Haitian Swingers Association

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Sometimes, I wonder how common Black kinky folks are. Perhaps my husband Samuel Zenith and I are unicorns. My name is Whitney Felicien-Zenith, and I’m a tall, curvaceous young woman descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Five-foot-eleven, caramel-hued, with light gray eyes and a voluptuous body that is simply to die for. I live in the suburb of Kanata, and I lead a life like no other, folks. Housewife and college student by day, dominant mistress by night.

The world of BDSM is a really exciting one, and the only thing it needs is more Black folks. Well, perhaps I should clarify that statement. BDSM needs more Black women and Black men who play with each other, instead of chasing White folks left and right. White men and White women in BDSM often play with Black folks and other minorities, but they never deny themselves access to the sexual favors offered by their fellow Whites.

Only Black women and Black men are dumb enough to make themselves available to kinky White folks, while denying themselves access to kinky Black folks. The one group they should cherish and support. Don’t they realize how much racism we all still face? The more diverse the world becomes, the more complex relations between different races and ethnic groups tend to get.

If you look at escort ads on the web, you’ll notice that lots of White female prostitutes, and even some Black hookers, don’t want to deal with Black men. Yet I’ve never seen a sexual ad that spoke out against White male clients. I bet you dollars to pesos that if there’s a man out there who’s killing sex workers, in all likelihood he’s a White male with issues towards women. Yet so many women of all colors are convinced it’s Black men who are the sexual predators. They should take a look at the list of White male serial killers. Might enlighten their racist brains.

Black folks need to realize that White gals and White guys got no love for us and we need to love ourselves and take back our sexuality. We need to stop fearing our bodies. Why are Black men and Black women so sexually conservative? Why is Black male bisexuality such a big problem for Black women? Why is Black lesbianism a real big problem for Black men? Live and let live, I say. Sex is sex. Enjoy it. Do your thing. Let others do their thing. That’s my mantra when it comes to sexual matters, ladies and gentlemen of the readership.

Before we go any further, ladies and gentlemen, here’s a little about me. I was born in the City of Montreal, canlı bahis Quebec, to a Haitian immigrant father and a White Canadian mother. My parents, Louisa Tremblay and Jefferson Felicien met while studying at the University of Montreal, got hitched and had little old me. My parents are hard-working Catholic folks, and raised me to be just like them. Little did anyone know that I would become one hell of a wicked lady, destined to push boundaries.

I left Quebec and moved to Ontario a few years ago. I have always been much more at home among English Canadians than the French. An odd thing for a Montreal native to say, but whatever. The clashes between French Canadians and minorities in the City of Montreal bug the hell out of me. I am the daughter of a foreign-born Black man who married a White Canadian woman. Believe me when I tell you that I know a thing or two about racism in la belle province.

Ontario is totally my type of place. It’s where most visible minorities in Canada happen to live. Whether Aboriginal, African, Chinese, East Indian, or whatever, most of them make Ontario their home. It’s the most diverse region of Canada. Ottawa is starting to reflect that diversity. I’m studying business administration at Algonquin College, and when I’m not at school, I am doing the kind of naughty things that you’d never suspect a Catholic wife like myself is capable of doing. And that’s how I like it.

Recently, I developed an interest in BDSM, and I like to dominate both men and women. My first submissive was my husband Samuel Zenith, a big and tall, dark-skinned stud of Haitian descent. We met a few years back, fell in love and got married. We have a daughter, Lily, who is currently away visiting her grandparents. This means that my hubby Samuel and I have the house to ourselves. Let the fun begin.

My husband Samuel Zenith, like a lot of Haitian immigrant guys, likes to project a masculine appearance, and acts like a macho guy most of the time. That’s exactly what drew me to him. A lot of the guys I saw in Montreal were annoying, feminine and unmanly. A manly man is a good thing to find in this day and age. I just needed a man who was strong and manly in public, but would be willing to submit to me in private.

Now, breaking down a macho Haitian guy isn’t easy, especially since Samuel is a tough brother who doesn’t take shit from nobody. That’s okay by me because I knew how to push his buttons. Samuel has a website he often goes to. On the bahis siteleri Kink website, Samuel watches porn videos featuring women with strap-on dildos who fuck the hell out of their male lovers and male sex slaves. Well, I decided to make Samuel’s hidden fantasy come true.

I went to this store called Pleasures N Treasures near downtown Ottawa, and bought a few things. I then went home, and set up a nice surprise for Samuel when he brought his ass home from work. Samuel is a manager with a security company. After graduating with his criminal justice degree from the University of Ottawa, Samuel looked for work in his field and couldn’t find any. I support my man in his ambitions. It’s tough out there for our brothers. I love my sweet Sammy. That’s why I wreck him in the bedroom!

When Samuel came home after a long, tiresome day at the security company, he was in for a treat. Sam found me lying in our bed, clad in a red bra and crimson panties. Oh, and I had a little surprise jutting from between my thick, sexy legs. Well, it’s not that little. Shoot, it’s a nine-inch Black strap-on dildo modeled after the penis of a certain African-American porn legend. Samuel stared at me, stunned. I smiled wickedly at my hubby while stroking my plastic dick. Time to get this show on the road.

In a flash I morphed into Mistress Whitney, my other persona. In a stern voice, I ordered my husband Samuel to get on all fours, and he complied without hesitation. Grinning, I got behind Sam and rolled a condom on my dildo. I took some Aloe cream from a nearby bottle and used it to lubricate Sam’s ass. Just like that, I got behind Samuel and spread his dark, hairy butt cheeks wide open. I pressed the dildo against Samuel’s asshole, and then pushed inside.

Just like that, I began fucking my husband Samuel’s sweet ass with my shiny new strap-on dildo. I made Samuel scream as I plunged the dildo into his ass. Unbeknownst to my husband, I watch a lot of porn. There’s a lot of female domination/male submission type of porn out there. The sad thing is that you seldom see Black female dominance paired with Black male submission. I think the combination would be supremely hot!

I fucked Samuel’s ass until the big Haitian tapped out, and begged for mercy. Slowly I pulled the dildo out of Samuel’s butt, and he sighed happily. We kissed passionately. Unfastening the strap-on dildo, I tossed it away. I climbed on top of my husband. Samuel’s hands went to my hips as I straddled him. bahis şirketleri I freed Samuel’s long and thick dick out of his pants. Grinning, I stroked Samuel’s dick and watched as it hardened in my hands.

Winking at Samuel, I bent down and took his dick into my hands. I sucked Samuel’s dick and licked his balls, and then he told me, in a deep, sexy voice, to get on with it. I impaled myself on Samuel’s dick. Sighing happily, I welcomed the intrusion I felt down below. I rode Samuel’s dick, and it filled me wonderfully. Samuel slapped my ass as he fucked me, and we went at him until he came, flooding my already wet pussy with his tongue. Orgasmic, I cried out, overwhelmed.

Once I came down from cloud nine, my husband Samuel and I continued with our fun. Like the majority of Black men, my dear husband Samuel is an ass man. I sat on Samuel’s face, and smothered him with my thick brown ass. It’s called face-sitting, and lots of women are into it. You seldom see a big-booty sista sitting on a brother’s face. Well, I am not afraid to do whatever it takes to keep my man happy. Besides, us Black women got the best butts in the universe. Why shouldn’t our fantastic brown asses be worshipped?

After riding Samuel’s face, I still had plans for him. I got on all fours, and spread my thick brown ass cheeks wide open, exposing a fairly obvious target. You should have seen the look on Samuel’s face. The Haitian brother’s face lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree. Samuel hastily got behind me and grabbed the Aloe cream, and used it to lubricate my ass. I grinned, and waited for Samuel to get started. Finally, Samuel pressed his dick against my asshole, and pushed it inside.

Samuel put his big, strong hands on my hips and pushed his dick into my asshole. I sighed happily as Samuel’s dick entered my asshole. I love anal sex. I backed up a bit, grinding my big booty against Samuel’s groin and driving his dick deeper into my asshole. Samuel slapped my ass and began fucking me energetically, with deep, powerful thrusts. We fucked like this for a good while, and then Samuel came, flooding my asshole with his cum. I cried out, feeling both pleased and invaded by the torrent of cum in my ass. Samuel slowly pulled out of me, and I slumped on the bed, spent. It was a good lay, what can I say?

My husband Samuel and I kissed, and then headed to the showers to get cleaned up. After a long, wonderful shower, we went to bed. Just an ordinary couple living in the Capital of Canada, ladies and gentlemen. We are proud Christians, and love BDSM, and I for one don’t give a damn what people out there might think of us. Sex is natural, folks. So is kink. I just enjoy showing off a bit, that’s all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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