Chamelèon Ch. 03

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A few hours later Mark woke up and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. He decided to take a shower while the girls slept. He heard the girls come into the bathroom one by one to also relieve themselves and when done they each stepped into the shower with him.

Chamel’s slick body was pressed to his front and Cathy’s to his back. It was an interesting and highly arousing experience to have two sets of breasts slick with soap sliding across his chest and back. It was even more arousing to him that Chamel’s dick was poking him and sliding against his own erection.

He felt Cathy’s fingers spreading his cheeks and felt her easing her fingers into his ass so he bent forward slightly resting his hands on the wall and the spray of the shower cascaded down his back and the crack of his ass.

Chamel kneeled down before him and licked the head of his dick sucking out his precum. Then she licked the shaft of his cock down to his balls and back again before inhaling him to his root.

“Uh, uh, un, un, huh, huh!” he panted, “Shit! Huh huh, it feels so good! Mmm, mmm Cathy! Oh shit Chamel, feels so good!”

Cathy was sawing two fingers in and out of his ass and time with Chamel’s mouth around his dick.

“We need to finish this on the bed.” Mark said. So, they jumped out of the shower and toweled off.

On the middle of the bed, Mark took Cathy and leaned her forward onto her hands and knees. He leaned forward and began tonguing her asshole. She let out a loud moan and dropped her head. He felt Chamel come behind him doing the same thing to his asshole. A shudder escaped him as he felt her snake her hot slick tongue around and into his asshole.

Was he really going to let this happen? Fingers were one thing but an actual cock was another. Stop thinking illegal bahis so much and just go with the flow Mark. He thought to himself.

Chamel grabbed the tube of KY jelly and a condom that was next to the bottle of WET and handed it to Mark. He put on the condom and lubricated his dick and put a dab on Cathy’s asshole and positioned himself. Mark pressed himself slowly into Cathy’s ass. Mark’s growl was low and deep because Cathy’s asshole gripped his dick so tightly. He began working her ass with a slow steady rhythm.

“Oh baby! Huh, huh, mmm!” She said clenching the sheets into her fists.

Mark felt Chamel’s hand come between his legs and cup his balls and she began massaging them softly. The feathery touch with every stroke was relayed with deeper penetration and Cathy’s moans, whimpers, and wails grew in intensity.

Mark tensed up as he felt Chamel spread his cheeks and then he relaxed as her tongue snaked around his ass but it then it was replaced with glove covered lube covered fingers. He stopped his stroke as first one slid in and out and then it was accompanied by a second. He leaned into the piston action of her hand.

“Oh shit! Damn that’s so good!” he said as she added a third finger.

“Mmm, Chamel I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want to feel you inside me! Damn I can’t believe it but I do! Oh shit. Fuck me please!” he said laying his head between Cathy’s shoulder blades as he slammed deep into her.

Chamel put on a condom and lubed her cock. She squirted more lube into his gaping asshole. She removed the glove and then positioned herself behind Mark and eased her cock into his ass slowly.

“No don’t go slow just give it to me!” he growled. “Relax Mark. Push out as I push in okay.” “Okay.”

And suddenly he gasped with illegal bahis siteleri fullness of his ass as Chamel pushed home. The pain was quick and felt like a slight burning. Chamel cried out. Mark was the first man’s ass she’d ever penetrated. The sensation was almost enough to send her over the top but she stilled herself to allow the tightness to relax around her dick.

Mark gasped and moaned as Chamel started sliding in and out of his ass. She grasped his hips to deepen her stroke. Mark loved the sensation in his ass and he began to match her stroke for stroke in Cathy’s ass. They worked furiously to reach orgasm.

The room was filled with more “Oh gawds!, oh shits!, oh fucks!, oh yeahs!, fuck my ass harder!, that’s so goods!, oh’s!, ah’s!, and heavy breathing, in various combinations.

Chamel could feel her orgasm coming and the clenching of Mark’s ass caused her to release a hefty load and she screamed. Mark felt the heat of Chamel’s release in his ass and it sent him over the edge and he slammed deep into Cathy and he screamed. Cathy felt the brunt of the two of them inside her ass and she screamed. They all fell to the side still connected ass to cock, ass to cock panting. They rested for about twenty minutes and then they all took another shower.

Mark and Cathy worshipped Chamel’s body. They soaped her body and after rinsing they climbed back onto the bed. Cathy pulled Chamel between her and Mark. She began kissing the nape of her neck while Mark sucked softly at her lips. Chamel felt the duel sensations of the kisses that mirrored one another along her back and along the flat of her stomach. She held her breath when Cathy parted her ass and started licking at her pussy and asshole at the very moment Mark took the tip of her dick into his mouth.

He canlı bahis siteleri soon got the hang of sucking dick. He sucked it the way he enjoyed having his sucked. Chamel shot her load for both her partners.

Mark tried to swallow but some escaped from the sides of his mouth. He tilted his head and kissed Cathy between Chamel’s thighs. Chamel rolled onto her back and Mark and Cathy both took a nipple into their mouths. She stroked their heads and began to cry softly.

Chamel spoke first.

“I gave you my virginity Mark. You were the first male-ass I have ever penetrated.”

“Really, well we have something in common because I gave you my oral and anal virginity. You were the first dick in my ass. And my dear you were abso-fucka-lutely incredible! My ass will never be the same and I’m not sure if I would want it to. Thank you for and incredible first time Chamel.”

And he rose up and kissed her. Cathy rose up and kissed Chamel too.

“You were my first as well and you know what? You were right when you said that we were waiting for you. You gave us what we needed, you. Will you to stay with us?”

“Yeah Chamel will you stay with us?” Mark echoed.

Chamel began to cry more.

“I guess we gave each other something because the two of you gave me the acceptance without repulsion that I needed for a long time. No one has ever accepted or wanted all of me. Even when I tell them up front they still freak out at my body. They only wanted the parts of me that fulfilled their fantasies and would get them off. They promptly put me out when their curiosity is satisfied; and they never to call me again. So, life’s been lonely.”

“I don’t think that is going to be a problem any more Chamel. I think our real problem is going to be finding time to sleep. I’ve never cum so much in my life!” Mark said and they all laughed.

“Pretty lady don’t cry any more.”

They spooned and fell asleep and from that day Chamel moved in and they remained closer than close friends.

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