Heike’s Mother

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It was on the third day that I met Heike, in the evening at the hotel bar. She was alone in the bar like me, drinking orange juice to my watery beer. She was from Germany, she was the same age as me, she was a student like me and like me too she was there with her parents. I liked her. She was attractive, though not beautiful, and she was not the kind of girl to make a young man think of sex the moment his eyes fell upon her. She was keen on me. I could see that quickly. It took me some time to get to where she was. What she was though, was clever and funny and I enjoyed talking to her. It was nearly eleven before I even noticed the time passing. By then I desired her.

It was the last time I had gone on holiday with my parents. It was years ago now. I was nineteen. We went to the Greek island of Crete. We stayed in an expensive hotel complex. I really only went because they offered to pay for me and I could not have afforded a holiday like that myself.

We had been sitting and talking for more than two hours and she said she wanted to walk on the beach and asked me if I would like to go with her. I said I would and as we walked past the pool towards the beach and the sea I thought of myself having sex with her by the water’s edge. The thought gave me an erection. I was wearing loose trousers, which was lucky, because I did not think that she was a young woman who had sex on beaches with men she had just met.

We sat down by the sea’s edge and we listened to the sound of the little waves lapping at the sand, and we heard the boom of disco music behind us. It was an unwelcome interruption. We wanted to listen to the silence of the sea.

‘My parents are at the disco,’ she said, and laughed rather sadly ‘I go to the bar by myself and meet you and we chat and my parents; my dad is 50 and my mother forty-one, go to the disco. Strange.’

‘You want to go to the disco?’ I asked, missing her point.

‘No! No! She said, ‘I don’t like discos. I like sitting in a bar and talking, like we did.’

‘I don’t like them either,’ I said.

‘It’s my mother,’ she said, ‘my father goes because my mother wants to go. He would rather go to a restaurant.’

That was what my parents had done.’

‘Have you seen my parents? On the beach?’

‘I don’t know,’ I said, ‘because I don’t know what they look like.’

There were a lot of German people around. Any one of the middle aged German couples could have been Heike’s parents.

‘My mother is vulgar!’ said Heike, with feeling in her voice. ‘She sunbathes topless…’

‘Many women do that,’ I said, trying to soothe her, ‘including some of the older ones.’

‘I bet you have seen her. She has pierced nipples and a tattoo on her breast. And other tattoos too, at forty one. Vulgar.’

I had seen her that afternoon. She was a good looking woman in early middle age. She was the only woman on the beach with nipple piercings and tattoos. She was very sexy. She didn’t look vulgar, but she looked like she could be vulgar if she wanted to. I had thought that I would like to fuck her when I had seen her there on the beach, with her piercings and her tattoos and just a skimpy pair of bikini briefs to cover her most intimate place. She had been lying on a sun bed with her legs slightly apart and you got the feeling looking at her that she would have liked to display what was covered by her bikini briefs if she could. I had noticed that she had tattoos on her arms too, and on one of her legs and one on her lower stomach. The tattoos and piercings would have made a lesser woman look cheap. She carried them well and they gave her an exotic and sensuous elegance. It’s not looks that make it work or not work. It’s the feel you get from a woman when you are near her and how she carries herself. I don’t think I saw it like that then though. I just thought she looked fierce and terrible and like something way beyond anything I would ever have. She had noticed me looking at her. She looked like exactly the kind of woman who would let a man fuck her on the beach, as soon as she met him.

‘Do you like tattoos?’ she asked me.

‘No,’ I lied.

Conversation ended there and we sat and watched the moonlit sea.

‘I’m sleepy,’ she said, ‘let’s go back.’

I walked with her to the hotel and her room. We stopped outside. She wanted me to kiss her, I knew, and I wanted to too, so we kissed. We kissed and said goodnight. I had known all along that she was not going to invite me in, not on the first night. We made no arrangement to meet the next day, but we both knew that we would.

As I lay in bed falling asleep, I wondered why she was so down on her mother. I was too young and unworldly to know that middle aged women could be jealous of their daughters, and too used to knowing girls like Heike, to imagine that middle aged women with pierced nipples and tattoos and tiny bikinis even noticed boys like me. I tried to think of Heike, but my mind was full of her mother and I could not stop myself from masturbating and imagining fucking her on the beach.

Later, casino oyna I wondered about Heike’s father. He was an athletic looking man, who looked younger than fifty. He was probably someone in some big, successful company and he had probably been good at sports when he was younger.

I went to the beach the next day late in the morning and I saw Heike and went over and spoke to her. She invited me to sit with her. Her parents were close by, but at the same time she was sitting far enough away from them that you would not know that they were together, if you did not know they were family.

She called over to them and introduced me. They both spoke English, though probably not as well, I thought, as their daughter. Her father smiled and asked me a few questions about England and said he had often been there on business trips. Her mother was less forthcoming, but she was not unfriendly and she was completely unselfconscious about my being able to see her naked breasts with their rings. Her breasts were not very large, but they were shapely and well formed and they sagged just a little. She was slim and she had a good body. She must have worked out a lot. She looked like what she was; a woman of forty one in fine shape. Heike was wearing a one piece swimsuit.

Heike and I spent the whole day together and the more time I spent with her, the more attractive she became to me. She went from attractive to beautiful that afternoon in my eyes, and in the evening, when she dressed as if for a date and we went to eat at a restaurant in the town nearby, she became sexy. All through dinner, I felt sure that when we got back to the hotel that night and stood outside her room, she would not just kiss me and say goodnight, but she would invite me in and we would sped the night making love. And so it was.

‘Just don’t make too much noise,’ she said, as we began to undress each other. ‘My parents are next door. It doesn’t matter that you are here; they won’t mind that, but I still feel a bit embarrassed at the thought of them hearing.

Next door, Heike’s father had fallen asleep after making love to her mother. Her mother was awake. She lay naked on the bed beside her husband, smoking and drinking a glass of wine and wanting more sex. It wasn’t that her husband did not satisfy her. He was still a good lover at fifty, but once she got started just once in a night was not enough. The walls were not thick and she could hear us. I learned all of that the following night.

I went to switch off the light but Heike told me to leave it on.

‘I want to see you,’ she said.

Naked and ready to have sex, she seemed bigger and more powerful than she had before, when she had appeared demure and even a little shy. Her small breasts caught the moonlight that shone in through the open window. I leaned down to lick and suck her sweet young nipples, and I felt her fingers curl around my hard cock. Soon we were on the bed and in a sixty-nine position, her sucking hungrily on my cock while I explored her pussy with my tongue.

I made to move, so that I could get on top of her and fuck her, but she held me and whispered

‘No. Make me come like this,’ and she moved so that I moved under her and she was on top of me with her pussy staring at my face. It was a beautiful sight and I paced my hand son the cheeks of her bottom and pulled her to my face. As my tongue slipped between the lips of her pussy I felt her lips slip down over the head of my cock. We ate each other and forgot that we wanted to keep quiet and our sighs and gasps grew louder until she cried out

‘Yes, yes, lick me, make me come.’

She gasped loud and came and I felt her grind her pussy against my face and her juices seep over my cheeks and down my chin.

When she had returned to herself she began to suck my cock more aggressively and I knew that she was going to take me all the way. I knew too that she was going to have me come in her mouth. I just knew and I knew that she would not spit it out.

She moved herself off of me, so that I could see her sucking my cock and she opened her eyes and stared up at me as I watched her lips moving over my cock head and working up and down my shaft. I was already close to coming when she sucked me between her lips again and it was less than a minute before she stopped sucking and held two inches of my cock in her mouth and braced herself for my ejaculation. My intuition had been right. She took it all in her mouth and swallowed it.

‘I always swallow it,’ she said and laughed.

We rested and held each other barely for a moment before our hands were on each other again. She stroked my cock back to erection and I fingered her pussy to ready her, and I positioned myself over her and pushed my cock into her. She sighed deeply as I began to move in and out of her.

‘Fuck me, fuck me!’ she whispered to me and the night.

We had both just come and we were able to keep fucking for a long time, changing positions, stopping and starting until in the end we fucked doggy style and I shot my second load canlı casino into her.

‘I hope they are asleep,’ she said.

‘Yes,’ I said automatically, but I was too deeply immersed in post-coital bliss to care. I think a part of me even secretly delighted in the thought that they had heard everything, especially her mother.

She wanted to talk about them it seemed.

‘My father is fine. I have had a few boyfriends stay over, when I lived with them and since I left for university. My dad is cool with it. So is she, I mean morally and all, but she makes snide remarks sometimes.’

I had taken a girlfriend home from college for the weekend too. We had slept together in my room and I guess my parents just behaved as though we hadn’t. What she was telling me hinted at dark things that I had never thought of before.

‘She used to be just a normal kind of mother. Then a couple of years ago she had a tattoo, and then another, and then we come on holiday and she goes topless on the beach and I see she has pierced her nipples and she has more tattoos. I think my father likes it. Men look at her and she enjoys it. I think he does too.’

She looked distracted and wistful.

Conversation ended there.

We lay together arm in arm for a while until she said that I had better go.

She kissed me at the door and said ‘we can do this every night.’

The next day I went to the beach at about the same time and Heike was sitting in the same place, and her parents were in the same place and if they had heard anything they gave no sign of it. The only difference was that her mother was more friendly and she asked me about a little about myself and smiled and seemed interested in my answers, but there was no edge of flirtation and she was as unselfconscious at my looking at her breasts as I looked at her as we spoke as she had been the day before and Heike’s father did not seem to mind that I had a perfect view of his wife’s breasts and that they were only a metre from my face. It did not register with me greatly either. I was completely absorbed with Heike and my desire for her mother of the other day was forgotten.

Heike and I spent the evening in the bar and then at around eleven we went up to her room and spent the next three hours having sex. It was just as good as it had been the night before. The only difference was that the night before they had already been back in their room when we had got to Heike’s, whereas that night we heard them arrive an hour after us and then we heard them having sex. Heike seemed entirely undisturbed by it, except for when we heard her mother hiss loudly

‘Fuck me, fuck me with your beautiful cock!’

Heike winced and said


I asked Heike why she was so harsh in her judgment of her mother.

‘See, she acts like a slut.’

Her words were filled with resentment and scorn.

‘She’s your mother, but,’ I went on, probably unwisely, ‘she’s not only your mother.’

‘What do you mean, not only my mother?’

‘Nothing,’ I said, wanting to avoid the subject now.

‘Are you defending her?’

‘No. Why would I? I barely know her.’

‘You know her barely!’ she said sarcastically, ‘and so does everyone else at the hotel.’

‘You’re very hard on her.’

‘Hard on? That’s what she wants to give all the men on the beach. She wants every man to want to fuck her. She’s a sad old whore.’

‘You’re very harsh’ I concluded.

There was nothing I could say and I could not say any more without appearing interested in her mother. But I was interested now and the more she criticized her the more my interest and my desire grew.

Then the night was silent. We made love once more, this time taking care to be quiet. Soon afterwards I left.

Heike closed the door and I was alone in the dark corridor. I walked down towards the stairs to go up to my room. At the stairs there was a large open area with chairs and a sofa. As I walked past it I heard a voice call my name in the darkness. I looked over and I saw a burning spot in the darkness. It was the tip of a cigarette and I could make out the shape of someone sitting in one of the chairs.

‘Michael, it’s Birgit, Heike’s mother. Come and sit with me for a moment.’

‘Oh! Hi!’ I said, surprised, ‘Ok.’

‘I couldn’t sleep,’ she said, even though I had not asked.

Sitting next to her I could see that her eyes were a little glazed from drink. She was not really drunk though.

‘What were you doing in Heike’s room?’

There was no hint of irony in her voice, but none of accusation either.

‘Talking,’ I said.

‘Talking,’ she echoed, ‘just like we are now.’

‘Yes,’ I said, sensing that there was more meaning in her words than I could catch.

There was a brief silence and then she said

‘I heard you and Heike last night.’

Horror took me.

‘You were fucking her,’ she said, matter of factly.

I was dumbstruck.

There was another silence while I wished I was anywhere but there, sitting beside kaçak casino the mother of the woman I had just had sex with, but at the same time enjoying the strong feeling of her presence beside me. Maybe she knew.

She ground out her cigarette in the ashtray on the table before us and she laughed.

‘It’s ok,’ she said, She’s not my little girl anymore. She placed just a little too much emphasis on the ‘my.’

I think I must have understood now what the scene I was in was about, because I said

‘If someone sees us here, they might wonder…’

‘Maybe they would be right,’ she said and offered me a cigarette. I took it and she lit hers and then she lit mine.

‘You didn’t smoke all day on the beach,’ she said.

‘I don’t smoke often,’ I said.

‘Lucky,’ she said, ‘I wish I could just smoke now and then. I smoke more when I am in the mood.’

I suddenly felt very powerful and confident and I knew that I wanted her.

She knew too.

‘I’m in the mood now,’ she said, ‘take me to your room.’

Yes,’ I said.

Almost mechanically, I stood up, and she stood up and we made for the stairs. As we entered my room I said

‘We shouldn’t do this.’

‘I know,’ she said, ‘but we’re going to anyway.’

With that she pushed the door closed and pulled me to her and kissed me.

I kissed her back and I didn’t care about Heike or that she was twenty two years older than me and Heike’s mother or that Heike thought she was vulgar or that she was married or that my parents were asleep in the next room or that she was only four years younger than my mother. I felt her taking my cock out of my fly and her fingers curl around my cock and start to pull my shaft up and down over my cock head.

‘Don’t you prefer to fuck a woman rather than a girl?’ she hissed softly.

I thought that I did and said so.

‘I heard everything last night,’ she said, ‘everything. I hope you’re going to fuck Birgit good like you fucked Heike.’

She stripped off and lay back on my bed. She looked at me intently and her face broke into a wicked smile. ‘Come here,’ she said, ‘come and lick my pussy. I heard her say ‘lick me.’ Now lick mine.’

She reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart. When I go close I could see that her clitoris was pierced too.

‘This is too good for just my husband;’ she said, ‘I want to show my shaved pierced pussy to all the men on the beach. I want them all to fuck me on the beach, right there in front of everyone.’

I just stared at her gaping cunt, mesmerised.

Come on baby, suck on Mamma’s pussy.’

The devil took us.

I dived in and my tongue was all over her, licking her lips and sliding up into her.

‘My husband’s spunk is still in my pussy,’ she hissed.

I didn’t care.

‘Bite my ring and pull it!’ she ordered.

I was hers entirely and nothing else mattered. I would do anything she demanded of me.

She talked all the way through. As I licked her out, as I fucked her, even when she was sucking my cock she kept stopping to she tell me what she wanted and what she wanted me to know. And the more she told me, the more I got lost in her.

‘You like me, don’t you? You think I’m hot, don’t you? I am hot. I’m hot for your big young cock. I’m going to suck it for you.’

Her filthy talk and the cruel edge to her voice made me wild for her and I feared I would come immediately over her face and she would laugh at me. Then I remembered that I had already come three times in the last couple of hours; three times in her daughter.

She stopped for a moment to take a breathe and to say

‘Am I good? Do I suck you cock well?’

She knew she did, but she wanted me to tell her.

I said ‘you’re the best, the best cocksucker.’

‘You fucked her tonight, didn’t you? You fucked my little girl. I can smell her cunt on your cock.’

Each time she paused for breathe, she asked questions and gave instructions.

‘Now fuck me,’ she cried.

My cock was no sooner inside her than she began her commentary again.

‘Did she say I was vulgar?’


‘I am vulgar. I love cocks and I love fucking. I love showing men my tits on the beach! Did you like looking at my tits?’


‘Did you hear me earlier? My husband was fucking me.’


‘What did you hear?’

She grinned lasciviously.

‘We heard you and your husband having sex.’

‘Did you hear me say anything?’

She wanted to hear me repeat her words.

‘We heard you say ‘fuck me.”

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘and I heard her say that last night, but I am vulgar.’

‘And she doesn’t like your tattoos…’ I added.

‘Or my nipple piercings.’


‘Do you like them?’


‘I know you do!’

‘Did you like fucking me?’


‘Is a woman better than a girl?’

‘Yes,’ I gasped.

‘Say, Birgit fucks better than Heike.’

Birgit fucks better than Heike.’

‘Say, Birgit’s cunt is tighter than Heike’s.’

Birgit’s cunt is tighter than Heike’s.’

‘Yeah, fuck Birgit’s tight cunt.’

I looked down at her as I pushed my cock in and out of her hot, tight cunt.

‘Did she let you fuck her arse?’

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