Flashing, Spanking , Wanking! No. 05

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“GOOD MORNING!!” I joyfully screamed a moment before Caroline came up and gagged my mouth with her wanton red lips from eating my pussy. I cried my orgasm into her mouth, my face reddening with every gasping wave. My legs trembled as her hand worked my dripping vagina, making the cubicle walls of the toilet rattle in time.

I went up on my toes as her clit bashing turned me sensitive, making me hop and skip open-legged on her demanding, unforgiving hand.

Caroline forced her tongue down my throat and pushed her body hard against mine, her big breasts enveloping mine.

She pushed against me in time to my cries, spearing me with her wet hot tongue, her boobs flattening out on my hard nipples. My trembling body calmed as she kissed me sensually and eventually withdrew her tongue, stroking my brow as she smiled.

“Oh! I needed that,” I gasped, “I’ve been worrying about Gemma and Rob all night.”

“I thought as much,” soothed Caroline, still stroking my brow and giving me the occasional butterfly kiss on my forehead.

“I’m happy I got you early,” she giggled.

It was true as soon as I stepped into the college, she quickly took hold of my arm and cried, “Quick!”

I let her pull me along in a daze and bundle me into the girls’ toilet, pin me to the wall with a hard kiss. At the same time, her nimble, dynamic fingers pushed up my skirt and worked their way into my panties.

“You can pull your panties up now,” teased Caroline as if I were expecting more.

“Phew! I dare not bend down. My legs have turned to jelly, you horny bitch.”

Caroline laughed, “Stay there. I’ll pull them up for you.”

With that, she took my panties by the outer waistband. She pulled them hard up my legs, wedging my gusset up hard on my sensitive pussy, giving me a pronounced camel toe before pulling me up on my toes.

I laughed, “Stop it! I’ve got to go into town and wear these all day.”


“Rob didn’t come home last night, and we’re worried,” I sighed, “I’m going to have to go into town to see if he’s at his mates.”

“I’ll get Mark to give you a lift,” Caroline casually informed.

“Really, that would save so much time,” I sighed in gratitude as I gingerly hobbled out of the cubicle to the mirrors over the hand basins. Caroline immediately worked on her lipstick while I dosed my flushed face with a splash of water. I looked enviously at Carolines full figure as she bent her body over the basins. Her beautiful face close to the mirror, pouting her lips to apply her lipstick.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but is it true that you and Mark are virgins?” I cautiously asked.

“Yep!” She happily replied.

“Really, both of you?” I cried in amazement.

“It’s not through lack of trying, I can tell you,” wistfully lamented Caroline.

“What do you mean?”

“Marks always premature. Every time I get close to getting his dick in, he just squirts. It’s soul-destroying for both of us,” Caroline mournfully bemoaned.

“Surely someone of your, er skills can get around that,” I cautiously suggested.

“You’d have thought so, but the more I try, the more distraught he becomes the poor lamb.”

“I can imagine. It’s your fault for having such a sexy body,” I joked, trying to lift the downbeat vibe.

“I’m sure it’s because he went to an all-boys school. It couldn’t have helped,” Caroline mused,” anyway, so I won’t be seeing you this afternoon?”

“I doubt it.”

Come midday, I found Mark hoping Caroline had told him of her promise of a lift.

“Mark! Mark, did Caroline tell you I needed a lift?” I urgently asked. He turned and flashed his enigmatic smile.

“What lift? He inquired with his plumb Oxford accent.

“I’ve got to find my brother,” I whined,” this whole thing is worrying me.”

“I’ll want a hand job in return though!”


“I heard about you and your brother,” he teased with a huge grin.

How did he know? I was sure I hadn’t mentioned it to Caroline. However, I wondered if I let something slip when she quizzed me about farmgirls’ loose incestuous morals? It was the only solution, and I was a bit hurt that Caroline would be telling other students so early in our relationship.

I quite fancied Mark, and knowing Caroline made him premature gave me a challenge, especially as she had been telling tales.

“Oh, okay, just give me a lift, and I’ll toss you off!”

Mark stepped back in shock, “I was only joking,” he gasped.

“Sorry, I’m just so desperate. I’ve got to find my brother,” I panicked.

Mark regained his composure, “Come on, your car awaits.”

I suffered an embarrassing silent journey, deeply regretting telling Caroline about wanking my brother off. What was more worrying was how conscious free I was in asking to do it. Rob was all too ready to accept as well, and then I let him go down on me. It all seemed quite normal. After all, we weren’t fucking. It was just something naughty we did in the long lonely summers in the country. It didn’t seem strange at all until someone pointed it out.

In town, güvenilir bahis I searched without luck for Rob and bounded back to the car park where Mark was waiting. We drove in silence with Mark lost in deep thought. I peered out of my peripheral vision and could see Mark struggling to move and adjust his hardness.

The silence painfully accumulated over time until I could hold back no more.

“What’s the matter?” I eventually asked.

“Were you really going to toss me off?” He quickly asked, making it blatantly apparent that the subject had been on his mind the whole time.

“I was actually,” I mumbled, holding my hand to my eyes, embarrassed to give him eye contact.

“God, I wish you hadn’t said that I’m bursting at the seams down below.”

“Sorry, but you started it.” I laughed, “Anyway…” I started and trailed off.

“Did Caroline tell you I helped my brother out?” I clumsily asked.

Mark mulled over his answer before finally confessing that Caroline was indeed the culprit.

I gasped in disappointment and looked forlornly out of the window. I felt let down, I thought I had made a real friend, but now nothing but betrayal was on my mind.

Mark could see my disappointment, “It’s okay, we’ll do anything when we’re desperate for the toilet.”

“True, I was bursting,” I revealed with a blush. The truth was I had been mesmerised by my own brothers erect cock and had already finished my toilet duties. Maybe Mark or Caroline had got the story mixed up. I consoled myself with that excuse and made a note to myself, ‘Never let Rob go down on me again.’

With revenge on my mind, I laughed to myself and thought, ‘what the hell.’ Revenge is a dish best served hot! Mark had taken me downtown by a car, cutting my journey in half, I kidded myself. In truth, I fancied him, and so as we passed the gents, I motioned to him.

“In here!”


“Come on,” I goaded, grabbing his trouser waistband, “get in here and get your cock out.”

The cubicle door slammed shut, and a spellbound Mark lowered his trousers and pants. His cock sprang up to meet my hand.

“Good god, what do they feed you boys here?” I joked as yet another big cock stood teetering and twitching before me.

“I think it’s roast beef today. Why?”

“Nothing, bad joke,” I said as I took him by the shoulders and turned him to face the wall. I reached around from behind him and took hold of his handsome cock Peering from a safety position, knowing that a shot of sperm wouldn’t hit me. Mark’s body stiffened up, and he groaned at once as I slowly started to pull his foreskin back.

“Oh god!” He immediately exclaimed, and before I was on the third stroke, he was shooting the contents from his heavy sack high against the cubicle wall.

Bloody hell, Caroline was right. He was quick.

Later in the day, I saw Caroline in the common room. She strode menacingly towards me. I became fearful that she already knew about me tossing Mark off and breathed a sigh when she anxiously informed me about Gemma.

“Nobodies heard a thing from her since Friday. Have you managed to find Rob?”

“No, I couldn’t find him anywhere,” I told, relieved my fumble with Mark was still a secret.

That night we were visited by the police asking about the whereabouts of Rob. We could tell them nothing, and they were surprisingly reticent when we brought up the subject of Gemma’s whereabouts.

The next day I bumped into a furtive Mark at College. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out of earshot,

“Fancy making a hundred quid?” He whispered.


“Come with me.”

We entered the boys’ toilets, and standing there were five geeky boys all embarrassingly on the horn.

My body stiffened in anxiety upon entering the forbidden ‘boys’ only domain. Still, that fear went to unknown heights on seeing the five rapacious boys.

“Hey, what do you think I am?” I squawked, thinking my virtue was about to be assailed.

“Come on, Julie, these boys have never been touched by a girl. Go on, be a saint.”

“Fuck off,” I screamed as I freed myself from Mark’s grip, “what do you think I am?”

Mark bundled me into the corner of the toilet, “You’re a farm girl, used to milking cows, just milk these boys, and you’ll make a hundred quid.”

“You want me to toss them off?”

Mark smiled, “A hundred quid for a few flecks of your wrist?”

The money would come in handy. Sexy new panties for my flashing catwalk on the bus home came immediately to mind. I studied my prey, standing bashfully, unable to keep eye contact. I quickly decided that they were there for the taking and loosened my fingers for the flexing ahead.

“Okay, send them in one by one, and if I scream ‘help’, you step in, right?”

Mark smirked, “This lot, cause you trouble? You could deal with the lot of them single-handed.”

“I intend to,” I joked.

I looked at the nervous boys grouped together for support and wandered towards them. They huddled up nervously with their hands unhesitatingly covering their erections as I closed türkçe bahis in on them. I stopped at a cubicle and pushed the door open.

“Okay, who’s first?” I asked as if I were a nurse inviting a patient into a doctors surgery.

The first boy came towards me, his hands covering his cock and his head bowed. He was sweating profusely as he nervously tried to avoid eye contact.

“Don’t worry,” I soothed as I pulled him into the cubicle and closed the door. I turned him towards the cubicle wall to save his blushes and went about lowering his trousers from behind.

I cleared his trousers and brushed away his shirt, and searched for his cock. I soon found his stiffness in his parted clothes and checked out his length with a fingernail while cupping his hard balls.

The boy croaked, and I thought it best to get to work quick before he cum without my touch.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be cuming in no time,” I whispered like a Hangman on the gallows to a man in a noose.

I gripped his girth and quickly shuffled my light feminine fingers up and down his shaft! He shot immediately, semen blasting against the toilet wall and splattering outwards, some of it hitting my hand. I let him ejaculate five times before going to my ultra fast-draining strokes to relieve him of his cum.

He groaned in relief, “There you go!” I whispered in his ear as I milked the final drops of his spent cock.

His embarrassment kicked in straight away as he hastily pulled up his trousers and made to escape.

“Thank you,” he shyly blushed as I unlocked the door and guided him out of the cubicle.

“Next!” I hollered as my first milked boy quickly waddled away.

The next boy was fat and proud of it, and I had trouble reaching around and finding his erection. It was big enough and only took a few quick shuffles to have him splattering the cubicle wall.

My, they were all so quick! This was money for old rope. I quickly deduced and started dreaming of all the fabulous exotic panties I could buy.

“Next!” I hollered as the fat boy unashamedly shuffled out of the cubicle with his trousers and pants around his ankles, his dick still dribbling!

The next boy was sure of himself and walked in, taking his trousers down, displaying his erect cock like some preening peacock.

“I’ll have a suck and a fuck!” He ordered proudly, ready with his long thin erect cock.

“You’ll get a hand job and nothing more,” I commanded, locking the door.

“What twenty quid for a Hand-job? He protested, “I can do that myself.”

You’re quite welcome to go,

if you want to shoot,

give me the loot.

If you want a fuck

You’re out of luck!

“Whats it to be?” Come on, you’re holding up the queue in more ways than one.”

He submitted immediately and turned to the cubicle wall that was already a waterfall of cum.

I got behind him and flecked his cock. He had annoyed me, and so I pulled his foreskin back extra hard so I could enjoy hearing his winch!

“Careful,” he bellowed.

For all his braggadocio, he was just as inexperienced as the others. He squirmed to hold onto his cum.

“Cum for mommy, little boy,” I ridiculed, knowing I had him squealing in my experienced hands. There was no way of hiding his inexperience in my expert hands. I soon sensed he was on the brink and cruelly slowed down to almost a stop as if I were going to ruin his orgasm.

“Finish me off, finish me off,” he anxiously wailed.

“Sorry?” I teased, letting go of his teetering cock.

“Finish me off!” He screamed.

“Finish me off, my sexy mistress, you have to say,” as my hands came to a stop on his throbbing cock, ready to explode. He groaned and wriggled, not wanting to give In, but as soon as I took my hands from his dick, he soon recited my words.

“Finish me off, my sexy mistress,” he cried and immediately, I took hold of his sperm leaking member and quickly flogged it over the edge.

As soon as he shot his first blast against the wall, I opened the cubicle door and pushed him out as he ejaculated for all to see with his trousers and pants around his ankles.

“You fucking bitch!” He wailed as his hands tried to stop his spewing dick.

“Next!” I yelled, feeling a surge of mastery over my virgin cattle.

In lumbered a geeky boy who I knew as Sam, and he looked terrified.

“Turn to the wall!” I ordered, causing him to stop in his tracks.

“I don’t think I can go through with this,” Sam spluttered.

” Come on, get your cock out. I haven’t got all day!” I commanded impatiently.

“That’s okay. I’ll leave.” He surrendered, his eyes welling up with tears as he turned.

“Wait!” I said as I put my hand on his shoulders, impeding his escape and pulled him back in.

“What’s the matter?” I softly consoled as I watched the tears roll down his bowed face.

“I’m a virgin,” Sam soulfully informed, his eyes increasingly reddening.

“Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself.” I consulted, stroking his face to comfort him. “Just about every boy in this college is a virgin.”

“That’s güvenilir bahis siteleri not what they tell me,” he muttered, causing me to burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny,” Sam castigated in a waterlogged murmur.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean any offence to. It’s just that your pals are lying.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Oh, come on, do you really think they’d be cumming so quickly if they were experienced?

Sam looked around, still unable to rise from his depression.

“I’m a virgin too,” I blurted.

“Oh yeah, sure you are!”

“It’s true. There’s not as much of it going on as you think.”

“That’s not what I hear.”

“All you’re hearing is lies. Not one of your mates has lasted three wanks of my hand.”

Sam slowly looked up, “Honestly?”

“Honestly, I swear on my eyes.”

Sam looked incredulous, his mind buzzing, piecing all the evidence of his friend’s falsehoods. I grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around with the toilet behind him.

I went down on my knees and dragged his trousers and pants down, revealing his erect cock.

I gave him a look with my wide eyes as I brought my mouth up to his rigid cock, standing to attention. It was straining so hard it pushed a small drop of pr-cum to sit on the eye of his manhood.

“Believe it or not, I’ve never done this before either,” I informed, getting myself ready for the task ahead.

“Done what?” Sam nervously asked.

“I’m going to take you in my mouth,” I smiled as I stroked his outer thighs.

The mere words brought forth a gasp and started a slight tremble in his hard hips.

I readied myself to engulf him, guessing that he would ejaculate immediately in the soft haven of my mouth. His friends had cum after three shunts of my hand, so I thought my mouth would get him off in no time.

I gripped his hard stem and studied his shiny purple head. I didn’t know what to expect as I was truthful with my assertion that I had never had a cock in my mouth.

I was apprehensive as I was sure Sam would blow on first contact, and I’d have to gaggle his spunk and consume. I felt duty-bound to swallow as it was what all good girls did. It was a matter of honour. Proof that I had what it took to be a good cocksucker!

I wanted to make sure Sam blew as soon as I engulfed him. So I started by licking from under his balls. Along the natural parting, up his shaft and onto his head, giving him the eyes all the time.

His legs tremored as I let my tongue dance on his sensitive spot. I readied myself to spring up and gobble his spewing cock as soon as he lost control.

I waited with my mouth wide open, but for all his groans and trembling legs, he hung onto his sperm.

I licked his whole length again. Once my tongue was clear of his balls, I brought my hand up to cup and lift them. He groaned in delight. This time I took my tongue onto his shiny helmet and let the tip of my tongue dance into his cock hole.

He cried about again, and I widened my mouth, ready for his geyser. His legs shook manically as I got my first taste of semen. It was sour and salty, and so I readied myself to take him to the back of my throat.

All these tips I had heard on the grapevine and, of course, on the web. I had prepared for this eventuality, knowing one day I would be on my knees, slavishly noshing on some guys rampant cock.

I rolled his hard balls, waiting for him to shoot, but still, he managed to hold onto his cum. There was nothing left to do but dive in. I opened my mouth wide and took his bell end in. My mouth struggled momentarily to engulf his head, and I kept still to acclimatize with it at the back of my throat.

I held his balls and cruelly pulled them down, making him react, feeling his pulses of blood through his cock. I was surprised at the tastelessness of his appendage as I had heard all kinds of lurid tales of unclean dicks. I was just born lucky, I guess!

I let go of his balls and held his shuddering hips, and moved to deep throat him. I drove down slowly. Sam’s hard cock head gradually widening my throat. He groaned, and his cock engorged, taking me by surprise. It set off my gag reflex, and I coughed hard and spat my saliva on his cock head.

“Sorry!” I coughed, trying to get my throat under control.

“You’re sorry?” He repeated with an air of incredulity, stroking my hair in gratitude.

I was determined not to be beaten, and as soon as I regained control, I took him in my mouth again. This time I made an ‘O’ with my lips and slowly let the contours of his cockhead slowly open my mouth as I lightly pushed downwards.

I bounced my head on his smooth purple mushroom, much to Sams appreciation and readied myself for the blast of thick hot cum. I put my hands behind my back and bobbed my head. Surely he would cum soon?

My jaw began to ache, and so once more, I unleashed his cock out of my mouth. I still went in for the attack again as I held and squeezed his shaft while ravenously licking under his helmet with my lashing moist tongue.

I circumnavigated under his helmet with my tongue plucking up the courage to deep throat him once more. I had always wondered what girls saw in sucking cock, but now I knew why. I was mesmerised by this throbbing beast and was determined to tame it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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