Happy Seventieth Birthday Walt!

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Special thanks go to my editor shygirlwhore for all the work she put in sorting out the errors I made. I can’t say enough positive things about all the help she gave me with the story. She was a joy to work with the whole time.


Walt laid in bed and thought about just what a lucky son of a bitch he was. At sixty-nine he still had his own teeth, a nice comfy retirement, a head full of, admittedly graying (but not yet fully grey) hair and a half decent body. He was also currently enjoying the feeling of a soft hand rubbing the base of his hard cock and even softer, full lips of a very attractive twenty-two year old girl sucking the top. A twenty-two year old he wasn’t even paying for the privilege.

That twenty-two year old girl was Susan. She was a former friend of Walt’s granddaughter, Eve. Former in the sense that Eve had moved away to Scotland some months back and the pair of girls had largely lost contact.

Walt really owed his current sex life to his granddaughter, it was her who had introduced him to Susan, not intending for them to end up in bed no doubt, but still funny how things work out. Twenty-two months ago Susan had been at University and was working hard on a project but having a little trouble. Being a good friend, Eve had said her grandfather Walt, a former University lecturer, could help her and introduced them.

The story of how they had come to be, well the best description would be fuck buddies, was nothing special. They had been at Eve’s party, drinks were flowing and Susan got a little tipsy, after four months of help from Walt she had been looking for a way to thank him and well, as the party went on Susan had found Walt alone and taken him to a quiet place for a booze fuelled thank you.

At the time Susan had expected it to be a one night thing, something they would not discuss and definitely keep from Eve and everyone else. The simple fact that Susan had come so hard and fast and enjoyed the experience so much more than with any of her previous boyfriends, was the reason it had continued for, currently, eighteen months.

They had managed to keep it from Eve in all that time, although there had been a very close call one day when they had thought they had the house to themselves. They had been up in Walt’s bedroom, both naked with Susan on her back, both her legs high in the air and spread wide, groaning and panting while Walt had his hard cock thrust deep into her wet pussy. She had just had a screaming orgasm which made it all the more lucky that Eve had come in through the back door when she had and not a few moments earlier or she would surely have heard her friend crying out in pleasure, a cry of “I’m going to come Walt, fuck me harder, I want to come on your… oh fuck yes! Come on your… oh fuck, on your hard cock! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes!” Luckily, they had heard Eve shutting the door as Susan had quietened and Walt was quick thinking enough to call down to Eve that he’d just gotten out of the shower and was not decent yet so she shouldn’t come up the stairs.

That close call had scared Susan badly but not enough for her to give up her liaisons with her old lover completely, she reasoned that the pleasure she got from him was worth any risk, and after that they had agreed they had to be more careful (“And quieter” Walt had joked) and while they had kept their activities from Walt’s granddaughter, Susan had told one person, her best friend Vicky. Vicky didn’t judge and wouldn’t spread it around their other friends. The fact Susan was having somewhat regular sex sessions with a man older then her own two grandfathers was not something she wanted spread around, but sometimes it is good to be able to talk to someone about things.

Now, so many months after that first time, here they were again on Walt’s bed and he couldn’t believe how good his young lover had become. He had taught her well, giving her the best of his vast experience.

Walt opened his eyes and looked down to see Susan looking back up at him with her brown doe eyes, her hand was still gently rubbing his shaft at the base and her lips were sucking more energetically at the head. He groaned a little, Susan had grown good with her hands, she knew just how to work his cock, stroking and gripping with her hands, she knew just how much pressure to use as she stroked, she was also very good with her now now too.

Susan had been looking up at Walt’s face for a little while now as she sucked and stroked his cock. This was a regular way for them to start their encounters together. Being in his late sixties, Walt sometimes needed a little encouragement to begin with, something that Susan was all too happy to give. She enjoyed playing the game, feeling his cock grow hard and knowing it was her doing, caressing and sucking as he had taught her and knowing that once he was hard and ready the real fun would begin.

In her mind Susan wondered what other girls her age were doing right now? It was Saturday morning; probably they were having a jog or heading for the gym, she was going to have her own workout here and it would be much casino siteleri more fun if history was anything to go by.

Susan bobbed her head up and down, taking a little more of Walt’s old cock into her mouth each time, closing her lips a little tighter around the shaft. She knew he wasn’t fully up yet, she’d had him inside her and seen his hard cock enough times to know when he was not quite fully hard but she was doing her best to correct that. Although she was sure he was getting hard quicker today then usual.

Another few flicks with her tongue and sucks with her lips and she felt he would reach his peak, it was why she was looking up at him to see his expression, see if he was truly ready for her to stop her oral pleasing of his cock so they could move on to the main show.

“What are you thinking so hard about?” she asked, taking her lips off his hard cock but continuing to caress it with her hand, making sure he stayed hard he’d bet but that wouldn’t be a problem.

“Just that you could suck a dead man back to life,” he said with a grin.

Susan looked up at him; her lips curled up into a smile as she stroked his cock with her hand and pressed her chest forwards until her humble breasts pressed against it. She was not blessed in the breasts department but they were pert and supple and she was happy with them. Walt had no complaints either, he loved her small handfuls of flesh with their hard pink nipples.

“That could be awkward to explain at your funeral,” she joked which brought a laugh from Walt. She laughed too and then still gripping the base of his thick cock with her right hand brought her moist lips back down to the head of his cock and kissed it before taking a few inches back inside her warm mouth.

Walt groaned again as he felt her tongue play around his cock and her hand squeeze the base of his shaft. He loved to watch her suck him, the way her dark hair wavered with each bob of her head, although the sight of her blowing him was nothing compared to the feeling.

Susan felt his cock throb in her mouth and she redoubled her oral efforts, sucking harder and flicking with her tongue more, she took another inch into her warm embrace and quickened her pace.

“Tell you what, I’m not dead yet but lets see if we can get to heaven anyway,” Walt said as he felt his cock throbbing from her skills.

Susan looked up but didn’t take her mouth off of his old cock, she just slowed her pace and sucked him a little more gently, almost like she was just making sure he was fully ready and wouldn’t go soft on her, not that he had before but that didn’t mean the streak would continue. Satisfied after another few sucks and caresses, Susan finally removed her mouth from his cock to speak.

“Don’t know about our chances of going to heaven, but I bet you’ll have me screaming God’s name plenty,” Susan said and giggled as she looked down at the hard cock of her elderly lover and rubbed it gently once again.

With her other hand she reached between her own thighs and touched her hard cit with her thumb as she slipped a finger between the lips of her pussy and felt the wet, warm embrace. It was something she had always done before sex, a little ritual that made her shudder, feeling her own aroused body. She was always wet when she went to see Walt. Not because he turned her on necessarily, just the sight of him didn’t make her go weak at the knees or anything, nor was it the, what many would say, kinkiness of the forty-seven year age gap and the fact he was an Old Age Pensioner while she was not long out of University. Susan had never been turned on by the idea of kinky things like some women who say they get soaking wet at the idea of sucking a black dude, or who were into being tied up and having rough sex, or, if what Vicky had told her was true and she swore it was, in the case of one girl in their English Literature class at university was into a very special kind of doggy style. No it wasn’t his looks or his age that turned her on so much, it was simply how good his cock felt when he fucked her and that she was going to be feeling it again soon that got her motor running and knickers soaked whenever she knocked on his door.

Walt watched as Susan repositioned, crawling up the bed a little on her knees until she was straddling his crotch, a supple thigh on either side of his old frame. His cock throbbed as she took it in her hand and gently but firmly positioned the tip of the head against her pussy lips, lightly rubbing it back and forth before she settled it between her folds and sighed. Once she was satisfied he was in position to correctly enter her she tried an experimental little downwards movement, allowing a little of his hard cock to enter her warm, wet pussy. A groan escaped her lips as her lower lips parted and allowed the thick cock access unrestricted.

“Fuck you are good,” Walt said as he felt her weight settle on his crotch. His cock was now fully inside her sweet, sexy body and she was gently rocking back and forth and working her muscles on his hard shaft.

Susan smiled and canlı casino took her lower lip between her teeth as she felt his cock throb inside her. It felt good, Walt wasn’t overly long but his cock was very thick and that was what Susan liked. She had been with a guy who was almost nine inches before and while it had been alright, she preferred something in the six inch range for length, but was very fat. With Susan not being very big herself it made her feel much more full and was very much more arousing and pleasurable.

“You just lay there and let me work,” Susan told him with a grin as she lifted herself a little and then thrust herself back down on Walt’s old cock, groaning as it filled her once more and waves of pleasure radiated from her pussy.

Walt settled back as Susan began a steady rhythm, rolling her hips and lifting her firm round arse, each movement carefully done to keep Walt’s hard cock inside her wet pussy but gave enough movement to stimulate both of them. It was working for Susan especially; she had her eyes closed and was breathing in a steady groaning fashion, a look of pleasure etched on her face.

A pleasure filled growl came out of Walt’s lips as he felt Susan speed up a little, thrusting her hips harder, the feel of her tight pussy gripping and sliding along his hard cock was driving him crazy. He slid his hands over her firm shapely thighs before moving them over her hips and up her slender waist until he felt the small swell of her breasts which he cupped and squeezed before taking the hard pink nipples between his finger, rolling them between thumb and fore finger while tugging them lightly. Susan felt the bolts of electricity coming from having her nipples played with while she rode her favourite cock. She groaned and leaned forward a little, letting her modest breasts hang closer to the pleasurable touch of Walt’s lips and experienced hands.

Susan sometimes wondered why every twenty-something year old girl, who was single, didn’t find an old guy like Walt for fun until something serious came along. Someone in their sixties had probably been having sex for over forty years and has picked up a lot in that time and she could testify how good having all that vast experience used on you for your and his pleasure was. Walt had taught her much that a future husband would go and worship at his grave for, and she could not even begin to count the amount of orgasms he had given her in the year and a half she had been visiting him for sex.

“Oh God!” she exclaimed as she felt her pussy tingle, the thick cock inside her rubbing all the most sensitive areas as she slid up and down it, her inner walls gripping like a vice on the now slick shaft as her juices flowed all over him.

Walt moaned a response as his young lover worked her pussy a little harder on his old cock. Susan knew how to please a man, he had taught her and given her tips on what he liked and she had taken them on board and responded wonderfully. He pulled her nipples a little harder and got an approving sound from her before she thrust down hard again taking all his length and thickness inside the embrace of her pussy.

“Squeeze my arse Walt!” Susan straightened up her back, moving her breasts, aching with pleasure from his talented fingers, away from Walt’s hands to grind herself against him harder. Her pelvis rubbed against his and stimulated her clit while his old cock moved and throbbed inside her moist warm pussy.

Walt knew Susan liked having her arse squeezed while she was on top. He had done it the first time she had straddled him and she had almost lost it right away. He went to work now, his wrinkled hands closing on the flesh of her arse cheeks and fingers digging into the firm yet soft youthful tenderness while she worked her pussy on his cock. He squeezed and rubbed, spread her arse cheeks apart and then pushed them together again in random order, his stubby hard fingers pressed into her flesh like talons.

“Oh God yes… I’m going to come on your cock Walt; oh God, oh fuck, I am so close!”

Walt knew how his young lover felt; he could feel an orgasm of his own building with every passing second. Susan had him fully inside her, his entire cock was being massaged by her warm inner muscles, tightly held by her pussy and she was grinding and bucking her hips hard on him as her whole body shook in pleasure due to her approaching orgasm.

“Oh God, oh fuck, oh God!”

Susan felt the release she had wanted. Her whole body flooded with pleasure and her pussy became almost too sensitive to stand as her orgasm hit, she closed her eyes and went rigid on top of her old lover’s body as the waves of ecstasy radiated from her groin, her hair hung loose over her face as she silently gasped unable to form words. It took several seconds for her to regain control enough to feel Walt throb inside her now soaked pussy, he was still lodged in her, filling and stretching Susan’s tight and small pussy. She looked down at his face and saw by his expression he was not going to be long before he came too. Despite the sensitivity she kaçak casino still had, Susan felt it was her duty to push Walt over the edge, he gave her so many orgasms it was only fair she repaid the favour and so even with her pussy tingling and feeling overly sensitive she began a quick rhythm of thrusts, sliding her pussy up and down his cock and squeezing her inner muscles as tight as possible to give him maximum tightness, she was determined to give him the same amount of pleasure as she had just experienced.

Finally with a groan the end came for Walt and he announced he was spent. Susan had felt his body go rigid beneath her while she thrust and grounded herself into him and knowing she had just made him orgasm brought on another of her own. She now smiled down at her aged lover and slipped off him. She settled down on the bed beside him, her slim youthful feminine body a contrast to his old masculine one, and basked in her post fuck glow for a few moments allowing them both to get their breath back.

“You know that’s what I love about you Walt, all the fun and none of the baby worries,” Susan said with a laugh after a few minutes of silent breathing. She slipped a hand down between her thighs and inserted a finger into her own spread pussy, feeling the mix of her own juices and the small amount of Walt’s deposited cum, it was another advantage of being with him, no protection was required.

“It’s why I had my vasectomy. With all the sexy young women I currently have on the go I can’t afford to go around leaving messes behind,” he joked with his usual sense of humour.

“You’ve been cheating on me with other women? This is outrageous! Who are they?” Susan laughed and playfully slapped his arm.

“I’m a man with a mans needs,” Walt chuckled. “You don’t know the other women.”

“Am I at least better then them?” Susan asked, she was enjoying this post sex joke immensely.

“Better then all of them put together and much more beautiful too,” Walt said smiling at Susan who beamed back with her sexy little smile lighting up her face which was slightly red and had a sheen of sweat covering it.

“Good answer!” she said and gently wrapped her hand around his cock. “Has this thing gotten bigger somehow?” she asked as she stroked down his surprisingly still hard and very wet shaft, she felt her pussy was more open then normal and had noticed that he felt different inside her, somehow more rigid and thick while he was embedded in her pussy. “And how are you still hard?”

“I thought you deserved a treat so I went to the doctor and he gave me some little blue pills,” Walt said and smiled at the look on Susan’s face. It was a look of surprise initially, but soon she grinned.

“What did you tell him? Hey doctor I got a twenty-two year old coming over and I want to make sure I can screw her brains out of the top of her head so help me out and give me something that will help will you?” he laughed at that.

“Something like that, only I described you as a smoking hot twenty-two year old.”

Susan laughed and playfully slapped his arm once again.

“You old charmer, you. Flattery will get you everywhere you know.”

“Only one place I want to be,” he said and placed his wrinkled old hand between Susan’s thighs. His finger quickly found her clit which he rubbed softly before slipping his finger lower and inside her, his palm cupping her pussy as he entered her.

“Look at mister stamina,” Susan commented with a raised eyebrow as she spread her thighs to allow him more access to her naked and already well used sex.

Walt slid the finger easily in and out of his young lover; he had always enjoyed fingering women, liked the way their wetness made his digits glisten and the control he could exert, a touch here or there making such a difference.

Susan moaned as she felt his finger slide past her pussy lips and then pull back and come to rest an inch or two inside her entrance where it quickly went to work making little circles, the tip of his finger gently stroking the upper limits of her dripping hole.

“Do you want to go for round two?” Walt asked knowing she wouldn’t refuse him. Susan smiled and laid herself fully flat on her back and opened her legs inviting him to get on top of her. Walt positioned himself between her thighs, using his elbows to support his weight after placing the head of his cock just inside Susan before he slowly began to slide himself into her. Susan brought her legs tight against his flanks as she accepted his cock once again into her pussy.

She groaned as she felt the familier fullness return, this time the entrance was easier, due to her pussy already being soaked and the slickness she had left on Walt’s cock. She felt his thick body press against her stomach and breasts, his weight pushing down on her and pinning her to the mattress as he began to thrust his hips back and forth, she felt great having him on top of her again, it was her favourite position under her old lover, it always made her feel good, him on top controlling the action, using her as he wished although he was a perfect gentleman and always made sure she came several times before he finished. She felt the pleasure begin as he thrust, heightened as it was by her two orgasms already. Little did she know that round two was only the beginning.

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