that someone could’ve been watching me getting my brains fucked out turned me on mightily and I had to rub my clit. I came hard again. Walt was still snoozing when I was finished.

He never asked about the scratches and scrapes on my arms.

Hal and I met once or twice a week. Walt eventually found out about us. To this day I don’t know how, but I suspect it may have been the owner of the mysterious footsteps. I wasn’t there when the confrontation went down, but from what Hal told me, it was ugly. The cops were called and they told Walt to leave. Then Walt confronted me. I told him that he behaved like a petulant child sometimes and to grow up a little. I felt a little guilty, so I tried to smooth things over. I gave Walt a get out of jail free fuck and told him I’d basically led Hal on and that I was very sorry. It wasn’t entirely true, but it also wasn’t entirely false. I was only a teensy bit remorseful. I begged Walt to not blame his uncle too much because I was born horny. As I sucked his dick, Walt forgave me and promised that he would change and make up with his uncle. Walt and I were actually alright for a while afterward. Yes, I still fucked Hal on occasion, but we did our dirty business in neutral locations like no-tels and secluded spots where the cops hardly ever went. Hal kept a thick blanket in his truck.

Despite Walt’s promise to change, I got the feeling he’d never truly change with me in the picture. I liked him a lot, but he needed a less mouthy, less opinionated, less headstrong woman to gently persuade him to change. I set him up on a date with a totally hot redhead I knew named Traci who was around Walt’s age. She was shy and quiet and she was a born organizer. Someone who epitomized structure and inspired change was what Walt needed. They hit it off and got married at city hall about two months later. I was the maid of honor; Walt’s best friend John was his best man.

But it depressed me. I was happy I’d found Walt his soulmate. I could find fuck buddies anywhere, but could never find a soulmate for me.

Greg Perry was the polar opposite of Hal. When it came to money, Greg didn’t obsess over it. I don’t know what he did for a living, but seks filmi izle he seemed to be fairly well off.

Greg was dark-haired with brown eyes that were nearly black. He was about six feet tall and slimmer than Hal, but not lanky like Walt. Greg helped me out on the side since Hal was too cheap to take the chains off his wallet to pay me a little more. I guess Hal figured that since I was his girlfriend, the measly pay for me helping him out on jobs was appropriate. I had to fight like hell with Hal to get the one tiny raise I did get. Believe me, he wasn’t nicknamed “Hagglin’ Hal” for nothing! Businesses where he bought his supplies hated dealing with him.

Greg probably thought that Hal was paying me a pittance, and every time we went to his house Greg slipped me a twenty. If the work was more extensive I got a fifty. He never asked for anything in return, but if he had asked, I would’ve fucked him senseless.

From the first time I met him, I’d wondered how big Greg’s dick was because it looked big under his jeans. And Greg was definitely sweet on me. I’d like to think the money he gave me was given out of genuine concern, but who knows? What I do know is that Greg was a really decent guy and never came on to me. But I also knew he looked at me when I wasn’t looking at him. I didn’t mind it, but I also felt kind of bad for the guy because Hal was a friend.

One day, Hal was being a ginormous asshole, and not surprisingly, money was the reason. He embarrassed me at a tractor supply store where he was picking up grass seed and some part or another for his barely-running second-hand John Deere riding mower. Whenever it acted up, which was pretty often, Hal fretted about having to possibly shell out money to replace it. Hal was browsing the lawn care section and saw one he liked. He asked a salesperson what the price was (even though it was clearly marked,) and he was told $4,699. Hal said it had to be a mistake and asked the store manager what the real price was. The manager told him $4,699 like the sign said. Hal about hit the roof! His face literally turned red and he said it was way too much and demanded a $1,000 price break because he was a regular customer who’d given them years and years of faithful patronage and didn’t deserve to be scammed by some giant company. And the louder Hal whined, the more people stared. All I wanted to do was crawl someplace and hide. They called the police and they calmed Hal down before he got his ass arrested. The officers escorted us out of the store and told us to never come back. Hal bitched and moaned all the way to the truck.

“And dammit, Elena! And you’re costing me more! You bitched your way into that raise. Ooh, if only you weren’t the best fuck I ever had! But dammit, I’ve got a business to run! Hell, I should be charging you for all the damn food of mine you eat!”

And that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Fuck you, Hal!” I yelled through tears. “That’s it! I’m through with you!”

I went to his house packed up my stuff and left. Hal was practically in tears. He apologized over and over and begged me not to leave. He bawled that he took out his anger and frustrations on me and was sorry and really didn’t mean what he’d said. I left my stuff, but we were apart for a couple of days to give us a chance to cool down. We made up. Hal called and apologized profusely over and over again and asked me to come over so we could talk. Actually, the truth is he fucked me long and hard first. Afterward, I tried to get him to realize that his obsession with money wasn’t healthy and that the entire world wasn’t out to screw him over. I don’t know if I ever got completely through to him, but his money obsession did decrease a little. He surprised me by taking me out to a really nice restaurant and even left the waitress a $10 tip. Things was going okay for about a week-and-a-half, but one day a girlfriend named Kelly Martin took me shopping. Afterward, we were driving to her place for some girl-girl action. I was getting super wet just thinking about burying my face in her beautiful little pussy when I turned my head and saw Hal walking arm in arm with another woman. I was beyond furious. I knew damned well she wasn’t a hooker because Hal would never shell out the money for a hooker. I didn’t know who this woman was and I didn’t care. What I did care about was that he had a beautiful girl who cared for him — flaws and all — and he was throwing it all away. My ego was bruised, but not nearly as bad as my heart. I cried all the way home. Kelly comforted me.

So I decided to get my revenge by fucking someone else.

And that someone else was Greg.

The next afternoon, I drove out to Greg’s home. Greg looked a little shocked to see me. He invited me in.

“Greg, I want to fuck you. I’m pissed at Hal — again,” I said as I stepped in and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Needless to say Greg was shocked.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Saw him with another woman,” I said bitterly. “So I’m getting even. That’s all it is. Don’t get me wrong. I like you, Greg. No offense, but this is about fucking revenge. Or fucking and revenge. Eh, whatever. You want it, get your clothes off.”

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Sally Finds a New Hot Spot Pt. 01

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It was a hot dry summer day. They had just gotten back from the beach. But, now they were stuck in traffic, and she got a glazed over look in her eyes. Jim thought it was just the pot, but Sally had sex on her mind. She glanced at him with a wicked smile and a twinkle in her eye. She had that mixture of pure beauty and sexuality that is a hard balance to find. She was a keeper.

“I’m horny, touch me,” she grabbed is big strong hand and put it between her legs. He could feel the heat through her cheap stain panties. She always looks so hot in a sundress, young and vibrant, dripping with a raw sexuality.

“Damn baby your ready to go,” he smiled while driving with one hand on the wheel, the other trying to spread her lips and find her clit through the thin material covering that amazing pink pussy. His cock quickly stiffening in his swim trunks and the outline of its bulbous head was showing… driving her further into frenzy.

She loved his cock it was so hot… big and fat… it tickled spots no other man had reached. It was smooth and long, so easy to suck… she would always try to choke herself on it while practicing her deep throating skills. His hands and cock where what really got her going, but she loved his mouth too.

But, that cock, oh that lovely cock, it had her do crazy things… like the other day when they where taking a shower together….

He had been trying for weeks erotik film izle to get into her virgin ass. Licking his fingers and rubbing around her sphincter while his cock was buried deep in her tight young pussy. Hot and wet her lips gripped to his shaft and she loved the feeling of her asshole sucking on his finger. She moaned and pushed her pussy grinding his meat deeper and accepting another finger in her anus. Mmm, so sexy to just let go and cum on his big cock…

She snapped back to the present when he finally found he clit and began rubbing circles on her tender button through her soft panties.

No, I mean I’m really horny today… you know when I get like this…. You can do anything you want to me,” she had a crazed look in her eyes.

He thought she might be talking about anal sex, until she threw curve balls his way. “Do you remember how you licked me in the shower yesterday? I want to do you like that.”

A bit embarrassed he recalled last night’s events… Fucking her from behind in the shower with the warm water cascading over their bodies. Her perfect ass, it was round and tight in her skin, he had wanted to taste it for so long, to bite it… to love it. But, how would she react? Would she like it, or think he was a freak. Either way he couldn’t take it anymore, he had to taste her.

“Let me eat you from behind,” he pulled his rock hard cock from her steaming film izle love, her labia left spread lewdly like a sexual flower in bloom. Urgently, he pushed his face into her and she arched her back to accept his mouth on her quivering pussy. She loved being eaten out and from behind made it that much hotter. She arched more.

Jim couldn’t take it any more and began trailing his tongue ever upward, now eating the bottom of her pussy closest to the taint, then licking the taint, and slowly but firmly finally reaching his desire, burying his tongue into her perfect pink asshole.

The feeling was an instant sensation; something she knew that she had always wanted, somehow, in the back of her mind… but she had never had the opportunity to uncover the exquisite pleasure of having her ass eaten out. Her previous lovers were as not adventurous. But now the man she loved was giving her an incredible new sensation, lick and sucking on her backdoor, it was like nothing she had ever felt, she was melting. Now, she was open to ass play and more… her backdoor was open, and it wasn’t going to close, she was a lover of the pleasures of the ass. If a tongue felt like this what would his big dick feel like? He would have to work it in slowly that’s for sure… and only after he ate it out…

Jim could tell she loved the anal attention. So he started eating Sally’s ass in earnest, tonguing it deeply, sucking seks filmi izle and slurping on it, and licking her from clit to asshole in a frantic rhythm, stopping to suck on her pussy lips and taste her juices from inside, spreading her delicate flower with his tongue, and using it like a cock to fuck her pussy lips. He tried to bury his face as deep as he could in her plump round bottom and she responded by reaching back and spreading her cheeks wide for him…. As wide as she could, opening up her hole to his talented tongue. She moaned.

A red light snapped him back to the present. He push on the breaks firmly. The car bounced. Jim looked toward Sally flushed,

“Um really,” He was excited and embarrassed. Did she really want to eat his ass? “Why do you want to do that baby?” Jim replied acting as if he wasn’t that into getting his ass rimmed.

“Because you made me feel so good when you licked me there, I want you to know how it feels”, the look on her face was of lust. She was smiling ear to ear, eyes full of hormones, she smelled of sex.

“Well o.k baby, I’ll let you do me like that if you let me fuck that pretty plump ass of yours” He tried to play his cards right to finally get in her ass. He had been massaging, fingering and stretching it for so long. He couldn’t wait much more…

“I told you, when I get horny like this, you can do whatever you want to me” Sally pulled his cock free from his shorts and bent over taking his manhood into her mouth. He leaned back in his seat, he loved it when she got this way… crazed with sex… it was going to be a fun night for both of them.

to be continued…

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Second Wind

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“Nora!” My wife clapped her hand over her mouth reflexively. “Uh….”

I turned away from the forest nymph tracing lazy circles on my chest to see what had caught my wife’s attention.

“Jocelyn, what’s a respectable woman like you doing here?” Our young neighbor greeted my wife with her usual playful cheeriness.

“I … uh … we … uh …” My wife was at a loss for words. She who was so facile with the English language could not form a complete sentence. In those few seconds of silence, my wife’s initial shock at seeing our neighbor half-naked was rapidly turning into embarrassment. Even in the dim lighting, my wife’s flushed cheeks stood out like the blinking red lights around the dance floor.

“Your secret is safe with me.” Nora leaned forward, her bare breasts swinging out seductively. “We’re all here for the same thing, right?”

“I … I suppose so …” My wife had progressed from dumbstruck to stammering.

“A soft mattress and a hard man!” Nora threw her head back and laughed at her own joke. My wife smiled meekly and began to relax. Our neighbor’s light-hearted humor was the perfect antidote to our newbie jitters.

The smile on my wife’s face broadened as she looked around at the other scantily dressed revelers at the swingers club. “Yes … Yes, I suppose I am.” She paused to gather her courage and said it with more conviction. “Yes, I am.”

And then my wife did something that surprised both of us. She wrapped her arms around Nora and pulled her in for something more than friendly kiss. “And maybe a beautiful enchantress for my husband?” My wife spoke loud enough for me to hear as they both turned to look at the forest nymph and me.

The forest nymph’s long nipples brushed my arm as she kissed me on the cheek. “Nora! Hope to see you later when its party time, and bring your friends.” The tall woman wearing strips of green chiffon looked back into my eyes after speaking to our neighbor. “I’d like to see more of this one.” Her fingers trailed lightly over my barely concealed erection before she turned and disappeared into the crowd.


By the time Nora had arrived, I was beginning to think the idea of attending a swinger’s party was a terrible mistake. I was enjoying myself, but my wife was not. It did not look promising.

My wife had agreed to come to the club to “check it out” but she had made it abundantly clear that she was coming only as a favor for me. She told me that I was the only man she would ever need. I was beginning to believe her.

My wife had not been shy about sex when we first met. She was an attractive woman with an adventurous spirit. In college, she had sampled a wide variety of men to satisfy her curiosity. After she had found a dozen different shapes and sizes equally pleasurable, she began having sex just to gratify her desires. Her sexual skills had been honed with considerable practice by the time I met her. At least some of that practice had been with the friend who introduced us. I knew because he had told me, rather crudely, that she was a “great fuck” and he was right.

Even in the first year after we moved in together, I knew she occasionally had sex with other men. It was never a big secret. She expected that I would have sex with other women, and I did. It didn’t bother me then and it doesn’t bother me now. I liked the idea that my future wife had a wild side and she knew it. But with two kids in college and beginning a second career, she had almost forgotten how much she enjoyed the thrill of that first time with each new partner.

I thought an on-premise swinger’s party would be the perfect place to rediscover our wild side. I knew other men would still be attracted to her. I certainly was. Besides, swinger’s parties for couples were not as focused on perfect bodies as the typical twenty-something nightclub scene.

While many of the women at the party had changed into costumes that exposed nipples or bared ass, she had attracted attention in a simple black dress with a swooping neckline and a short skirt. She still had the figure to look good in a tight dress. Yet, she had brushed off the men who approached her. When the tall women dressed as a forest nymph began flirting with me, my wife had been pleasant but aloof.

We had talked before the party about what we would do if we met someone we knew. We had only talked in “damage control” mode. I hadn’t considered the possibility that a familiar face would make the whole experience more enjoyable. But here was the proof. My wife was actually laughing as Nora pointed out who was good for one shot and who was good for the night. Nora’s familiarity with the crowd could only have come from very personal experience. Nora’s lighthearted teasing buoyed my wife’s self-confidence and aroused her curiosity.

I had never thought of our neighbors as experienced swingers. Then again, who would have thought we would be there at all?

Nora was attractive but she was not what I thought of as “sexy”. She had large breasts and erotik film izle a round ass to match, but her cherubic face seemed more suitable for hosting bake sales than swinging. I knew she had sex because their 2 kids were living proof. I just never imagined her with her ass in the air fucking for the fun of it. As she stood there with her outsized breasts pushed up by a bustier and the string of her thong wedged between her ass cheeks, imagining sex with our young neighbor was getting a lot easier.

“Is your husband here?”

The question I asked would have been innocent in any other venue than a swingers club.

“Roger?” Nora answered as calmly as if I’d asked about the weather. “Last I saw him, my little Peter Pan was being led astray by Tinkerbelle.”

She turned in a circle slowly scanning the room. Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle had obviously flown off to Neverland for an adventure. I looked at Nora’s full figure in the skimpy Little Red Riding Hood costume as she turned and wondered whether she talked dirty when she made love.

My wife poked me in the ribs just as Nora turned back toward us.

“Don’t stare, Nora’s our neighbor.” My wife chided.

“You can stare as long as you’d like, Steve.” Nora said, as she arched her back seductively. “I’m a very friendly neighbor.”

She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek while my wife watched. Nora was testing my wife’s boundaries. When Jocelyn didn’t protest, Nora put her arms around my neck and gave me a wetter kiss that lingered. Jocelyn’s cheeks flushed again, but this time she appeared more aroused than embarrassed.

“I think I’ve got his attention.” Nora looked down at the tent in my trousers. “He looks delicious, Jocelyn. I hope you’ll share.”

“He really is good in bed.” Jocelyn looked at me approvingly, as if she was bragging about an award I’d won.

Nora gave me a long critical look from head to toe and then licked her lips seductively in approval. I had never been so conscious of a woman appraising my body for nothing more than her sexual pleasure. My cock jerked once and a spot of precum soaked through the front of my chinos. Both women saw the effect Nora was having on me and smiled knowingly to each other. I thought Nora was going to drop to her knees right there and pull my cock out.


The potential for that moment to hurl us into the world of swinging was broken by a huge pair of hands that reached around Nora’s chest and grasped her breasts roughly.

Nora jumped and tried to wriggle free of the giant’s grip.

“Eric! Let go, you lout. Can’t you see I was about to score.”

“Oh, sorry. Who’s the lucky one tonight.”

He looked over her shoulder at me. A giant of a man with a winning smile. Sort of a teddy bear, but a teddy bear with dense curly hair on his chest and an eagle tattoo on biceps as thick as my thighs.

“You’ll like her. She talks real dirty when she’s on the edge of a big one.”

“Like you’d know, big boy.” Nora warmed to her surprise visitor.

“Oh, we’ve had our times together.”

He still held her firmly with one meaty forearm across her chest. As he spoke, his other hand brushed over the front of her Little Red Riding Hood costume and ducked under the small triangle of her thong. She nearly melted in his embrace as his fingers slid between the folds of her pussy and a single finger curled up inside her. Her eyes popped wide open as his hand pulled free of her snatch and the one slick finger touched her lips. Her lipstick matched her costume. Bright red and glossy. She opened her lips slightly and flicked her pink tongue out to taste her juice on his fingertip.

“I think she’s ready. You want to take her back and fuck her? She’s good. She really is.”

He offered her body to me even as she snuggled in his arms. He could have led Nora away with him but he didn’t. Swinging was so new to me that the etiquette of the situation was puzzling. What was I supposed to do?

He moved Nora gently to one side and extended his hand to me.

“I’m Eric. I don’t think we’ve met.”

I took his hand and shook it firmly.

“I’m Steve.”

I could have introduced my wife but I was overwhelmed by the sudden turn in our prospects for the evening.

“And who is this gorgeous newbie?” He positioned himself directly in front of Jocelyn. Although my wife could lift a kayak by herself, she appeared frail next to this giant.

“Newbie? Is it that obvious?” My wife asked, with far greater interest in this stranger than she had shown for any man earlier in the evening.

She extended her hand to him. He looked at her hand and frowned.

“Lady. This is a party. That’s not how you greet a man who just might want to fuck you later.”

Jocelyn’s jaw dropped open. She sucked in a gulp of air and looked to Nora for help. I was temporarily out of the picture.

“That’s just Eric. He’s blunt, but he’ll grow on you if you let him.”

“He’d grow on you, would he?” She smiled at his huge limp film izle cock curled in a mesh thong. “I’m sure he would.”

My wife just stood there for a few moments looking at the big man. There was something familiar about the way she looked at him, and then it hit me. She was appraising him sexually the way that Nora had just appraised me. Was my wife really considering sex with this giant of a man? This wasn’t part of our agreement but the extra-ordinarily improbable now seemed possible and the possibility excited me.

“What would I need to do to be less obvious?” My wife locked the large man in her gaze as she asked her question.

Her question was really more of an invitation and that’s how the stranger took it. My wife’s dress was gathered together by a single clasp in front that allowed a generous exposure of cleavage and then a keyhole glimpse of bare flesh down to her navel. He stepped forward, took the clasp in his fingers and unfastened the hook that held the form fitting material in place.

My wife’s arms hung limp by her side as she watched Eric reach for the clasp. She took a deep breath and sighed as she felt the clasp release. Her breasts had been pushed up and together by the elasticity of the silky fabric. Freed from their restraints, her full breasts spilled out into his hands. He held her breasts gently as she searched his eyes, oblivious to those around her. Then he let her breasts hang free out of the gap in her dress. He stepped back to admire her.

“I’m Jocelyn. I’m pleased to me you.” She said demurely. “You’ve just met my husband.”

Eric turned to me. “Mind if I take her for a spin … on the dance floor, I mean.”

“No. Not at all.” I was too astonished to protest and probably wouldn’t have, even if he had asked to fuck her. I added. “If it’s OK with her.”

“I love to dance. I used to do it a lot more.” She turned and winked at me. “I’m sure Steve and Nora can find something to do while we’re gone.”

She added, almost as an afterthought. “See you at midnight.”

Midnight was almost an hour away. That was more than a couple dances.

What just happened, I thought to myself? My wife was going away with a man who had fondled her breasts and she left me with a woman who had no inhibitions about sex with married men. It wasn’t the alcohol. We hadn’t been drinking that much. The chi of the party must have overwhelmed our senses. We were on the rollercoaster for this ride. I took a deep breath and let Dora pull me into the swirling mass of partially naked bodies.


I am not usually comfortable as a dancer but this wasn’t a typical dance. This was a swinger’s club. No woman was going to be thrown off the dance floor because her boobs wouldn’t bounce in sync to the rhythm. No man’s inept attempt at pelvic thrusting would be met with laughter. The mood was pure libido — and very forgiving. The dancing was as close to the act of sex as a group of people could share standing up.

I felt hands slap my butt playfully and nipples brush against my arm as nearly naked women swirled nearby. Nora shed her costume piece by piece until she wore nothing but a wide belt and her bright red boots. Men brushed against her and felt her soft breasts or bare ass. She responded to the attention of others with kisses and laughter, but always kept close to me. Emboldened by her display of easy affection, I began to caress her body with increasing confidence as we moved together with the music. She unbuttoned my shirt and pressed her full breasts into my chest. I reached around her and grasped a handful of ass in each hand. I pulled her ass cheeks apart as she squealed in delight.

Just as I was lewdly exposing Nora’s puckered little asshole for anyone who cared to look, I saw them off to one side. My wife smiled at me and waved to let me know she was watching. I let Nora’s ass cheeks snap back together, although I kept my hands on her smooth bare flesh. Nora snuggled into me and pulled my shirt off. Jocelyn watched Nora begin to undress me, but did not come closer.

Eric was behind my wife with his rough hands squeezing her breasts as they dangled out of her unfastened dress. She smiled slyly at me and turned her head slightly to say something to him. His hands dropped to her thighs and lifted the hem of her skirt. I could see her full bush of pubic hair as he exposed her to me. He had managed to remove the panties on a crowded dance floor that I had been unable to persuade her to leave off in the privacy of our hotel room. Jocelyn twisted in his arms until her bare ass faced me and whispered in his ear again. I saw his large hands brush over her soft flesh and finger her asshole openly as she looked over her shoulder at me without flinching.

I was a newbie so I got erect every time a naked woman approached me seductively. It was obvious what I had to offer them. Eric was experienced. His cock had been curled up comfortably in his thong, even when he had fondled Nora and Jocelyn. Yet, it was a safe bet that his cock would be seks filmi izle as massive as his physique when he was aroused. Now I could see that I was right.

As Jocelyn moved to one side, what she had been appraising earlier in the evening was on full display. His huge balls were still held in the skimpy thong but his shaft jutted upward like the limb of a tree. She had to stand on her toes to kiss him full on the mouth. Her hand could barely wrap around his cock as she tugged him along behind her and disappeared into the crowd.

Nora had seen them. She leaned into my ear and whispered.

“I think your wife’s got his attention. He doesn’t get it up until he’s ready.”

“Ready for what?” I asked, still not believing in the obvious.

“To fuck, silly. Just like we’re going to do.”

She put her mouth over mine. I felt her tongue part my lips and explore my mouth. She pushed her body away from me as she broke the kiss. I watched mesmerized as she knelt to pull off my pants and guide my cock through the opening in my briefs. We had watched Jocelyn wrap her hand around Eric’s shaft. Now it was Nora’s turn to wrap her hand around my shaft and tug on the foreskin. She smiled wickedly and stood up without releasing her grip on my cock. She gave me another wet kiss as she tucked my shaft between her pubes.

A woman came up behind me and flattened her breasts against my back while Nora continued to probe my mouth with her tongue. There was more bare skin pressed up against me at that moment than I had ever felt in my life. My pole was just long enough that the tip was visible between Nora’s thighs from behind as she pressed her neatly trimmed muff of pubic hair into mine. I was about to squirt my load into the air when the music picked up and our trio broke apart. As I was pulled back into the rhythm of the dance, I looked over my shoulder to see the forest nymph smiling at me again. I had not forgotten her comment to Nora earlier that evening.

The next hour was a blur. The rhythms alternated fast and slow, the whole dance floor bouncing as a group and then couples pairing up in erotic embrace. The DJ kept trying to mix people up in new combinations. Nora and I kept trying to get back together. I danced, ogled and groped with a number of women over a broad range of ages and body types. Petite women with acorn sized breasts held me around the waist and slid up and down my partially exposed cock seductively. Full figured women pressed back into me and squeezed my cock in the cleavage between their ass cheeks. I could have taken any of a number of women to the back rooms to fuck, but I kept coming back with Nora to the dance floor.

I was having so much fun, I occasionally forgot all about Eric and Jocelyn. Every so often, when there was a lull in the music, I looked around for them but I could not see her. I was not concerned. The dance floor was crowded and we were all having fun. As time passed, more of the couples had drifted to the party rooms in back and the crowd on the dance floor thinned. It should have been easier to find her now, but I was increasingly distracted by the overwhelming stimulus to my senses.

I was only aware of the hour when the DG announced the next to last dance of the evening. Nora nearly had to pull a well seasoned woman with silver streaked hair off my chest to get me for the last dance. Only when the woman was satisfied that Nora was offering another man in exchange would she let go of me. It was awkward. I would have gladly spent the rest of the evening with the silver haired woman or any of the other women who had approached me, but Nora was the woman that I wanted most at that moment.


Nora led me to a couch on the edge of the dance floor as the hour arrived for the change in rules. It was midnight. The rules had been designed to encourage new couples to get comfortable mingling with others, although a number of couples had done a lot more than mingle in the main ballroom before the hour arrived.

Some couples like Jocelyn and me, who were just checking the place out, had already left when the reality sank in that their partner could actually have sex with a stranger. Other couples, who had talked through issues of commitment and jealousy, were surprised by how comfortable they were watching each other move closer to having sex with someone just for fun.

I looked around for Jocelyn anxiously. She had said we would meet at midnight. When we made the reservation, Jocelyn had insisted we were there for the ‘meet and greet’ dance. If I was lucky, I could watch other couples “do it”, but we were not there to actually swap partners and have sex. This was the hour we had planned to leave, but how could I leave with my wife if I couldn’t find her.

I had watched my wife lose her inhibitions over the course of the evening. Before the party, she had complained that the dress I bought her was too “sexy”, but I had seen her with her breasts hanging out and a finger in her crack. She was obviously enjoying the attention. It did not take a mind reader to see where this was heading. But sex was another level of involvement. We had been separated before we had agreed explicitly to allow sex with others — or was her body language more than enough?

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Sins of Joy Ch. 04

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I attributed this story to my dearest editor “JackGates74”. Thank you “JackGates74” for all the hard work on the story.


Soon before, I leave Shahida Bhabi’s home that morning saying her goodbye and kissed her, I could smell the perfume Shahida Bhabi was wearing and wanted to take her back into the bed and fuck her again before I left for office.

Life turned pretty much turned very happy to be have with Shahida bhabi. After that night, we became bold and now I was spending my nights with Shahida Bhabi in her home. Our dates became more frequent; I began to visit Shahida ‘s house on a more regular basis. Over the next few months our lovemaking activity, and togetherness, continued at the high level, which we both found very satisfying. Our love for each other developed, and got stronger and stronger. Shahida Bhabi loved me, and gave herself to me, literally “body and soul”. From that day She started to wears provocative, smart and very nicely attire but with all her grace, may be she thought her body needed to be better presented to me. She increased the length of her neckline, to give me lot of amount of her cleavage.

Shahida had been a very conservative lover when we first started. But as we grew more and more comfortable with fucking each other, I had brought out some of the lsut in her. We continued our adulterous relationship whenever we had the opportunity, we enjoyed sex a lot and Shahida Bhabi was very keen to experiment. She is intelligent woman and knew what turned me on the most and tried very hard to please me in bed and out of bed in every way. She always was willing to do whatever I asked. She sucked me off regularly now and soon she became a good cocksucker, she could take all of my cock in her mouth, the head entering her throat, we both enjoyed that quite a lot but she never made me cum in her mouth and that was the only thing she doesn’t like and I never insist. I could see the pleasure in her eyes whenever I asked go to between her thighs and very happily she let me eat her cunt. She loved me. I consider myself one of the luckiest men on earth.

We became now regular bed partners. But we tried to keep this from the kids and others. Yes, we had to keep our affair quiet. We lived in fear every day that someone would discover us and we would be made the main topic of gossip in town forever. We tried each position, in all the places in her home; it was possible to have sex. The kitchen, the balcony, on the floor, everywhere it was possible. She could fuck in almost any position without complain. Even once I fucked her standing up in the lounge. Her and Mine shilwar were around our knees as I pressed her against the door of the kitchen and fucked her. We both sleep in one bed whenever I sleep over here. She was my Bhabi but in all senses, she was my wife, in her home and in her bed.

We really began to live like husband and wife. The children took to me famously. They treated me like their father, demanding that I stay with them night and day and took my sleeping with their mother as a natural occurrence. We do not hesitate now to kiss and fondle each other in front of the children. My mouth and tongue became familiar with every inch of her body and all her recesses.

Kissing Shahida ‘s bum, more and more often, made me wonder if she would like my cock to enter her that way? Then, one night I was in Shahida Bhabi arms after a long fuck. Her hands were fondling my cock, which was growing hard and I deliberated fingered her arsehole. “I like your lovely buttocks Shahida Bhabi and I want to fuck your ass.”

“You didn’t like my pussy? Isn’t it tight enough for you?and it is also sin, I have heard.” she said.

“No, it is not sin, it is not true, and yes, you’ve a tight pussy but fucking your ass is my dream,” I replied.

She giggled, “Yeah, who am I to stop you?” she asked as we kissed and sucked each other’s tongues.

“I was thinking about you Shahida , that you would not like it, Have you done this with your husband?”

“No,” she said to me. “I’ve never done this with my husband. He had never asked for this, nor I thought for it.”

“You’re kidding me,” I said. “He came home and saw this beautiful ass every night for 16 years and he’d never touched it? Was he impotent?”

“He probably talks like he does it, I don’t think he could do it; he’d no stamina ” said Shahida .

“Bhabi, it will be an honor for me to be the first man to make love to you this way.” Let me say you bhabi, I can eat your asshole.

She laughed and said,” be correct, you’re not the first but you’ll the last man, now Then do it,” she whispered. “Be gentle with your bhabi.” and rolled onto her stomach spreading her legs and presented her sweet, nice, round and clean ass to me. It was like someone gifting me a chest of treasure. Her ass cheeks were so soft and delightful. I nuzzled my lips and nose into her anal crevice getting drunk on her pungent aroma.

Even then, I was hesitant. “May erotik film izle I lick it?”

“Do you like my ass so much, Jawad, my love?”

“I can’t help myself, Shahida . Next to your cunt, it is the most favorite thing that I adore. I know your ass is going to be so tight and because of that I am going to love it, love fucking you that way!”

“You have kissed me that way already, I even felt your tongue, but you didn’t lick it, if you like, so why not?”

I slowly started to lick her ass checks with my tongue. Cagily I kissed around her anus in a circle, circling her ass buns with my tongue. It was a strange but excellent feeling to be sucking and licking an asshole of a woman for the very first time. It was a novel and exciting experience for me.

My desire to penetrate her hole with my tongue was overwhelming; I could not stand it any more and buried my tongue into her asshole at the same time spreading her ass-cheeks with my fingers. This was a fantasy coming true for me. Because, in my quiet lonely moments I had been thinking of Shahida ‘s ass in this way. Of its possession with my hard cock.

I spread her ass cheeks open, the asshole of my dream woman and let my tongue touch her puckered hole. She gasped. I then started licking slow at first. She was now panting, rather quickly. I decided to stick a finger in her open pussy, thinking she would like to be touched there too. She loved it and pushed her ass further into my face.

“Oh that feels good, Jawad! Yes!” She muttered with a smile. “Your friend never did that to me. Yes! I like it!”

I licked and licked for many minutes, developing an unexpected hunger, lathing and slivering her swelling asshole. It was time to widen her very tight hole for my assault on her anal virginity. I had to take care because I knew I would want Shahida repeatedly so she had to like it, that the experience had to be as good for her as I knew it would be for me.

I slowly eased my thumb into her anal orifice, and she jumped a little, but then pushed her ass back for me to continue,

I whispered, “How does this feel?”

She made a squealing sound as my thumb slid by her sphincter ring muscle. I was all the way up her and met no resistance. I started to thumb fuck her ass ever so gently. I really wanted this experience for her to be unforgettable and delightful for her, so I did not stop fingering her pussy and thumbing her clitoris, at the same time pushing a thumb all the way into her asshole. She was moaning loudly and fingering her own pussy, which was dripping wet, saying she was cumming, then, she cried out loudly when she did have a big trembling orgasm.

Knowing she was thoroughly enjoying our lovemaking and what I was doing to her arsehole, I decided to be more ambitious and put my hard cock into her ass. I quickly took a bottle of Vaseline from the dressing table and oiled my dick.

She instinctively placed herself on hand and knees on the bed with her ass up in the air so I could enter her easily. I adjusted a pillow under her so she could muffle the moans and screams that I knew she would not be able to control. I took some Vaseline and gently applied some into her asshole to lubricate it more.

I positioned my dick at her anal opening and placed the head of my cock on the little brown star-like button, which was on full display as she was on her knees and making her ass bulge out for me. I gave my cock a little push with a little force and she felt the pain and a loud moan escaped from her lips before she could muffle it. She did not say anything. I again applied some force and the tip of my cock head entered Shahida ‘s tight hole. I did not get the expected “No” so I pressed onward and inwards and so entering my prick head inside the warm hole of Shahida ‘s ass. She cried out with the pain,” Stop it, please stop it, jawed!” Shahida Bhabi implored but her pleas fell on deaf ears. She groaned and moaned into the pillow, Her fists grabbing the bed sheet as she heaved her hips up and I pressed her hips down.

Resting for a while, I gave her chance to get used to my cock inside her ass for the first time. When her rectum relaxed, I boldly pushed my cock in until she gasped for air and obviously with some pain. I froze again and patiently waited for things to ease for her. I realized I did it wrong, but now it was done. Almost immediately she started to push back onto my cock. I held still and let Shahida impale herself until my balls were in contact with her pussy and my complete lengthy shaft was inside her asshole. At last I was deep in my dream lady, Shahida Bhabi’s butt hole at last.

I waited impatiently for her rectum to relax and allow me to pump. I tried to move back slightly but she screamed in pain, begging me to wait.

Finally, she relaxed enough to allow me to start slowly and gently to move my prick in her rectum.

She started panting and moaning as I slowly picked up the pace of pulling my cock out to the film izle point where my knob felt the restriction of her sphincter and then back in smoothly until my balls were slapping against her pussy. She was trying to muffle her moans and screams with the pillow. I was slowly pulling it out to the point that just the head was still restricted inside her anal ring and then firing it back into her. Shahida Bhabi started panting really hard. She was constantly moaning. I increased my rhythm and she started to moan with her lust full voice, which I usually got whilst fucking her pussy.

I thought my big prick was uncomfortable for her so I pulled it out. I heard her pant, “Oh…oh …oh, oh no, Jawad, no! It is lovely! I want it in! Please fuck me in my ass!” She put her hand out behind her grabbing my slippery dick and guided it back into her asshole. My laughter was spontaneous, manic really because of my nervousness.

I slide back in a little faster than the first time. She wanted more.

I was not muffling my moans and between my moans and her muffled sound. She begged, “Oh, wow, this is fucking awesome! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Our sounds kept getting louder as I pounded in and out of her beautiful asshole.

She started bucking back at me more urgently. I sped up. I was fucking her ass with hard long thrusts. In addition, she was meeting every thrust with counter thrusts of her own until our flesh was slapping against flesh loudly. The outside world would have no doubt that we were fucking.

I had no fear that I was hurting her now and she was just as rampant that I was. “Oh Jawad my brutal passionate lover! Give it to me more! Much harder and faster!” She was now screaming with a lusty passion that I had never heard her utter before.

“Yes, yes my sweet Bhabi, I am giving it to you…All I have!”

“Yes Jawad, fuck every hole of your Bhabi, give all you have to your sweet Bhabi, your Bhabi is so starved for this fucking of her arse…” I shoved harder against her, right up her, until I was crushing my balls against her pussy lips. I wanted to feel my cock exploding deep in the maximum depths of her ass, I was so proud and pleased that Shahida would love the anal fucking and would ask me for more, lots more.

My balls were slapping her pussy with each thrust of my cock into her ass and the sensations coming from her ass and pussy were building toward a grand finale. I could feel my cock getting bigger and my balls raised and clinging to my shaft. I was getting ready to implode inside her rectum.

I began to feel that Shahida was missing the kissing, breasts sucking and tit rubbing, so my hand reached over her waist to her mamaries and I cupped her breast and she started to push her buttocks back onto me while I was pinching her both nipples.

My cock was now ramming Shahida Bhabi’s ass and my fingers were buried in her pussy. I took one long lick up the center of her back and then leaned over to tongue her ear. This motion obviously pushed my cock deep into her and she started to cum again. I continued to pump slowly in and out waiting for her spasms to subside so that I could pull my cock all the way out and then just ram it back into her without any problem.

The thought of anal sex with Shahida Bhabi and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of that gorgeous asshole for which I was dreaming only to see, the sensations created by her tight arse ring squeezing on my cock and her reactions; pushing her ass back against me to bury my cock further into her. The slapping of my balls against her pussy all led me to the heights of heaven. I was almost always playing with her pussy.

My balls contracted painfully, I was about to pull my cock out and to move into my final piston mode. “Hey, now cum in your Bhabi’s asshole! Fill Bhabi’s ass with your cum!” she pleaded. I agreed with her wishes and soon my cock exploded launching spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her ass. That orgasm was the biggest of our whole relationship.

My cock seemed to double in size with each throb as the hot jets of cum fired deep into her rectal cavity.

As she started to feel my cock swell, she pushed back against me and started yelling, “Oh! My God! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck Bhabi’s ass, Jawad! Give Bhabi all your juicy cum! Fill Bhabi’s asshole” She started to cum again; she was so hot and horny. She had handfuls of the bed sheet and it looked like the bed sheet fabric was in danger of being torn as she kept clutching at it.

I withdrew my cock from her and sat back on my knees looking down at Shahida ‘s backside. Her anus was swollen, slightly open and oozing some of my seminal fluid which had been too much for her ass to handle. It trickled down her thigh to end up on the bed sheet. Her hole looked tremendously inviting and my cock was still up for action and she moaned with passion as I slipped it back in unguided. A touch of tiredness took hold and I collapsed on top of her.

Not for long however, seks filmi izle I started kissing and licking her back as my cock started to shrink, but her anal ring was squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing, teasing me back to life. The sensation was keeping my cock partially hard and I continued to gently slide it in and out of her. Pure reflex and bravado really as Shahida had sucked my balls dry. She looked back at me. Her eyes were begging me to finish it now. This time she collapsed onto the bed and I followed her with my cock still buried, pulsing in her ass.

Finally, she whispered, “Jawad finish it”.

Ok, “Bhabi,”

Eventually, I couldn’t hold out any longer and told her that I was going to cum. “Do inside me” she moaned, “do it in my arse, I want your cum inside me in my arse.” She had barely got the last word out when I tensed up and buried my cock as deep as I could as I started to shoot a huge load of cum inside Saeeda ‘s arse. We both lay there for a while until my dick softened .

I pulled my cock out slowly and I rolled off her and we both moved up into normal positions in the bed fully tired. Shahida Bhabi took some time to regain her composure. Suddenly she sat up and reached for a towel off the bedside table and turned and lovingly toweled clean my now soft fatigue wilted cock, and then she in turn wiped her own pussy and bum and relaxed down beside me in the comfort of my arms. She seemed so shy and embarrassed at that time. I pulled her body tight to mine. I covered her mouth with mine, kissing her with passion and urgency and said, “It was fantastic, Bhabi.” The whole thing had not lasted twenty minutes but I had dreamed about it for so many years.

She weakly giggled back and said, is that what you wanted from me, or some other thing Jawad? No one in world has ever touched me there before and no one else would be allowed touch me there in my entire life.”

You do not need to tell me that, Bhabi. I know you; you’re not that type of woman.” I kissed her cheek and saw tears in her eyes; I do not know whether they were tears of joy, or something else. She had given to me, her lover, something she had given to no other; not even her husband.

Soon we fell asleep. I awoke early to find Shahida Bhabi was sleeping peacefully at my side. I moved next to her and started running my fingers through her hair. She awoke smiling happily, putting her lips to my left chest, teasing my nipple with wet tongue and gentle tugging on it with her teeth, which made it immediately grow rigid. It was still a bit soon from her yesterday’s fun and games. I flinched and she laughed. Her actions brought an acute stiffness to my cock too and she moved herself closer as she felt it against her warm belly. She could turn me on so that I was rampant for her so quickly.

I was still too tired to fuck her; so I asked her to come on top of me. She straddled my waist eagerly, as if desperate to get my hard prick inside her again. Her hand eased my turgid weapon into her already moist cunt. I pulled her down onto me, we kissed, suckling tongues exploring and stirring up even more passionate desire. She rocked her hips up and down on my length; ever so slowly, she slid her pussy up and down onto my cock. My cock was like a fish diving in and out of warm water. It felt so good to be buried inside her juicy cave of love. Already the smell of sex, her sex was pervading my flaring nostrils, I could hold back no longer. I started to fuck her hard and deep and she moaned out and kissed me with stabbing tongue. Faster and faster, speed and rhythm building, my hands roaming her lower back down her hips to her drenched pussy.

She was leaning over me now, offering her breasts for sucking. I sucked and bit her tits fierce with passion; it was what she wanted she pushed them harder into my teat hungry mouth. I moaned and lifted my ass off the bed thrusting my cock deeper up into her. Her tempo was increasing minute after minute. Shahida was dripping wet by now as I could feel her gooey liquid spreading across my thighs. She quickened her pace, I started to squeeze and pinch her tits more urgently. My hands all over her.

“Oh Jawad you are making me such a whore!” she moaned contentedly.

I lifted my ass to push up deeper into her and said, “Thanks, my Bhabi you’re a whore, granted, but you are all mine! I am not going to tell anyone.”

She was screaming, “Fuck your Bhabi! Fuck your whore! Give all your big cock to your Bhabi, fuck Bhabi’s cunt with your lovely magnificent cock!”

I just held onto her hips as she bucked on my cock. Some time later, I rolled Shahida onto her back. Positioning myself on my knees between her spread legs and lining up my cock again, thrust back in until I was buried deep into her pussy. I started fucking Shahida knowing that she was about to experience her first mind-boggling orgasm.

Both Our bodies were saturated with the efforts of our joint passion. When we finally collapsed together on the bed with our bodies wrapped around each other, I teased her that I did not know that she was capable of fucking like that. She slapped my cock with her palm and I winced and returned the favor by slapping her arse.

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Smart Fat Girls Choose Anal Sex

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My name is Diana Styles and I’m a strap-on addict and an avowed fetish fanatic. A five-foot-ten, kind of chubby and big-bottomed, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman of Southern origin living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Forty years old and counting. By day, I am an accountant. I am the CEO of Styles & Madison, a multi-million-dollar accounting practice in Bean Town. By night, I am a serial bed hopper. A forthrightly bisexual white slut who does it all. Threesomes. Bondage. Dominance and submission. Role playing. You name it, I’ve done it. That’s me in a nutshell. Most of all, I am a both a masochist and a sadist, just thought you’d like to know. I like to be made to feel pain. I also like to inflict pain upon others.

Presently, I’m sodomizing a big and tall, ruggedly handsome black man in his early forties with my monstrously huge strap-on dildo. His name is Joe Brownstone but I prefer to call him my own personal black. He loves it because, you see, he’s a submissive. Well, today anyway. He’s not usually into this sort of thing. Not all the time. He can be quite dominant when he wants to be. He occasionally gets off on interracial dominance and submission. He also loves humiliation and doesn’t mind crude, politically incorrect jokes. This black gets off on being fucked in the ass by a white woman wearing a strap-on dildo. It’s a rather unusual fetish but it’s not unheard of.

I guess you could say that Joe and I were destined for each other. We’re from the same world. We met back in our school days. Joe used to play football erotik film izle for Blake College, a small private school located in southeastern Massachusetts. We dated for a while back then. In those days, interracial dating was taboo but we didn’t care. I was the shy bookworm who retreated into herself after getting cut from the women’s volleyball team and he was the wild and outgoing football stud. Fast forward twenty years later, he’s the senior partner of Brownstone & Associates, a tax law firm located next door to my accounting practice in downtown Boston.

Yeah, we’ve known each other for a while. I was a real football groupie back in my college days. I recall hooking up with Joe quite often, even after our breakup. One night, we got it on in his dorm. I seem to have a thing for jocks. I hooked up with a sexy dark-skinned chick from the women’s basketball team, a stocky Latino guy from the wrestling team and a tall Asian guy from the men’s basketball team. The guys from the baseball team didn’t interest me. Nor did the guys from the Ice Hockey team or the players on the women’s softball team. I only like minority athletes. White men and white women have never attracted me.

I sat Joe down and unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick black cock. I absolutely love the biggest of black dicks. Joe calls his ten-inch, uncircumcised monster of a cock his black power tool. His terms, not mine. I was more than happy to worship at his altar. I love black cocks. Especially big juicy ones like Joe’s. I licked his cock head and film izle sucked his balls. I played with his foreskin. The guy has turned me into a foreskin lover. He’s the first uncircumcised man I’ve ever been with and I find that hot and exotic about him. When he cums, I love to drink his manly seed. I like to swallow. Spitting is for wimps.

After he came all over my face and made me drink it, Joe put me on all fours and shoved his cock into my pussy. Gripping my hips, he began pounding me. Hard. I love it when he fucks me like that. Hard and fast instead of the slow, love-me-tender bullshit. I get off on hard sex. After pounding my pussy for a few minutes, Joe pulled out. Then, he spread my plump butt cheeks wide open and smeared something slick against my anus. A cold liquid. Ah, yes. He was applying lubricant before shoving his dick up my ass. That’s what’s up, as they say in the circles my sexy boyfriend travels in.

Any woman who says she doesn’t like anal sex either is lying or she hasn’t tried it the right way. I’ve been an anal sex enthusiast ever since I first discovered it with a sexy Latino hunk during my freshman year at Blake College. Just lubricate my asshole and shove a big dick inside, and I’ll be a happy woman. Joe knew this about me. Grabbing hold of my wide hips, he thrust his black cock into my asshole. I’m a fat white chick who loves black dick up her shit hole. If you don’t like it, tough.

Joe slammed his cock up my asshole, fucking me mercilessly. And that’s just the way I like it. Not many women can do what seks filmi izle I can do. Take a big black cock up the ass without screaming like a pig at the slaughterhouse. I can because I’m no wimp. I love big black dicks up my asshole. And if loving big black cocks up my ass is wrong, then I most definitely don’t want to be right. I am an anal slut and proud of it. Just thinking about anal sex with a well-endowed black is enough to make my pussy wet as a puddle. Shoot, I got so into it that I frigging farted. Imagine that, this fat white chick farted while fucking in the ass by a big black dick. Yeah, it happens. Deal with it. Joe and I simply laughed it off as he continued drilling his cock into my booty hole. We went at it until he came, flooding my now gaping asshole with his cum. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

Yeah, I loved getting fucked in the ass by Joe Brownstone and his big black cock. Joe fucked my ass until my anus had become a gaping hole. Afterwards, he made me suck his cock. Right after it went up my ass. He calls this an Ass to Mouth special. I enjoyed it too. However, I enjoyed sodomizing him with my strap-on dildo even more. That’s why I’ve got him on all fours, face down and ass up as I slam my dildo so far up his ass, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of his mouth. Joe is screaming like a bitch as I ravage his ass. I smack his ass and tell him to shut his black mouth. I’m the white mistress and he’s got to do as I say. We romp happily and I stretch his asshole from a tight hole to a gaping one. Then I spit inside. Joe screams louder than I’d ever heard a man scream before. I am thrilled with my performance. Gently, I tap his ass and squeeze my dildo out of his bum. He smiles and winks at me. We kiss passionately. Now, that’s what I call fun!

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Sorority Party Ch. 04

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Sorority Party Ch. 4: Alexa’s A+

Alexa’s time with James Harris had been wonderful.

For the last half of her senior year of high school, the two had enjoyed each other’s bodies and brains. She had the inside track on all of the English quizzes – not that she really needed any help there. And he had been able to mold his nubile young student into one of his favorite lovers.

It’s not that he’d had a special student-teacher relationship every year he had been at Henry Williams High School, but he’d had more than a few, and Alexa was a special girl. She had been more than willing anytime he called on her. And she had always followed his lead – on all but one thing.

Their first time together had been a whirlwind, although they had both seen it coming. Alexa had ended up with her legs spread on his desk on afternoon after a mid-term grading session, her pussy stretched by his massive member and squealing with delight as be pounded into her.

Since then, he had opened all kinds of doors for her – sexually speaking. Alexa had enjoyed showering with him, as well as masturbating in front of him (something she had only done under her covers and alone in the shower) and allowing him to use a vibrator on her.

Her first experience with exhibitionism had been under his guiding hand – wearing no panties and a short skirt, they had slipped into a noon show at a movie theater in a nearby town, sitting in the back row and trying to be quiet as their hands explored each other with people a few rows down watching a bad foreign film.

She’d lent her body to almost every experience he had asked her to, and enjoyed the exploration immensely. But she had drawn the line at anal sex.

James was much too big. The pain of his cock in her pussy had been sharp at first. And even though it had evolved into pleasure, she had never forgotten the tearing feeling it had caused before she got used to his size.

Besides, it was just so “dirty.” She had thought about it before and had been intrigued, but her ass had remained off-limits for Mr. Harris and every other man she had been with.

But tonight was different. Tonight had already seen so many sexual firsts for her – full-on exhibitionistic sex, multiple partners, and her first lesbian experience. She decided to break down that wall tonight as well, so to speak.

After sucking him hard again, she leaned up to him and said, “You know that lesson you always wanted to teach me? Well, tonight’s the night as long as you promise to be gentle.”

“I was hoping you would say that darlin’,” Mr. Harris said. “I came prepared with a present.”

He stood up and walked to the front hallway to pick up his briefcase, his hard-on swaying as he walked. Opening the briefcase, he pulled out an 8-inch blue rubber dildo and a tube of Astroglide.

Alexa greeted him with a quizzical look. She liked the present, but didn’t put two and two together until he said, “I know you were worried about how big I am. This will help a little.”

The rubber cock was not small by any means, but it was thinner than James’ rod, which was now jumping as the blood pumped into it.

“That’s kind of a relief,” she said, grabbing his cock. “But you’re gonna be in me before the night is through.”

She reclined, spreading her legs and began to stroke her pussy, then patted it in a come to dinner signal.

James didn’t dawdle, but he soon felt a hand on his arm. And on turning around, he saw a black-haired beauty with big double-D breasts and a warm smile. He didn’t know her, but she evidently knew him.

“Excuse me, James?” she said with a tilt of the head. “But you are going to have to wait your turn. That ass is mine for now, but feel free to use me to keep that hard-on hard in me.”

And with a little wink, Alexa’s new sorority sister Lauren took the lube and dildo from James’ hands and knelt before Alexa’s waiting body. She leaned forward and kissed the redhead hard on the mouth.

Alexa could taste another girl’s pussy on Lauren’s tongue and she sucked her mouth with a ferocity she hardly knew she had left. She’d wondered when she would get her turn with Lauren as she had watched her and Amber tongue-fuck each other. And now, she was going to let the onyx-haired harlot loosen her ass for erotik film izle its first cock.

Lauren kissed her way to down to Alexa’s pussy, spending precious little time on the redhead’s swollen nipples and cum- and sweat-soaked chest. Reaching the well-used organ, she began lapping at the pink lips and bathing the shaven skin between Alexa’s legs with her spit.

“You taste even better than you look, strawberry,” Lauren said, lifting her head for only a moment before returning to the task at hand.

After making sure Alexa’s love hole was nice and slick, Lauren pushed her new sorority sister’s legs up and apart, giving her better access to the ass she planned on working for a while.

James had stood there for a few minutes, watching the scene unfold before him. But now, as he saw Lauren begin to prepare Alexa, he decided he should get involved before someone else did.

Kneeling behind Lauren, he stroked her pussy for a few seconds, and realizing it was wet and ready, put the head of his cock at the velvet curtains presenting themselves before him.

Feeling him behind her, Lauren arched her back and pushed backward, inviting him inside. The feeling was wonderfully filling, but she was still concentrating on the view in front of her.

Spreading Alexa’s legs, she could see the virgin pucker ready for her. So, just as she had with flame-haired beauty’s pussy before, she dived right in.

It was a sensation Alexa had never imagined. The wet warm skin of Lauren’s tongue exploring a place she’d never believed a tongue mouth should be. And as it happened, Alexa felt Lauren’s right hand reach up and begin to play with her clit again.

Alexa held her legs up and apart to give Lauren unfettered access to her nether regions, and a cool breeze blew across the saliva-covered skin between her cheeks. Lauren’s hot breath also danced around her ass, and the senior sister’s fingers had found just the right spot on Alexa’s pussy.

Alexa ground her pussy against Lauren’s busily-working fingers for a short time before Lauren decided to move to phase 2. Removing her mouth from below, she began licking Alexa’s pussy again, sucking on the reclining girl’s engorged clit as she dipped her left thumb into the folds just below.

After working her thumb around inside Alexa for a short while, Lauren removed it and began slowly working it back and forth on the newbie’s wide-open rosebud. Pushing slightly, she worked the tip in, then up to the first knuckle and finally the whole thumb, allowing it to rest inside of her conquest.

Alexa could feel her sphincter spasmodically contracting around Lauren’s finger. If this was what all the fuss was about, then she didn’t understand it. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Lauren’s mouth on her pussy, she didn’t think she’d feel any pleasure at all.

But as Lauren began rocking her thumb back and forth, Alexa began to feel something else. It started as a tingle, then became more intense as the moments passed.

Using her free hand to grab the nearby lubricant, Lauren removed her thumb and applied a dab to it before beginning to smear it on Alexa’s brown round.

Alexa jumped at the sensation of the cold liquid touching such a sensitive area. But then she realized what the feeling was and spread her cheeks as wide as she could.

As Lauren slipped her thumb back into Alexa’s rear, she felt James do the same to her. He had been inside her for a little while, guiding her with his hands on her tanned cheeks as he slipped in and out.

And now, he applied pressure to her sphincter until the tip of his thumb passed it. Figuring she was no stranger to anal sex, he pushed it all the way in. Far from jumping, she pushed back and took it in.

James could feel his thumb on his cock, the nubby digit providing a ridge that he felt on its head. And as he stroked in and out, he worked it around inside of her, loosening her ass as she did so.

“Oooooh, don’t tease me,” Lauren growled back at James. “Fuck my ass.”

He didn’t have to be told twice. Pulling out, he grabbed the lube and rubbed it all over his cock, then on her asshole. His head pressed against her back door for a few seconds before he could slip in, his girth making it a tight fit. But hey, that’s the point.

“Oh film izle God, fuck” Lauren screamed. “Fuck, it’s big. Oh God yeah. Oooooohhhh.”

In her ecstasy, Lauren stopped paying attention to Alexa’s ass – a fact noticed quickly by the redhead. Alexa moved her hand to her pussy and began stroking between the folds. And then she realized that she wanted to feel something in her ass again.

She grabbed the blue dildo and put it in her mouth to wet it, before moving it to her spread cheeks. Unsure but anxious, she pushed it into her slowly. It was much bigger than Lauren’s finger and she had just put it in.

She began to work it in and out, feeling the slick rubber pass over excited nerve endings she never knew she had before. She’d had dildos in her, but this was different. It wasn’t as pleasurable as when she had something in her pussy, but the pressure from the rubber phallus was stretching and increasing the sensations in her pussy while also delivering a jolt of its own.

She was working the dildo with her right hand and playing with her clit with her left, when someone touched the dildo.

“What do you think your doing with my ass,” Lauren asked, but not to James. “That’s my ass you’re playing with.”

And with that, she took control of the dildo, wresting it away from Alexa and freeing her to concentrate on her pussy – which Alexa gladly did. Working her pussy with one hand, Alexa reached up and pinched her nipples with the other.

“Oh, that feels good,” Alexa heard herself saying, hardly aware she was speaking.

The dildo was almost buried in her now, having been worked in and out of her ass for what seemed like forever. And so Lauren, having already cum once with James’ help, decided Alexa was ready.

Pulling the blue cock from Alexa’s ass, she turned to James and said “Your turn.” And then to Alexa, she said “turn over.”

Alexa did as instructed, getting on all fours as James approached her. But before he entered her, he asked for the lube.

“We need to make sure you are nice and ready to go,” he said.

Lauren grabbed the lube and poured some onto Lauren’s ass, the cold sensation again making her jump. Then, after rubbing it in and pushing a couple of fingers inside, Lauren turned to James.

“You too,” she said, and then began stroking his cock, before pulling the mighty trunk into her mouth to wet it. “Gotta make sure you are up for the task.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

And when, after a final jiggle of his balls, Lauren released him, he aimed straight for Alexa’s upturned and waiting ass. Lauren moved to one side and kissed Alexa deeply.

Alexa didn’t even mind that she was kissing a girl who’d just sucked a cock that had been buried in her ass only moments earlier. She was just enjoying the feeling of Lauren’s tongue in her mouth, when James’ cock head popped into her ass.

As with the first time she had fucked him, the pain was there. But as with that first experience, she felt something more. The idea of him being in her was driving her crazy with lust.

The pain was only temporary she knew. And as James worked his rod in and out of her, she began to top the hill. The pain was now becoming pleasure – pleasure only intensified by her right hand on her pussy.

Alexa worked her clit quickly with her middle and ring finger as James’ pace increased. Deeper and deeper, he slid into her. And she found herself pushing back on him as he slid into her.

She could feel him filling her and then retreating. The pressure and pain of his hard flesh piercing her would come to a sharp point, only to be replaced by the release and exhilaration of his withdrawal.

“You feel so good,” James told her. “You doing OK?”

“Uh huh,” she said between clinched teeth.

“OK, then I want you to try something,” he said, then pulled his cock out completely.

Although he had been pumping in and out, he had remained inside her the whole time. Now, with his cock completely removed, she felt her sphincter spasm as it tried to close and the cold air entering her ass as it gaped open.

“Ooooohhh fuck,” she said, feeling her legs quiver.

James stood and moved over to the couch in front of them, grabbing the seks filmi izle lube and applying it to his cock. Then he motioned to her to join him.

Standing on shaky legs, Alexa walked over to the couch, on which she now saw Lauren sitting, masturbating with the blue dildo. Her black hair framed a wide smile.

“That ‘a girl,” she said. “He’s got a great cock doesn’t he?”

“Oh yeah,” Alexa said, then looked at James for further instruction.

Grabbing her arm, he turned her so that she was facing away from him with his legs to either side of his.

“Stand up on the couch,” he said. “I want you to ride my cock with that beautiful ass.”

Alexa understood. He wanted her to ride him “reverse cowgirl,” and so she did as he asked. She stood on the couch, and then lowered on herself onto his cock.

The gape of her ass had closed, but she was still loose enough to take him in readily. And once he was inside her, she put her feet on James’s legs to give herself some leverage.

James braced her back, allowing her to raise and lower herself on his cock. The sensations were different in this position, with her in control.

Her legs spread wide, her pussy was now exposed to the open air and a breeze blew across it. She found herself surprised that she was still so wet. She didn’t remember touching her pussy for a while, but she was soaked to the point of dripping.

Sore but exhilarated, she continued to ride James’s cock. Sliding up and down on it, taking it even deeper than he had been pushing into her.

Faster and faster, she rode him, slipping from his legs from time to time, but always concentrating on his cock. The sensation of him filling her was amazing. She only wished she didn’t have to balance herself with both hands, so that she could pay some attention to her clit.

But then, as if she was reading Alexa’s mind, Lauren was in front of her, licking Alexa’s nipples and rubbing her clit. The feeling was exquisite, but her pussy was a moving target and hard to hit, so it was only sporadic.

“Fuck me,” Alexa told Lauren, locking eyes with her although sweat was dripping down her forehead and semi-blinding her.

Lauren knew what she meant and placed the dildo in front of her. When Alexa stopped on top of James, Lauren slowly inserted the rubber dong licking the redhead’s sopping clit as she did so.

Now, with both her pussy and ass filled, she began to ride both cocks. It was something she had never felt before, as if her body was floating in warm water. The pain was gone and only pleasure – the feeling of total control and complete satisfaction – remained in her.

James too. The added pressure of the dildo inside her was pushing him over the edge as it was doing the same to her. It was only a few minutes before he called out to her that he was about to cum.

Hearing this, she knew she was close too. And she increased her speed, until she felt his muscles contract inside of her, pouring hot, white cum into her ass.

The jerking and spurting inside of her caused Alexa to cum as well. And as she sat down on his cock, Lauren removed the dildo and locked her mouth around Alexa’s pussy, forcing her tongue inside and being splashed by Alexa’s juices.

Breathing deeply in a state of ecstasy, Alexa fell back onto James’s chest with Lauren still working her pussy as James shriveled inside her. Grabbing Lauren’s face, she brought her up for a kiss and tasting her own pussy on Lauren’s tongue.

Standing, she felt the cum draining from her ass and dripping down her legs. Turning, she began sucking the cum off of James’s cock, then felt Lauren behind her, burying her tongue deep into the gaping hole of her ass.

Alexa jerked as her brown eye closed around Lauren’s tongue, which was searching for every drop of cum.

Satisfied she had done her job, Lauren bit Alexa’s right butt cheek and stood up. The three of them fell into a pile on the couch, the girls kissing each other, and then kissing James’s chest as they cooled down.

Looking around, Alexa saw that people were still fucking in all corners of the room. Amber was being fucked doggy style by one black guy while she sucked off another one. And Misty was taking two guys in her pussy and one in her mouth.

“So this is sorority life?” Alexa asked, breathing heavily as she recovered from her latest experience.

“Only if you want it darling,” James said.

“But even if you don’t,” Lauren said, “you can be my sister anytime.”

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Stressful Day

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Cum In

Julie had just gotten her kids to bed after a very stressful day and headed to the bedroom as she winked at her handsome husband, Steve sitting in the living room. “Phew, they’re finally asleep, I am going to shower real quick and then I’ll get started. Don’t wait too long or I might cum before you get there.”

“Don’t worry, he said, “I won’t let you get too far.”

The hot water running over her naked body felt very good, the kids had been arguing and getting into all their toys and running around the house and now was just ready to relax and hopefully have a long awaited orgasm; it seemed like it had been over a month she last felt the involuntary contractions of her beautiful love box.

As the water sprayed onto her chest and rolled down the front of her, she took the bar of soap and massaged her breast; her nipples becoming fully erect as she felt the slippery bar rubbing against her. She place her left leg on the shower bench and washed her inner thighs and felt her pussy becoming aroused as her hand moved the soap into her womanly region. Making sure to wash her pussy thoroughly, she might have been able to cum if she didn’t stop. Reluctantly, she moved the soap to her backside, continued to wash off the rest of her body and then stepped out of the shower, hurriedly drying off her body and running a brush through her hair.

At her husbands usual kinky request, she grabbed one of the porno movies as she grabbed her favorite rotating vibrator with the clit stimulator. She put the DVD in the player and walked her naked body over the bed. The movie starting as she sat on the bed. She placed the Rabbit vibrator next to her, anticipating the feeling she knew it would be giving her in just a few more minutes. The scene on the T.V was pretty hardcore, some guy was fucking the shit out of the young blond and she was screaming as he kept slamming his 10 inch cock into her tight pussy. Julie was getting more aroused as the girls screams were getting louder and her face becoming flush, the girl was actually coming with that hard cock pumping in and out of her. “Wow, this one might be pretty good,” she thought, the woman are really into it. Her pussy lips were growing more enlarged and she could feel the moistness inside her increase with every thrust and every scream. She reached for the bottle of lotion and kept her eyes fixed to the television as the blond fucked his huge cock as she rubbed the lotion into her arms and legs. She then started rubbing the lotion into her breasts and began squeezing them with both hands subconsciously as she imagined that hard cock filling her up and fucking the shit out of her. Her pussy becoming more engorged and her wetness growing more. She felt his cock pumping in and out of her as she rubbed her tits together, imaging he was inside her.

As the erotik film izle stallion on stage grunted and came buckets all over the belly of the young girl, she slowly snapped out of her erotic stupor, rubbing some lotion over her own belly, secretly wishing it was the stallions cum and propped up some pillows, so she could relax comfortably with her magic vibrator as she watched the next scene.

She couldn’t take her eyes off the television when the next seen started. A beautiful brunette with very large natural breasts was taking on 4 guys at the same time and each of them had monster cocks. It was a construction scene where 4 young carpenters were busy working on a very rich womans house and had taken some time to take care of her. Two of them were still wearing their rugged jeans and tool belts as the brunette was using both her hands to work their cocks to full hardness as one of them was pounding his massive cock deep into her pussy from behind and the other guy was standing in the corner stroking his own cock. As the other two men worked their jeans down to the their ankles, she continued to beat them off with expert care and they were moaning as their huge cocks were now fully erect and pointing to the ceiling. She then pulled their cocks closer to her mouth and took turns sucking each one deep into to her awaiting mouth as the cock in her pussy continued to be fucked from behind. The brunette started to scream, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Fuck, Yes, Yes, Yes, Fuck Yes! Fuck my pussy! Oh God yes, I’m cumming, I’m Cumming, of fuuuuck,” as her whole face became red and her body quivered.

Julie, reaching for her own vibrator quickly placed into her sopping pussy and pumping it into her over and over; she could have cum easily right then and there but wanted to wait for her husband to come in, so she could feel a real cock inside her hot cunt. As she turned the vibrator on, she nearly lost control as the rotating end worked every inch of her fiery cunt and the vibrating clit stimulator almost put her over the top, she had to turn down the speed to keep from cumming right away.

The brunette was now fucking both of the young studs she was beating off earlier. One was under her and she had his entire girth buried into her cunt and the other one was fucking her ass deep but slow. The guy that was stroking his own cock was getting the blowjob of his life as the brunette was turned on, it looked like she might cum again.

Julie turned up the speed and envisioned herself as the blond in the scene, taking three cocks at the same time and satisfying them all. Julies pussy was so wet and swollen that she could feel her pussy juice oozing out of her fuck hole and onto to her smooth inner thighs. As the young stud fucked his huge cock into her ass, Julie imagined it in her own ass as film izle she sucked the cock of the man in front of her while her aching pussy was buried down on the third cock. It was a nasty scene, but that made her even more aroused, “I wonder if I could fit that in my ass?” she thought. “I could definitely take care of the other two.” Watching from the cracked door, her husband was amazed at the intense smell of pussy in the room and even more aroused at his wife’s current state of arousal. As she sat there in the bed with one had on her magic vibrator, working it in and out and in out of her tight pussy, her other hand was rubbing her tits over and over and pulling alternatively at each of her swollen nipples. Her eyes were completely fixated on the scene and he could see a level of desire in her that he had only seen on a very few other occasions. Slipping off his own pants in the doorway, he felt his cock becoming erect and gently stroked it as he continued to watch his wife pleasure herself with intense desire.

The huge cock in the brunette’s ass started pumping faster and faster and she let out a scream, cumming yet again. “Oh my fucking God!, Yes, Oh fuck, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, harder, harder, harder, oh Fuck Yes! Fuck my, fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, oh fuck, of God!” she screamed as the cock her mouth finally couldn’t hold back, the other two men continued to pound the shit out of the brunette’s holes as she continued to cum, “Yes, fuuuuck, of Gooooddddd, Yes! Fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, OOOooohhh Yyyesss, Fuck meee!”

Steve could tell his wife has lost control and within about a second of cumming as he pushed open the door and asked how she was doing.

“Oh, me, I’m, I’m good. You better get over her though, I don’t know how much more I can take,” she said as she pulled her magic vibrator from her super excited pussy.

Turning off the television, Steve made his way over to his excited wife and kissed her passionately, trying to tell her through his kiss how happy she had just made him by really getting into pleasuring herself. He really loved to see her pleasure herself but didn’t want her to cum without him if he was in the house. Their kiss lasted about 5 five minutes, as Julie tried to communicate through her kiss how turned on she was and eager to continue her path to an intense orgasm. As their tongues continued to entwine, they found each others love organs and she began pulling at his hard cock and he started rubbing her sopping pussy and pushing his fingers in and out of her soaked hole as he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

They quickly went into a 69, him lapping at her soaked pussy and completely swollen clit and her taking in the entire length of this shaft and trying to get him to cum in her mouth. She wanted to cum and she wanted seks filmi izle to cum soon. Steve grabbed a large 10 inch dildo and slowly slid it into his wife’s sopping pussy as he continued to lick her clit. She was getting close again and starting to moan and arch her back, she could feel her orgasm building. Steve stopped and told her to get on her knees. She reluctantly agreed.

“Put this in your pussy,” he said, handing her the massive dildo. “I am going to fuck your ass while you fuck your pussy.”

Wanting to cum, she slowly eased the massive cock back into her soaking cunt as her husband worked KY into her ass. It felt incredible to feel the massive cock in her as her husband worked a finger in out out of her tight forbidden love tunnel. She wanted to feel his cock in her ass, the thought of the huge cock in her pussy with his big cock in her ass was driving her mad and sending her into a sexual stupor.

“You want me to fuck your ass don’t you. I am going to fuck your ass really slow at first but then I am going to pound your ass while you fuck your ass. I can’t wait, I’m going to cum in your ass. I am going to cum a gallon deep in your ass. Your nasty, I love it when you are nasty.”

He then placed the tip of his swollen member at the entrance to her forbidden area. She felt him push forward slowly and she almost couldn’t wait to have the two cocks inside her. She pushed her backside toward him slowly to help. “Oh you’re a nasty little bitch, you can’t wait to feel my cock in your ass, can you?”

“Oh God, hurry,” she panted, ” I’m close.” He finally got the entire head of his cock into her ass and slowly pushed forward until was fully buried deed inside her. He could feel his wife pumping the 10 inch monster in and out of her hot cunt as his cock just stayed buried inside her. She was pumping so fast, he could feel every inch of the monster cock push against his own cock with each of her lust filled thrusts. Her breathing became heavy and she was starting to pant and grunt. He knew she was going to cum very soon and slowly started to rock his well lubricated cock in and out of her ass, trying to match the speed and intensity of the cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

“You nasty bitch, you like both of these cocks. I am going to cum in your ass, I can’t want to dump my hot cum in your ass. I love seeing you fuck two cocks.

His wife’s hips rocking back and forth on his rock hard cock, “Oh yes,” she cried “Don’t stop, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, Oh fuuuucccckkk, Yes! Yessssss! Fuck me, Fuck me oooohhhh Gooooddddd, fuckkkkk, Oh Godd, My Gooooddddddd! Fuck,” she cried out as he pushed his cock deep into her ass with each pump. He felt the muscles in her ass clamping down violently on his cock and squeezing it tightly, like with superhuman fist strength, over and over again he felt her ass constrict and clamp onto his cock.

“Yes,” she cried out, “Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, as her husband continued to pound her from behind, his own cum oozing out of her tight ass.

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