First Time All The Way

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It was a hot summer night and I was as horny as hell. I got on a few personals and chat sites, but did not get many bites. I was staying in an empty house waiting for painters and carpenters to come the next day. The day had been one of building horniness and ache. I had mowed the huge lawn on the riding mower, completely naked, cleaned up the rooms for painting naked, and jerked off twice. Still, i got hornier and hornier. I had the whole week alone with the wife out of state, and had hoped to finally hook up for my first full on sex with another man. Sure I had sucked a few cocks, and even had one guy fist me unexpectedly, but so far, no sexual penetration. I ached for it. I really needed it.

Finally, I went into the superstore and bought a gift card with cash, activated it, and joined a cruising site. Soon I had a list of local cruising locations with guides on what to watch out for, who frequented them, and how to manage the hookup. Then in the middle of checking out a location on the app, I got a message. A guy traveling down the interstate wanted to meet me at the nearby cruisey rest area for sex in his van. Though it was a little scary, I said yes and grabbed a pair of super tight biker shorts, a muscle shirt, and my shoes and sped off into the muggy night.

Once I got to the rest area, I got out and sat at one of the concrete picnic tables as I had been instructed to do. I felt sexy as hell in the exposed outfit and anyone who bothered to look closely could have seen my anticipatory hard on. The appointed time came and went. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. Forty Five minutes. I knew he wasn’t going to show, or worse yet, he had come and seen me and said no thank you, and driven off without a peep. I was frustrated, illegal bahis and depressed. I checked the app to see if he had posted. Nothing. I got up to leave and my phone dinged. The app had another message. I opened it hoping it was my guy saying he was there or nearby. It was not. Instead, it was another guy, with no pic, who wanted to know if I was still horny and looking for fun. I quickly responded with a “Hell yeah!” then felt maybe that was too obviously needy. He responded that he was horny as hell and needed somebody to come over and play. He wanted a top, but said he could top me if I could not top. His bio said he was quite heavy, even obese, possibly, and I did not like fat men or women. I started to say thanks but no thanks, then my cock spoke to me and I swallowed hard and said yes, send the address. He did.

I found the address a half hour later. He had said that I should just open the door and come up the stairs, first bedroom on the right and get naked. I had already stripped naked on the way, and sat looking around at the Condo complex instead of a home. I counted three city police cars, and was parked right next to a state trooper car. I was going to put my shorts back on but by now it was close to two in the morning, and I worried he would bail, so I swallowed hard and practically ran to the door.

Once inside I headed up the stairs and into the room. The lights were low, and there was soft music playing. The bed was a King and it had to be. The man was three hundred to four hundred pounds and at least six foot four or more. His huge belly was covered in dark, brown hair, and he had a hard on that looked as though it might just get the job done. I swallowed my disdain for fat people, climbed onto illegal bahis siteleri the bed and immediately began to suck his cock. I should mention that cocksucking is my favorite thing in the whole world. There is nothing like it. The sensation and pleasure of having another man’s cock fill my mouth and slide into my throat, well, that’s is just pure heaven. He got very hard, very quickly, and as I rubbed my hand over his huge, hairy belly, things began to change for me. The feeling of rubbing that giant hairy belly sent surges of sexual energy and desire I had not expected.

A few minutes after my arrival, and my attack on his cock, he rolled over, got off the bed, headed to the foot of the bed, tossed me a pillow with a warm smile and told me he figured he better top for me. I told him I had never been penetrated by a man before and he was kind, and gentle as he prepared me for his entry. He rubbed some lube, into my ass, and it gave my asshole a kind of buzz. Then he grabbed my ankles, pushed them up until my knees were against my belly and chest, and I felt him pressing against my anxious manhole. With a final gentle push, his cock slid all the way into me, balls deep. I grunted with the pain, and he apologized, pulling out a bit, but I told him it felt so good and he began a slow steady in and out thrusting. The pain of his cock going deep was something I will never forget. At that moment, I realized that my days as a top, or even as a dominant alpha male stud, were over. My body flushed with an intense feminine emotion and I begged him to “fuck me harder”. He did. It was just average until he did something that so unexpectedly turned me on, that I now look for it. He lifted his belly, and plopped down over my canlı bahis siteleri cock and onto my belly. When his belly hit mine, the pleasure and delight of that singular movement sent me into a near orgasmic state.

With his belly now safely out of the way, he began to really pound into me. There was pain, but that only made it more wonderful, more real. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, and I begged him to go harder, deeper. He did. I never touched my cock, yet, I came almost at the same moment he exploded into me. I felt so perfect, so wonderful, so true and honest in that moment, with my own cum all over my belly, and his cum already oozing out of my ass, his cock softening, but still moving inside me. The sound of my cum filled ass releasing his cock with a soft plop, and slight escape of air, sent me the rest of the way to heaven. He reached down, wiped my cock with his hand, then licked it clean, grinning down at me as he did. I grinned back numbly, my eyes filled with haze, my whole body a tingly mess. He climbed back into bed and I decided on my own to clean his cock for him. I thought I liked sucking cock before, but after sucking his cum covered cock flavored with my ass smell, well…holy crap! Another whole level of heaven.

We lay there with my head on his beefy shoulder, as I fondled his cock and rubbed his belly, kissing every now and then, for about an hour. Then he said he had to get some sleep before work, and I got up and headed to my car. I was so happy, and my senses so raw that I did not bother to dress. I walked nonchalantly to the car, my cock swinging side to side, and drove off towards the house. My face hurt from grinning so much during the drive. All I could think about was how much joy, and pleasure I had missed because of my prejudice against fat people. How foolish was that. I have had sex several more times since then, but I will always remember my mountain of a man, who opened my ass and mind with one masterful fuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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