Dad’s The Man Ch. 15

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Aug. 15/09

All four of us had little smiles on our faces during breakfast the next morning. Daddy and Peggy kept looking at each other, Gina and I at them.

We were all cleaned up, me in a pair of jeans, white tank with a black bra, Gina in a sexy, mid thigh length, silk dress with a red and gold Chinese print. Peggy wore her cammie and a black skirt that I lent her, a medium length, loose fitting one I’d altered with the Singer that rode high in waist and hemline on her, fitting short and snug.

We finished and still nobody said much of anything, as though we were all playfully letting the tension of our curiosity build for fun. Once again, I checked out her hips in that skirt when she got up while Gina and I cleared the dishes.

“Aunt Peggy, you’re so hot,…” I toned, watching her walk away.

I don’t think she was prepared for that, neither the compliment or the tone in which I delivered it. She turned around with a slight flush and a smile.

“Thank you, kitten,” she replied sincerely, obviously appreciating the compliment, regardless of her initial reaction. “You really did a great job with this skirt, by the way.”

“Thanks. You have it.”

” … Really?”

“Yeah,… looks way better on you than me.”

“Thank you, I- I don’t know where I’ll wear it,” she chuckled, looking down at it again, “but I do like it on me. A little like the old days, I suppose.”

“You can wear that out,” Gina told her as we finished clearing the table. “Right, Dad?”

Peggy turned for his opinion as he hesitated.

” … It’s not like it’s that short,… it’s just that it makes you look,… heh.”

“That’s no help!” Gina complained with an adoring smile for him.

“Well, shit,” he defended, “It’s not indecent, but she looks too good in it.”

“I think you should wear it out,” I added. “Daddy said it’s not indecent, so that’s good enough.”

“See?” he asked his sister, gesturing to us with his hand. “See what it’s like?”

“Yes, they’re playing with you. Because you’re they’re big teddy bear, what do you expect?” she teased.


“You’re staying, right, Peggy?” Gina asked hopefully.

“Staying?” she asked, finally going to sit with Daddy on the couch.

“Yes, like tonight,… and tomorrow night,… maybe longer.”

“Yeah, a lot longer,” I clarified.

“Well,… I don’t know about,… Uhm, as for the weekend, I’d be happy to stay. Any longer than that would need discussion,” she said, sitting there with her knees together in propriety, looking at Daddy in actual deference.

“I definitely think you should stay the weekend,” he said. “As for longer than that, you’re right, we’ll decide that later.”

“Right,” she said, straightening the collar of his shirt with a little grin, then asking, “So what about the skirt? Do I wear it out, or just for you?”

“Oh, jeez, back to the skirt,… Okay, wear it out if you want, but I wouldn’t wear anything shorter. Or tighter.”

She winked at us and we chuckled as she gave him a kiss, then informed us uncomfortably, “Actually, uhh, if I’m going to stay, I could use a few things from home,… More clothes and,… things women need when they’re away from home.”

“I’ll take you,” Gina piped up before I could even open my mouth to make the offer myself.

Actually, I was hoping you would.”


“Yes. I’d like to have a chance to get to know you better.”

“Oh,… I’d very much like that.”

“Kitten, I see you pouting. I’ll connect with you soon, sweetie, don’t you worry. I want to make sure we’re good, you and I.”

“Yes,” I agreed, happier with this news and not having a problem with how she was taking, what I’d have to call, the ‘lead female role’ in the house. I suppose I’m just used to her being in charge when I was over at her house all those times.

They left soon after, Gina excitedly asking Peggy if she’d ever ridden in a Vette before on their way out, my aunt telling her she hadn’t almost as excitedly.

Daddy and I did up the dishes like in the old days, talking about yesterday’s events and the things she’d told us. After we were finished, he pulled my pants down and off, sat me on the table and made love to me like that until I came with sweet tears in my eyes. He erupted inside me moments later while we were kissing and, while his hot cum leaked out of miffy, all I could think was how much I love my Daddy. It was so nice.

When Peggy and Gina got back, almost three hours later, they each had a small suitcase and happy smiles. After depositing her bags in Daddy’s room, Peggy came back out, still with the skirt I’d given her, but now wearing a soft, white blouse with long sleeves and a very stylish, long collar that reached down the moderately plunging neckline.

Gina was wearing what she was before she left, however, her hair was now half up and very stylish.

“Nice, isn’t it?” Gina asked when she saw me looking.

“Yeah, it is. You look all elegant.”

“Peggy did it for me.”

Having casino oyna kissed Daddy while he sat watching colourful racecars whipping around a road course, Peggy walked up to us then and put a hand on Gina’s lower back, saying, “We had a good time. Gina is a very interesting young woman.”

“So are you,” Gina returned, a focused look in her eyes as she met my aunt’s gaze.

They both moved closer and shared a brief kiss before Peggy turned to me, catching me looking down her top at the frilly white bra her nice, full boobies now rested in.

“She does seem to have a problem with her eyesight, though.” the older woman said before looking back at Gina and explaining, “Honey, I’m forty-four, that’s hardly young.

“You look younger,” Gina countered.

“That’s just the Hale gene pool, don’t be fooled.”

“I love your boobies,” I said with a smile as I looked down her shirt again.

“And you’re so attractive,” Gina noted, looking at her all funny again, affectionately rubbing her back while I pulled her collar away from her chest for a better look. “You have that Liz Taylor quality.”

“Now you’re just shitting me.”

“Not at all. You’re as beautiful as Dad is handsome,” Gina complimented, moving closer and giving her another kiss on the lips while I undid the top button of Peggy’s blouse so I could get a better view of her assets.

“Mmm. Oh, kitten, sweetie,… she said apologetically, “I should tell you- both of you- that I uh, really don’t play with women. I mean, last night we were a little drunk and we went a little further than,… Well, kisses and hugs, and little things like that are one thing, but,… you know.”

“Didn’t you like when I was playing with your clit?” Gina asked with a coy smile, massaging the back of Peggy’s neck.

“Well,… yes, but,… that doesn’t mean,… Besides, you two do have each other.”

We were both right on top of her, horny for her and completely undaunted. Emboldened with my wingman in play, I undid another button and pulled her blouse apart so I could see most of her bra clad boobies. Gina’s other hand began caressing the top of Peggy’s chest as the older woman watched with a tolerant smile, but stayed as firm as her boobs.

“Seriously, girls, I’m sorry, but,…”

In answer, I casually hooked a finger under her skirt and pulled it up, exposing the front of her white, high cut bikini panties for my inspection.

“Ooh, kitten, you shouldn’t- (gasp) Kitten!”


I’d hooked a finger of my other hand in the waistband of said panties and hauled them down so I could see her dark muff of pubic hair, a bit more than what Gina leaves, and her pussy. Gina was stooping slightly to see this as I was and holding her still against her reflexive instinct to back away from us.

“Peg, let ’em do whatever they want with you,” Daddy said from the couch.


“You two, never mind what she says, go ahead and play with her.”

“Thanks, Daddy,” we replied in happy concert as Gina pulled her blouse open the rest of the way.

We began gently shoving her into the living room, against her surprise and nervous movements to cover herself, and hauled her down to the carpet to set upon her, like two predators taking down a prey that was too big for one alone.

Once there, Gina grabbed her boobs through her bra and started kneading them as though she’d found what she’d been looking for all her life, kissing and licking her cleavage while I reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She moaned and whined, twisted and writhed, but was unable to put up much resistance after Daddy’s ruling.

“Ohh! Oh, Gina, honey, please!”

“Slutty, look at her nipples.”

I looked and saw that, even under her bra, they were erected like the night before and I giggled as Gina grabbed one and pinched it up further. We were kneeling on either side of her chest and, as Gina took it upon herself to free my aunt’s boobies from her bra, I turned my attention back to her skirt, tugging it up, spreading her thighs and looking at her bared pussy. Leaning over her, I put my face between her legs and kissed her lips.

“Uhh! Oh, kitten, what are you doing?”



I kissed her already moistening lips again, then began softly, slowly licking them.

“Uh-h!?” Oh,…!”

I spread her legs further while Gina pulled her own dress up over her head and off, revealing her bright red, satiny bra and panty set.

“Mmmm- (slurp)” I commented.

“Ooooh, Peggy, look at your slutty little niece eating your pussy.”


“Does it feel good?”


“She’s veeery slutty, isn’t she?” Gina asked, taking Peggy’s boobies in her hands again.

“Yeah, Oh! Oh, she’s,… licking my clit! Oooooh, kitten, my clit!”

“Oh, slutty, let me have a turn at that.”

I straightened up and smiled at my shell shocked aunt, feeling her juices all around my mouth, innocently saying, “You taste canlı casino yummy.”

“Ohhh, kitten,…! Ohh!” she added when Gina’s tongue began probing between her legs.

I quickly shed my jeans and panties, maneuvered around so that I was suddenly straddling her shoulders, almost sitting on her upper chest as I looked down at her newly startled expression.

“See miffy, Aunt Peggy?”

“Oh! Oh, sweetie,… Ohh!”

“Daddy, take your pants off and come over, okay? I want Peggy to watch you fuck me. Okay, Daddy?”

“Fuck, you’re a dirty little whore.”


His pants were off before he got there and I leaned back a little, rotating my pelvis up for better alignment to Daddy’s oncoming, fully erect cock.

“Auntie, you put it in me,” I excitedly dared her. “But, lick it first and make it all wet.”

It hung just above her face and, around her moans, she closed her eyes, tilted her face back and opened her mouth for Daddy’s meat. An impressive amount of him slid inside her mouth before she closed her lips and played her tongue over it, sucking a little and working up saliva. It was coated when he drew out of her mouth and some of it got on her face as it immediately bobbed up to position.

I spread my legs and, with trembling hand, she guided Daddy’s cock to my wet and ready lips, an inch above her mouth, jerking and crying out randomly at Gina’s ministrations. He pushed and she watched our pelvises slowly meet right above her face. I groaned as loud as he did and felt Peggy’s hands start to caress my waist.

He began that slow grind and I whined, “Auntie, li- lick my bum.”

After a few moments, I began feeling her hot, wet tongue exploring the area just below my opening. I was a bit surprised to notice Gina, her face wet like mine, having left the area between Peggy’s legs to watch this.

“Ohh, Peggy,…” she breathed, “Isn’t that sooo nice? Dad, put it in her mouth now.”

“Lauuummm- ommm!” she replied, taking the cock that suddenly found its way out of miffy and into her mouth. “Mmmm, mmmm.”

“Shove it in as far as you can, Daddy,” I breathed, watching this awesome spectacle while he grabbed my boobies through my T-shirt.

She took a lot of him, more than she did last night and more than a few minutes prior, choking so whorishly on his cock before he backed off and pulled right out of her, shoving it back into me.

“Oh,…! Daddy, fuck me! Yeah,…!”

He fucked me like he was before for about fifteen seconds before he pulled out again and went back into Peggy’s mouth, but this time, when she’d finished and he’d removed his cock, Gina changed things up.

“Lick your niece’s pussy lips, auntie. Suck her clit. … Ooooh, yeah. That’s the way. See how much she likes that?”

Boy, did I. It wasn’t just the fact that it was my Aunt, but it definitely made the moment all the more mind blowing as Peggy did what she was told. She poked around at first with the tip of her tongue before becoming acclimatized, before her licking became more purposeful. I cried out, stroking Daddy’s cock as her tongue explored my erect clitoris. He suddenly pulled my T-shirt off, then my bra, exposing my boobies with a bounce, and grabbed my nipples as I arched my back.

“Put your mouth right on it. Suck her pussy and stick your tongue inside. … Mmmmmm,… doesn’t miffy taste nice, Peggy?”

She whimpered a reply that could have been agreement, or complaint as my moaning grew louder.

“Slutty, turn around so you can eat your aunt’s pussy. That way she can lick your clit while your dad fucks you.”

A great idea. I immediately got turned around and was just settled on my knees with enough time to look over my shoulder, when I saw Peggy starting him at miffy’s lips.

Gina grabbed my bum and spread my cheeks, a horny grin on her face as Daddy pushed forward and in. Peggy still watched like it was the first time she’d seen it.

“Now, lick her clit, Peggy. Suck her and make her cum.”

“Ohh, Daddy!” I wailed. “Soo big!”

While Peggy did as told, Daddy started removing the rest of Gina’s clothing, running his hands all over her body as he stayed parked inside miffy, filling her completely and making me feel so complete. I turned and went down on my aunt, getting satisfaction out of her electrified response and thrilling anew when my father started pumping miffy.

Like before, every once in a while, he would remove himself from me in order to briefly fuck Peggy’s mouth with his slickened shaft. She took it in each time, gratefully by the pleased sounds she was making around it, before they went back to miffy. I made her cum a lot sooner than I would have expected.

“Uhh! Ohh! Kitten, sweetie! Fu-! Oh, sweetie, you’re making me cum! Ohh,… UHHHH- UAAAAAWWWWW!” AHHHH! AHHHHHHH!! Oh, sweetie, yesss!!”

I thrilled to the feel of her voluptuous build powerfully bucking and jerking beneath me, the rest of her blissful yells impeded by Daddy’s cock in her mouth.

I came when I heard kaçak casino his yell, his hot cum filling miffy with blast after blast after blast, making me cry out, grinding into him as hard as I could. He had me by the hips and, when he was done and while he was still hard, he pumped me some more, gently this time, while Peggy continued to lick my clit and I wailed and squawked with abandon.

I felt his cum running out of me, trickling down to where Peggy’s mouth and tongue were doing wonders to me. She either didn’t notice, or didn’t care, lapping both our orgasmic juices up as they flowed to her lips.

That’s when Gina came, too, probably by her own hand, although I was too busy to look around when I heard her squealing and gasping.

I’m still a little amazed and surprised at how she loves the fact that we’re all related. It’s like she could just watch us and get off vicariously, rather than take part, and I have to admit, I love the thought of somebody watching. I suppose when four partners are sharing each other, vicarious thrills are all part of the picture.

Peggy very much liked her experience with ‘her girls’, as she referred to us after this little scene, and she seems to have a whole new way of looking at us now, a different way of seeing us. I like it.

Not much later, we were all on the couch, half sitting, half lying on and across one another in our nighties, Daddy in a pair of boxers. I was watching the TV, like I thought everyone else was, when I felt a nudge. I looked at Gina, her smile and then where her subtle gesture was directed to see Peggy quietly and contentedly sucking on Daddy’s cock. She’d unbuttoned the front of his boxers and pulled it out, the side of her face resting on his bare belly, still gripping it at its base as she momentarily stopped sucking to lick around the rim of his cockhead.

Daddy’s hand slowly stroked her hair back from the side of her face as she made herself happy with the thing she’d wanted for so long and, in that moment, I felt intense happiness for them both.

She went on sucking him like that, almost lazily and as though it wasn’t even happening for some time, maybe almost a half hour until his hips jerked ever so little, a well matched sigh accompanying this repeated movement. She closed her eyes and sucked at his cockhead during his subtle orgasm, her cheek still on his belly while pumping his length slowly and I watched her throat work as she quietly swallowed her brother’s entire load.

I looked at Gina, finding her eyes riveted to the scene, lids half closed, her hand between her legs as Peggy stayed where she was, still suckling Daddy’s cockhead while softly stroking his length with two fingertips.

I know how Gina feels but, besides the incest kink, they just look so right together. And it suddenly feels more like a real family than ever, despite afore mentioned kink, the way it seems to have worked out for everybody how it has, providing each of us with exactly what we need in the others. It’s just fabulous.

Aug. 16/09

I love Sundays. Why, I don’t know because it’s the last day of the weekend before Daddy has to go back to work, but there’s a particular glow over the house on Sunday. It’s like the time when all of our experiences of the weekend and the week before come together in a positive, mutual feeling, or emotion. It was the perfect day for the little talk between me and Aunt Peggy, I suppose.

Daddy and Gina had gone out to pick up our supper from half way across town and we were in his room, both of us knowing the time had arrived, but allowing the subject to come up naturally. She was showing me the clothes she’d brought with her, admitting that she’d tried to pick out stuff that Daddy would like on her, some of it on the moderately daring side.

“I just don’t have any stuff like that anymore,” she said with a bit of a frown as she looked at a light blue, pleated skirt.

I sat on the bed with the usual jeans and my small, pink and white T-shirt that has Woody Woodpecker on the front, looking at a nice maroon blouse and said, “This is pretty nice.”

“For a funeral, maybe. Yeah, it’s nice, but it’s that one good, stuffy blouse that you can wear on those kinds of occasions and I relate it.”

“How long have you had it?”

” … Seven years, anyway.”

“Hm. Well, it’s still nice, but I guess I understand,… Why don’t you just run some older stuff through your Singer? Like you said you did when you were my age, like you taught me?”

“Yeah, I might.”

“I’ll help. Daddy says I’ve gotten pretty good with my machine.”

“Going by that skirt, I can see you have,” she said, holding up a pair of dark blue slacks. “And by the looks of some of my so-called good clothes, I’ll need all the help I can get.”

“Actually, you’ve kind of inspired me on slacks. You look so good in them. You should come out with me soon and help me pick out a pair.”

“Awesome,” she said with a genuine smile.

“And I’ll buy you something nice. Something pink and slutty.”

She chuckled at this, but said, “Kat, sweetie,… you don’t have to buy things for me and, considering the way I,… took advantage over the years, I’d really rather you didn’t. I hope you understand.”

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