Cousin Brenda

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Jim looked out the window and briefly lost focus on the conversation in the room. His parents were deeply involved in a conversation with his aunt and uncle and seemed to not even notice his presence. One glance at his cousin Brenda confirmed she looked as bored as him.

His relatives had arrived a few days earlier and would be staying through the weekend. His aunt and uncle lived on the other side of the country, so they only saw each other maybe once every year or two. They seemed like nice enough people but as an 18-year-old guy Mike wasn’t nearly as interested in hanging out with relatives as he was in hanging out with his friends.

Besides, they didn’t pay much attention to Jim, as they were usually busy catching up with Jim’s parents. Apparently, while growing up they had been very close friends and so would stay up late into the night during these visits reminiscing and catching up. In any case, he didn’t necessarily feel that close to his aunt and uncle.

His cousin was a year older than him, so they were usually left to entertain each other and their parents’ assumed they would become fast friends. When they first arrived Brenda really caught his eye. She had clearly grown up quite a bit since he had last seen her.

Before she had always been quiet and reserved and a little mousy in her looks. Not anymore. She carried herself with a “bad girl” look and attitude that Jim found rather appealing. She had also become better looking than Jim remembered. In short, he thought she was pretty hot.

Her brown hair was straight and stopped just at her shoulders. She wore perhaps just a bit too much make up, and Jim’s mom repeatedly complained that it made her look “trampy”. She hadn’t been dressing provocatively at all during the visit, but it was still more than enough to get Jim’s interest. The glimpses he had seen of her ass under her jeans or the way her T-shirts would outline her tits were enough to drive him wild with lust.

Jim figured that at least her visit would provide some eye candy and definitely some fuel for his masturbation sessions, and he initially hoped that maybe this time they would start to become close. Much to his disappointment, she stayed aloof and seemed to be pretty bored with him and the whole visit so far.

He had tried taking her out with some of his friends a couple of times but she didn’t seem all that interested. While she was in the bathroom at the restaurant his friends teased Jim about being “kissing” cousins. They commented how hot Brenda was and how they wouldn’t mind having her over at their house. Jim knew it was little perverted, but he wished Brenda was interested in him enough for them to become kissing cousins. Instead, she seemed like she’d rather be anywhere but with him.

“Jim, are you listening?” he heard his mom ask.

“Sorry,” he answered before she recapped the plan for the coming weekend. Everyone but Jim would be driving down to a rental house on a nearby lake. Jim had to work Thursday evening and so would leave straight from there and meet up with the others. He had gotten Friday off and so they would all stay together until Sunday when his relatives would leave for home.

As he drove down by himself after working late Thursday night part of him wondered why he was bothering. He knew his parents and his aunt and uncle would mostly ignore him and so he’d be left to entertain Brenda. However, with Brenda’s lack of interest and seeming lack of enjoyment of his company he wondered why he should bother.

His family had rented this house before so Jim easily found it despite it being so late and dark. As he pulled into the driveway he noticed a small light or glow in the yard beside the house. He slowly walked through the pitch black toward the light until his eyes adjusted and he could see better.

Because of the way the homes sat, this part of the yard was very secluded. Their house had its garage along this side, as did the neighbor’s house. Even though there were windows facing this yard they all came from garages so there was little chance of being seen by someone inside either house. The road was almost always deserted so there was no danger of cars and the big lake meant there was no danger of being seen from the other direction.

In short, it was a great place to go for privacy. That was apparently exactly why Brenda picked it to sneak a smoke. “Hi,” Jim said quietly when he recognized her and fact that the glow he saw was her burning cigarette.

“Hey,” she replied, “I suppose you’re going to bust me now.”

“No,” Jim said, “it’s not my business. Your secret is safe with me.”

Brenda seemed to relax some and, after standing silently together for a while, they started to chat. It was by far the longest and most interesting conversation they had ever had. They stayed out there for nearly an hour and just before she went to bed she said, “You know Jim, you’re not as lame as I thought.”

It was definitely a back handed compliment canlı bahis but Jim still said thanks. Brenda then admitted that she thought he was a huge dork when she first arrived. After their nights out she said she was sure she was right.

Jim laughed and said he knew the times they had gone out had been pretty lame. As a way of explaining he offered, “Well, I guess I just didn’t quite know what to do with…” he stopped just before he said “a woman” and then finished, “…you.”

Jim had dated a few girls but none of the dates had ever been much beyond a party, a school event, or just hanging out. He wanted to do something different and “cool” for Brenda, but even as those nights happened he knew they had turned out pretty dull.

Brenda blew the last smoke from her cigarette out of the side of her mouth and smiled slyly at Jim. “So, Jim,” she asked in a teasing voice, “does that mean you’re still a virgin.” Jim was shocked at her frankness and stood just staring at her. “Come on,” she urged in a softer tone, “you can tell me.”

Jim shook his head yes still not sure why she wanted to know or why he was actually admitting it to her. All he knew was that he suddenly felt very embarrassed and ashamed. “Well, I’m out of cigs so I’m off to bed,” Brenda said. She then added, “It’s been cool talking with you.” She surprised Jim by leaning in and giving him a quick goodnight kiss on his cheek.

He watched her walk away and stood leaning against the big tree for several minutes trying to understand what just happened. At first it seemed like he and Brenda were hitting it off, but then she seemed to be mocking him about his virginity. Her kiss had left him very confused. His cock reacted strongly to her lips and her perfume but he still didn’t understand her intentions.

The next day Brenda was noticeably more cordial to him. That night they stayed up late together and went outside near the big tree in the “hidden” yard after the others went to sleep so Brenda could smoke. They again talked quietly about lots of different things.

During a lull in their conversation Brenda looked at him and said, “You know Jim, I want to thank you for the last couple of evenings here. It’s been really cool talking to you and getting to know you.” As she spoke she moved to him. When she finished she immediately met him in a kiss. Jim was shocked and stood as if frozen while her lips softly played over his.

She leaned back for a moment and said, “It’s OK to kiss me back, I don’t bite.” She again initiated a kiss and this time Jim responded. They soon were locked in a deep embrace. He knew what he was doing was wrong but as a horny 18-year-old virgin he wasn’t going to miss any opportunity, even with his cousin.

When he felt her tongue on his lips he opened his mouth and soon they were locked in a deep tongue kiss that had Jim’s cock straining in his pants. They stayed like this for a long time until Brenda spun Jim around and pressed his back against the tree. He stared in disbelief as she dropped to her knees and started to fondle his hard cock through his pants. “Hmmm, look at that,” she whispered as she started to pull down his zipper.

Jim stood frozen as she pushed his pants and boxers to his knees and stared at his hard cock. “Very nice,” Brenda whispered softly just before she opened her mouth and took his cock between her lips.

“Oh fuck,” Jim gasped as Brenda began licking and sucking him. He was so excited and pent up that he immediately knew he would cum quickly. Ordinarily he jerked off one or two times daily to keep his lust in check, but with the “family trip” he hadn’t jerked off in over three days, an absolute eternity for him.

He fought for control but he started cumming quickly in spite of himself. He moaned and didn’t even have time to warn Brenda, something he heard he should do. If Brenda was upset by his “surprise” she made no indication as she took the first two heavy, forceful jets in her mouth. After that she let him pop out of her mouth and skillfully stroked him as he shot a huge amount of cum onto the grass between them.

He stared at her expecting her to spit out his cum, something his friends said all their girlfriends did, but instead watched as she swallowed and smiled devilishly at him. “There,” she said releasing his cock, “consider that my apology for being such a bitch before. Don’t forget to clean yourself up before you come in. Goodnight.”

With that she gave him a quick kiss on the lips and disappeared into the house leaving him leaning against the tree with his cock exposed and his pants around his ankles.

When he made it back to his room it took him a long time to finally fall asleep as the memories of Brenda’s sweet mouth played in his mind. Why had she done that? Should he have stopped her? He knew that even if he had wanted to stop her there was no way his lust and desire would have allowed it. When he did finally drift off he dreamt of fucking his cousin.

The next day bahis siteleri dawned hot and humid. A little while before lunch his parents started talking with his aunt and uncle about going out. They were going shopping for crafts and antiques and other things that any 18-year-old would have found dreadfully dull. Jim was excited and relieved when his mom said, “Why don’t you take Brenda and go down to Holiday Park?”

Jim couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of that himself. Holiday Park was a small amusement park next to the lake not too far away from the house they were renting. It had the usual rides and games in addition to a big swimming area in the lake.

Jim’s mom told Brenda about Holiday Park and Jim and Brenda both quickly agreed that it sounded fun. “It will be the perfect place for you two to cool off today,” his mom added.

Jim and Brenda quickly went to their rooms and got changed. Jim put on his swimsuit with a T-shirt and gathered up some towels. When Brenda appeared she had on the same shorts and T-shirt as before. They left right away.

On the drive to Holiday Park Jim and Brenda talked some and listened to the radio. After finding a parking spot they paid and walked around the park. Brenda was friendly to Jim, but otherwise seemed completely unaffected by the previous night. Jim, on the other hand, couldn’t stop thinking about her sucking his cock. He found himself staring at her often and standing close to her whenever he could. Brenda seemed aware of Jim’s interest but it seemed like it only amused her.

Finally, when the afternoon had really begun to heat up and after they ate a light lunch, Jim and Brenda made their way to the large swimming area. The area featured a beach that by now was a sea of towels and bodies. They found a small empty spot and dropped their bag with their towels. Jim pulled off his shirt and kicked off his sandals while his eyes never left Brenda. He couldn’t wait to see what she had on under her shirt and shorts.

He wasn’t disappointed when Brenda pulled off her top and turned to Jim flashing him a wide smile. “You like it?” she asked motioning to the thin band of pink and black fabric that covered her tits. “I just bought it,” she added. All Jim could do was nod and stare in lust.

The top wrapped around her once and didn’t have any straps or ties going up over her shoulders or neck. Her tits seemed much larger than Jim ever imagined. They had a beautiful, round shape that Jim tried to memorize as he openly and lustfully stared at his cousin. The part of her top that most caught his eye was a V shaped notch between her tits. In the notch he could see the teasing skin at the base of the cleavage between her tits in addition to the supple curves of her inner breasts.

Brenda let him gaze at her for a while before she slipped off her shorts and watched with an amused expression as Jim’s stare quickly moved lower. “Come on,” she said in mock frustration as she took his hand and led him into the crowded water. She looked over her shoulder and added in a quieter tone, “People are going to think we’re perverts.”

They swam and relaxed in the water for a long while as more and more people crowded into the swimming area. Soon it was almost impossible for them to stay where they were due to the mass of kids and adults walking around in the moderately deep water.

They swam out to the deeper water where less people were and stayed there for a while. At a hair over 6’4″ Jim could stand on the bottom and have the water come up to just below his chin. Brenda, however, being almost a foot shorter than him had to tread water or float. After a little while more she complained of getting tired but said she didn’t want to leave the water or fight all the people in the shallower water.

She acted like she was deep in thought for a moment before she said, “I know,” and disappeared under the water. The next thing Jim knew he could feel her touch under the water. Suddenly she emerged from the water directly in front of him and wrapped her arms around his neck at the same time she wrapped her legs around his waist. “I’ll just hitch a ride,” she smiled.

Jim wrapped his arms around her lower back and could immediately feel his cock growing in his swimsuit. He stared at her face, now only inches away from his own, and was very aware of their mostly naked bodies pressing together.

“So, what do you think we should do now?” she coyly asked. For a moment neither moved and then they fell into a deep kiss. Brenda’s tongue almost immediately entered Jim’s mouth and soon their tongues were slowly and lavishly dancing together.

It wasn’t completely uncommon for young couples to kiss and make out in the water. Usually the lifeguards would ask them to stop if they got too obvious, but today there was such a crowd that nobody seemed to notice them as they continued kissing. Jim wouldn’t have cared if everyone there had been staring and eagerly continued kissing his cousin.

After many bahis şirketleri more long minutes of kissing, Brenda started rubbing her pussy back and forth against his hard cock. His cock had already been rock hard and with this additional teasing he thought he might burst. He moaned from deep in his throat. She parted their kiss and moved her mouth close to his ear. He felt her hand snaking its way down his chest as she whispered, “Let me help with that.”

With surprising ease Brenda slipped her fingers inside his suit, found the knot, and pulled it open. She slipped back under the water and disappeared from sight for a few moments. While underwater she grasped the sides of Jim’s suit and pulled it down until it was around his knees.

She pushed away from him for a moment and the next thing Jim knew she reappeared in front of him. “Hold these for me,” she said as she pushed something into his submerged hand. She resumed her previous position with her arms and legs around him and Jim immediately realized the thing she had put in his hand was her bikini bottom.

His cock brushed against the course hair around her pussy briefly before she shifted her position and guided the tip of his cock toward her pussy lips. He let out a low groan in anticipation as she held still just short of fucking him. “Do you want this?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes,” Jim gasped.

With that she lowered herself on him letting his full length slide inside her. For a little while Brenda didn’t move and Jim marveled at how amazing it felt inside her. “Look around,” Brenda said, “they have no idea you’re fucking your cousin right now.”

Jim looked all around somewhat surprised that nobody realized what was happening. There really wasn’t much for anyone to see, however, as they merely appeared to be two young kids hugging and kissing. The water in the lake was dirty enough that there was no chance anyone would be able to look through the water and see what they were doing.

Jim was still looking around when Brenda began rocking her hips and started to truly fuck him. The water gave her a weightless sort of feel that almost made it seem like she was floating over him as they fucked.

He slipped his hands under her bare ass and caressed her as she glided up and down. From that point everything blurred for Jim. All of his senses were overcome with the incredible sensation of their fuck and from her hot body rubbing against his. She stared at him with an expression that perfectly conveyed her lust to Jim but wouldn’t look odd or out of place to any bystanders.

Jim tried to hold out as long as he could, but before he could stop himself he started cumming. He groaned and, for the first time, felt his cum shooting into a waiting pussy. Brenda hummed happily as she continued riding him and working out the last of his cum.

When he was spent she stopped fucking him and they again kissed. The kiss lingered for a long while before Brenda took her bikini bottoms from him and said, “Get dressed. I don’t want to get a sunburn out here.”

Jim immediately did as she requested and eagerly followed her as they made their way back to their bag. Neither bothered to dress or dry off. They only slipped on their sandals before leaving the swimming area and going back to the car. They held hands as they walked and Jim experienced a combined feeling of lust and satisfaction he had never known.

As they pulled out of the parking lot Jim asked, “What now?”

“Didn’t our parents say they’d be out all afternoon?” Brenda asked.

Jim remembered them saying that and smiled, as he understood what Brenda was suggesting. He headed back to the house and immediately gasped when he felt her hand on his crotch. He looked over at her in surprise as she teased, “Eyes on the road, mister.”

He tried to concentrate on driving but it was harder and harder the more they drove. At first Brenda only rubbed him through his suit but about halfway there she leaned over and began to very teasingly kiss and lick his thigh. Jim groaned in intense lust and frustration that he had to drive as she continued her wicked teasing.

At the house Jim brought the car to a sudden stop and they both immediately got out and hurriedly went inside. They went toward the bedroom but Brenda surprised Jim when she stopped at the refrigerator. “I’m just so hot,” she said, “I need something to cool me off.” She filled a big glass with ice and some water before they completed their trip to the bedroom.

She set the glass down on a small table beside the bed and they met in a wild, hungry kiss. Jim eagerly fondled her back and ass as she did the same to him. Soon they had both stripped naked and Jim started exploring her tits.

They crawled on the bed and she leaned back against the headboard. Mike leaned over and began hungrily kissing and sucking at her tits. He wasn’t sure of what to do so he tried a little bit of everything. He kissed, nibbled, fondled, and licked all over her tits and nipples trying to burn the memories and sensations into his mind.

After a while she reached for the glass of ice and pulled out a cube. He paused from his teasing and watched, curious to see what she would do.

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