Happy Birthday

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Kim felt nervous lying on a strange bed in the room of a young man with posters of nubile bikini clad women covering the walls. She was 40 years old today and at 5′-7″ and 170 pounds, she wasn’t going to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition, but Kim was fine with that. Her full hips and round ass were balanced by a relatively narrow waist and enormous 38E natural breasts, giving her a classic hour glass figure which she had always found men were attracted to. She wore a red silk and lace teddy that barely covered her huge tits and stopped just low enough to conceal her bald pussy. Her legs glistened in sheer tan pantyhose clinging to her luscious curves. She could see her silver toe nails sparkling behind the wispy nylon as they protruded through the opening of her clear 6″ platform heels. Kim’s left leg was bent with the ankle touching her right calf as she faced the bedroom door, waiting for her unsuspecting prey. Her waist length blonde hair cascaded over her shoulder and down her front like a silky waterfall as she lay propped up on her right elbow. Kim’s hand glided over the glossy hose covering her hip and traveled down to her knee. She loved the velvety texture of her expensive nylons; she had always loved the feel of hose ever since she was a little girl and put on her first pair.

Now all Kim needed was Danny; her neighbor and best friend’s 19 year old son who has been the star of hundreds of her fantasies over the past few years. He had gone upstairs to shower while Kim was supposed to wait in the living room, but once she heard the water running, she crept into his room and changed into her sexy negligee. The anticipation of him opening his bedroom door and seeing her waiting to ravish him was making her pussy drool, soaking the cotton panel of her hose. ‘If Janet knew how I’ve lusted after Danny and what I’m about to do, she’d probably kill me,’ Kim thought. Fortunately Janet and the rest of Danny’s friends and family were at the local Hooters waiting for her and Danny to arrive. Kim was tasked with brining Danny to his ‘surprise party’, but she had a special present for him on his 19th birthday she wanted to give him first.

Her hand migrated between her legs to stroke her swollen clit as thoughts of Danny ran through her mind. When her fingers brushed across her sensitive love button she shuddered and a gasp escaped her lips. Her eyes closed as she fingered her oversized clit; three eights of an inch in diameter, it protruded over half an inch from its hood. Kim lightly flicked it with her middle finger until she was on the verge of orgasm, then she heard the door creak.

“Happy Birthday!” she shouted opening her eyes to a wonderful sight.

Danny stood in the doorway, stark naked and mouth agape, starring at the woman of his fantasies on his bed in nothing but lingerie and pantyhose.

Kim was awestruck by the muscular toned body on display in front of her. She didn’t know why she had expected him to be dressed or at least partially covered by a towel. It was his house after all and he wasn’t expecting her, or anyone else for that matter, to be in his room. As she studied his magnificent form, sculpted by years of swimming and baseball, Kim felt a wave of doubt wash over her. ‘Why would a handsome young man like that want anything to do with an overweight forty year old woman?’ she thought but then she saw his cock. It was long and hard and fully erect, pointing toward the ceiling. The purple head bounced with every beat of his heart and a sticky stream of pre cum was flowing from the tip. She looked into his brown eyes and saw that they were locked on her silky hose covered legs and knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Her legs made the unmistakable hiss of nylon on nylon as she moved them back and forth.

“Mrs. Carson…I…,” Danny stammered.

“Oh Danny, I told you that you don’t have to call me ‘Mrs. Carson.’ I haven’t been married for years. Call me Kim,” she said rising from the bed to stand before the stunned youth.

In her heels she stood eye to eye with the 6′-2″ teen. Her hands touched his tight wash board abs then slowly moved up his body to his face. Without another word she pressed her full lips against his, kissing him softly. He was slow to respond as the shock of the whole encounter hadn’t worn off yet. Kim’s tongue snaked between his lips and she felt him kiss back. Danny’s hands went to her ass so that he could feel her silky hose. A soft moan came from her as he pulled Kim closer; his hot steely cock pushed against her stomach.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned casino siteleri louder as she felt his cock throbbing with desire.

Kim stepped back from Danny breaking their lingering kiss.

“Now…do you like my outfit?” she asked looking into his warm brown eyes.

“Yes! Yes I do…very much!”

“Good…Why don’t you sit down over here and let me take care of that problem of yours.”

Kim led him to the bed and had him sit on the edge. She stepped out of her heels and knelt between his legs. Her right hand closed around the base of his stiff member and began to glide up and down the thick shaft. Danny was leaned back supporting himself with his arms so he could watch what Kim was going to do. He moved his feet out allowing him to run them along her hosed legs.

“I think I should relieve some of this pressure so we can make our fun last longer,” she said hefting the weight of his golf ball sized testicals in their velvety sack with her free hand.

When Kim’s lips encircle the head of his cock, it was Danny’s turn to moan.


Her mouth slowly engulfed his entire eight inch length right down to the base. Kim was one of those rare women blessed without a gag reflex so taking Danny’s cock into her throat was no problem. She slowly bobbed up and down sucking and slurping as she went. When her lips came to his crown her right hand would stroke his cock then as she went back down she would release her grip. Danny was shaking uncontrollably at this point; his body was in sensory overload. When Kim’s lips reached the base of his cock once more, she extended the middle finger of the hand fondling his balls and placed the tip at the entrance of his puckered asshole. Without warning Danny went stiff. Cum erupted from his spasming cock and Kim swallowed each spurt. The rhythmic contractions of her throat coaxed more of his seed from his balls. She took all he was giving her and when she felt him begin to relax, she finally came up for air.

“Mmmmmmm…you had a lot in there,” she said still licking his cock like a melting ice cream cone.

“Oh my GOD that was incredible. You’re the best…I’ve never had a blow job like that before!”

“That’s very sweet of you to say, but I’m sure at least one of your girlfriends has given you a blow jobs in the past.”

“They have but never like that and besides you’re far sexier than any of them,” he said still panting, “That was the best Birthday present ever!”

Kim stood up and pulled Danny to his feet. She kissed him then laid down on the bed spreading her hosed legs wide. She was propped up on her elbows smiling. The growing wet spot was clearly visible nearing her knees and she could see Danny noticed the bulge of her throbbing clit behind the silky covering of damp nylon.

“Oh that wasn’t your present…you haven’t unwrapped it yet!” she said running her fingers around her erect bud and over her dripping pussy.

Kim removed her hand from her wet sex long enough to beckon Danny to join her. He didn’t hesitate at all and knelt between her thighs. She offered him her right leg which he took in his hands. For a moment he just admired her perfectly shaped size 6 foot; the dainty toes with sparkling silver polish, her high arch and how the tan nylon shimmered in the light. One hand moved to her ankle and the other slide up and down her leg to feel the luxurious softness of her nylons. He gently kissed each toe and ran his tongue between them after each kiss.

“Mmmmmmmm…that feels nice,” Kim purred enjoying the pleasure he was giving her.

She placed her left foot under his balls and began to tickle them with her toes. She then moved it to his gradually recovering cock. She pressed her warm sole against the underside of his semi hard penis and carefully massaged up and down its length. After a few minutes she switched feet and let Danny worship her other foot. His hips started moving with Kim’s loving manipulation of his manhood and she knew he would soon be ready to fuck her.

“It’s time for you to kiss something else,” she said pulling her foot from his grasp and spreading her legs wide. Kim ran a finger over her clit and moaned at her own touch.

“Mmmmmmmm…I need your mouth right here,” pointing to her drooling pussy.

Danny eagerly moved in and inhaled her womanly fragrance. The odor was intoxicating and he moved closer, lightly placing his tongue on the bump in her hose. Kim gasped at his touch as a charge of pure pleasure shot through her. Encouraged by her reaction, Danny kissed her clit two canlı casino or three more times then sucked it into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.

“OH GOD!” she cried as her body shuddered violently.

He continued to tease her sensitive bud causing even more of her juices to flow from her overheated pussy. He sucked the nectar from the cotton panel then went back to attacking her clit. Kim thrashed about in total ecstasy as she drew nearer to orgasm. She ground her pussy into his face trying to trip the switch of her release. Danny attempted to force his tongue into her but Kim’s hose barred his way. She pushed his head away and drove her long manicured nails through the flimsy material and tore open the crotch of her hose. She then grabbed Danny by the ears and buried his face in her creamy folds.

“Oh YES! Lick me baby…Lick me! Make me cum…Make me cum!”

Danny’s tongue went up and down her slippery cleft trying to soak up every drop of her pussy juice but when he stabbed it into her fiery hole, Kim went wild. She clamped her silky thighs around his head and bucked furiously. Her body quaked in orgasmic release while Danny continued to slurp her gushing fluids. He could feel his lungs burning from lack of oxygen but he couldn’t free himself from her vice like grip. Kim’s orgasm began to subside and she released Danny. He pulled back gasping for breath but quickly dove back between her legs for more.

“STOP…stop…I can’t take anymore,” she said pushing his head back from her hyper-sensitive pussy.

Danny sat back on his heels watching Kim’s chest rise and fall as she tried to catch her breath. She finally opened her eyes and saw him smiling down at her. Kim looked down at herself and realized she was a mess. Her hair was everywhere, her hose had ladders running down both legs and up to the waistband from the hole she had torn in them and her huge tits had managed to free themselves from her teddy.

“I’m a wreck,” Kim stated about her current appearance.

“You look beautiful to me.”

“Ha…You’re too kind,” she replied looking back to him.

When she saw his face covered in her sticky cum, Kim told him he needed to do some cleaning up. Danny wiped off his face on a section of sheet then leaned down to kiss her. She returned his passion, holding him close as their tongues dueled. He turned his attention to her mammoth breasts, alternately sucking the rock hard nipples into his mouth as he squeezed the soft flesh. Kim was moaning again with his enthusiastic oral attention. When she felt something warm and wet dripping on her belly she opened her eyes and looked down. Danny’s cock was hard and pointing at her while long clear strings of pre cum leaked from the tip and pooled in her navel. She rocked her hips upward and wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles. Kim used her legs to pull Danny down and his cock became trapped between them.

“Looks like someone’s ready to play,” she said with a wicked smile.

He made short thrusts with his hips, causing his cock to rub against her wet hose and erect clit. Kim shuddered each time the head of his cock drug across her tingling bud. When Danny shifted his weight to reposition his stiff cock, she lifted her hips higher and his cock slipped right into her well lubed pussy.

“OH GOD!” she screamed squeezing Danny tighter to get every inch of his beautiful cock as deep as possible inside her tight pussy.

Danny didn’t move. He was enjoying the feeling of her vaginal muscles contracting and relaxing on his thick member. Kim relaxed her legs and Danny thrust hard into her.

“Aaahh…YES! Fuck me…Do it! Fuck me hard…mmmmmmmm!”

So he did. Danny pounded her hard and fast making her cry out in unbridled ecstasy. He loved the feel of her silky hose sliding along his sides and her tight pussy pulling at his cock. Kim met his thrust with ones of her own until her pleasure peaked again and she lost all control from another earth shattering orgasm. The two of them bounced together so violently that they fell off Danny’s bed in a laughing heap. They untangled themselves and Kim got back on the bed on her hands and knees. She wiggled her big round nylon encased ass in a seductive arch to entice Danny to fuck her from behind. He was on his feet in a flash standing behind her. Kim’s luscious booty swayed back and forth in front of him. He gave her ass a playful smack eliciting a squeal from her. Danny put his hands on her hips and guided his cock back into her warm recesses.

“Ooooooooohhhhhh,” they moaned in kaçak casino unison.

He pushed his thick pole in until his hips met Kim’s plump silky ass. Danny held her tight pulling back on her hips to enjoy the tightness and heat of her clenching pussy. Kim felt so full, as if Danny’s cock had grown thicker and longer than just minutes before. She squeezed and pulled at it with her talented muscles, trying to get even more inside her hungry hole. Danny suddenly pulled out then slowly pushed his meaty cock back in her. He repeated this several times and each time it took her breath away. The slow impalement on his hot poker was driving Kim crazy. She tried to thrust back into him but Danny controlled the action at this point. In frustration she swayed her hips side to side in an attempt to get more delicious friction. His cock was swiping over her g-spot and soon Kim would be in the throws of another orgasm. Both of them were panting, not from exertion but from anticipation. They were both about to explode. As Danny’s hips met warm nylon coved flesh once more, he stopped and didn’t move as if waiting for something. Kim clamped down as hard as she could on his throbbing cock.

“Do it!” she whispered.

Danny’s thrusts came at a frightening pace slamming into Kim’s body with amazing force. She braced herself for each impact but she was being driving forward. Her massive breasts slapped against her arms and body and each other with an irregular tempo. Soon she found her face buried in the sheets screaming in pleasure as Danny rocked her to the core.

“Fuck me…YES…YES…OOOHHH…OOOHHH…Do it…pound my pussy!”

Danny’s thrusts began to slow but increased in ferocity. The slap of wet flesh on flesh rang out in his room in ever increasing volume, punctuated by Kim’s shrieks as she was consumed by one orgasm after another. She pushed herself back up and looked over her shoulder at her youthful lover.

“Cum for me baby…mmmmmmm…I want to feel you shooting your hot thick cum deep in my pussy…give it to me…mmmmmmm…I want to feel you cum…,” Kim begged.

Her words of encouragement and tight clenching pussy had done their job. Danny lost control and slipped over the edge into orgasmic bliss. He unleashed a torrent of semen into Kim’s inviting womb. The rush of fluid filling her pussy made her join Danny in orgasm. He pumped her full of his seed until it squirted out around his cock with each thrust, running down her thighs and dripping from his swaying ball sack. Kim finally collapsed forward on the bed in exhaustion. A flood of liquid gushed from her pussy and soaked the sheets. Danny joined her. The two lay together regaining their composure; arms and legs intertwined, softly kissing. When Danny finally looked at the clock on his night stand, he sat up straight.

“HOLY SHIT…We were supposed to be at Hooters ten minutes ago!”

Kim calmly took his hand as he was about to jump out of bed, “Don’t worry, we’re fine.”

“You said we had to meet them at 5:30…It’s almost a quarter to six!”

“Trust me sweety…we’ll be fine,” Kim’s words seemed to be working.

Danny lay down once more and cuddled up to her. His hand found her velvety thigh and slowly began to glide over it when Kim’s cell phone rang. She rolled from the bed and rummaged through her purse for her phone.

“Hello…Hi Janet…No nothings wrong, Danny just got home. He’s going to take a shower then well be over when he’s changed. OK…see you soon…bye bye,” Kim smiled as she ended the call and tossed her phone back into her purse.

“How did you know Mom would call you?”

“One thing you’re gonna have to learn when it comes to a woman like me. When I want something, I leave little to chance in the getting of that something. I’ve wanted you for a long time and I made sure to take full advantage of this situation. I volunteered to bring you to your ‘surprise party’ yet I told you about it. I called Janet…your mom when you got here and told her you left a message you were running late so that she wouldn’t get concerned when we didn’t show up on time which is supposed to be 6:00. So I figure that now she knows you’ll have to shower and get changed, we’ll have some more time together,” Kim held out her hand to Danny, “I think we both need to shower…What do ya say?”

Danny got to his feet and pulled her close, pressing his lips to hers and stabbing his tongue into her mouth. His hands squeezed her ass and pulled her to him. Kim could feel his semi hard cock throbbing against her thigh and knew they had better get into the shower before it was fully erect, besides fucking him in the shower would be fun too! ‘This is the best birthday present I’ve ever given myself,’ Kim thought pulling away from Danny and with a wink she led him by the hand toward the bathroom.

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