Hot August Summer Ch. 02

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Alexandra Daddario

We slept soundly that night on the train, the girls snuggled together and I across the compartment. As the first rays of light came through the window, I woke and lay there for a bit, enjoying the sight of Amy and Marie; their hair mixed up together, Amy draping a possessive arm around Marie, Marie holding it to her own breast.

The train stops early in Cannes, so I started quietly picking up the compartment and getting us ready to go. After a bit I leaned over and quietly whispered to them, stroking them lightly, bringing them back to earth as slowly as they wanted to come.

Amy was up first, gave Marie a warm kiss good morning, and went to go freshen. I stroked Marie’s smooth legs and told her what a beautiful day it was, and when Amy returned and Marie went, I held Amy close and told her how much I loved her. Together we dressed for the city we love so much, and Amy picked out some nice bright clothes for Marie to wear until we could take her shopping.

When we reached our stop, we all cheerfully said goodbye to the conductor who gave me a wink, then went down the street towards our hotel. We checked in and went directly to our room, the girls thrilling over the beautiful suite and the lavish appointments while I tipped the bellboy and asked where the gym and pool facilities were.

The girls wanted to wash up right away. They went to the bath and started the shower, talking the whole time. I sat in the living area, not being able to resist the temptation to look in the door while they prepared for their bath. Amy caught me looking, and stuck out her tongue.

She reached over to Marie, interrupting her in mid-sentence, and pulled and held Marie in front of her while looking at me all the while. Amy then reached around and began unbuttoning Marie’s blouse, one button at a time, going very slowly. Marie looked up and instantly understood the game, laying her head back upon Amy’s shoulder – submitting to her will.

Amy ran her hands up along Marie’s stomach, parting her shirt, exposing her breasts to me. Marie turned her head, planting soft kisses on Amy’s neck as Amy ran her hands over Marie’s breasts, lightly stroking her nipples. Marie languidly raised her head, and they both smiled at me – then Amy pulled them both towards the shower.

I went to the balcony, overlooking the Boulevard de la Croisette and south to the harbor beyond. The day was young, there were people walking the boulevard, to the west the wonderful farmer’s market would be in full swing. Cars went busily to and fro, beginning their days here in the Rivera. As always I envied them and wondered why I never set up my home here. Perhaps one day I would.

Sounds began coming to me from the shower, echoing through the suite; the sounds Amy makes when she is being well taken care of. I went inside and walked to the bath, looking through the frosted glass I saw a sight that will always stay with me, an erotic statue of Venus and Aphrodite.

There was Amy, leaning back against the wall, the spray falling across her shoulders, her head thrown back, eyes closed and mouth open. She was holding Marie firmly to her pussy, Marie on her knees before her, her hand moving inside Amy, her mouth kissing every inch outside. I could see Marie was fucking her well with her fingers while sucking her clit into her mouth.

Amy’s eyes opened, and she tried to speak; “Oh God- she- she- so- good… uhhmmm…”

I watched as Marie serviced my wife, enjoying every moment. I wanted Amy to see me watching, know my pleasure in her own pleasure. Marie’s fingers went faster and she seemed to be curving them so they would touch inside Amy just so, and Amy’s body tightened, the muscles of her stomach showing clearly as she neared orgasm.

Amy was panting, her legs quivering when she buckled forward with a sharp casino oyna yell, folding herself over Marie, her hips bucking forward again and again as Marie moved her fingers inside, giving Amy something to bear down upon in her orgasm.

Amy fell back against the wall, pulling Marie up to her. They kissed deeply as lovers, long, passionate, loving. They laughed quietly and I left the bath, closing the door, letting them share the moment and each other.

I ordered breakfast, typical strong coffee, baguette, jams, some cheese. It was delivered and I was halfway through it when the girls finally emerged from the bath. They were rosy cheeked and shining bright, both of them ravenously attacking the breakfast tray.

I went though the day’s plan; I had a small bit of business to do, then we could meet for a late lunch. Afterwards, we could retire until dinner, then enjoy the nightclubs. I asked what they wanted to do with the morning, knowing the answer well; “Shopping!” they cried. We agreed to meet for a late lunch at a corner café near the hotel.

That afternoon found me at the corner café, enjoying the hot weather and going over my notes from the meetings. I had changed into a light shirt and shorts, enjoying the beautiful people around me, wondering again why I did not live in this town. I heard familiar laughter down the street, looking up to see Amy and Marie coming towards me, each carrying shopping bags and each wearing a smile. They sat themselves at the table and proceeded to order lunch, telling me the stories of their morning.

Amy looked radiant. She had found a friend and lover in Marie, even if only for a short while. They talked about the stores, the prices, and what was absolutely essential to add for the perfect finish to each outfit they had purchased. Marie was flushed, thrilling in Amy’s attentions, immensely enjoying the freedom she found with us. I ordered a bottle of wine with lunch, we shared our food with each other, our ease with each other only increasing as the meal went on.

I suggested we retire to our room for the afternoon; the girls looked at each other and with glittering eyes they agreed. We bundled up their purchases and went to the hotel. Once we arrived, Amy insisted that I admire what they had bought. I admired their taste, which was excellent; not at all over the top, but with a flair. But more so they way they helped each other into each one, the familiar way they could hold and touch the other.

It was time to relax for a bit, so I suggested an afternoon nap before dinner and going out. They looked at me, smiled and readily agreed. They must have had a plan in mind as they both approached me, each taking a hand and guiding me towards the large bedroom. On the way each leaned in turn and gave me a lingering kiss, making me feel a want for them both.

Amy held me by the bed and told Marie to go get something special they had purchased just for this afternoon. Marie ran to the living area while Amy and I kissed hard, my hands running over her, pulling down the top and exposing her breasts. I was in a mood to have her quickly, but of course she knew that and held my hand off, telling me they had something planned.

Amy had my clothes off and Marie returned with something in her hands. Marie’s eyes covered my body, centering on my rising cock. She had a look of undisguised want as she stared at my manhood.

Amy said, “Just relax, baby. Let us take care of you.”

With that she lay me back on the bed, Marie helping guide me onto my back. Amy held up my cock as Marie looked at her with the question in her eyes – Amy nodded and smiled, Marie instantly took me into her mouth.

She choked a little at first, taking too much at once. Marie was inexperienced but eager, and Amy guided her with words and her own hands. Amy showed canlı casino her how to hold me just so; how to twist the skin and milk it from bottom to top; guiding Marie’s mouth on me with the years of knowing my body as her own.

Amy then came to me and I wrapped her up in my arms, kissing her hard as Marie increased the pressure on my cock. I moaned into Amy’s mouth and felt her smile. Marie’s hands were moving on me and I held my eyes closed, lost in sensation. Amy leaned down and whispered something to her, then came back to my wanting mouth.

I felt Marie’s hands leave me for a moment, then return, now slick with lotion, running underneath me, her warm wet mouth never leaving me. Her hands explored me and I moaned loudly when with one hand she opened me, her fingers running around my dark hole. She started pressing a finger inside and I gasped.

I told Amy urgently, “She’s going to make me come too soon…”

But Amy just held me as Marie pushed a slim finger up and in, making my whole body react. Amy leaned to my ear and said, “I told her what makes you come hard,” stroking my chest and putting her tongue in my ear.

Marie’s finger arched up inside me and hit a place only Amy knew about. I cried out and felt every muscle surge as I unloaded come into Marie’s mouth. Marie kept pressing inside me and milking my cock as Amy held me tight, riding out the orgasm in Marie’s mouth, my hips rocking into her with every splash.

Marie moved up and kissed Amy hard, and I could tell she was sharing me with Amy, their tongues working together. They separated by an inch, each looking at the other’s eyes, and each swallowed me down inside.

Seeing this, my hardness never left for a moment. It was time to give Amy something special. “It’s Amy’s turn,” I told Marie and her eyes smiled agreement. We both pushed Amy down, tearing at her clothes, wanting her naked, wanting her lusting, wanting her to feel taken.

We were all over her, holding her down; kissing, rubbing, licking, biting gently over her entire body. Amy was struggling feebly which only increased our need to take her. I held her arms as Marie set her mouth to Amy’s breasts, taking each nipple in, sucking hard and making Amy gasp. I moved up and pressed myself to her mouth and she opened slightly, letting me push inside. She was held down by the weight of Marie’s body, my cock sliding in her mouth, her tongue working the underside of me.

Marie started moving down on Amy’s stomach, kissing, her fingers caressing Amy’s sides. Amy started to relax, her fingers now combing through Marie’s thick hair as it stroked lightly down her skin. Amy’s eyes were closed and she was making soft sounds as Marie moved lower, her attentions centering on Amy’s most sensitive areas.

Marie looked up and smiled at us, then moved down and opened her mouth to Amy’s wetness. Amy groaned, her hips arching, her legs spreading to give Marie more room. I moved down and kissed Amy, asking her how it felt, a beautiful girl there.

Amy opened her eyes halfway and said, “she’s so good… ummmm… so good.”

She looked down at Marie, Marie looked up smiling, eyes shining, full lips and white teeth flashing, before going back to Amy.

Amy would come on Marie’s mouth, but she could come harder with something inside her to squeeze down on. I moved Marie back for a moment and rolled Amy to her side; laying behind Amy, entering her. She arched against me, murmuring how good it felt to have me inside. I held her tight and rolled to my back, pulling Amy on top of me, her back to my stomach. Still inside, I spread her open, holding her legs wide, inviting Marie to come back.

Marie knew what Amy needed. I bit Amy’s neck and squeezed her breasts hard as Marie’s mouth went back to Amy’s wetness. Marie’s hands roamed over Amy, kaçak casino stroking her legs, her stomach, making her feel warm and loved while together we worked her pussy. I held Amy’s throat and breast when Marie took her clit into her mouth. Amy was completely ours, her body for our pleasure as I rocked my cock inside her, feeling her pussy begin to spasm. Marie sensed what was near and backed off.

Amy cried out in anguish, “No, no, come back, come back…”

But we were in charge and she needed more before she was done. We slowed our pace, easing our touches, gently kissing. Marie kissed inside her thighs, her calves, down to her toes. She sucked Amy’s toes into her mouth, Amy’s body reacting to each one entering Marie’s warmth. I held her head tight and kissed her, my tongue roaming her mouth.

Marie came back towards her and Amy tried to move down, desperately wanting to get the mouth back to her pussy. I held her tighter when Marie’s first touch returned, then started the rocking motion inside. Amy groaned. Taking our time, together we started bringing her back to the edge.

Amy couldn’t take much more. She was panting, moaning, rocking back and forth across my body. Marie pulled her clit into her mouth and was working it with her tongue, making Amy hiss and her body start to shiver. Amy’s pussy was tightening around me and her whole body was tightening as she approached climax.

I started whispering, “I love you Amy. I love you. Come for us baby, come for Marie.”

Amy was saying again and again, “Yes, yes, God yes…”

Then made a sharp sound, her body freezing for the briefest of instants- then she came, her pussy contracting hard on my cock while the climax took her, her stomach contracting down, her pussy flowing wet all around me. She hungrily sought my mouth and I kissed her.

Before she was done I took charge again. I knew Amy had more in her, I had brought it out before. I held her tighter, pining her arms. I told Marie to keep going on her pussy – keep her clit in her mouth.

Amy made a sound as though she was lost – she cried out, “Oh God, wait, no, I can’t…” but I knew better and started a hard pushing motion inside her.

Marie kept her pressure on Amy’s clit and started her hands opening Amy underneath as she had to me. I felt Marie’s smooth hands moving between Amy’s ass, seeking. This made my cock swell and I knew it would not be long before I came again, this time inside Amy’s smooth pussy walls.

Amy’s cries became louder, more frantic. “Ah! Ah! No, oh God…”

I knew exactly when Marie’s slim finger entered Amy’s ass- Amy tightened, and I could not hold back – I came in her, my cock squirting inside her, covering her womb with my splash.

Amy screamed, “Ah! Oh God – yes! Fuck me! Fuck meeee…” as she went over the edge again, this time losing all control, her legs quivering, her every muscle contracting as the orgasm rolled over her like a continuing wave, Marie rolling her clit in her mouth bringing peak after peak. Amy’s womb came down and kissed the tip of my cock each time, her whole body in climax.

We let her down then. Warmly, gently, we moved her until her head was resting on my chest. Amy had nearly fainted. She could not talk, catching her breath. Marie kissed her way up to us and gave me a long and deep kiss, sharing Amy with me. Her mouth was wet and full of come, tasting like Amy with a hint of my own come.

“She filled my whole mouth,” said Marie, grinning. “She came long and hard… It was wonderful.”

Amy reached out and pulled Marie over, kissing her, thanking her without words for everything she had just felt. I knew they were tasting Amy between them.

Marie moved over and snuggled against Amy, keeping her warm between our bodies. She kissed Amy’s shoulder and closed her eyes. I stroked Amy’s skin and within minutes she was fast asleep. Marie’s breathing was becoming deep and regular. I pulled up the covers thinking of these two, then closed my own eyes thinking of the evening to come.

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