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Black On

The first romantic look we held was electric. My fuck buddy, Veronica was smoking hot. A perfect 10. Long brown hair down to her waist, which was saying a lot, since she was 6 feet tall. Thin frame, deep and giant brown eyes, skinny legs and all. Her perfectly round tits were huge but completely perky. Creamy white skin coated with a peppering of perfect tan freckles. Naturally, whenever I was around her I was turned on. She was 23 and in her prime, had a smile that could blare light through silent darkness, and she fucked like a wild animal. I could still taste her on my lips as we sat down for dinner that night. Her younger sister must have been able to sense the strength of my simmering sexuality.

Her mom was a 5-star chef. I remember telling them about my band’s tour when her sister gave me this look. Head tilted downwards, her deep green eyes glaring up at me. Her arms were at her sides, palms on the wooden chair, with her elbows oriented slightly outward. I could tell her legs were crossed and I knew I was making her pussy wet by the way she was fidgeting underneath the table. Pure electricity.

Elena looked a lot like her older sister, but was much smaller, and only 18. 5’6″, brown hair down to her shoulder blades, and another tight, slim frame. All the women in the family shared that elegant grace. All were smoking hot. Even their Grandma looked good for 70. Elena definitely inherited the dark side of the family. I could tell by her heavy eyeliner that she would have rather been smoking cigarettes than sitting with us then. She always wore something black. She had her septum pierced, though she consistently tried to convince her family she was a good girl. I could tell she was a freak from the first time we met. I had to consistently force myself to avoid this look she was giving me all night. She could not have been more obvious, but no one else seemed to even notice her. She bit her lip and all I saw was pure submission. I was desperately holding back a hard on the entire time. My big 8 inch cock would have been so obvious in the dumb slacks I was wearing, trying to impress.

I am a pretty big guy. 6’1″, 160 pounds, with a hard six pack. I have a tribal tattoo that wraps from my back to my chest, depicting a totem fighting an abstract figure of darkness, and another similar one by the same artist wrapping up the outside of my leg, around my ass and up my back. I have been to the other side and back and Elena picked up on it right away. We both could tell that we would had a spiritual, kindred sort of bond.

After dinner everyone played some cards and the beer started flowing. I could tell they were all lightweights. I had a beer and was waiting to see where the evening took us. We had fun then everyone else was clearly crashing and went to sleep. Veronica drank three beers and was out before she hit the pillow. I tried to stay up and talk with her but it was too late. The house was cooled pleasantly by a swamp cooler, which was running on low on that dank summer night. Of course, I always sleep totally naked, no matter where I am. Everyone was in bed by 10pm. I waited until midnight, laying there until the house was silent, waiting to go smoke my cigarette. I had waited canlı bahis so I didn’t smell around her parents.

Feeling a little frisky, I decided it would be really nice to step outside in to the warm summer air nude. So I grabbed my cig and lighter- and nothing else- and tiptoed downstairs. The house could not have been more perfect to sneak around in. Not a single creak while moving down the stairs. The sliding door was nearly silent, and the swamp cooler’s gentle hum concealed any noise I was making. I stepped out on to their back balcony and walked down the stairs into their forested yard, around the side of the house. No neighbors could see that way because of the big trees surrounding the property. There was a warm breeze that I could feel cool my big ball sack, tickling my pubes. It could not have been more pleasant. I took a deep breath.

I had just lit my cigarette when a light went on inside. I could do nothing but wait. I peaked in through the window. It was her mom. She was making sure all of the doors in the house were locked apparently. The click of the sliding door seemed to echo throughout the landscape- like the sarcophagus of a pharaoh closing for the last time. It had a mystical, unreal, and morose clank. I sealed my own fate. I thought to myself, “WOW! I am such a fucking idiot!” Only one thing to do now, enjoy the fuck out of the last smoke before I died, then I could freak out. I stood there, back against the wall, with one leg up, in a calm state of helplessness.

I finished the cig, turned back the opposite way of the door, and there was Elena. I halted. Our eyes locked. She was leaning against the corner of the house in a hoodie and jeans, with her leg nonchalantly crossed across the other, smoking a god damn cigarette. She had a cocky air about her. She did not seem surprised at all by my nudity. How long had she been standing there?

She took her sweet, time eyeing me up and down. The moon was bright enough to see everything that night. I tried to cover my cock but it was no use, it is too big to fully conceal the cock and balls, especially when I was already getting a little hard. I felt completely vulnerable- neither of us said a word. She seemed to like the position she was in. She knew she had all the power over me. Finally, I couldn’t bear it, I broke the silence. “Elena, umm… I was just ..uh.. see, smoking this… and uh.. just… you’re mom locked me out.. I’m so sorry. Can you let me inside? I didn’t think anyone would be awake.”

Silence. She tried to hold back an evil half smile, mouth slightly open, tongue dancing behind her teeth. FUCK. I knew what this was. “Please?”

“What’s in it for me, hmmm?”

My jaw dropped. I inhaled to say something but nothing came out. She grabbed me right on the tip of cock. “What would my mother say if she saw you like this?”

My heart throbbed. “I’ll make you a deal.” She said with scheming tone, before I could say anything. As her grip tightened she pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, “If I suck on your big cock and you can last longer than 10 minutes then you have to cum in my tight little pussy and get me pregnant.”

Holy shit! I could not believe how filthy this girl’s mind bahis siteleri was. “And if I can’t last that long?”

“Then I have to tell the whole family about how I saw you.” She already knew what I would choose. She dropped to her knees and said, “You FUCK! I have been dreaming about your big hard cock all day.”

She viciously ripped my hands away from their submissive position. I was already rock hard. She instantly slid the entire shaft deep down in to her throat with slow deliberation. She stuck her long tongue out and licked as far back on my ball sack as she could, reaching the taint. She looked at me and tried to smile. How evil. This girl was a pro, and I was fucked. She started to slowly ram my cock on to the back of her throat, all the way in, all the way out. She then pursed her big lips, kissing the tip, and brought both her hands to my shaft and squeezed hard. She began picking up the pace, using both hands, her lips, throat, and tongue, covering every inch of my rock hard cock with her sloppy wickedness. A single drop of spit made its way down to my balls and dripped on the concrete. I let out a manly moan. “You better not fucking cum.” She jacked me harder and faster as she let her mouth take a break for just a second. I got weak in the knees, and grabbed her by the back of the head, pulling her all the way down on me. She gagged a bit but kept it all the way in her mouth. I started to fuck her little mouth, and grabbed her throat. “You little slut, I can’t believe you would do this to me.” She loved it. She forced herself off then licked my leg from half way all the way up the side of my sack. It tickled so good. As she rose back to the shaft and, again using both hands, in circling motion all the way down with her throat she bobbed up and down. My knees weakened and started to tremble this time. Little did she know I had already fucked her sister twice that day. I thought I would easily last, but her warm mouth felt so good. I tried to think about how fucked I would be if anyone saw us, in order to decrease my pleasure. She edged me closer and closer. Butterflies were building in my stomach, I was getting too close for comfort. I couldn’t take it anymore. I said “Fuck I’m gonna cum.” Every time she knew I was getting close, she would slow down, and tighten her grip. She wanted me to fill up her pussy.

She stood up and grabbed me again by the tip, and started dragging me towards their back porch, where there was a brick table with some chairs surrounding it. She commanded me to lay down on the table, where she continued blowing me. “Fuck baby please let me come.”

“I’ll tell you when you can come you fuck.”

Finally, she let up out of a last deep throat. And said “Please put it in me.”

She was losing her dominance and knew that she had pissed me off enough to get the hard pounding her twat had been desperately craving. I bent her over the table, pulled her jeans and g-string down and pushed my cock against her pussy lips. She was way tighter than I thought she would be. I had to spit on my hand and rub her clit before she would be ready. I slowly spread her open with my cock and she let out a loud “Ahhhh”

I knew then that she had never seen a cock bahis şirketleri this big. I was half way in, applying slow pressure inch by inch. I spit again and rubbed it around the base half of my cock and her ass hole with my thumb. I slid my thumb in her ass up to the first knuckle, just to test the tightness. She puckered and I knew she would be able to take it.

I slid the rest of the way in as I slid my thumb out. She said, looking back over her shoulder “That’s a good boy. Now FUCK ME.” I slid off her hoodie over her, she was eager to help. I pounded her, grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them wide. As I slid almost all of the way out, the moon illuminated her tight pussy lips stretching around my cock, trying to pull it back in. At this point, I became a wild animal. I did not give a fuck who came out. I growled and laid in to her as hard as I could. She reached her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit. Her legs started to tremble. She screamed, with an extra syllable in each word for every time I bottomed her out, “Fu-uck me shiitt, I’m gonna cu-u-um”

She exploded as my cock slid out of her. She sprayed hot juices all over the ground, and I barreled back inside her. I grabbed her by the throat and said “You fucking slut, don’t you ever cross me.” She loved to be choked, just like her sister. I grabbed her neck with both hands, determined to make her come again. By this time my dick was raw and I could have lasted for hours. She kept rubbing her clit, and within another 5 minutes she squirted all over again, this time, ass up in the air, right on my legs, trembling.

I dropped to my knees, and spread her ass cheeks. I tongued her pussy hole and slid up her taint to her tight little butthole. I licked it deep with my tongue spread wide. She moaned and grinded back towards me. I slid three fingers in, just to make sure I wouldn’t hurt her. She had clearly stretched herself out before. Her ass was just as ready for me as her pussy was. I decided to ask for her ass by putting the tip of my cock on it with a bit of pressure. It was still completely wet from her pussy juice. She reached around, kneeling upwards and grabbed me by the lower back. I lost balance and slid deep in to her ass. She screamed a bit. It was so tight, but she seemed to be loving it. She had no problem taking the whole thing. She said “Come in my asshole you dirty boy.”

I was going to take my time with this. Slowly, and for my pleasure only, I slid in and out of her. This went on for at least another 10 minutes, where I was edging myself closer and closer, savoring this completely naughty moment. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled her back towards me and sloppily stuck my tongue in her mouth. She stuck hers out and we shared a deep, and passionate kiss as I unloaded pump after pump deep in to her ass. I slid out and collapsed next to her. We lay there in silence for a long time. Finally, she said “Thank you Daddy.”

I laughed and said, “Did I pass the test?”

“You did.”

She took me inside and I sneaked into Veronica’s bed. She was still in the same position she was when I left her. I passed out, feeling guilty but completely satisfied.

The next morning at breakfast Elena casually dropped a dirty wink at me and that was it. I left a little later and never talked to any of them again. It was too much for me to handle. Hopefully they got the message that I was just a mangy, dirty dog.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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