Crossing a Line

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After a long day I’m looking forward to a relaxing evening. Deciding to take a show I get undress and feel the warm water melt the stress away. I run my hands over my body reaching my breast I happy gravity has left my C-cups alone so far. Rubbing my nipples ever so slightly. I start thinking about how long it has been since I’ve had a man, any man. As my mind continues to wonder my hand reaches down between my legs. Across my smooth pussy. As I start to relax I slide a finger in my pussy and play for just a moment.

Suddenly the bathroom door opens and my son step in. “Sorry Mom” he says “I just need to pee quick” as he walks in. Before I can respond he has his dick out the stream of pee flowing.

Pulling my hand away I’m shocked and horrified by this, but yet I cannot look away. He stands there shirtless with only a pair of sweatpants on. I would not say he is a jock or anything but he does play basketball with his friends a few times a week.

Feeling guilty I then look at his dick. As I start to start at his dick I start thinking he is not my little boy any more but a young man. I find my hand reaching almost on its own for my pussy. As I’m about to speak he finishes up he flushes sending a blast of cold water in the shower and heads for the door. The chill runs through me, turning my nipples rock hard, but my lust does not fade.

As the show warms back up I think how could I be turned on he is my son. But then he is 18 the dirty part of my mind chimes in. Again I try to shake the dirty thoughts away to no effect. When I get an idea, he is my son and he did a bad thing. So any Mother would understand he needs to be punished. If punishing him gave me some pleasure so what. As long as things do not go too far it is ok I justify to myself.

Stepping out of the shower I dry off and slip on my robe and head for his room. Planning out how I can punish him and have just a little fun. As I walk over to his bedroom door I notice it is slightly open. I peek in and see that he is talking to one of his friends on his phone, telling them that he just saw me naked in the shower.

That bastard I think he did all this on purpose just to see me naked. My plans forgotten I’m ready to just yell and scream at him. But then that dirty part of my mind chimes in again. Wait just a minute, this makes this even better. He wants you, go for it get your thrill. As I go back into thinking about this should I do it, or should I just walk away. I listen to his side of the conversation.

“I total did it.” I hear him say “I just walked in the bathroom while she was in the shower.”

“Well I peed.” he responds to a question from his friend. It sounded like his friend did not believe him from the exchange. “I totally did it…I did…I so did it…well fine if you don’t want to believe me then screw you.” He hangs up the phone, obviously frustrated that he friend did not believe him. Again my dirty mind starts to think, see his friend doesn’t even believe he would walk in on you in the shower, no one will know. Still watching through the crack in the door I see him lay back on the bed and pull his dick out of his sweats.

He slowly start to stroke it, I quietly watch from the door my eyes growing big as I look at my son’s hard cock, wondering if I should cross this line. Lost in thought I hear him moan “ohhhh Mom that feels so good.” casino siteleri Realizing that he is thinking about me as he strokes his cock makes up my mind. He is a horney young man, I can go in there and have some fun.

My mind made up I knock on the door. Still watching I see him quickly pack his hard dick back in your pants. I can’t help but smile seeing my son trying to stuff his hard dick away. If he only knew that I was watching, that I have plans. “Ok come in.” I hear, pulling me back to reality.

While no turning back now I think to myself as I open the door. I stand in the door my silk robe clinging to my body and say “You know you should not just walk in on me when I’m in the shower.”

“I know, sorry Mom” he respond, trying to hide the bulge in his pants. All the time look at me storing away the mental image for when I leave.

“I don’t think sorry is enough this time.” I say, trying to hide my excitement at the dirty thoughts I have planned “You need to be punished.” Saying that I sit down on the bed next to him. “Lay across my lap,” I tell him.

“What?” he says shocked at my request.

“I said bend over my lap.” giving him my best stern mom stare. “You were a bad boy and need to be punished. So I’m going to give you a spanking.”

His mouth drops open not sure what is going on. Using his shock I put an hand on his shoulder and put him in position. I can feel his hard dick pressing into my leg, I delay for just a moment and then. SMACK! my hand comes down across his back side. I give him another quick smack and then pull down his sweat pants, exposing his firm ass.

I give him another smack on his bare ass, this time I leave my hand on his ass rubbing it slowly. Up and down his round firm ass, my fingers then explore into his crack. Then I reach my hand down and brush his balls. “What are you doing Mom!” he asks.

“This is part of the punishment.” I tell him. Then before he can react to my statement I rim his asshole with a finger, my other hand gently squeezing his balls. Then SMACK! I give his ass a hard spank. I repeat this a few times gentle toying with his balls and ass then a smack.

After a few minutes his ass is red from the spanking I tell him I’m done and he can stand up. He reaches to pull his sweats back up but I tell him no. “You wanted to see Mommy naked, so Mommy gets to see you naked.” I state seeing him visibly aroused yet ashamed at the same time. I think to myself Ok just walk away now, this has not gone to far. But then I look at his cock rock hard point at my face just bagging to be sucked and I decide i can go a bit further.

As I untie my robe and tell him “Now for the next phase of your punishment.” opening my robe “Kneel down” I tell him. As he kneels down I spread my legs giving him a clear view of my bald pussy. He sheepishly look at my pussy, but then quickly looks away. “Look at me,” I tell him. Seeing the lust in his eyes help build my confidence in what I’m about to do. My will reinforced I ask him “Do you know how to please a woman?”

“Yes, I think so,” he responds sheepishly.

“Well you have to prove it to Mommy,” I say. placing my hand on the back of his head guiding his face towards me. He start off slowly, hesitantly, as he lick his Mommy’s pussy. But soon his hormones take over and he starts licking with a purpose. I put one canlı casino leg up on a chair giving him better access as he starts to suck on my clit. Keeping my hands on the back of his head holding him in place. He gets into a rhythm, licking faster, probing my g-spot, sucking on my clit. It’s has been such a long time since I’ve been with any man his tongue quickly has the desired effect.

As I start to moan, I get lost in the moment and start to cry out. “Keep going, harder, faster!” I command. “Lick Mommy’s pussy!” I cry out pushing his face into my pussy. I wrap my legs around him as my body starts to quiver, my orgasim building. He keeps working as I start to scream. As my orgasim passes I relase him from my grasp. I lie on his bed coming down from my bliss and he stands back up. Again I see his cock, it seems even harder now if that were even possible.

He reaches for it, grasping it in his hand. “Don’t touch yourself!” I command smacking his hand away. “Wait here. There is one more part to your punishment.” As I walk out of your room leaving him to wonder what is next.

Reaching my bedroom, i start to dig in my closet, my mind screaming stop, stop stop. You had your fun just let him stew in there. But then I find what i’m looking for, the strap-on I picked up in collage. Seeing the old toy, remembering the times I used it in the past, my dirty mind takes over.

I return to his room with my strap-on secured around my waste. “Bend over” I command. He stands there in shock, his mouth hangs open not sure how to process what is going on. I repeat myself “Bend over.”

Regain his senses he asks “What is that?” pointing to my rubber member.

Grabbing my dildo I give it a few strokes, taunting him. “This is Mommy’s cock.” I say far calmer than I feel. “And you have been a bad boy. So Mommy is going to fuck your tight ass with it.”

“But…But…But…” he stammers. Taking the initiative I bend him over the bed. Take the bottle of lube I squirt some on a his ass hole and gentle push in a finger. I hear him let out a small moan as I insert a second finger. After working the two fingers in his ass to get him ready I pull them out. Taking the lube I apply it to my strap on and I line my hard rubber member with his ass.

Gently push the dildo into his tight ass. I start slowly hearing him alternate between screams and moans. once I get it all the way in I pull it back out just as slowly. After letting him get one full pass I start to pick up speed ramming him with my synthetic dick. As he gets used to this new intruder He starts to moan. I remember that this is supposed to be punishment I give his ass a smack.

“Are you going to walk in on Mommy in the shower again” I ask giving his ass a smack.

“No” he reply’s meekly.

“Mommy can’t hear you” I say with another smack.

“NO!” He respond as his moaning. grows more intense.

“Good” I say with drawing my dildo from from his ass. He rolls over and sits up on the bed. His eyes fixed on me as I undo the strap on. Once I remove the toy I tell him “so I hope you have learned your lesson and no more walking in when Mommy is in the shower.” I turn to leave his room knowing he is going to need some time to jack off. As I walk toward the door I start to think to myself I did it. I had some fun, I taught him a lesson but I stopped before things kaçak casino went too far. But just as I reach the door I feel him grabbing my wrist.

He spins me around, I see him eyeing my naked body. His free hand stroking his hard dick. Before I can do anything he says. “Mom I’m so horny right now.”

“Ok,” I respond trying to get free from his grip. “You’re 18, I’m sure you know how to deal with that on your own.”

I keep trying to get free from his grasp when he grabs my other hand and tosses me on the bed. Grabbing both my hands he raises them above my head. I keep trying to get free but he is too strong for me. Looking down at me he says “Now Mom it is not nice to tease, you taught me that.”

As he straddles me I see an animal lust in his eyes, I realize I did go too far I crossed that line I was trying to avoid. As he climbs on top of me his hard cock approaching my mouth. “You made me this horny Mom,” he says pushing the tip of his dick against my lips. “So you are going to help me deal with it.”

As I stop struggling I think he is right. I did this. As much as I wanted to think I was holding back, not crossing some imaginary line. I started down this path, and we are reaching the only logical end. Accepting my fate I open my mouth which is quickly filled with my son’s dick.

He rams his cock down my throat with purpose. seeing that I’m not fighting him he lets go of my hands and grabs my head. He is so rough with his thrusts I start to gag on his cock. He gives me a smirk as I struggle to take him in but eventually he pull out after so I can catch my breath.

Looking down at me seeing how helpless I look, exposed to him and he asks. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“YES!” I shout at him “shove that cock in Mommy’s cunt and fuck me!” As I spread my legs he is visibly shocked to hear such dirty talk from his mother. The shock does not last long as he slides his cock into my wet hot pussy.

I cry out as his cocks slides in, a feeling i’ve not felt in far too long. He starts to fuck me with long slow strokes. Clearly he has had more practice at this than I thought, but right now I’m glad he had it as I start to moan.

As I cry out in pleasure he keep pounding my pussy, I get lost in the moment. “Yes, Yes YES!!” I shout enjoying this forbidden lust. But regaining some senses I grab his face and look him in the eyes and say “Don’t cum in me.” He nods understanding and keep thrusting.

As he reaches his limit he pulls his cock out and climbs back on top of me. Placing it in between my tits, I understand his plan and I push them together and he starts to hump. I open my mouth waiting for what comes next, It does not take long for him to climax shooting his load. I manage to catch some of his cum in my mouth but most of it lands on my chin and the top of my chest.

Spent he collapses next to me on the bed and we both lay there for a moment enjoying the good fucking we just had. As I get up notice a drop of his cum hanging off my chin, with him watching I grab it with my finger and then suck it off.

“Ok new rule,” I say knowing I have his full attention. “If you are a good boy you can fuck mommy.” Bending over I pick up the strap-on of the floor “But if you are a bad boy Mommy fucks you.”

Happy with this new rule he shakes his head yes and I head for the door. As I walk to the door I think the dirty parts of my mind taking over. I stop in the doorway holding the strap-on playing with the toy I say “and if your friend does not believe you when you tell him what happened. Well just tell him what I do to bad boys.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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