Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 04

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Lacey stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. Loose strands of hair fell around her face, the vivid red popping against her fair complexion. She was so lost in the memory of detention the night before she never heard the bell ring. Realizing the bell had rung she booked from the restroom shoving past students. She had passed the gym when the final bell rang. Almost there; how did she lose track of time? She only stopped at the bathroom for a moment. Her teacher would not be happy.

Mr.Davies sat behind his desk with his gaze fixed on the gradebook laid before him. He glances at the clock; she was four minutes late. By the time she reached the auditorium door her shoes were in her hand and her hair was a mess. Mr.Davies sat behind his desk with his gaze fixed on the gradebook laid before him. He glances at the clock; she was four minutes late. She looked at him then looked at his lap He was already excited. Her mind was going through her last served detention. Between her legs grew damp. She ran her fingers thru her hair, tucking it behind her ear. Knowing it looked terrible and that he was watching her. “Lacey, so glad you could join us today…come take a seat here.”

He pointed to the chair right next to his behind the desk. She looked at the rest of the class and bright blush appeared on her cheeks.

“Yes Sir.”

He smirked as her face turned six shades of red.

She slipped her four inch heels back on her feet and walked to his desk. She tugged her black leather skirt back into place and sat next to him. She set her bag on the floor and leaned to get her test book. As she did her shirt rose up her back exposing a little fabric of her neon blue thong. He leaned over and snapped the string.

“What happened to no panties?”

She smiled from behind the desk, “forgot, sorry.”

“No worries.”

His hand trailed small circles on her high before it slipped down her leg and under her skirt. Long fingers brush over her dampened panties, he slowly pushes the thong aside. She shivered as his fingers into her pussy. She gasped and went wide eyed as the rest of the class looked up from their work. She scribbled in her notebook and title it so he could see… Why now?? He smirked and pressed his thumb against her clit.

“Simply for my enjoyment.”

She gave a slight nod and went back to her test. He sped his fingers up, feeling her wetness.

“Must be really hard to focus.”

She looked up from her test. “yes it is but I’ll deal.”

He moved his fingers, only to replace them with a small pink vibrating pill that he slipped inside her and turned it on. Her eyes went wide and she moved her hand to take it out. He took hold of her hand and set it back on his desk.

“No messing around lacey. Do Your test!”

She looked at the analog clock in the right hand corner of his desk. Fifteen minutes left thank heavens. He then turned it all the way up on high.

Her body shuddered violently and bit her lip as she whimpered in pleasure. Her voice shook as she handed him her completed test.

“Please I’m done.”

He smiled, “good, now sit and wait patiently.”

As she gave him the test, he let her see that he had a second little vibrator and he smirked. She looked at it horrified and shook her head. He pressed that one against her Clit and turned it on, a light buzzing sound could be heard by them, but not the class. She let out a sigh of relief when the final bell rang. When the room was empty she exhaled a loud moan.

He smiled, “Damn, was hoping to force you to Cum during class.”

He turned the second one all the way up now and pressed it hard on her clit. Her body gave a light shutter and warm liquid ran down her leg.

He smirked, “so…welcome.”

“I…I forced myself not to cum till illegal bahis the bell rang.”

He frowned, “That’s no fun, I’ll have to bring a more powerful vibrator next time.”

She smirked, “the class would hear it.”

“I’d just say you brought it in. Besides tomorrow we are watching a video.”

She chuckled quietly, “on what how Romeo is a moron to think Juliet is really dead.”

“Doesn’t matter, because we’ll be in the dark, they won’t be able to see or hear what we do.” Her face turned bright pink.

“Is this my permanent seat for the rest of the school year.”

He smirked and nodded.

She frowned and stood up, “I have to use the bathroom.”

“Alright, I’ll walk with you.

“Do you not trust me. I’m using the one right outside the door.”

He sighed, “alright, hurry back.”

She ran out the side door to avoid any remaining students. She didn’t want anyone to see her cum running down the inside of her legs. He sat and waited for her. She shoved the bathroom door open and headed for the paper towels. Ripping off a handful she wipes the dripping liquid from her thighs, then walked into a stall as another girl walked in. She pulled the skirt up and carefully pulled her thong down to avoid the vibrators to hit the floor. That’s all she would need is the girl in the bathroom to see them. He looked at the clock she’s been gone a while he looked at the vibrator remote on his desk. She washed her hands and left the ladies room in a rush. Quietly she snuck back into the auditorium to find him staring at the clock.

“Four minutes is not that long.”

He smiled, “welcome back, and it is to go to a bathroom 15 feet outside my door.” She laughed, “Well I had to clean up a bit.”

“Ohh I see” he snickered.

She pushes the stuff off his desk staring him in the eyes. Grinning she climbs onto the desk. She lays on her stomach with her feet resting on her butt. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“And what exactly are you doing?”

She smiles and bites her bottom lip. “Making a mess in a sexy way.”

“I can’t argue there.”

He stood up and walked around the desk, going to where her head was. She grinned and watched him carefully. He smirked and unzipped his pants.

“You know what I want.”

She moved forward to the edge of his desk.

“Yes I do.”

And with that she took his erect cock out of his pants.

He smiled, “good girl.”

She smiled back and kisses up the length of his cock; base to tip before sliding the entire length into her mouth. His head tilted back in pure pleasure.

“Mmmm fuck…there you go.”

She grinned around his cock and started sucking on just the tip. He placed a hand on her head and smiled. She sped up her sucking as she used her free hand to massage his balls. His cock throbbed in her mouth as he moaned lightly. He pulls her hair as precum oozes from his cock. She moans around his cock as he pulls her hair. He grabbed her head as he began to thrust his hips. She opened her mouth and continued to suck softly as he thrusted into her mouth. He moaned as he pushed his cock deeper with each thrust.

“Mm fuck, it feels so good.”

He was thrusting his hips quickly. The sound of her saliva echoed in the empty room as his cock moved in and out of her mouth. He stammered with his words.

“F…Fuck…I’m gonna cum.”

She smiles and pulls her shirt and bra off then rolls onto her back. Her left hand was warm as she squeezed his shaft. She started to jack him off.

“Oh, you want it on your tits hmm.”

His cock throbbed in her hand. Blushing she nods and squeezes his cock again.

“F- fuck,” he began shooting , hot thick spurts of cum all over her breasts and stomach.

She bite her lip, this illegal bahis siteleri was turning her on so bad. Between her legs her thong was soaked.

“Hey Lacey, look at me.”

His phone made the camera sound several times. Her arms automatically covered her chest. He smirked, “too late.”

He showed her the pics, they showed her on his desk, tits bare and covered in Cum and her looking at the camera. She turned her head in embarrassment.

“I need some memories,” he smirked.

“Then record this.”

She smiled and slowly ran her hands over her cum covered breasts then down her bare torso. She reached for the zipper on her right hip and slid it down. The motion was so seductive and hot she turned herself on doing it. She rose to her knees and shimmied out of her skirt pulling her thong with it.

“Mmmmm fuck.”

He was recording everything she did. She sat back down and spread her legs moving her hand between her legs. Slowly she spread her pussy for him. Showing off the tight pinkness. He bit his lips, and started to slowly stroke himself. She licks her lips slowly and slides two fingers in her pussy.

He smirked, “you’re a sexy girl, you know that?”

“Are you enjoying this?”

He nodded,”Mhm, very much.”


She smiles and moves in front of him and rolls back on to her stomach, dropping her legs over it to the floor. He was looking at her curiously. She rubbed her ass against his cock.

He groans, “Mm that’s what you want huh?”

She glanced over her shoulder and nodded.

“I think today I’ll take this hole.”

He pressed the head of his cock against her asshole. She moans softly and plays with her own breasts. He holds his phone in one hand and her ass in the other as he slowly presses his cock against her ass. She blushes not sure if he is recording this. He sets his phone where it still records them and holds her hips as he pushes harder, making the head slip into her ass. She moans softly and looks back at him and smiles at the camera.

He laughed, “so you like being filmed huh.”

He gave a hard thrust, slipping a few inches into her. She screamed softly in pain the camera catching her face on film.

“And yes I love being filmed.”

He looked at her, “Sorry, forgot your still a virgin back here.”

She hides her face with her hair.

He looks at her, “something you wanna tell me?” She looks back at him, “no?”

“Just seemed like you were hiding for a minute.”

She smiles at him and rolls her hips pushing him deeper into her ass.

He smiled and went back to pushing. She moans his name and pinches her nipples between her jet black nails. He pushes until his entire cock is buried in her ass.

“F…fuck, mmm” she licks her lips as she starts to rub her pussy as he fucks her ass.

He began to slowly move his hips, the tightness of her ass was amazing. She whimpers in pleasure as he take one of the vibrators and shoves in her pussy with it on the highest setting. She looks back at him. “May I see your phone?”

He handed it to her, “Um…sure.”

He wondered what she was doing. She leans his phone on her bag so it got a clear shot of her face. Her moans got louder as he began to move. The vibrator just made her pussy drip. He gripped her harder as he started thrusting deeper and harder. She tilted her head back, her auburn hair cascading down her spine. He reached and took hold of her hair, holding it as he fucked her ass. She moaned his name as her body shuddered and she came hard. Warm liquid squirting onto the floor.

He smiled, “incapable, I think you love it in your ass.”

She looked up her eyes locking with camera as her body shook again.

“Yes I do.”

He began to ram himself into her ass. canlı bahis siteleri

“That’s fucking hot.”

She moaned with every thrust. He was going to make her cum again.

“You are going to make me squirt.”

Her heart was beating hard on the inside of her chest. He moaned loudly as he pounded her ass as hard as he could, pushing her harder against the desk. The phone shook with every bump on the desk. This entire thing was recorded and knowing she was being filmed pushed her over the edge. Her body tightened everywhere and hot cum gushed from between her legs coating her thighs and creating a puddle on the navy blue carpet.

“MMMMM Fuck yes!”

He moaned out as she came and tightened, her ass constricting around his cock.


He pulled out of her ass and quickly moved around the desk, he stroked himself quickly and came hard, shooting strand after strand all over her face, coating it in his cum and the camera catching it all.

As he came she opened her mouth catching as much of it as she could. She licked her lips and slipped to the floor. Her legs completely numb. He walked around with the phone, aiming at her.

“So did you enjoy yourself?”

She looked directly at the camera and slipped a finger in her mouth.

“Yes I did but now my legs are numb.”

He smiled, “oh, I fucked you that hard eh?”

“Yes but I enjoyed it.”

She smiled and winked at the camera.

He smirks, “Why don’t you get all that Cum off your face.”

She ran her tongue over her lips, then wiped the extra off with two fingers. He smiled and ended the video.


She stood up and took three wobbly steps. “You wouldn’t know if the locker rooms are unlocked?” He shrugged, “I don’t know, why?”

“I Should shower before going home.”

He looked at and nodded. “Hmm true, don’t want to go home smelling like you just got fucked.”

She nodded in agreement and bent down to collect her clothes. He slapped her ass, leaving a handprint. She looks back him then smiles. “I am going to the locker room then I am going home.” With that she exited the auditorium naked seeing how the locker room was next to the bathroom across the hall.

He walked after her. “It sucks we don’t get that long to have fun.”

She smirks, “I think you make excellent use our time.”

He Laughed, “oh really?” She blushes and pulls him into the locker room.

“Yes, but I don’t have time for round two my mother is expecting me.” She kisses him and steps into a shower stall and turns the hot water on.

He smiled, “not even a little play?”

The water muffled her voice, “no not even a little sorry. But you can record me in the shower.”

“Deal,” he began recording her. Her hands were slick with soap as she ran them over her breasts, squeezing and kneading the soap into them. He came in closer, zooming in on her body. She gave a flirtatious smile and bite her bottom lips as she looked at the camera. Her hands slide from her breasts to between her thighs as she washed away her dried cum. He smiled, “That’s it, show the camera what you can do.” She rubbed between her pussy lips washing away all signs of sex. She involuntarily moaned and turned her back to him. She let the water run down her back. She squeezed her ass, spreading her ass cheeks. He zoomed in on her ass.

She turned the nozzle to the right and shut the water off. Grabbing a towel she walked toward her gym locker. He walked with her. Her locker combinations were the same. Reaching into the metal box she grabbed her gym shorts and pulled them on. He sat down on the bench next to her locker. She yanked her sports bra overhead and shoved her skirt into her backpack. He watched her carefully. “There’s always tomorrow though, so I’m not too sad.” she smiles kisses his cheek. Her phone started buzzing on the bench next to him. When she hangs up she grabs her stuff then runs out of the locker room yelling, “moms here bye.” With that he watched her leave waiting for tomorrow.

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