Entry 23: The Wait Is Over Ch. 01-02

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I’ve spent all afternoon preparing myself for our first meeting. The possibility of what’s going to play out tonight is making the effort worthwhile. For months I’ve been thinking about what might happen if I agreed to finally meet you. The fantasies it generates keeps me up at night, and now I only have to wait just a few more hours…


Chapter 1: The club

We’d agreed to meet at one of my favourite clubs in the city; it’s already 11pm so I start debating on outfits and getting ready. I decide to go with a subtle theme given I probably won’t be keeping the clothes on long; my favourite black short skirt and a green top strategically unbuttoned low, revealing just a little black lace of my bra. I pull my hair out of its ponytail and let it fall down my back. Add a bit of make up and I’m ready to go!

I walk into the packed club; I’m thinking a stiff drink will help with the nerves as I make my way to the bar. Drink in hand, I stand at the edge of the dance floor and watch the hot bodies bumping and grinding up against each other. I finish my drink and head to the dance floor where the crowd almost instantly swallows me. Before long I head back to the bar for another drink, but I’m soon stopped by some random guy asking me if I’d like to dance.

“Bar first!” I reply, pointing in the direction I was headed.

“What are you drinking?” he asks, turning and walking with me to the bar.

“Tequila, of course.”

I revel in the fact at how easy it is to manipulate a male whilst in a short skirt. I grab his arm and pull him close as we make our way to the bar.

Once the novelty wears off and my drink is empty, I want to dance! I pull my new friend with me and as the tequila begins to take effect I’m letting a few things slip, like his hands falling from my hips to my ass. I dance around as seductively as possible; if you don’t show up I might go home with this guy instead!

Just as we are starting to get heavier and I wonder if you will show up at all, I notice you standing across the room, watching me. I know it’s you as soon as I see you; you give me a little wink and encourage me to continue.

I keep dancing with my hunk, although I’m dancing with you in mind. I bend over slightly, letting my skirt ride up just enough for you to see the darkened crevice where my thighs join. As I dance around I dip down, my legs wide, my pussy bare and in full view, but no one is looking except you.

Before long I feel my hunk’s wet lips against mine, prying them open. He’s sliding his tongue into my mouth. I lose my mission briefly as I enjoy the moment with this stranger. We break for a breath and I look over to see if you have left, but you’re still there. You’re watching as the guy works his hands up my skirt and rubs my ass, lifting my skirt high enough to let you to see his hands spread my ass checks apart just a little. I thought you would be mad but instead I can see you’re rubbing the large bulge in your pants. I bite my lip and can only think about your cock bouncing free from your pants for me. I kiss my stranger and tell him that I’ve seen someone I know and have to go; he doesn’t seem to care.

I move over to you.

“Hi…” is all I manage, although I had planned something better.

“I thought you were going to end up leaving with that guy instead of me,” you say.

I look you up and down; thoughts of sex running through my mind and I suddenly don’t have a mental block for normal language anymore. “I haven’t come all this way to go home without what I want.”

Your response is a naughty smile and I pull you onto the dance floor. While we dance I take every şişli elit escort opportunity to rub my ass against your cock, while you lightly touch my breasts and rub your fingers down my arms. You know I’m not wearing any panties and you’re taking your time getting there which turns me on even more. Finally your fingers reach the bottom edge of my skirt. Reaching just slightly further into my short skirt, your fingers brush against my ass, and then my bare lips. I feel your cock stiffen against my back; I can’t wait to get it out and stroke it. But the dance floor is not the place for all this and so I drag you off into a back corner of the club.

We make our way into a dark, secluded corner and you push me up against the wall, harder than you needed to but I know you like to be in control. You kiss me deeply, your tongue heading straight for mine; one hand on my hip, the other reaches around the back of my neck to pull me in closer. You kiss down my neck, still holding me against the wall, kissing along my collarbone, down and back up the other side; driving me insane with lust. I’m almost gushing juice and I’m certain that at any moment someone will notice my dripping pussy! I need to feel your cock; I’ve been waiting so long.

I lead you towards the more private lounge areas. Curtains surround the booths creating a secret spot from prying eyes, although they are regularly opened by people checking if they are occupied. I find an empty one and lead you through the curtains. Before I can turn around you grab hold of my wrists and pull me backwards, shifting me so I’m facing the lounge. You gently push between my shoulder blades; I take the silent hint and bend over from the hips. You let go of my wrists and I reach out for the chair, bending over the arm and looking back over my shoulder to make sure I’m doing what you wanted. You place your hands on my hips and kneel down, lift up my skirt and come face to face with my wet, waxed pussy.

“Mmm, this looks much better than it does on webcam,” you murmur to yourself, “You’re so fucking wet! You like being made so horny don’t you?”

You use your fingers to spread my lips open wide to get a better look.

“Hmmm, yessss. You know I do,” is all I can manage, almost a whimper, as I spread my legs further apart to allow you to fully inspect my pussy.

I feel your fingers opening me up, your soft wet tongue swirls around my lips, licking in long strokes towards my clit. I move my hips around to try and get your tongue there sooner, but you hold me still. I’m holding onto the armrests, my nails making small marks in the leather as my mind races, my head is swirling with the pleasure of being licked and tongue-fucked whilst at any moment someone might open the curtain to our booth.

I start to convulse as you bring me closer and closer to the edge. You move your fingers along my lips tracing large circles around and around until you reach the middle and plunge one, then two, into me. It feels so good, and with a few more strokes of your fingers inside me and your tongue lapping at my clit, I cum hard against your mouth. A loud moan escapes my lips, but it’s drowned out in the deep bass coming from the DJ. I frantically rub against you, trying to grind my clit on your chin. It feels so good to finally feel myself cumming with you there instead of just by myself. You continue to slowly slide your fingers in and out of my clenching pussy, avoiding my sensitive clit.

“Don’t think that’s all there is,” you whisper in my ear; you’d warned me before we met that I wouldn’t be getting off lightly for making you wait so long. You slide your fingers şişli escort out of my dripping pussy and move them to my mouth; I lick them clean.

“Of course that’s not all there is; I haven’t even seen your cock yet, let alone tasted it or fucked it,” I breathe as I finally manage to turn around, my eyes darting down to the bulge in your pants begging to be let out.

“Not here, we’ll go back to the apartment I’ve booked – it’s only 2 blocks away.”

You smile, moving my wandering hands away from your fly.

We walk out of the club and head down the street. Dozens of images are flashing through my head at what will happen when we get to the apartment, and of what just happened at the club. The wet feeling between my lips is turning me on as I walk beside you and I’m not sure if I’ll make it without…

Chapter 2: The alley

We walk out of the club and head down the street. Dozens of images are flashing through my head at what will happen when we get to the apartment, and of what had just happened at the club. The wet feeling between my lips is turning me on as I walk beside you and I’m not sure if I’ll make it without…

The conversation quickly turns to our favourite topic: sex.

“Your pussy tastes so fucking good, I could feel you squirting as you came,” you tell me as we walk towards your apartment.

I smile as you continue to re-trace our ‘steps’ at the club. I love hearing it from your point of view, but it isn’t helping my already wet and horny pussy.

“I thought I was going to cum in my jeans when I slid my fingers under your skirt and you were so wet and tight to slide into.”

You’re working yourself up again, but it’s having the same effect on me.

I smile as you continue to talk in detail about how it felt to touch and taste my pussy for the first time. I reach over and stroke the bulge in your pants, still impressed by its size. Hearing your dirty descriptions about my pussy, mixed with the feeling of your hard cock in my hand is finally too much and I turn sharply and walk down a darkened alley.

When I’m halfway I stop and turn towards you, happy that you obediently followed; how could you not?

“I want your cock!”

It’s more of a demand, as I push you gently so that you’re standing against the wall.

I unzip your pants and get down on my knees, not waiting for permission. You know how much I love to suck cock, so you’re not about to stop me.

You lean against the wall and look down at me as I take your thick, hard cock out of your jeans; you smile as my eyes open wide at its size. I’m hesitant at first; licking up the front towards the little bit of skin between the shaft and head. Your cock twitches when I hit that special little groove.

I look up at you, unsure if I’m going to be able to get all of you into my mouth. You gather up my hair in one hand as you point your cock towards my mouth with the other. I lick my lips as you guide my mouth back towards your cock. That’s all the encouragement I need. I pull myself up and grab onto your hips, moving my lips up over your cock for the first time, I only manage a few inches. I let your cock pop free as I lick my lips again and then envelop your slick cock with my mouth, moving down as deep as I can before I start to gag slightly.

I back off, looking up at you to check that you’re watching and enjoying. You guide my head again with your hand and I swallow your cock with deep wet mouthfuls. I slowly suck the head of your cock, licking up through the groove at the front. Swirling my tongue around the tip before lowering my mouth over the length, I know that you’re şişli eve gelen escort enjoying my mouth on your cock by the small noises your making. I feel your cock twitch in my mouth; you try and push your cock deeper into my mouth – only I’m in control, not you.

I lean back on my heels as I stroke the full length of your cock, squeezing gently on the way up to coax out the clear fluid I’m craving. A small drop forms and I quickly lap it up. I keep stroking your cock, using my other hand to cup your balls and twist them gently, tugging on the tight sac while squeezing the shaft for more pre-cum that I can lick up.

You reach forward for my hair again, wanting my mouth on your cock but I quickly move out of your grasp. I continue to move my hands up your shaft as I cover the head of your cock once again with my mouth. I slide my hands down and tightly grip the base of your cock, caging your balls in against your shaft and stretching your skin over your cock so that you can feel every sensation. I swallow your cock slowly, inching my way down the shaft, feeling the head twitching as it passes through the back of my throat. You hold me steady as I suck you deeply, my lips almost touching my fingers that are caging your balls. I gag but as you hold me there, my gagging reflex drops off until I can comfortably hold you deep in my throat.

I hear you moan and your grip in my hair tightens as, very slowly, you pull just an inch from my throat before sliding your cock back in. You’re slowly fucking the back of my throat as I attempt not to gag each time. I reach with my other hand down to my pussy. A small moan tries to get past the cock stuffed in my mouth as I circle my clit lightly. I feel your cock harden as you move your cock in and out of my mouth faster with every stroke. I’m sure I’m about to get my reward of a thick wad of cum shot down my throat, so I tighten my grip on your balls, massaging them between my fingers as I move my fingers faster across my clit with the other hand.

Suddenly, I feel you pull your cock free from my mouth.

“You like sucking my cock don’t you?” you ask as you hold my head away from your cock, using the other hand to stroke your thick shaft.

I only nod in response, letting you take control.

“Open your mouth, I want to watch you swallow my cum,” you instruct as you pump your cock faster in your hand.

I scoot forward, opening my mouth wide and waiting for the thick cum I want so badly.

“Cum for me; you know you’ve wanted me in this position for so long. Give it to me,” I coax, licking at the pre-cum collecting on the tip of your cock.

You grin.

“I didn’t think women ever said that outside of porn movies”, you say but you speed up your movements and within seconds the first stream of thick cream shoots from your cock, spurting straight into my waiting mouth and hitting the back of my throat.

I quickly swallow and the second spurt shoots across my lips and chin. I open my mouth again and lean forward as the third stream shoots into my mouth and coats my tongue. I catch your cock with my mouth and suck as much cum as I can from your still orgasming cock.

After I’ve sucked you dry, you pull your sensitive cock free. I use my fingers to scoop up what missed my mouth and add that to the creamy collection on my tongue before I swallow it all down.

You’re breathing heavily as I stand up and smooth down my skirt, dust my knees off and pick up my hand bag.

“I was saving my first load for somewhere special, but your mouth looked too inviting to resist,” you breathe as you zip yourself up.

“Don’t worry; there’ll be plenty of chances to get a load ‘somewhere special’. I’m nowhere near finished. But first we have to actually make it to your apartment!” I say, turning to head back down the alley to the main street.

I can taste your salty cum on my tongue as we continue down the street again. The walk goes much faster this time…

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