Hot for Teacher

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**Please take note: All chracters in this story are over the age of 18**

“Hello class, how are we today?” MR. Dick started the class.

God what beautiful eyes he has, Shane thought, bet he gets lots of pussy.

“Shane,” Mr. Dick came up beside him, placing a caressing hand on his shoulder with a slight squeeze he brought Shane back to the present. “Going to join us today or daydream?” With a tender smile and a wink he moved on, leaving Shane blushing.

Later in his next class Shane sat with his friends.

“So how do you like Mr. Dick’s class Shane?” His friend Lori asked with a giggle.

“He’s all right; I just wonder how I’ll pass. When I focus I don’t understand the material and then I don’t pay attention.”

“It’s a vicious circle for you huh?” Shane’s friend Matt asked.


“Want me to sleep with him for you?”

Shane laughed aloud, “Do what?”

What he’s hot?”


“Fuck you.”

“You’re not my type.”

“Why, because I have a pussy and not a dick?”

“You know me all to well babe.”

“Okay class let’s pick up where we left off yesterday,” Mr. Dick began in the next day’s class. “Shane I’d like to speak with you after class.”

“Yes sir.”

“Shane,” Mr. Dick called out after dismissing the class.


“Is everything okay Shane?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. Why?”

“I notice that you seem to drift off during class.”

“Sorry Mr. Dick, I’m just not grasping the material.”

“First, call me Brandon. Second, I’m free after school to help any of my students.”

“I think I’ll get it, it’s just going to take time.”

“Don’t fail the class because you’re too prideful to ask for help.”

“I won’t.”

“As of right now you aren’t doing well at all. Want to take a look at your average so far?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Brandon sat behind his desk to find the right page in his grade book. Shane came around to stand beside him, leaning in close he smelled casino oyna Brandon’s cologne, manly with a touch of vanilla. Something deep inside began to stir and Shane realized that he was growing hard.

He smells so good, Shane thought.

“What did you say?” Brandon asked.

“Huh?” Shane looked puzzled.

“I thought you said that I smelled good.”

“Mr. Dick I’m-“


“I-I-I’m bisexual.”

“Oh. Well, truth be known, I’m a flaming gay.”



“Holy shit!”

Brandon laughed ad patted Shane’s leg. Shane’s dick jumped at the touch.

“I guess you’re attracted to me?”


“I’m digging you too.” Brandon’s voice and face became intense.

“Is it safe?” Shane asked.

“Here? In the classroom?”

“Sure, I like trying new places.”

“Yeah, go lock the door.”

Shane locked the door tight behind him, stroking his member as he walked back to Brandon who had his thick, fat member hanging out his pants, half erect.

“Ever been fucked by a man Shane?”

“Oh yeah, once I was even fucked by a girl with a strap on.”



Shane stood over Brandon, stroking his penis, waving it in a teasing manner.

“Want me to suck it?”

“Yeah, suck it Mr. Dick,” Shane emphasized his name.

“Call me Brandon please, I get too turned on by my name.”

Shane laughed as he made his dick accessible. Brandon took it willingly, swallowing him up to his balls. Shane moaned and grabbed Branson’s shoulder urging him closer.

“Suck it Brandon, I wanna fuck your mouth.”

Brandon’s fingers massaged Shane’s balls and glided around to tickle his asshole. Shane jumped with pleasure.

Brandon slowly slid away and looked up into Shane’s eyes, “C’mere, I wanna taste you.” Cupping a hand around Shane’s neck, Brandon pulled him towards his mouth, tasting the sweet and slightly salty taste of his lips and tongue. Shane slowly got down on his knees canlı casino so as not to break the kiss. Shane’s hands cupped Brandon’s testicles and handled the fat anaconda before him, pumping it harder and harder.

“Oh God get naked and bend over, I gotta fuck you now,” Brandon huffed. Shane quickly obeyed, bending over the desk.

“No not that position, not yet. Get on your back.”

Shane obeyed; he laid his back atop the cool surface of the desk and brought his knees to his chest, exposing his awaiting asshole.

Brandon rammed his massive cock into that tight hole; a man escaped Brandon while pain soared through Shane’s body.

Lori watched through the crack in the glass, feeling herself grow wet her hand slipped under her skirt and probed herself after moving the then material of her panties away from her wet cunt. With the building empty she allowed herself full pleasure as she looked on Brandon’s and Shane’s fuckfest. Coming to a quick climax she readjusted her clothing and tried the door, it slipped open.

“I guess they forget about this door,” Lori talked aloud. As she entered the room the sound of slapping flesh, moaning, and heavy breathing filled the room. Lori locked the other door behind her as she began to undress. Once again she felt herself growing wet at the sight of the two good-looking men fucking each other. Slowly she walked over to the desk where Brandon still continued to fuck Shane but he was jerking himself off in the same rhythm.

“Mind if I join?”

Both men jerked up, startled.

“The other door was unlocked.”

“You can fuck her.”

“No, I don’t want you to stop. Lori, c’mere and suck me. I’ll lick you.”

Lori smiled, quickly got into position and began swallowing Shane’s prick. She felt his tongue lick her juices off her lips followed by the probing of his fingers, moans came through her as orgasm ripped her body.

“I have to fuck something; I’ll never cum unless I’m in a hole. Someone bend over,” Shane breathed heavily.

Brandon kaçak casino bent over willingly and eagerly.

“What about me?” Lori asked in a pout.

“Wait your turn,” Shane demanded. “Sit over there and watch.” Shane commenced to fucking his way to climax when a noise sounded outside the room. Everyone jumped, hid in the corner to hide and listen. The noise passed and Lori crept up to look outside to check and no one was in sight.

“All right, sit on my lap Lori and Shane you get top spot,” Brandon decided.

Lori eagerly sat on Brandon’s prick while opening her legs wide for Shane to enter her pussy. “Oh God, this feels so good.”

“I thought you were a flaming gay Brandon?”

“This little pussy of hers is changing my mind. Shut up and fuck her.”

Together Shane and Brandon began pumping her holes full of dick with hands roaming over breasts, chests, and balls. Sounds of delight filled the room. Lori ran her hands over her firm breasts while the other hand played with her clit. Shane’s pace increased to a frenzy of motion until she felt her pussy being filled with cum.

“Oh . . . man,” Shane sighed heavily as he sat on the floor, then as if an afterthought, he reached a finger in her pussy and returned with it coated in a white liquid.

“Lick it Shane.”


“Hang on,” Brandon huffed as his dick exploded a load of cum in her ass.

“Mmm,” Lori moaned. “I’m such a lucky bitch.” She felt herself ooze one last time as she rode the last waves of orgasm.

Trying to find breath Brandon praised Lori,” Baby girl, feel proud, a woman’s never made me cum before. Are you in my class?”

Lori giggled,” No, not yet.”

“Well, take me next semester and I’ll pass you with flying colors. Providing of course you come to my office for some personal tutoring.”

“Mm, you’ve got a deal.”

“What about me?” Shane asked, feeling a little jealous and left out.

“What about you?” Brandon asked.

“Do I pass?”

“You’ve bumped up a letter grade.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, each time you come to me for ‘help’ you’ll bump up another letter grade until you just come for fun.”

“So . . . when can I schedule my next appointment?

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