Deb’s HUGE Birthday Surprise Pt. 03

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Big Tits

We finished up Part 2 with all three of us having simultaneous orgasms and then a little serious discussion between myself and Deb about her very strong desire to fuck Matt’s huge cock.

And then the doorbell rang!

This had to be Matt’s roommate Jen since we were not expecting anyone else at 3:00 AM. Deb jumped up and headed to the door and I stopped her before she opened the door still completely naked.

“Deb, are you sure you want to open that door naked without knowing for sure who’s on the other side?” She said “Hell yes. I’m sure it’s Jen but if not, someone else is going to see me naked anyway.”

Deb opened the door and as expected, it was Jen. She didn’t even look shocked to see Deb standing in the open doorway completely nude.

“Hi, I’m Jenny and I think you are Deb, right?”

Deb replied “Yes, and girl I am so glad to see you finally get here. Can I help you carry anything? I know Matt gave you a pretty long list of stuff to bring with you. I hope you remembered the dildos!”

“Yes, I remembered to bring the dildos and I have even more stuff in my car if someone can help with that.”

Deb flew out the door without a stitch on and headed to Jen’s car without a care in the world. In just a minute they both returned, each of them carrying a box. I stood up with a pillow covering my cock and said “Hello Jen, I’m the crazy woman’s husband.”

Deb said “Why are you covering your cock with that pillow honey? That’s not very polite. Jen might want to see the merchandise before she commits to staying for the party.”

I knew better than to argue with her so I just dropped the pillow back onto the couch.

Matt came back into the room from taking a leak and went straight to Jen to take the heavy box she was holding. Seeing this, I went over to take the lighter box from Deb. She said “Hell no, this box has the dildos and other girl toys in it. Jen and I are going to sit down and talk about how to use each of them.”

Matt said “everyone take one of these sports drinks and chug it down. It’s not cold so it’s easy to power drink and we all need to get hydrated again. I’m about to take another hit of ecstasy and will need the electrolytes replaced in my system first. Let’s also do a line or two of coke to get our energy level up.”

Jen said “Oh yeah, here are the drugs I brought. I have plenty of ecstasy and coke for all of us and then some. Matt, you probably still have more of both too don’t you?”

“Yep” said Matt “but we may have a couple more visitors coming in the morning. I’ll let Deb tell you about them. It’s kind of surprising when you first hear it.”

Jen looked at Matt’s big cock and said “I see everyone has met Mr. Donkey Dick. What do you think of him Deb? Kind of scary looking at first isn’t it? I still remember the first time I saw it. I told Matt to get that thing away from me!!!”

Deb said “I was shocked when I first saw it but I have fallen in love with it now. It won’t fit in my mouth or my pussy but I did come all over it by rubbing my pussy back and forth on it. I was able to get part of the head in me and that alone felt so fucking incredible that I couldn’t stop cumming. I actually passed out for a minute or two. I hope you are not upset with me for messing around with Matt’s huge cock, Jen. I just couldn’t help myself.”

Jen said “I know how close you two are with Matt and I would never get upset with either of you about having sex with Matt. He loves you guys so much and I am looking forward to getting very close to both of you too, starting right now.”

With that, Jen started taking off her clothes. One shirt and one pair of shorts and she was completely naked.

“Holy shit honey! Look how perfect Jen’s body is! Big beautiful tits with long, thick nipples ankarada sakso çeken escortlar like mine, small waist, and one of the finest asses I’ve ever seen. Can I hug you Jen? I can’t wait to feel your naked body against mine.”

“Sure you can hug me. I would really love that” said Jen.

The girls started hugging and their hands started feeling around each others’ bodies. Their tits were mashed together as they were almost identical in height.

They looked at each other in the eyes and both leaned in for a very sweet kiss that lasted for about ten seconds. They giggled and sat down on the couch to go through the box of toys Jen brought with her and the box of toys that Deb had previously left on the coffee table.

“Oh my God” said Deb as she pulled out each dildo in Jen’s box. “You have one of every size except for the smaller ones. Matt told us that you use these to prepare your pussy for accepting his monster cock. I’ve never thought of doing that but I’ve also never seen a cock as big as his until tonight either. Tell me about how you do it and what it feels like to fuck that monster cock.”

“Well” said Jen “I start off by getting myself wet and lubed up just using my fingers and lots of lubricant. When I feel good and aroused, I take the smallest of these four and start slowly teasing my cunt hole with it. As I get more into it, I start pushing it in deeper and moving it faster. Once I feel like I have myself opened up enough, I get the next size up and start again. Then I repeat the same process for the next one but this is where I start trying to make myself cum by either fingering my clit or using a vibrator on my clit.”

“After an orgasm, my cunt hole kind of relaxes and it is ready for the biggest dildo. Look at this thing, it is so fucking big. Sometimes I can’t believe that I actually get that thing in my pussy but God does it feel good. If I didn’t have Matt’s big cock to fuck, I could be happy living with just this big dildo.”

“When we start to fuck, Matt is very patient and goes very slow when he is pushing his cock into me. I never have to tell him to stop because he knows just how to work it in me nice and slow. Once he gets it in and starts fucking me in a slow rhythm, I start cumming almost immediately and will have an orgasm about every minute or so. As he picks up speed, I have an orgasm about every thirty seconds until finally I just have one orgasm after another. He will stop fucking me every now and then so I can reset and start over with a new orgasm. Matt takes forever to cum when we do ecstasy so sometimes I might have 25 to 30 orgasms in one fuck session that can last for at least a couple of hours.”

“Now for the downside. Sometimes I get enough of his huge cock and need a break for a week or two. I have friends, both girls and boys, that I fuck every now and then. I don’t even try to hide it from Matt because we have an understanding about my need to have sex with others. Hell, sometimes I’ll invite Matt over just to watch me fuck someone else!”

Now with all of that explained, Jen said “Hey, I thought you guys were watching a homemade sex video of your vacation to Hedonism. Matt told me about it on the phone earlier. I would love to watch it with you if that’s okay. I love homemade porn.”

I had forgotten that we had paused the video when Matt went to pee and then Jen rang the doorbell. On the video, Deb had just finished giving me a blow job and we were about to get ready for dinner. It was lingerie night at Hedo so we came prepared with very sexy outfits.

I filmed Deb getting into her see thru teddy that barely covered her big nips and pussy lips. The backside was just a long strip of cloth from her neck to her ass and she topped it off with elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar red stiletto heels. Black Teddy, Bright Red Lipstick, and Red Heels. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

I had a red silk thong that went around my neck, down to my cock, and back up my ass crack to my neck again. Deb got a shot of me in the video but I didn’t look nearly as hot as she did.

“Wow” said Jen “You both look good enough to eat!! I definitely would have eaten both of you if I would have been there.” (laughs)

The video then switches to us and two new friends in our room. We met Jay and Beth at dinner and they came up to our room for drinks. They were about our age and both were very hot.

Beth had on a lacy shelf bra built into a crotchless camisole that exposed her beautiful puffy nipples and her shaved pussy lips. Jay was wearing silk boxers that were very tight on his nice looking package. He was shirtless and looked like he worked out every day.

I made drinks for all of us and the girls sat on the bed and we guys took a chair at the table. I had the camera set to where we were all in view and they didn’t seem to mind being recorded.

I got out some cocaine that I had purchased from a local guy on the beach. We each did a big line and it was so strong that it went straight to our brains. The girls sat down and started giggling, whispering, and getting touchy with each other.

I picked up the camera and pretended I was interviewing them. As I talked about their outfits and bodies, they would touch each other as if they were demonstrating what I was talking about. Deb fell in love with Beth’s puffy nipples and couldn’t quit talking about them and touching them.

Deb finally got bold and asked Beth if she could kiss her big puffy nipples and

Beth said “of course you can, you can even suck them if you want to.”

We were off to the races now. Deb leaned in and took Beth’s nipples into her mouth one at the time and massaged her breasts with her hands while she sucked and licked her fantastic nipples. Beth had a tight grip on Deb’s head and her eyes were closed as she moaned into Deb’s hair and kissed her forehead.

Deb then asked Beth if she could touch her pussy and Beth just nodded her head yes. Deb moved her hand down to Beth’s crotchless outfit and slid her finger between Beth’s pussy lips. That made Beth lift her ass almost completely off the bed.

Deb laid Beth back on the bed and continued to slide her finger between Beth’s pussy lips. Deb’s finger became very wet so she added another finger and slipped them both inside Beth’s pussy. Beth was panting now and Deb was starting to finger-fuck her as she continued sucking her nipples and then kissing her lips very hard.

Deb then asked Beth if she could taste her pussy. Beth looked over at her husband as if asking for permission. Jay smiled and told her that would make him so fucking hot. That was all she needed to hear. Beth took Deb’s head in her hands and pushed her down to her pussy. Beth spread her legs and Deb went crazy eating her out like she was starving for it.

Back live, I looked around the room and everyone was staring at the TV like they were watching the best movie ever made. Matt was jacking on his very hard monster cock and the girls had their hands between each others’ legs fingering fucking one another.

Deb noticed me looking and said “What? Do you like what you see over here? Jen is such a hot fucking slut just like me. I can’t wait to eat her pussy and fuck her with her huge dildos.

Jen then said “This is the hottest fucking video I have ever seen. I’m probably gonna cum myself when this girl in the video cums all over Deb’s face.” Jen looked at Deb and sincan gece kalan escortlar gave her a quick kiss on the lips and said “Thank you so much for inviting me to your birthday party. I will never forget this one. I just got here and I’m already so fucking turned on that I’m about to cum all over your sofa.”

Back to the video…Deb was licking Beth’s clit all while using two fingers to tease her G-Spot and one finger fucking her ass..

Deb’s ass was in the air in front of me so I slid my fingers into her thong and she was soaking wet. I motioned for Jay to come over and he got down low behind Deb and started licking her asshole while he slid two fingers into her pussy. Deb must have thought it was me because in just a few seconds she moaned “please fuck me honey.”

I gave Jay the thumbs up and he took out his very nice cock, pulled her thong to the side, and slid it into Deb’s hot pussy. I think she might have noticed a difference because she stopped licking Beth and glanced back real quick but then went back to licking again. Deb started fucking back against Jay’s thrusts. Jay was really giving it to her hard and Deb was loving it. She picked up the pace on Beth and you could tell that Beth was about to cum and Deb was getting real close too.

Beth started begging for Deb to make her cum and then quickly announced that she was going to cum. “YES, YES, YES! HERE I CUM, HERE I CUM! “I’M CUMMING DEB! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD THAT I CAN HARDLY BREATHE!!! OH DEB, PLEASE FINGER FUCK ME HARDER!!! OH MY GOD!!! YES, YES, Oh MY GOD YES!!!

This set Deb off and she started cumming all over Jay’s cock and yelling “YES JAY! OH YES, YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD JAY!!!. FUCK MEEEEE!!! YES I’M FUCKING CUMMING NOW!!! OH MY GOD, MY PUSSY LOVES YOUR BIG COCK JAY!!!! OH, OH, OH, YES!

Jay then unloaded a large amount of cum all over Deb’s back and all the way up into her hair. He must of let loose seven or eight big ropes of cum on her. She had his cum all over her.

Jay and Deb climbed on the bed and laid on both sides of Beth and were trying to catch their breath. Deb said “I am so glad that we met you guys at dinner tonight. That was fantastic!”

“Honey, I thought you were fucking me at first but then I noticed something was a little different about the cock in me. Very nice but different. I was even more excited when I saw it was actually Jay that was fucking me. Jay fucked me so good honey,”

I paused the video and heard moaning noises coming from the girls. They both had one of Jen’s large dildos in the other’s pussy and were fucking each other real deep and fast. The one Jen was using on Deb was slightly smaller than the one Deb was using on Jen.

When they noticed that I had paused the video, they stopped fucking each other and looked at me like they were waiting on my next instruction. Then Deb said “When Beth came on my face in the video, Jen came all over my hand so I stuck this dildo in her pussy to stop her from squirting all over everything. Damn, she cums as much as Matt does!”

“We drank our sports drink, did a line of coke, and watched some hot sex on the video but we never did take any ecstasy.” said Jen.

Matt said “Okay, well let’s drink another sports drink, do another line, and take another hit of ecstasy right now!”

Jen said “I took one ecstasy before I left home but I sure could use another one. I guess I’m addicted to sex and ecstasy.”

On her way by him, Deb grabbed Matt’s cock and said “I’m going to fuck this big mother fucker before this party is over. Jen, can I watch Matt fuck you? I would love to see that. I’ll help you get ready for him. Okay?”

“Hell Yes!” Jen said “It is amazing to see it fucking a pussy. It looks like he is turning you inside out when he pulls his cock back. He’ll probably fuck me for about an hour though. He takes forever to cum in my pussy. Please video it for us so we can all watch it again later.”

I told Jen, “The camera has been recording since before you got here. Sorry, I forgot to tell you about it. I’ll keep it recording until we all are worn out and ready to crash.”

To be Continued…

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