Friends , Forever

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A greeting on the tarmac from 200 pounds of solid muscle attached to a devastating grin topped with eyes such deep blue they reminded you of the depths of the ocean had more than just Rayne’s chest clenching.

No way. She’d put those feelings away years ago.

But as Sean wrapped strong, warm arms around her in an embrace that felt like a cocoon — safe and secure — she nearly melted. This was her best friend in the world, and they had seen each other through the best and worst in life over the last seven years, and while they hadn’t been together in nearly five of those long years, their connection had never broken.

But Rayne had sworn she didn’t feel anything more than that familial kinship for Sean. She couldn’t. He’d never made a single move that suggested those feelings were reciprocated, even when she imagined a thick tension between them that spoke of promises she could only dream.

With a kiss to her forehead, Sean held her at arm’s length, giving her the boyish grin that made his eyes twinkle, like sunset reflecting off the middle of the Atlantic. “Hey, kiddo, it’s good to see you. You look absolutely amazing.”

Rayne grinned, her heart in her throat and her lungs squeezing tight, like her ribs had just shrunk ten sizes. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” Why did it sound like raw emotion poured from her mouth? She shook her head, trying not to notice the way his hand felt splayed at the small of her back as he took her carry-on and guided her toward the door to the airport. But her body betrayed her, things low in her belly swirling. She hated to think she’d never gotten over Sean, but signs pointed to it all over the place.

No, she told herself. It was just that old immediate attraction. Sean had one of those faces that should be plastered on billboards, a body with all the right lines and contours you wanted to touch, and a smile that would melt you right into the ground. It made sense, especially since she hadn’t gotten laid in ages, so long she couldn’t remember exactly the last time she’d had an orgasm that didn’t involve the device in her panty drawer.

She could handle this. She just needed to remember that her sex drive wasn’t dead, and keep it in a cage for the next three days while she spent quality time with her best friend.

But then, as she climbed into the passenger side of his truck, Sean gave her a hurt look and motioned for her to slide across the bench seat, and his arm landed around her shoulders. She couldn’t help noting that his fingertips brushed just above her breast, and it made her squirm ever so slightly. Whether she was trying to move his hand closer or further away, she didn’t know.

“I thought we could stop at the barbecue joint you like so much, get some comfort food, and relieve a little of the stress you’re carrying here,” Sean said as he drove, squeezing her shoulder.

Yes, she was tense, but Rayne didn’t know if she could conduct herself properly at a public establishment at the moment. She was too flustered, too confused, and it would only make things worse if she started acting funny and raised a bunch of questions. “Actually, it was a really long flight, and I just want to go get cleaned up.” Or hide in the bathroom till she could get herself under control.

Another concerned glance from Sean had her wincing internally. “Are you sure everything is alright?”

At a loss for words, Rayne shrugged. She couldn’t meet his eyes as she told him, “I just have a lot on my mind, and I want to reset.” There, that was a fairly vague description of the truth.

A strange silence fell between them, and Rayne’s heart ached. This was her best friend, someone who deserved better from her, and here she was, acting like some chick in high school devastated over an unrequited crush. It was changing their dynamic, and she couldn’t let it go on like this. She just needed to stuff all those emotions she’d set aside for so long right back into their box and lock it.

But as Sean pulled up to his house, he turned to her. “Talk to me, Rayne. What’s going on?”

She shook her head, refusing to go there. “I’ll feel better after a shower.” She didn’t give him a chance halkalı escort to argue, getting out of the truck and walking toward the front door. Sean was left with no choice but to follow with her bag. He unlocked the door and let her in but dropped her bag out of reach before pinning her in against the wall with one large arm on either side of her head.

Rayne’s breathing grew short, coming in small bursts, and her heart palpitated. Just Sean’s scent was enough to make her blood boil, and she couldn’t remember if his lips had ever been this close to hers. “You’re lying, Rayne,” he stated flatly. His eyes bore into hers, sharp and intense, and she fought to look away, but he held her gaze steady. “We’ve known each other far too long for you to get past me with that line. Tell me what’s going on.”

“It’s nothing you can help,” she told him, a tremble in her voice. And he couldn’t, unless he wanted to risk years of friendship for something that probably wouldn’t work out anyway. Sean had never even insinuated he wanted her as more than a friend. Why would she push that now?

He stepped in closer so a deep breath would have pressed her chest to his, and she froze. She could feel the heat of his body rolling off him. It sent her arousal into overdrive, and she wondered if he could smell it on her. That would be embarrassing. “I’ll make a deal with you,” he said, his voice a low growl. That tone sent a shiver of delight down her spine, and she stared at him, wondering what crazy idea he had to get her to talk. “You tell me your secret, and I’ll tell you mine.”

Rayne frowned at him. “Secret? What are you talking about?”

A slow smile crept over his lips until it hinted at a smirk. “Whatever you’re hiding from me, it’s big, and I have something to share with you, too. Something that hopefully is big enough to warrant sharing your secret with me.”

Rayne squirmed, uncomfortable and looking for an out, but all she managed to do was brush against Sean, igniting a flame in her belly at the contact and discovering that he, too, was aroused. His erection was enormous, and she gasped as it pressed over her stomach. She stared at him with wide eyes as he groaned, and his pupils dilated.

“I guess the secret’s out now,” he whispered, and before she could say anything, he captured her mouth with his lips, pressing her full force against the wall with his body. Rayne didn’t react at first, too taken aback at the taste of him — all butter and spice and testosterone — but then she melded into him and arched her back, opening wide to let his tongue dance with hers.

He swept into her mouth, tasting and thrusting, and one of his hands slid down her side, snaking behind her back and grabbing her ass, pulling her tighter against him so his cock dug into her pelvis. She sighed into him, liquid pooling between her legs, and she shoved her hands into his hair, deepening the kiss.

Sean’s other hand left the wall and came between them, between her thighs, spreading them so he could stroke her over the rough denim of her jeans, and Rayne broke the kiss, throwing her head back hard against the wall with a cry of delight. As if fueled by her reaction, Sean yanked at her fly, shoved the pants down, and threaded his fingers into her panties to delve into her silky, warm flesh. Her pussy clenched as he fingered her slit, his thumb pressing against her clit, and she shamelessly rubbed herself against him, too enthralled in the sensation of having this man, about whom she’d dreamed for years, touching her so intimately.

“Jesus, you’re soaked,” he moaned, his lips traveling along the side of her neck down to the base of her throat. “How bad do you want me?”

When she didn’t respond immediately, he pushed one finger inside her, and she groaned at the ecstasy it drove through her veins. “The right question is, how long,” she told him, her words breathless and deep.

“I’ve wanted you from day one,” he told her, curling his finger and pressing against that one secret spot that made her scream as the orgasm hit without warning. She could feel the way she flooded his hand, taksim escort her panties, as he hit the spot over and over, making her come with such force she couldn’t breathe. Sean’s admission sent her spiraling out of control, and her fingers moved of their own accord, finding the waist of his jeans and working to get them off. She needed to feel that cock in her hands, inside her, filling her with the pleasure she’d dreamed of for so long.

When she freed the erection, Rayne wrapped both hands around it, squeezing and stroking. She watched Sean’s eyes roll back in his head and his body tense with desire. It thrilled her, and she felt the pressure start to build in her again as his cock pulsed in her grip. “If you keep that up, I’ll never get inside you.”

Rayne shivered at his words, desperate to feel him, and it was enough to stop her hands. Shoving her arms aside, Sean bent to pull down her pants and his, helping her kick off her shoes as he did the same in frantic, almost violent motions. Bared to him, she almost wanted to hide, suddenly shy, even though this was someone she knew backward and forward, whose cock she had just stroked, who had just had a hand inside her. But as she looked down at his kneeling form and saw the way he looked at her, his gaze full of worship as his eyes caressed her body, all her inhibitions melted.

Getting to his feet, Sean wrapped his hands around the back of her thighs and hoisted her. Rayne took the hint and wrapped her legs around him as he braced her against the wall and slid in one long, determined stroke, into her core. She felt his body quake, and hers melted with the satisfaction of taking him in. It was tight, but he filled her just right, pressing against her walls and making her nearly choke with her need.

“Oh, god, Sean, that’s amazing,” she told him, her voice strangled.

“I haven’t even started yet, baby girl,” he grunted, and when he thrust in again, deeper, she cried out with all the passion that had built up over the years. Never had she felt anything so perfect, and never had she experienced such edgy desire. This was need, something she’d been waiting for it seemed for an eternity, and now, it was all coming home.

Sean found a rhythm that was both frenzied and maddeningly slow and deliberate, and Rayne angled her hips, moving with him and meeting his thrusts with everything she had. He took her mouth again, his tongue mimicking the motions as their lips twisted and teeth bit and tugged. One of his hands found its way under her shirt, which was still in place, and he moved her bra aside, pinching and pulling at her nipple as he drove into her.

Rayne whimpered and dug her nails into his shoulders through his shirt, feeling all that hard muscle bunched beneath her palms. She wanted more, wanted to crawl into his skin, to feel everything he was feeling as well as her own pleasure, and her eagerness seemed to kick Sean into overdrive. He moved faster, pounding into her so the sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed around them amidst the sound of their labored breathing and grunts of their efforts.

Unexpectedly, Sean stepped away from the door and spun, their bodies still connected, and Rayne gasped, though Sean’s strength didn’t surprise her and she felt perfectly safe. He walked quickly, and she tried to open her eyes to look where they were going, but she fell back on the couch with him over her before she could get her bearings. The motion changed the angle and pushed his cock hard, fast, and deep into her, and she screamed his name as the orgasm nearly split her in half.

Settling fully between her thighs, he pounded into her with renewed force, drawing out the blissful passion that set her on fire until she thought she might go blind with the intensity of it, and still, as she came down from the high, he continued, the pressure building all over again. How could she reach a pinnacle so many times in one single sexual experience?

She opened her mouth, not quite sure if she was going to beg for more and plead with him to stop the sweet torment, but it didn’t matter. Sean took it as an invitation, and he swallowed the moan that escaped, şişli escort kissing her with the same driving passion he had in his motions as he filled her to the breaking point. She gave as much as she got, wanting to convey more than her pleasure. She wanted him to feel how much she loved him, how much she’d wanted this, and for how long.

He shuddered, and she felt his control slipping. She was ready, wanted him to explode, wanted to know how much he felt in return, and she shifted, wrapping her legs tighter and higher around his waist. Somehow, he managed to delve deeper, his cock throbbing and making her pussy clench around him, and a fire shot through her veins as she erupted with an animalistic cry. Sean followed, finding his release and shouting with it, her name on his lips the sweetest and most erotic thing she’d ever heard.

His weight dropped on her as he shivered, and she welcomed it, feeling as though it helped settle her and keep her grounded, and she ran her nails lightly over his back, delighting in the bumps that formed along his skin beneath the shirt he still wore. His face buried in the crook of her neck beneath the wild mess of her hair, she could feel as his breathing slowed and regulated, and hers came softer to match. When he spoke, his words were muffled and tickled her ear, but she reveled in it and had no trouble understanding him. “I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time.”

With a sigh of contentment, she nodded gently. “Me, too.”

He lifted his head and stared down at her, searching her face as though looking for some sign of regret. He wouldn’t find any; Rayne wouldn’t change a thing, no matter what he said in that moment. But instead of speaking, he kissed her forehead and then her nose, and then her lips, which parted for a slow, languid, passionate kiss that almost had her completely on fire for him again.

They were breathless once more as he broke away, a ghost of a smile on his face and his eyes dancing. “Why didn’t you say something?”

She took a deep breath. “It was never the right time. There was always someone else for you, or for me, or something in the way. And then, we were so close I couldn’t risk our friendship. Not for sex.”

Sean laughed, and Rayne almost blushed, embarrassed. “I felt the same way.” That was a relief, and a revelation. “Funny, though. That was incredible, and we should have done it a long time ago. We have the same great sexual chemistry we do as friends.”

Rayne’s heart squeezed. Friends. So, this was purely sexual for him. She told herself she could live with that, as long as their friendship stayed intact. With a smile she knew didn’t reach her eyes, she told him, “I agree, completely.”

Slowly, he sat up and drew her into his lap, cradling her against his chest. She’d been there before, mourning a breakup or the loss of a family member or pet, but it was different this time, harder. She felt like she’d gained and lost a dream, all in the last few minutes, and it made it difficult to sit there, knowing that she would never experience this magic again.

Sean buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply. “I love the way you smell, especially right now.” His tone was low, gruff, and she felt him tense. “What if I told you I don’t want to be friends anymore?”

Rayne closed her eyes, having been terrified of something like that. But she swallowed the pain and told him, “I understand.”

“Do you?” He shifted her and crooked a finger under her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. Open emotion greeted her and stole her breath. “Do you know how in love with you I am?”

Her lips parted, and she searched Sean’s face now, looking for deception or mirth, but there was none. He was solemn, serious, and she felt certain he meant every word. Swallowing past a lump in her throat and blinking back tears, she replied, “I’ve been in love with you for years. I didn’t think you felt the same.”

He smiled and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear. “For a couple of people who know each other so well and talk so much, we haven’t done such a good job of paying attention or communicating, have we?”

That made her laugh, and Rayne shook her head. “I guess not.” She leaned in and kissed him, and she felt his cock growing hard again beneath her ass. Cupping his cheeks, she spoke against his mouth. “But our bodies obviously speak to each other pretty well.”

“Mmm hmm,” he agreed. “And mine says it’s ready for round two.”

Rayne wasn’t about to protest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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