Her Petite Possession Ch. 03

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At breakfast the next morning, Emma watched with growing irritation as Kate and Brad continued to enjoy their bizarre relationship. Kate had at last put down her one inch tall boyfriend, this time inside her bra, which gave Emma a chance to speak.

“Katie, would you like me to look after Brad while you’re at work today?” she whispered.

“Thanks Em that would be great.”

Pinned between Kate’s breasts, Brad had missed this important development and could only look on in horror as Kate gently plucked him out of her bra and into Emma waiting palm. Brad tried to attract Kate’s attention, but Emma’s fist snapped closed around him instantly and seconds later she thrust her closed fist into the depths of her jeans pocket where he was lost from sight.

When Kate left for work, Emma locked the front door behind her and engaged the security chain to make sure she couldn’t return. Emma walked to her bedroom and locked that door too. She slipped out of her jeans and stood in the middle of the room wearing only white t-shirt and white panties, gripping Brad tightly in one beautifully manicured hand.

“You can help me with my artwork little boy,” Emma said as condescendingly as possible.

She picked up an old cushion and a tube of glue and sat down on her bed. With a big smile on her face, she squeezed half of the glue out on to the cushion and placed Brad, face up in the middle. “This glue sets very quickly,” the blonde warned as she pinned the struggling guys down with just two fingers.

Brad struggled, but that only made Emma giggle more. Emma was now kneeling up on the bed and prowling above him like a lioness waiting to devour her prey. She continued to hold him down for another minute by which time it was too late, the chemical reaction had happened and the glue had taken hold.

“Now try and get out of that sticky situation,” she growled for effect before swooping down with her red lips apart. He flinched and she laughed, “I won’t eat you,” she giggled, “if I did, I’d have nothing to sit on.”

Emma placed the cushion on her stool and dropped down on to him so that his legs and body were pinned beneath her, with only his head showing between her open thighs. Brad could see up to her smiling face and full lips that were singing along to the radio. Her smile scared him, but it was better than looking at her white panties that towered like a cliff above him. The thought of being put back inside those terrified him even more.

Emma stood up to reach a paintbrush and when she sat back down, her butt covered him completely. Brad was crushed in an inescapable, dark, scented cell, but Emma didn’t seem to notice and continued to draw, oblivious to the guy crushed beneath her.

She spent the next half an hour drawing and painting, the radio was on, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing in through the open windows. She was humming and singing along to the music and almost dancing as she moved from her desk to the sofa, to her easel and back to her desk, taking her beloved cushion with her wherever she went.

“Time for my fun,” Emma finally announced as she took her cushion over to her bed and lay down in the warm sun that flooded through the windows.

She opened her flexible gymnast’s legs wide and gently worked the cushion and Brad’s body into crotch. Wow, he was just the right size and shape and he moved in just the right way to make her tingle. Her tanned legs snapped together for a moment to allow her to remove her underwear and then Brad was brought back into her damp, shaved pussy. He fitted perfectly between her lips and once in there, Emma could massage herself slowly and sensually from side to side.

“Fuck…fuck…” Emma’s cries were getting louder as she peaked.

Brad could hear her cries and looked forward to some reprieve once the horny blonde was satisfied. But while Emma did stop grinding herself against him, her legs snapped shut and crossed tightly, holding Brad helplessly in place.

Emma wanted to go on, but her body couldn’t take the stimulation that Brad’s provided and so she grudgingly released her grip and slipped her underwear back on. Then, without letting go of Brad for even a second, she placed the cushion back onto her chair and sat on it.

“You know I really wanted you,” Emma confided, looking down at Brad’s tiny head between her towering thighs, “why did you have to choose Kate?” She sighed, “I know you’re going to hate me forever because of this, but I just needed to feel you inside me, one way or the other.”

Emma’s honestly had surprised even her and she coyly closed her legs to stop Brad from watching her. What would he do when he returned to size? He was tall and strong and could do anything to get his revenge, but in Emma’s twisted, aroused mind, with her crotch still tingling, even that thought excited her.


It was almost 1pm when Emma finally slid back to reveal the tiny guy beneath her. “That glue has really set hard on you,” Emma observed as she held a tube of glue dissolver above him, “This is the only way out and there’s not much left.”

Emma casino oyna squeezed the remaining contents out and started to massage it around Brad’s body. The chemical reaction that had trapped him and held him rigid all day was finally reversing and releasing its grip on his body. Finally free of the cushion, Emma washed and dried him and put him down in the middle of her floor.

This was Brad’s chance. He waited until Emma turned her back and then made a run for a gap that he had spotted between the skirting board and the wall. He was fast, but at his size the three meter dash was likely running a marathon. He was almost there when Emma’s foot landed in front of him and he could do nothing but crash into it. Before he could get to his feet, Emma stood on him, her big blue eyes looking down at him as she shook her head.

“Oh dear,” she said gravely as she dropped him helplessly into an almost empty jar of face cream and screwed the lid on tightly, “I need to ‘really’ lock you up.”

Brad sat dejectedly in the bottom of the jar, knowing full well that the blonde bitch wouldn’t give him another chance. He watched as she removed her white silk panties, folded them over on themselves and started to stitch them together around the edge. Once she had almost finished, she picked Brad up and dropped him inside the used silk material and continued to sew him in.

“Sewn up inside my panties,” she breathed as she finished the last few stitches and put the underwear on the floor, “Now that might slow you down just a little,” she smiled as she sat with one leg stretched out either side of his silk cell.

Brad pulled himself to his feet and stood with the partially translucent silk resting on his head. The material was light and he found that he could lift it and move along almost like a hamster in a wheel, but progress was painfully slow and hard. After only two inches, and still between her towering thighs, he collapsed on to hands and knees to catch his breath. Emma was in hysterics.

“That looks like hard work, but that’s your punishment for trying to run away.”

She pulled on a short blue dress and clean underwear and returned to her artwork, with Brad on his knees, looking at her through the white silk. His old self would have thought her very cute, but now he looked at her with fear.

Emma let him struggle forward in her underwear until he had almost reached the wall before picking him up and putting him back in the middle of the room, exactly where he had started. She saw how exhausted and frustrated he was after the pointless effort and giggled.

“Now I hope you’ll be a good boy while I go out.”

Emma pushed him to one side of his silk cell and wrapped the spare material tightly around him. She then picked up her yellow gym shorts, unzipped the small back pocket and stuffed Brad and her silk panties inside. She zipped up the pocket and pushed the zip back on itself to lock it tight.

“Getting harder to move now, isn’t it!”

Emma then rolled up her yellow shorts and in turn stuffed them into the back pocket of her favourite pair of jeans. The jeans pocket also closed with a zip which she used to secure the shorts inside. She then fetched Kate’s metal cash box and squeezed her rolled up jeans inside, having to kneel on the lid to get it to close. She locked the cash box and then placed it inside her safe.

Brad was now inside Emma’s panties, inside her shorts, inside her jeans, locked inside Kate’s cash box and locked inside Emma’s safe. His silk prison was crushing him from all directions and he spent the first few minutes just trying to lift his hand from his side up to his face. He then fought to bend his legs. It was pitch dark and silent and Emma’s scent pervaded everything. Escape was obviously impossible.

What made it even worse was that it would be so easy for Emma to just leave him there forever. The magic woman had said that he didn’t need to eat or drink while shrunk down. Emma could leave the safe locked for a week, for a year, for ten years and there was nothing he could do about it. She was almost thirty now and could easily leave him locked up inside the safe until she was 35 or 40 and he wouldn’t die.

What would that be like? She’d be a beautiful, worldly thirty something. She’d have travelled, played, explored and lived life. He would have spent most of his adult life held prisoner in some woman’s safe.

Outside, Emma sat on top of the safe and looked down at the steel beneath her. She had been getting increasingly aroused as she’d increased his confinement and now with no-one to watch, she finished the job.


By the time Emma returned to the flat, Kate was already home from work and desperate to see her boyfriend.

“I wanted to keep him warm,” Emma explained as she unlocked her safe and unwrapped Brad from the many layers of her clothing.

“But why is he sewed up inside your panties, Em?”

“He tried to run away from me today, I thought that was the kindest way to keep him in one place.”

“What?” Kate scolded as she held up her flatmate’s canlı casino underwear between her fingertips, “You’d better not try anything like that with me!”

Brad couldn’t believe it. He’d tried to escape because Emma was a sadistic bitch with a penchant for crushing him. Now it looked as though he was to blame.

“I told him that running off would be really dangerous,” Emma continued.

“Mmm, I need a way to keep hold of him until midnight…”

“You could do what I almost did today,” Emma smiled sweetly, “glue him to something. I was thinking of my leg,” and with that she pointed to her inner thigh and gave Kate a mischievous smile and wink.

Kate winked back, “Could be sexy… nice and high up and out of sight.”

“I have some glue that should just about hold him in place,” Emma replied.

Kate removed her charcoal suit skirt and sat on the edge of the bed wearing her white work blouse and black underwear. Emma was sitting next to her with a tube of glue in her hand.

“What is that stuff?” Kate asked.

“The labels come off, but it’s just art glue, I think.”

Emma unpicked some of her earlier stitching and poured Brad out through the resulting hole and into Kate’s waiting hand. Kate gripped him harder than usual as Emma smeared glue all over his back and legs.

“Now where to put you,” Kate purred, “Mmm… inner thigh, nice and high up.”

Kate pushed him against her leg so that his head was almost touching her panty line and held him firmly in place while the glue dried. Emma’s sadistic side enjoyed the rush knowing that Kate and Brad were already past the point of no return.

“How long does it take to dry?” Kate asked innocently.

“Maybe five minute,” Emma lied.

Kate waited another minute and then tested the bond between them.

“Wow that seems very solid, I can’t move him at all.”

“How does it feel to have your man permanently between your legs?” Emma asked jealously.

Kate walked around her room with her legs deliberately close together so that her thighs brushed together, catching Brad in between. “Mmm, I like it,” the brunette replied.

Kate showered with Brad still stuck to her thigh and was pleased to see that the water hadn’t dissolve the glue. She dried him carefully and then wrapped the towel around her waist, creating a mini steam room between her legs, as she walked back to her room. She dressed in a flowery pencil skirt and red top and walked to the kitchen to find her flatmate and a waiting bottle of wine.

“Is he still there?” Emma asked.


“Can I see him?”

Kate giggled as she opened her legs as far as the skirt would allow. Even then, Brad was still well hidden and Emma had to kneel on the floor and look up between her friend’s legs.

“He’s a long way inside,” she said, “Can I touch him?”

Emma reached her hand up inside Kate’s skirt, squeezed Brad between her fingers and pulled, but the glue held fast. She smiled to herself. The glue that she’d given Kate was professional superglue and was virtually impossible to remove from skin. If Brad was to return to size while secured with that glue, it would rip all the skin and probably the flesh off his back and therefore the safety mechanism would kick in and again delay his return to size. And Emma knew for a fact that that glue would secure Brad to Kate’s inner thigh for days.

Emma withdrew her hand and Kate crossed her legs.

“Time for sleep,” she giggled.

“You’re cruel,” Emma replied jealously.


It was shortly after midnight when Kate, again wrapped in her white dressing gown, knocked on Emma bedroom door.

“He didn’t return to size, I think it’s because he’s too tightly glued to my leg.”

Emma let out a giggle and then tried to cover it with a cough.

“What was that glue? How do I get it off?”

Emma moved across her double bed and motioned for Kate to join her. Emma pulled the duvet over them both and put her arm around Kate before she spoke.

“I’m really sorry Katie, I gave you superglue by mistake.”

“What! How do I get that off?”

“You can’t, you’ll just have to wait for the skin to peal.”

“How long will that take?”

“A couple of days maybe?”

“Fuck, poor Brad,” Kate cried, “another two days at that size.”

“And another two days in your crotch,” Emma helpfully added.

Kate crossed her legs defensively.

“Look on the bright side, at least you know he’ll be faithful.”

Kate sniffed and managed a half smile as she walked back to her room.


Kate woke the next morning to find that she’d had a wet dream. She still felt sexy and maybe for this reason was strangely excited to find the glue still as hard as ever. She opened her legs and leaned over to talk with Brad, but soon became bored with the one sided conversation.

It was Tuesday morning. “Hell, let’s take the day off and go somewhere,” she announced.

She eased into her sexiest black silk underwear and then perched on the edge of her bed as she carefully pulled up a kaçak casino pair of thin tights. She stood and eased them up all the way until they tightly encircled her slim waist.

“Oh you’re behind bars,” she smiled, seeing how Brad was now enclosed behind the close knit strands of the thin denier material.

The final layer of security comprised Kate’s favourite jeans which she quickly buttoned up around her waist. With everything complete, she sat on her bed, legs apart and stroked him gently through the soft denim.

Kate’s fingers may have been stroking Brad, but the back of her hand was now rubbing against her clit. She was still sitting there, with her legs wide apart when Emma knocked on her door.

“Is he still stuck on you?” Emma asked as she walked in.

Kate smiled and stroked him again.

“Ooh and he’s in your jeans!”

“More than that,” Kate grinned as she pulled down her jeans and lay back on the bed, “trapped inside my tight.”

Emma played with Brad’s body through the sheer pantyhose which kept his tiny naked body frustrating out of reach. Kate giggled, partly from the look of frustration on her friend’s face, but also because her white t-shirt had ridden up and Emma’s hand was tickling her tummy. Although she knew she couldn’t get him, Emma was intrigued and continued to explore how Kate’s tights hugged and gripped her body and even kissed Brad through the material.

“I never thought I’d see you kiss my thigh,” Kate laughed as she bounced to her feet and pulled her jeans back up.

“No, I didn’t!”

“Want to kiss me again?”


Kate spent the morning shopping and then joined the lunchtime crowd in the park. She lay in the sun and enjoyed the feeling of Brad trying to move around against her leg. It was getting hot in the park and even hotter in her jeans, which may have explained why Brad wouldn’t keep still.

The crowd was returning to their desks, but Kate was in no rush to leave. She sat up and pulled her left leg across her body as if doing a yoga stretch. With a sly smile on her wide lips, she tightened the stretch and gently rocked her leg up and down.

Brad’s private cavern inside Kate’s jeans had already starting to warm up when her leg swung over and pushed him against the soft fabric of her panties. He felt himself pushed hard against her and then gently up and down. He closed his eyes and pictured her expression; she always had the same look, almost of surprise, when she was aroused. He could smell her excitement before the silk became damp and tried as best he could do touch her and increase her pleasure.


The glue was still solid on Wednesday when Kate had to go back to work. In a strange way, they were both starting to get use to the new reality, where the inside of Kate’s skirt was Brad’s whole world. When she was standing, he was upright; when she sat down, he was horizontal. When she stood or walked, air circulated inside her skirt. When she sat, she kept her legs together and the temperature increased. When she was busy or stressed she tended to cross her legs and Brad became enclosed in silent darkness.

The scent also changed throughout the day. In the morning he could smell her soap and her perfume. During the day her personal scent increased, particularly when it was hot. When she wore jeans, the smell of denim was strong, one night when she wore leather shorts, the smell was overpowering.

On Wednesday night Kate spent the evening trying again to free him, pulling and picking at the bond, but nothing could separate them. Thursday night was the same until just before midnight when she cried out in delight as Brad finally came free from her thigh.

She washed him thoroughly, placed him on her bed and imagined how the big moment would go. He would return to full size and lie down on top of her and hold her with his strong hands. She was already naked so that wouldn’t slow him down. But midnight came and went and nothing happened.


Early on Thursday morning, Kate ran back to the magic woman anxious to know why Brad hadn’t returned to size. She was so desperate to get an answer, she almost forgot about her tiny boyfriend in the front pocket of jeans who was being thrown around as she ran.

“He didn’t change back at midnight!” Kate cried as she barged her way in.

“That should have happened on Sunday night,” the woman replied calmly.

“It wasn’t safe on Sunday night, or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday.” Kate decided she wouldn’t explain why.

The woman looked at them gravely. “That’s too long, it will now take me a month to return him to size.”

“He’ll be small for a month?” Kate screamed as she stuffed Brad back in her pocket in an attempt to stop him hearing her words.

“Its worst than that,” the woman continued, “To create enough magic to return him to size, he’ll have to spend that time as a small inanimate object.”

Kate didn’t know what to say or do and had to steady herself as blood pumped to her head. “Like what?”

“Best if it’s something you keep with at all times, to ensure that no harm comes to him. A small purse, maybe, or scarf? Just hold him in one hand and your chosen item in the other. Then kiss him and he will turn into an identical copy of that item… and stay that way for a month.”

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