High Heels

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Big Tits

It started as just another late summer Friday night in our local bar. The room was crowded as usual with bearded young men and pretty girls in summer dresses, the usual twenty-somethings sipping craft beer. Who would have guessed I would encounter a sexual kink to turn me on like never before, and enjoy it in such a public setting?

My long-time boyfriend Bob and I arrived at the bar a bit late, after a long day at work. It was our local watering hole, comprised of a series of small rooms where people often hung out to play board games or gather for quiet conversation. I just wanted a couple of drinks and the chance to unwind. After a quick hello to a few familiar faces near the bar, we headed through the crowd, our goal the couch in the cozy back room.

Sitting on the comfortably slouchy chairs facing the couch were two guys we didn’t know. I noted that both were attractive, in the casual way you look at strangers. I smiled, and Bob asked if the couch was free. The tallest of the two men, with dark curly hair and very blue eyes smiled and answered “Absolutely. I’m Mike, and my friends here is Dave. Come join us.”

We sat down with polite nods and a quiet sigh from me. I spent the whole day on my feet at work, and uncharacteristically, wore high heel pumps with my pencil skirt. I was looking forward to kicking the shoes off, but in the meantime, a drink was welcome. While we were waiting for the waitress to make her casino oyna way back to us, Mike offered us a glass of wine from the bottle they just opened. The table was set with water glasses, so we happily accepted and let him pour us a drink.

We all started to chat, finding common ground in our admiration of a local band that played regularly, moving on to talk of movies and music. When the waitress arrived, Bob ordered another bottle of wine and poured for our new friends. Bob and Dave both had a passion for some obscure electronica band, and were happily trading reviews of live shows, so Mike and I were left to talk about a film we’d both seen recently. Feeling comfortable, I asked “Does anyone mind if I take these shoes off? My feet are killing me.” Bob and Dave just nodded, and I noticed Mike’s eyes light up a bit when I curled up on the couch and started to rub my toes. I’d made the mistake of going without nylons or stockings in the high heels, and I was feeling it.

Mike’s eyes kept straying to my feet as we continued to chat about the movie. He encouraged me to stretch out and put my feet up on the large ottoman positioned between us, and he poured me another glass of wine. He said “Maybe this is too forward, but I give a great foot rub. Hey Bob, would you mind if I gave your girlfriend here some relief from her day in high heels?” Bob barely looked up, he was so absorbed in his conversation with Dave. I laughed, and canlı casino stuck my feet in Mike’s direction – who was I to turn down a foot rub?

Mike moved over to the stool and took my left foot in his hands. He started to rub it gently, circling with his fingers and then digging his nails in just a bit. I had to bite back a groan, it felt so good. He did the same with my other foot, really pushing into the centre of my foot, and then dragging his fingers up and around in a pattern that I created a tingle over my whole body.

Mike held my eyes, carefully watching my response. When he slid his hands up over my ankles, and down the entire length of my foot, dipping his fingers between my toes, I couldn’t hide the shudder that ran through me. I tried to tell myself I was simply ticklish, but that wasn’t it. I was wet from having his hands on my feet.

The bar was hopping, and it had been awhile since we had seen the waitress. Dave offered to get another bottle of wine from the front bar, saying “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Mike continued to caress and stroke my feet, eliciting growing quivers all over my body. Bob looked over and saw the concentrated look on my face. Without a word, he shifted behind me on the couch and slid me between his legs so I could lean back against him, closer to Mike’s wonderful hands. It put my feet right in Mike’s lap, and I could feel Mike’s hard, warm cock along the inside of kaçak casino one foot.

Bob still didn’t speak, he just watched as Mike continued to rub and pull on my toes. The bulge in Mike’s pants was becoming obvious, but Bob didn’t object.

Looking directly into my eyes, Mike raised one foot to his mouth and nibbled delicately on one toe. My skirt rode up a bit, and I felt my whole body vibrate. He ran his tongue carefully around all five toes, sliding between them, and then, drawing more of my foot into his mouth, he began to suck. It felt like there was a direct line from his mouth to my cunt – lightening was shooting through me, up through my legs, pushing me towards orgasm. I was soaking wet, and couldn’t hold back a deep moan.

I couldn’t sit still, it was just too much. That’s when I realized Bob was hard, his cock pushing against my ass where I leaned back. Bob started gently flexing his hips, and I could feel the moisture of his pre-cum through the light fabric of my skirt. With Bob’s cock rubbing me, my foot riding Mike’s hardness and the intense sensation from his mouth on my toes, the combination sent me over the edge – I started to cum right there on the couch.

When I finished shuddering, I looked up and saw Dave approaching down the hallway with the bottle of wine in his hand. Mike rubbed my glossy toes dry with his hand and carefully tucked my skirt down, moving back on the ottoman. Bob adjusted himself, and settled me back against him.

Dave came into the room and said “Wow, it’s pretty happening out there. We’ll have to make this a regular thing.”

Mike smiled at Bob and me, and said “I sure hope so.”

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