Creative Juices Ch. 03

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Before we got on with the story, I’d first like to thank all of you for the feedback. It means a lot that you like my stories.. I know it’s been a while, but other things and ideas for other stories have kept me busy.. This chapter was a little more tricky than the first two (you’ll see why), but I still enjoy myself thoroughly when I write, so there will be new submissions in the future.. I can’t say what will happen, or to whom, but I hope you will enjoy it..

Oh, and in case it needs to be said, everyone in the story is 18 years or older.

Lovers are always happier than haters… kisses /Anna


“It WAS you daddy!” Anna said, her face in shock. George swallowed hard, thinking the jig was up. He figured he’d be lucky to get away with jail time. He knew there was no way out of this, so he looked at her as calm as he could, given the situation, and said “how did you know sweetie?” trying to hide his shame.

Anna smiled. She liked it when mommy and daddy asked her questions and she had to use her logic and reason to come to the right conclusion. “Well it had to be”, she said. “Earlier, I told you about helping mister Ericsen? You know… Steven… And you didn’t ask me what the secret was..”

“As for my second clue,” Anna said positively beaming and feeling like mister Poirot or Agatha Christie, unveiling a great mystery. “I just realized why you didn’t join us.. You didn’t want me and mister Ericsen, you know Steven? to know that you knew that i knew the secret..”

George sat there dumb founded. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and he wondered what was happening here. George didn’t hear any blaring sirens, and as he looked into Annas wonderfully innocent eyes he didn’t even see a hint of anger. “Well,” he thought “I might as well admit it and get this load of my chest… Speaking of loads and chests…”

George shook shook his head as the dirtier parts of his mind started to wander, but then he looked at Anna again and nodded.

“You’re correct,” he said barely with a whisper and held his breath waiting for how Anna would react.

Anna sat still looking at her father for a moment, and she didn’t really know how to react to this revelation. “B-but… But why… Why didn’t you come in daddy? Wouldn’t two decorators be better than one? I could have sucked your juices too, daddy” Anna said, blushing as she realized she found that idea exciting in a way she hadn’t felt before.

George almost moaned at the thought of his busty daughter taking his cock down her throat. He suppressed his moan, though he knew without looking that he fared worse in supressing the hard on that was now forming a sizeable buldge in his pants. Their eyes met and George fought desperately to come up with an excuse. He knew he was treading in dangerous territory. Tell her the truth? No, there was no way he could. He knew it would shatter everything Anna knew, and kill whatever selfworth she had. He opened his mouth, not knowing what to say, when Anna interrupted his thoughts.

“Is it because of mommy?” Anna asked.

George sat there stunned, looking at his beautiful daughter with gaping mouth. Anna saw the look on his face and giggled. She loved how she sometimes stunned people with her, as she saw it, flawless line of reasoning. Before George could even begin to formulate a response Anna placed a finger over his lips, shushing him.

“You see daddy,” Anna began thinking someone should write a crime-novel with her as the brilliant detective. “Mommy told me you decorated the house before I was born, so I was thinking.. Maybe she forgot, or maybe didn’t even knew the trade secret.”

The paternal side of Georges brain told him to get up and tell her that there was no secret, that the whole thing was a ruse, used by her shitty boyfriend to get her to blow him. The other side of Georges brain told him to go ahead. “Do it.. Go on, tell her her boyfriend lied to her, your co-worker lied to her..”

The battle raging in Georges brain was over when another thought entered his mind. “You watched your daughter suck your co-workers cock. Explain that to her.”

George looked deeply into Annas eyes, not knowing what to say to her, when she suddenly looked down. There was no mistaking where she was looking.

“Cause, you know daddy,” Anna said moving a hand right next to his formidable buldge. “I know the secret. If you miss decorating, I wanna help you daddy.”

For a long time after that evening, george would tell himself he was just humouring her dilussions, keeping the truth from her to spare her innocence. At the same time her also knew there was something else, and for a long time he could think back to that first moment when he saw his daughter give his friend and co-worker the blow job of a lifetime. He would remember thinking “I’m going to burn for this” as he looked at Anna and swallowed hard. His own daughter had just offered to suck his cock, and he knew there was casino siteleri no way he was going to refuse.

“You know, sweetie” he said in a throaty voice. “Mommy can’t know about this.”

Their eyes met as Annas hand moved over his buldge. Anna didn’t know if she was doing it right, but the look on daddys face reminded her of mister Stevens and her boyfriends so she must be doing something right, she thought as her fingers moved to the waistband holding Georges pants up.

“The secret is safe with me,” she said smiling. “I like the trade secret daddy.”

George didn’t know what to say. Though he realized he didn’t need to say anything. Instead he held Annas hand still and looked into her eyes, shining with excitement, as he slowly stood up in front of her. She wanted to suck his cock, that much was clear.

Anna could barely contain herself as she ever so slowly started to tug at her fathers pants. She couldn’t quite put her finger on why, but she had definately had a tingling sensation when she had helped mister Eriksen earlier. Now that she got the opportunity to help daddy she wondered if it would feel the same. If it was somehow related to taking his… what word had daddy used? Penis?

If it didn’t work she would have to recreate the scene in her mind again, to find out what else it could have been.

“Truly a mystery worthy of the greatest detective,” she thought to herself, but she was soon brutally brought back to the present as Georges hard cock sprang out of its captivity and accidentally smacked her in the face. That strange tingling feeling began to spread through her body. She didn’t understand it, why it was there or why it seemed to be focused between her legs.

She cocluded however that it had something to do with the fact that she was looking at a mans penis once again. She enjoyed the sensation just as she had with mister Eriksen, and she was glad the sensation was back.

Anna wrapped her hand around the base of the cock pointing at her. She couldn’t quite reach her fingers around it, so she used both hands to be sure. She then leaned forward and gave the tip a gentle kiss. It was daddy after all, so it felt appropriate.

George looked down and saw the amazement in her eyes as she looked at his throbbing cock. When she wrapped her small hands around it, he couldn’t help but let out a low moan. When she gave the tip a kiss and then opened her mouth as wide as he could, the last remnants of paternal resistance caved. Smiling and stroking her hair gently he knew however that he would need to have a talk with Annas boyfriend and Steven. How he’d broach the subject was a problem for another time however.

Anna moved her head closer and took the first few centimeters between her lips. Daddys penis felt so big in her mouth, and she was stunned by how much of the shafy was still outside her mouth when she suddenly felt the tip hit the back of her mouth. What suprised her even more was that the tingling feeling between her legs had increased tenfold and had now spread to her breasts. Without understanding why, she pulled the t-shirt she had changed into earlier, up over her breasts and cupped them, gently pinching her nipples. All she knew was that it felt amazing.

George groaned in pleasure when he saw Anna pull her shirt up and reveal her sexy big breasts. He saw her pinch her nipples, and realized for he first time that Anna really did enjoy sucking his cock. His sweet, innocent, sexy young daughter really was enjoying herself. He was at a loss as to how to react to this realization, but all those thoughts became secondary as he suddenly felt Anna press herself closer, forcing more of his cock in her mouth.

Anna heard George grunt and thought he was coming close to shooting. Just as mister Eriksen had groaned. She remembered what he had said about taking the juices in her mouth, and she wanted daddy to be proud of her intimate knowledge about the trade secret, so she did as Steven had told her earlier that evening and pressed her head further forward.

Anna felt the tip of the cock presssing against the back of her head, and instinctively took a deep breath and ever so slowly pushed forward.

She realized what she felt was daddys penis forcing itself down her throat and as she did the tingling sensation between her legs became a throbbing. She wanted to moan, but her sounds were muted by the giant thing slowly filling her more and more.

“I can’t believe it,” she thought. “Daddys penis is choking me and the more I take, the more I want”. Out of instinct she grabbed Georges hips as she felt the cock filling her esophagus, and for some reason she couldn’t understand, she desperately wanted to feel his creative juices shoot down into her belly.

George couldn’t believe what was happening as he felt Annas throat muscles squeezing his cock, the sensation better than anything before. He closed his eyes, and he didn’t dare look down. He knew that canlı casino if he looked down the vision would be too much for him, and he’d cum for sure.

Suddenly he felt something bump against his pelvic area and looked down. It had been Annas nose. She had taken every centimeter of his cock down her tiny throat. As the realization hit him, another sensation made itself felt. George knew all too well.

“Oh yeah, suck my cock. I’m gonna cum!” he blurted out. He saw Anna look up at him with a slight confusion in her eyes. “I mean my creative juices, sweetie… Take them for daddy,” he said correcting himself, clearing his throat hoping he hadn’t just blown everything in a moment of weakness.

Anna was feeling light headed. Every instinct in her body told her she needed air, and the way to get that was to pull back, and let daddys penis out, so she could breathe. She started pulling back, until the tip was barely in her throat any more and she looked up and met Georges eyes.

The throbbing between her legs and the happiness she saw in her fathers eyes overcame the burning sensation in her lungs, and she thrust forward again, impaling herself.

Seeing his daughter fuck her own throat on his cock was enough to send George over the edge. Afterwards he would still have difficulty putting words to how amazing it felt as his cock started shooting his cum straight down her throat, and his knees were close to giving way.

Anna held on, keeping daddys penis down her throat for as long as she dared, hoping she would get all his juices, before reluctantly pulling out. She felt a moment of sadness as she suddenly felt empty in a way she never had before. The feeling lasted only a moment as her lungs took advantage of the situation and made her take deep breaths, allowing her body to function as normal again.

Except everything wasn’t as normal. The throbbing between her legs had lost none of its intensity, and she longed for daddys penis to be inside her again. No. It wasn’t a penis. What was that word daddy had used? That’s right, cock. Daddys cock. That word felt much better in Annas mind. That was the word she wanted to use.

“Daddy,” she said shyly not really sure what was going to happen now. Her boyfriend and mister Eriksen had both always left after she had suked out their juices. This time felt different though.

“Yes, sweetie?” George answered looking down at her, slowly coming down from the high from getting the best blowjob he’d ever gotten.

Did you enjoy it when I sucked the creative juices from your… cock?” Anna asked and smiled as she tried out the new word for the first time. Somehow it felt like the right word for what it was.

George imstantly sobered up and looked her deep in the eye. Had she really said “cock”? What had happened? Oh right, george realized, he had used that word just before he came. As he looked into Annas eyes he saw something else he hadn’t seen before.

There was a lust in her eyes, and not the childish lust that comes from, say wanting a new toy or maybe being allowed to stay up late. This was the kind of lust George had seen in quite a few women as they had begged him to fuck them. This was raw, sexual lust. And it was emanating from his daughter.

George didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t just say it was the throat fuck of a lifetime. Instead he leaned forward slightly and lovingly stroked her cheeks and nodded. “It felt amazing, sweetie,” he eventually said and it seemed to please Anna immensly. He not so much sat down as he fell down into the couch. As the orgasmic gliss began to fade, he suddenly felt very insecure. What was he supposed to do now? What had her boyfriend and Steven saaid to her afterwards?

He didn’t have to worry for long though as Anna soon sat down next to him, her T-shirt still pulled up over her breasts, and George swallowed hard as he looked at her stiff nipples. “Daddy? Do women have creative juices too?” she asked, suddenly feeling nervous about what she wanted to ask of her father.

“Sure sweetie,” George said wondering silently where she was going with this. “Women cum too.. Eeehh, I mean, yes women can shoot their creative juices too, sweetie”, George hastened to add, hoping Anna would drop the subject before he put his foot too far in his mouth.

That was the second time daddy used that word, Anna thought to herself. Cum. It sounded so… so… adult somehow.

“I have a favor to ask you daddy,” Anna asked, and George senaed where this was going. With that realization came also the realization that there was no way he would be able to say no to her. Some distant part of his brain tried to tell him that he was rationalizing, but he had already convinced himself that if his beloved Anna was to learn about physical pleasure, who better to teach her than someone who loved her, and who she trusted to keep her safe. “Anything you want princess,” he eventually managed.

Anna took one kaçak casino last look at Georges cock, coated in her saliva. She didn’t know if it was normal for a cock to stay upright after a man had shot his juices. No wait, after he had cum, she silently corrected herself and smiled, without understanding why.

“You see daddy,” she said slowly gaining he confidence needed. “I wanna know what it’s like to… you know… cum,” she continued and put her hand on Georges thigh.

In Georges mind he saw Anna laying naked, her beautiful breasts heaving as she came, and he was barely able to conjure that mental image before he nodded trying to hide his excitement. He looked her deep in the eye, and gently caressed her cheek as he whispered “anything for you, my princess. Lay down on your back, and daddy will teach you.”

Annas let her upper body fall backwards on the couch and then lay her legs in Georges lap. She felt a little nervous as she didn’t know what to expect. The tingling feeling between her legs was back with a vengeance however and it told her that daddy had seemed to enjoy it when she sucked out his creative juices, so it seemed likely that she would as well. She knew though that she didn’t have a penis like daddy so how would he suck it out? No, wait. Penis was the wrong word. Cock. Daddy had a cock. And she had loved having it inside her. Just thinking about it made the tingling feeling spread and as she looked down she saw her nipples stiffen, just as they had earlier, and again she couldn’t resist pinching them.

George laid down between Annas legs and looked at the vision of beauty and raw sex appeal in front of him. He noticed Anna seemed a little nervous, but he concluded that she must have overcome her nerves as he suddenly saw her starting to play with her own breasts. And what luscious breasts they were, sitting there on her chest. So big for someone with her body, so perfectly shaped and inviting. Had it been anyone but her, he would lay down on top of her and suck those marcellous nipples.

But it wasn’t anyone else. This was his daughter. His beloved Anna, who he’d sang to when she was an infant, whos bruises he’d kissed to make better. As George lay there caressing the inside of Annas thigh he realized what had started as an act of self-gratification and lust was now an act of pure love. George wanted nothing but to teach his daughter the levels of pleasure a woman could experience. Everything else other than her complete satisfaction, became a secondary concern, and George leaned down and gave the inside of Annas thigh a tender kiss.

Anna saw the happy smile on Georges lips as their eyes met. This felt like the best day ever. She had learned so much. She almost giggled as Georges head disappeared from her field over vision, and she found herself looking down at her breasts. She had never thought much about her breasts. Sure, she had noticed they were bigger than most womens breasts that she had seen, but she had no idea it could feel so good to touch them. She suddenly felt daddys kiss on her thigh and she moaned, and without even realizing it, she pinched her nipples hard moaning again. The tingling feeling, which had turned into a wonderful throbbing feeling now turned into a thunderstorm of pleasure as she felt her daddy slowly moving his kisses up the inside of her thigh.

George was so pre-occupied with the softness of Annas skin, that he wasn’t ready for when he suddenly found himself inches from her pussy, positively dripping with an aching urge to be kissed and licked. He took a big whiff, and then licked along the lips. She smelled so good. Granted, his wifes beliefs had made sure Georges experiences with oral sex were limited, but this smelled amazing.

He drew his tongue along the pussy lips, eliciting a loud moan and he could feel Annas body starting to vibrate. He then spread the lips and pressed his tongue flat against her pussy and ever so slowly drew his tongue all along the opening. As he looked down and saw her clit he couldn’t help himself and gently took it between his lips and sucked.

As soon as she felt daddys tongue on her pussy lips, Anna felt body starting to shake from the intense feelin spreading throughout her body. For some reason she wondered wether this was anything like the sensation that had been so obvious on daddy earlier. She felt her body starting to shake and for a brief moment Anna became scared, but reminded herself to trust daddy. Love daddy. Cock. Daddys cock. Trust daddy. Trust daddys cock. Love daddys cock.

The thought became a mantra in Annas mind as the wonderful pleasure overwhelmed her. She mauled her own breasts, caressing them, pinching and pulling on her nipples and her moans rose in pitch and when Georges mouth met her clit, Annas utterings were a high-pitched squeal. If daddys mouth between her legs were the source of her pleasure, she never wanted him to stop, and she reached down and put her hand behind his head, holding him close.

It didn’t take long before a thought came into Annas mind, unbidden and surprising, but it was so strong it pushed everything else aside. She didn’t understand it. Alla she knew was that she would explode if she didn’t let it out.

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