Consequences Pt. 22

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Mike and Jen hired a sedan and rushed home that evening. The news of Joe’s cancer had sobered them both, but they didn’t trust themselves driving so they hired a driver.

It was late when they got home. Joe was asleep but Mike’s mom and dad were still awake. They’d obviously been crying.

“How bad is it?” Mike asked.

“We spoke to Dr. Calgary,” Mike’s dad said. Dr. Calgary was Joe’s oncologist. “It’s bad this time. Joe only has months. Two, maybe three.”

“Oh god!” Jen cried her hand going to her mouth. She started to cry. Mike’s mom hugged her and started sobbing too.

“Joe’s known for some time,” Mike’s dad continued. “They’ve been trying holistic treatments. Dr. Calgary, he’s had some success. You’ve met Willow his therapist?”

As Mike said “no” Jen said “yes” through her tears. Mike’s dad frowned at the two of them.

A little later Mike’s dad pulled him aside. “Are you and Jen okay Mike?” he asked.

“Joe said something?” Mike asked alarmed.

“No he didn’t say anything,” Mike’s dad said. He glanced around the apartment. “Your place here. It doesn’t look like you and Jen have been living here lately.”

“I’ve been in London a lot, for work,” Mike said quickly. “Jen’s been … staying with a friend while I’ve been away.”

Mike’s dad nodded but didn’t look convinced. “Are you okay Mike?” he asked. “I saw the reports on the news about your Sapphire program.”

“I’m fine dad,” Mike said. He abruptly left and returned to Jen’s side, not wanting to talk about Sapphire.

Later Mike and Jen were snuggling in bed. “I need to go to London,” Mike said stroking Jen’s long blonde hair.

“You don’t have to go Mike,” Jen said. “Don’t worry about Memphis. Joe is more important.”

“There’s nothing I can do here,” Mike said disheartened. He felt so powerless to help Joe. He couldn’t even go see Madam Marie, as she’d passed away a few years ago. At least in London he could do something useful.

“Okay,” Jen reluctantly agreed. She truly didn’t care if the Ring worked or not, not anymore. Winning Memphis seemed so unimportant now. But she knew her husband. Working on the Ring would help take his mind off Joe. “I’ll look after Joe while you’re away,” she promised. She held back more tears.

Despite the terrible news her body still had cravings. Her pussy ached for attention. She ran her hand down her husband’s chest and cupped his cock. “Mike?” she prompted gently.

Mike grasped her hand. “I’m sorry honey, I can’t right now,” he said. He was too upset about Joe, he wasn’t in the mood for sex.

“Okay,” Jen said softly, hiding her disappointment. She snuggled into her husband’s arms and did her best to fall asleep.

Mike left for London the next morning. Joe was still asleep when Jen was about to go to work. Willow was there.

“Joe told me you and your husband are back together,” Willow said.

“We are,” Jen said looking around nervously. Luckily Mike’s parents weren’t there (they were staying in a hotel). Jen whispered “Don’t tell Mike’s parents we were separated okay?”

“Of course not,” Willow said looking at Jen contemplatively. “You’re moving back here? Can Joe still stay?”

“Of course, he can stay as long as he wants,” Jen said immediately.

“That’s good, the holistic treatments are more effective if he’s in familiar surroundings,” Willow said.

“You still have hopes for the holistic treatments?” Jen asked.

“Yes of course,” Willow said almost eagerly. “The mind and spirit can often overcome failings of the body.” The gypsy raised an eyebrow and asked “Your husband will be away for some time?”

Jen nodded sourly. “He’s flying to London for work. He’ll be away for 2 or 3 weeks.”

Willow nodded. She was silent for a few moments, as if thinking. “I have an appointment tonight,” she finally said. “You’ll do Joe’s massage treatment?”

“Um, sure,” Jen said hesitantly.

Willow heard Jen’s uncertainly. She smiled encouragingly. “His treatments have a much better chance of success if provided by a loved one. You’re his sister-in-law. I can tell you’re close.”

“Yes we are,” Jen agreed. She and Joe had always been close, not just as SIL-BIL but as friends. She smiled, more determined this time. “Of course I’ll do it.”

At work Jen went to see Scott. She closed the door as she entered his office.

Scott looked up and grinned. “Hey Jen, I’ve got a great video to show you,” he joked.

Jen laughed. “God you’re an ass,” she said smiling back at him. Then her expression turned to a mix of embarrassment and seriousness. “It was a one-time thing Scott. You won’t say anything right?”

Scott stood and walked to the other side of the desk so he was facing Jen. “So you and Mike are back together?” he asked.

“We were never apart,” Jen corrected him.

“Okay,” Scott said with a “whatever” shrug. He’d heard the rumors about Jen living with another guy, he’d seen Jen’s ringless left hand. Now he saw her wedding ring back on her left hand. casino oyna Whatever, if that was how she wanted to play it, fine, he didn’t care. He didn’t want her heart. He just wanted her body.

“I feel bad about the other night,” Scott said with a grin and clearly joking. “I feel like I didn’t take care of you.”

“You were fine Scott,” Jen said with an embarrassed laughed.

“I pride myself on giving more than I get,” he said his grin growing wider. “I didn’t give you the big O Saturday night.”

“That’s okay Scott,” Jen said laughing again. “I’ve gotten enough big O’s from you” – she laughed as she said “big O” – “I think I’m still ahead.” Jen blushed as she realized what had popped out of her mouth.

Scott smiled playfully and leaned his butt against the desk. “Feel free to even the score anytime.”

“Oh, so I should get on my knees right now?” Jen said with an incredulous laugh.

“You know I think that’s hot, my boss going down on me,” he said grinning lecherously at her. “All those times you sucked me off …” He lightly caressed across her shoulder and down her arm.

“You’ll have to be happy with the memories,” Jen said taking a step back away from his hand. “It’s not happening again.”

Scott looked disappointed and incredulous. “So Saturday night -.”

“Was a one-time thing,” Jen said completing his sentence. “I want you to promise not to say anything.” She knew there were rumors about her and Mike having marriage issues. The last thing she needed were rumors about her and Scott having an affair (again).

“What happens at Colin’s stays at Colin’s,” Scott said with a disappointed shrug, repeating the joke common among the in-crowd at Penn State. “So I WAS just a pawn in Mike’s latest game,” he said bitterly.

“Don’t start Scott, it’s not like I didn’t warn you,” Jen said frowning at him.

Jen glared at Scott. He glared back but after a few moments he backed off. “Okay,” he said relenting, knowing she HAD warned him.

Jen left Scott’s office. She was fairly certain Scott would keep his mouth shut. On the other hand, she knew Colin and Tony would blabber to everyone, Tony especially given what they’d done together; and what they hadn’t done. Oh well …

She was having second thoughts about moving to Penn State. She knew she had a reputation from the wild times in college and the even wilder times playing the game with Mike. It might be better to move to a place where she and Mike could make a clean start.

After all, the last thing she needed was Colin and Tony hitting on her all the time. That would tempt Mike too much to start playing the game again. And, she admitted, it would tempt her too much too.

God her body craved sex! She’d last gotten it on Thursday with Frankie. In fact, prior to this weekend she’d been getting it regularly from Frankie, usually at least once a day, sometimes more than once a day. Now it was like she’d gone cold turkey. And after all the teasing she’d done this weekend … God she couldn’t wait for Mike to get home! Hopefully he’d come home this weekend.

Later that day Jen’s phone rang. She looked at the caller ID. Her heart sank when she saw it was Frankie calling.

“Hi Frankie,” Jen said softly on the phone. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Drums said. To Jen’s surprise he sounded chipper. “I just met with Artie. Did you hear? Tommy Ramone, the last original Ramones, he died last week.”

“Oh, no, I didn’t hear.”

“There’s a lot of interest in our revival band again,” Drums said. “Artie’s booked some concerts.”

“That’s good … I guess,” Jen said.

“Yeah, I know, Tommy was the drummer too, it’s kind of morbid,” Drums agreed. “But this way it’ll give me some runway. I’m cutting a solo album. Artie’s managing.”

“Oh that’s so good Frankie,” Jen gushed.

“Anyway, I wanted to let you know I’ll be back and forth the next couple weeks, on this mini tour,” Drums said. “In case you want to get together.”

“Oh um …”

“I mean, in case you and Mike want to get together with me,” Drums said. “We’re still friends, right?”

“Of course we are,” Jen said.

“I’ve been thinking,” Drums said. “I shouldn’t have guilt tripped you. I knew from the start it was all just a game. And you really did help me out Jen. I feel like I have a purpose in life now. Not just waiting for the next party.”

“That’s really good Frankie,” Jen said softly.

“Yeah well, I’ll see you around,” Drums said suddenly embarrassed.

“See ya,” Jen said softly. She hung up and looked out the window, feeling both happy for Frankie and melancholy too.

Jen worked out after work, finally getting home around 8. Joe was sitting on the sofa reading.

“Hey you,” Jen said affectionately to her brother-in-law. “Have you eaten?”

“Yeah, Willow made me dinner before she left,” Joe said. “Sorry for all the drama with Mom and Dad.”

“That’s okay Joe,” Jen said softly squeezing his hand. She couldn’t believe he might be gone in just a few months. canlı casino She felt tears coming but she held them back. She sensed he didn’t want people mourning him while he was still alive, as that would make his last few months miserable for him. “I’ll invite Mom and Dad to dinner tomorrow,” Jen said. She knew they were staying at a hotel because the loft apartment only had 1 bedroom.

“Cool,” Joe said sensing her melancholy mood. He changed the subject and cheerily said “Want to watch a movie? I downloaded Looper, it’s supposed to be a cool sci-fi time travel movie.”

“Sounds like fun!” Jen said forcing herself to be cheerful too. “I’ll take a quick shower and then make popcorn.”

Jen had done a hard workout and that had purged the horniness from her body. But it was only temporary. Her horniness returned as the hot shower tickled her body.

She needed relief! She adjusted the shower head so it shot out rapid pulses of hot water. She pointed the water at her pussy, using her other hand to rub her nipples. She closed her eyes and fantasized about Scott. She imagined getting on her knees and looking up into his eyes as she went down on him. His fantasy of her – his boss – submissively sucking him off turned her on too (although she’d never admit that to him of course). In her fantasy Scott fucked her face hard, and then bent her over his desk, jerked up her skirt and fucked her from behind, the entire time telling her how much a cheap slut and whore she was. In this fantasy (unlike the other night), Scott fucked her pussy not her ass. That was what she really needed, a big hard cock in her pussy. She came after just a few moments.

Jen panted after cumming. On shaky knees she returned the shower head to its normal position. Masturbating only gave her partial relief. Her pussy still craved something big and hard. She wished Mike was there. He wasn’t too big but he’d be hard and she needed something inside her. She’d have to play with one of her toys after the movie.

She dried and brushed her hair, then put on a thong, sports bra, yoga pants and a loose t-shirt. Normally at home she wore comfy VS cotton panties, but with Joe there she didn’t want panty lines to show in the yoga pants.

Jen made popcorn and they watched the movie. To her surprise she found herself drawn into it (even though it was pretty violent). Halfway through Joe got his pipe and cannabis extract. “It’s part of my therapy,” he deadpanned.

“Oh I’m sure,” Jen said with a laugh. She took a few hits along with Joe and soon they were both high.

After the movie Jen said “Ready for your massage treatment?”

“You don’t have to,” Joe said looking embarrassed.

“I want to, and I promised Willow,” Jen insisted. She pointed to the guest room and in a playful stern motherly voice said “Go get ready mister.”

“Are you ready?” Jen said through the door a few minutes later. When Joe said yes she walked in. He’d taken his shirt off but still had his jeans on. “Really Joe?” she scolded playfully. “Everything off mister.”

Jen turned her back. Joe took off his jeans and shorts, then got face down on the bed, pulling a white sheet over him. He was completely naked under the sheet.

“Better,” Jen said after turning around. She pulled the sheet to his waist, revealing his back. She poured oil on her hands and began his massage, kneading his shoulders and neck and moving down his back.

Joe grunted in surprise at the pressure. “Too hard?” Jen asked.

“Uh no, it’s fine,” Joe said. Actually the pressure WAS too hard but he didn’t want to look like a wimp in front of his sister-in-law. He was surprised by her strength. She was so slim and petite. On the other hand, he knew she studied dance and worked out all the time. No wonder she always looked so firm and toned. She was way stronger than she looked, and he grunted again as she dug her fingertips and knuckles into his shoulders and back.

Jen heard Joe grunt again and she eased off the pressure, going from deep tissue to more of a Swedish massage. Rather than isolating and kneading individual muscles, she began long medium hard strokes of her thumb and finger tips across his shoulders and down his back. She knew her adjustments were correct as Joe’s grunts turned to sighs.

Jen worked on Joe’s neck. She turned his head to the side and then stroked down the cords of his neck. It felt so good Joe practically moaned. She paused for a moment, turning to pour more oil on her palms. As she did Joe opened his eyes. Her ass was just a few inches from his face. The stretchy yoga pants looked airbrushed on her perfect tight cheeks. He snapped his eyes shut, willing himself not to get a boner. God that would be too embarrassing!

Jen finished with his back. She pulled the sheet back up until it covered his shoulders. Then she moved down the table. She pulled the sheet from his toes to just below his ass, exposing his legs completely. She worked on his calves, stroking up and down the long muscles.

Jen was impressed kaçak casino by Joe’s musculature. He certainly wasn’t a body builder, but he had a nice body, lean and hard. His back was the classic V and he had firm shoulders and neck. His legs were particularly impressive, his calves were like steel. But then, she knew Joe did a lot of biking and running.

“Um, can you loosen your legs a little?” Jen asked as she began working on his thighs. Joe complied by opening his legs a little. He felt his sister-in-law’s fingers run up and down his thighs. She started from his knees and stroked all the way up to just below his ass. Each time she neared his ass Joe knew Jen’s fingertips were almost touching his cock. For a moment he fantasized about his sister-in-law’s hands continuing their upward journey and then stroking his shaft. Then he immediately forced those thoughts from his head, he did NOT want to get an erection!

Jen moved down to Joe’s feet. With her thumbs she stroked down the arch. She smiled when she heard Joe moan. Everyone loved their feet massaged!

After about a half hour, Jen held the sheet up like a privacy screen and said “Turn over Joe.

Joe nervously turned over onto his back. If he got hard now Jen would be able to see. He concentrated on thinking about baseball stats and cleaning stinking fish, anything other than sexual thoughts for his beautiful sister-in-law.

Jen put the sheet over Joe, covering him from his neck to his toes. She moved to his head and worked on his neck and shoulders again. She saw he was half hard. She didn’t think anything of it. All guys got a little hard during a massage if the masseuse was a girl (no matter what the girl looked like), it was inevitable. However, she knew Joe was probably feeling uncomfortable about it. She got a warm partially moist towel. She folded it into a rectangle and put it over Joe’s eyes. This was a masseuse trick, to give the client a feeling of privacy. Then she went back to work on his head, neck and shoulders.

Joe felt better when Jen put the towel over his eyes. It made him feel detached from his body, giving him the feeling he wasn’t responsible for what his body did, how his body reacted to the massage. Under the towel he closed his eyes and relaxed, enjoying what Jen was doing to him.

Jen snaked her hands and arms under Joe’s back. Then she slowly pulled her arms out, applying upward pressure with her fingertips across the muscles of Joe’s back. Jen knew she’d found a technique Joe liked when he moaned, and did it a few more times.

Each time Jen snaked her arms under Joe’s back, her bust pressed against his head. A couple of times, focusing on different muscle groups, her bust pressed against Joe’s cheek. Being ultra-aware of any serendipitous touches of Jen’s body, Joe could feel the edges of Jen’s bra pressing against his cheek. He felt his cock stir.

Jen saw Joe’s penis twitch under the sheet but didn’t say anything of course. Being who she was she couldn’t help smiling inside. She loved flirting, she loved guys responding to her. She’d had a flirtation thing going on with Joe for years. Of course this was different, this was therapy. That thought reminded her of Joe’s condition. She pushed flirting out of her mind and concentrated on the massage.

She moved to Joe’s side and worked on his chest. She stroked across his chest, working on his pecs (which by the way were really nice; not granite hard like Scott or Ricky but definitely well defined). She leaned into the side of the bed as she stroked across Joe’s chest. Jen noticed Joe slide his hand over. It was just an inch or two and he did it subtlety, like it was unintentional.

But Jen knew what Joe was doing. Male clients did it all the time. It was a way for them to touch her. Now when she leaned over she’d be touching his hand instead of the bed. All she had to do was shift a little and she’d be out of range of his hand.

Back when she was working at the St. Regis spa, sometimes she’d let the client have his fun and touch her a little. It was harmless and if the client got a little thrill out of it he might give her a bigger tip (she and Mike needed the money back then, being young and just starting out in New York City). Older men with wedding rings were best for that. They were rich (they mostly had to be, it was the St. Regis after all!) and probably married forever, so touching a pretty young masseuse was probably a big thrill for them. She never told Mike about doing this. It was kinda like being a prostitute, using her body to get bigger tips, and it embarrassed her. It kinda thrilled her too though.

Jen inwardly shrugged. She continued to stroke across Joe’s chest. She didn’t shift position so when she leaned over her body pressed against his hand. In fact, his hand was pressing below her belly button just above her pussy. If he wanted a little thrill she’d give it to him.

Shivers of excitement ran through Joe as he felt Jen press against his hand. He shifted his eyes under the towel so he could see where his hand was touching. He was practically cupping her pussy!

He couldn’t stop it now, his cock got fully hard, his erection tenting the sheet.

“Sorry,” he said embarrassed.

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