From Midnight Till 3 Ch. 2

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They entered the saloon together. Leaning on one another both from the wine and the exertion. Jeff had never felt so spent, yet he knew his reserves were about to come into play as he prepared for her turn.

Jeff quickly took control. He moved to the Jukebox and selected several appropriate country songs. As they began to play he turned to Jenni with a gleam in his eye. He dropped his robe and stood before her naked and smiling. Uncertain of his plans she did the same. Soon they stood together in the warm room naked and both grinning like a Cheshire cat. He lead and they danced…

The two step is a marvelous dance and can be sensuous under the right circumstances. Naked in a Western saloon at 1 AM were the right circumstances. Unavoidably their flesh touched in places they did not expect as they toured the room. Each touch brought excitement and anticipation while thoughts remained on the dance. The attempts to stay in step invariably brought more contact of flesh on flesh. The moved closer with each turn and soon were touching the entire lengths of their bodies and the dance became secondary.

She looked up into his eyes now glistening with the emotion of their erotic dance and they kissed. It was a kiss of dreams, their dreams. Many long nights online together they had each dreamed of a kiss just such as this one. No time limit, nothing else was nearly as important. They held the kiss and breathed as one. Still moving to the music. Their naked bodies pressed together in the glow of the juke box.

Together at last…the kiss screamed from within their lips. The kiss began slowly and built in intensity until they could not stand without each other’s support. kadıköy escort Their hands caressed their partner’s back in an unnecessary attempt to build the intensity of the moment. Time stood still as they gathered there. each forgetting for that moment their separate destinies. Only remembering their passion fueled through conversations spanning the distances on internet cables. Now finally that passion was real. Alive.

Together, their lips locked, the music stopped but it did not matter. Their dance and their kiss continued. Building in intensity, peaking and slowly dying until at last they broke free. Both knew the kiss had changed them. Taken something from them and given something as well. Breathless they moved to the couch.

They sat down on the couch, still nude and still unable to speak. But not caring, as the lust in their eyes spoke volumes. Regaining control first, Jeff began. He kissed her slowly on the neck moving to her shoulders while holding her and laying her slowly against the end pillow. The kisses began to assault her. Seemingly endless and everywhere. Their intensity and electricity forcing her to close her eyes and enjoy. He kissed her arms her elbows, sides and every part of her body that was not sexual. This in itself began to add to the heat building in her nipples and between her legs. She parted them involuntarily.

He kissed her body with loving care, thoughtfully coaxing pleasure from every pore. He sucked her fingers and her toes. Kissed her calves and her forearms. Stroked her hair and nuzzled her neck. Still he avoided the nipples and that avoidance üsküdar escort became her obsession. She could not help wanting him to kiss her there. She knew what he was doing but was powerless to stop the feeling it provoked. The heat built in her nipples as they became harder. She begin to move her body towards his mouth each time his kisses approached them. Before her movements became too urgent, he finally consented. He kissed her breasts with the tender care of a gardener tending his most prized rose. He cupped her breasts gently in his hands and licked her hard nipples softly. Coaxed the pleasure but intensifying her desire.

Slowly he moved from her breasts down her stomach to her hips and her thighs. His kisses hot and fuel for the fire burning inside her. She spread her legs wide now. No longer able to pretend modesty. Lust overcame her fear and she wanted him, needed him exactly where he was going. He did not tease. The lust in her eyes was all too clear. Teasing at this point was unnecessarily cruel. He gave her what she needed.

His lips and tongue gently caressed her inner thighs. Moving from mildly erogenous areas to intense ones and back. He skillfully kissed her lips there as passionately as he had the ones on her mouth. It became clear that he enjoyed his task and had gained an unusual skill at it. He sucked and stroked the length of her moist lips with his lips and tongue. Carefully and deliberately he built the foundation for the cataclysmic orgasm building even now within her.

She began to feel it. The certain something deep within her soul that would inevitably leave her. It was so powerful she was momentarily tuzla escort afraid of it but his coaxing urged it forward. She had no choice but to allow its progress.

His tongue inflamed her desire his sucking on her lips pleasure like she had not experienced before He gently moved and touched her now hard clitoris for the first time. The electricity of that first touch made her jump and startled them both. But soon the passion overtook her as she grabbed his hair and needlessly urged him to do that which he would have done anyway.

Realizing her need he increased his efforts. He stroked her lips with his tongue up and down the length of them stopping at her clit to circle it and back down. Soon part of her realized the familiarity of that motion. Just as she had earlier sucked the length of him and circled the tip. He was repeating that motion on her. The thought made it incredibly even more erotic. She began to moan as the orgasm inside her grew.

He slowed his pace. He began to use his fingers, first on then two inside her to help in his motion. Up and down the length of her lips in and out her wet opening circle the clit repeat. She began to move her hips in the predictable rhythm. His fingers now finding their mark. the intense pleasure zone just inside and behind her pelvic bone. The orgasm grew faster and stronger.

Her moaning became rhythmic with her hips grinding on his face driving herself on his fingers. She pulled him closer by the hair. her passion now beyond reason. then it started the slow build became a raging torrent like a flash flood it swept over her body. She came intensely and thrashed on the couch still holding him to her unable to think as wave after wave of ecstasy flooded her. He continued to drink deeply as she poured herself on him spasms shaking her to the core. Until it finally passed and she was unable to stand even the slightest touch.

He withdrew and waited for her to recover…a grin slowly creeping over his face…

To be continued…

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