Cloudy Days and Mom’s Delight Ch. 02

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


Note: the characters in this series who are involved sexually are all over 18, and are fictional. Please feel free to leave comments and send feedback is greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy this series, as it promises to be a continuing saga, with boundaries growing.

Continued from part 1, Mom and I still in bed together, naked, after having sex…


I opened my eyes slowly, and realized ‘oh my gosh!’ We’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms, and a glance at the clock on Mom’s nightstand showed we had been asleep an hour already. I was still naked, and Mom’s breasts were still bare, so beautiful and inviting. She was still sleeping soundly, so I decided to get sneaky, and started gently sliding her panties down. At one point, she must have been dreaming, as she turned slightly and made it where I could get them completely off. I had never seen a woman’s pussy in real life, much less only inches away from my face, but this was beautiful. Mom kept her pussy manicured, with the hair fairly short in a small triangle just over her slit. Her inner pussy lips were just outside her larger outer lips, and the gentle soft folds made my mouth start watering.

About that time, Mom said groggily “mmm, we must’ve fallen asleep.”

“Yeah, we sure did. You feel better, Mom?” I asked, looking up at her.

“Billy, what are you doing down there? Did you take my panties off?” noticing she was now naked, too.

Looking up at her with a sheepish grin, I answered “yes, I slid them off just now. I was dying to see what you looked like down there. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. And, I wanted to wake you up with something special that would give you even more pleasure.” Mom rolled over on her back, and as I started to climb over her leg, she spread her legs some so I could get right between them, on my stomach. I could tell she was still sleepy, as her eyes closed. There, in front of me, was one beautiful sight. The manicured triangle, illegal bahis Mom’s pussy, and just below that, a cute little puckering asshole. I filed the sight of her cute asshole in the back of my mind, thinking that would be the source of future pleasures with Mom.

I raised the sheet up, and Mom still had her eyes closed. And with that, I buried my face on her pussy, licking up and down her slit. I moved my hands up, and gently spread her outer lips to reveal those meaty inner cunt lips I wanted to suck on. Mom moaned softly, but I could tell she still wasn’t fully awake yet. Those soft moist cunt lips – I discovered I loved sucking on them, as they were so soft in my mouth, and tasted good with some of Mom’s cum on them. I played with them with my tongue, round and round, then up and down, and then rolling my tongue and sliding it in her hole. She spread her legs a little further apart, and I could feel her getting warmer and wetter. She arched her back, and I had full access to her woman hole, and I sucked and tongue-fucked it, getting her sweet wetness all over my face. Damn, she tasted good! ‘I could eat her pussy for hours’, I thought to myself.

Mom was now awake, and moaning softly while she pressed my face into her cunt as I licked and sucked. I would swear she must have cum 10 times. Every time, there was a sweet flow of her creamy juices that were so delicious in my mouth. I would stop for a few seconds to let her catch her breath, and would start on her pussy again, Mom arched her back, and came yet again, this time with a big flow of her cream, and she squirted some, too, a really sweet liquid that filled my mouth. We both crashed for a few minutes, and I could tell Mom was totally spent.

My cock was screaming at me, all crammed onto the sheets, so I raised up, spread Mom’s legs wide, and slid my gorged rod in her slippery wet pussy. It sank all the way in, and my balls pressed to her body. Damn, it was warm and wet inside her, and I wanted illegal bahis siteleri to stay there inside of her.

“Oooooh, my God, Your dick is so big! I feel you so deep inside of me. Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard! I need it, Billy, fuck me, baby!” she pleaded, with a soft begging look in her eyes. Who was I, not to do my best to take care of my Mom’s needs?

Pulling out of the warmth, until only the head of my cock was still in her, I shoved it inside her again, slamming into her body. Her tits shook as I pounded into her. She reached up and started pinching her nipples.

“Yeeeesssssssssss! Fuck mommy hard, baby!

I fucked Mom good, pounding my big cock into her pussy. Her cunt was tight, and seemed to grip and stroke my cock as I pumped her. It felt fantastic! I just kept pounding and pounding, and I think she must have cum with me fucking her several more times. She kept hunching her back, so my cock would go in further. We kept slamming each other, like a car wreck, and it felt so damned good! And then, my cock tensed, and I felt like it was going to explode, as it shot hot loads in her hole! I didn’t know I had that much cum inside me, but I filled Mom’s hole as my dick just kept squirting load after load after load.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,” was all Mom could say. I crashed on top of her, on my elbows, her tits against my chest, my cock still twitching inside her pussy. I laid there, listening to Mom’s deep breathing, loving the feel of my meat inside her.

“God, Billy, I needed that. I needed a man to fuck me, and you fucked me hard. I felt like my whole body was having orgasms, again and again. Your cock felt so damned good inside of me.”

“I love you, Mom.”

“I love you, too, Billy. I’m so proud of you, son. This can be something you and I share, our little secret, ok?”

“Yeah, it can be our secret. Do you think we’ll do this again sometime?”

“Oh, yes, honey, you can count on that. But I don’t want canlı bahis siteleri to wear out a good thing, either. I know you’re growing up, and are dating now. I know you’ll find a girl and fall in love. But this that we share, is something special. I hope we can always share it, whenever we can.”

“Good. It’s awesome, making love to you, Mom.”

“And, to give you something to look forward to, I just might surprise you with a little more sex fun real soon” she said, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

I smiled, looking so forward to fucking Mom again next time. “Cool! I can’t wait. Ready for more?”

Not waiting for an answer, I rolled her over on her tummy, and slid my hard-again cock in her cunt from behind her.

“Oooohhhh, Billy, your cock is so big, feels soooo good. Fuck me good, baby, fuck my pussy good.”

Being inside Mom’s hot wet pussy, as it gripped me and squeezed me, was the best feeling in the whole world. I hoped we’d fuck every day. I began pumping her good, her ass cheeks bouncing against my groin as I drilled deeper and deeper in her. She began moving into me, and we fucked like crazy for a good while,

“Billy, fuck me good, cum with me, cum with me!”

I shot another man-sized load of cum as she was getting that out, and I felt her cunt pulsating, too, as we mixed our creamy cum inside her sweet warm pussy. I stayed right there, my cock pressed hard inside her, as our bodies shook together. What an outta this world feeling it is, me deep inside her warm wet hole, buried to the hilt.

Mom and I stayed naked as much of the day as we could, and I could not believe how many times I could get it up and then cum for Mom. I know I drank enough of her nectars to keep me hydrated the whole day. She had to have cum 30 or 40 times.

Now, I thank God every time we get a cloudy day. Not that we play hooky every time, but the memories will probably always stay fresh. The vision, of Mom sucking my cock, then of her naked, and us fucking so many times, I will never forget. And just to make sure, I plan to keep making more fuck memories with her. God bless all Mom’s, especially those who love their sons that much. Man, pussy is good!

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