Housewives’ Choice

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It was because I worked at home for a software company that I became friendly with the group of housewives who met every Wednesday afternoon.

We all lived on the same street and I soon realized that these four women met at the house across from mine while their kids were at school and their husbands were at work. I saw them from my home office window, arriving at two o’ clock every Wednesday. I knew them because they were my neighbours and I have to admit that I had spent lonely nights (I was currently between relationships) thinking about all four of those lovely women while stroking my manhood. Little was I to know that even my wildest fantasies couldn’t match what was about to happen…

On the day it happened, I was sitting in my office working on the latest program for my employers. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was almost two, time for the ladies to arrive. I leaned back in my chair and watched the street.

First to arrive was Jill. She was the only one of the housewives who was single, though God knew why. She was tall and slim and extremely shapely. She had shoulder length brown hair and glasses, a good-size chest and a real shapely swing to her slim hips. I watched her knock on the door across the street and saw Donna open it.

Donna, whose house the women met at, was a beautiful black lady with long raven hair. She had a shapely body with a large chest and a big shapely rear. Her husband worked at a local accounting office and every day after he left, Donna took her two children to school then spent her time in the front yard. I spent many hours watching her through my window as she pottered around the flowerbeds in a clingy vest and shorts, and once, I had stroked my cock while watching her. I had imagined peeling those clothes off her lovely body and entering her with my raging hard-on. I came, grunting, while watching Donna bend over her roses, and I shot my cum into a tissue. On Wednesdays, of course, she was never in the yard; she spent the day getting ready for her three friends to arrive.

After Jill entered the house, I waited for Julie and Sandra to arrive. They always arrived together, walking from their houses up the street. I saw them and my eyes drank in their very different figures. You had to appreciate Julie and Sandra for totally different reasons. Julie was a slim redhead. Her hair cascaded down over her shoulders and down her back in tight red curls. Her body was lithe and her tits looked small but her legs were shapely and her butt looked good enough to eat off. Sandra, on the other hand, was a very big lady. She had ash blonde hair cut into a bob around her wide face. Her body was plump, not fat, and her ass looked large beneath her skirt but the two things that took your breath away when you saw Sandra were her tits. Her bust was absolutely enormous. She wore a dark blouse today and the material quivered as she moved, her gargantuan tits shaking beneath it. I had always been a tit man but I could only imagine what Sandra’s puppies would look like if they were let out of her bra.

The two girls knocked on Donna’s door then disappeared inside. I sighed, ignored the erection in my pants, and got back to work. I would wait until I went to bed later before masturbating. I thought about each of those four women on various nights but I knew that tonight, I would be thinking about Sandra while I pumped my cock. What a big girl…

It was almost an hour later when my phone rang. I sighed and picked it up. I was expecting my boss but when I heard the voice on the other end of the line, I sat up immediately.

“Adam?” It was Donna.

“Yeah,” I said.

“I’m sorry to disturb you while you’re working but do you think you could come over here? I’ve got a problem with my computer.”

“Sure, I’ll be over in a minute.” I almost ran for the door. I didn’t want to miss a chance to get close to those four lovely neighbours of mine. I could take my time fixing Donna’s computer and take in the feminine sights, collecting them in my memory for recalling later when I was in bed.

Donna opened the door with a smile. She really was pretty . I felt a flash of guilt as I remembered masturbating while watching her in her yard, then dispelled it and said, “You got a problem?”

She nodded casino oyna and led me inside. The other three housewives sat in the living room, Julie and Sandra on the sofa and Jill in a chair. They all said “hi” as I entered.

“Hello, ladies,” I replied. I always wondered what they did every Wednesday afternoon. I assumed they just had a coffee and a chat, probably comparing notes about their husbands and kids.

The computer sat on a desk at one end of the room. Next to it sat a digital camera.

“It’s just frozen up on us,” Donna said.

“Okay.” I sat on the chair in front of the screen. “What application were you using?”

“The camera software,” Donna said. I noticed her look at the other women with a glint in her eye.

I looked at them too. Julie sat in a relaxed pose, twirling a lock of her long red hair with one finger. Sandra sat next to her, big and womanly, her blouse still straining to hold its load. I noticed that she was blushing slightly. A few people on the street had told me that she was shy and a bit of a prude. Shame, with a body like that. Her husband was a lucky guy to sleep with those huge tits every night. Jill sat on her chair with her shapely legs crossed. She wore a jogging suit and that’s when I took a mental step back. When I had seen her arrive earlier, she had been wearing a skirt and blouse. So why was she now wearing a black jogging suit?

“Can you fix it?” Donna asked me.

I turned to the screen. “Sure, let’s take a look.” I rebooted the computer then clicked into the camera software. I found the problem and fixed it quickly. However, not wanting to leave so soon, I took my time accessing the various folders, making it look like I was still working on the problem. It was then that I noticed three folders entitled “Jill”, “Donna” and “Julie”. Obviously the ladies had been taking photos of each other. God, how I would love to have a pic of just one of these lovelies. Humming a tune to myself, feeling the women’s eyes on me, I clicked on the folder called “Jill” and 20 icons appeared, each a bitmap. I clicked on one and a photo appeared on the screen. I gasped.

It was a picture of Jill all right, and she was dressed in a blue bra, blue panties, blue garter belt and blue stockings. I heard Donna gasp too, then the other three. I clicked the mouse and closed the window.

“Er, sorry,” I said.

Donna said, “It’s okay…I guess you’ve discovered what we do here every Wednesday afternoon.”

I turned to face the women. Sandra was blushing furiously but the others looked unperturbed. “Really?” I asked.

They all nodded. “It started some time ago,” Julie said. “We were joking about how our husbands don’t appreciate us, then started taking photos on Donna’s camera to increase our self confidence. We started using lingerie. We really enjoy our Wednesdays.”

“Wow,” I said. I didn’t know what else to say. “I can’t believe that part about your husbands, though. How could they not appreciate such beautiful women?”

“Believe it, Adam,” Sandra said. “They’re bored with us after all these years.”

I shook my head. “No way.”

“It’s true,” Donna said. “So we take the pics to cheer us up.”

“Well they sure cheered me up,” I said. I looked at Jill in her jogging suit and realized she must have some lingerie on under there. I felt my cock harden in my jeans.

“Erm, it’s all fixed now,” I said.

“Great, thanks, Adam,” Donna said. “What can we do to thank you?”

I could think of a few things but I took a chance and said, “Well, I sure would like to take a few of those pics home on a disk. I wouldn’t let anyone else see them, of course. They’d be just for my…use.” I could only imagine the pleasure I could have jacking off over pictures of these ladies in lingerie.

Donna frowned then looked at the others. “I don’t know…” she said.

“I think we’d better discuss it,” Jill said.

“Could you leave the room?” Donna asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “I need to use the bathroom anyway.”

I went to the end of the hall and sat on the edge of the bath. I didn’t really to use the bathroom. My cock was straining against my jeans and I felt so turned on by these four beautiful housewives.

I heard a hesitant knock at the door. “We’ve reached canlı casino a decision,” Donna said.

I opened the door then rejoined the ladies in the living room. I stood before them nervously. I hoped they would let me take some pics home with me,.

“it isn’t that we don’t trust you,” Donna said, “But we need some guarantee that our pictures won’t be seen by anyone else. If our husbands were to find out…”

“Of course,” I said. “You have my word.”

Jill giggled. “We want mare than that.”

“You’re going to have to pose for us,” Donna said. “We keep your pics here with ours. Then you can take some of ours home with you.”

I frowned. Pose for them? I felt scared at first but then I thought about taking some pics home and the fun i would have with them. And after all, I had a good body; I went to the gym regularly and worked out. I was broad-shouldered with good tone and big muscles. Sure, why not? “Okay,” I said. “Why not?”

Donna walked over and got the camera from the desk. “Do you want me to take off my shirt?” I asked. She nodded. “And those jeans.”

I slid off the shirt and the girls watched me as I slid off the jeans too. I stood before them in my jockey shorts, realizing that my raging erection was tenting them wildly at the front. The women said nothing but I could see their eyes taking me in. Donna took a picture.

“Okay,” she said. “Erm, let’s see how you should pose for us.”

Jill stood up. “Wait, I just got an idea. Adam can pose with me.”

Sandra looked shocked. “Jill, are you sure?”

Jill nodded. I noticed her eyes locked on the front of my boxers. She slid out of the jogging suit and stood there in white panties and bra. The lingerie was lacy and her breasts looked lovely pressed together beneath the bra. “My God,” I said out loud. My cock twitched excitedly in my shorts.

“Come on,” Jill said to me,” It’ll be fun.”

I nodded. Sandra, Julie and Donna watched as Jill knelt on all fours before me. She looked over her shoulders at me. She looked so sexy kneeling there in nothing but her underwear and glasses. “Kneel behind me,” she said. “Donna, get ready to take a photo.”

I looked at her beautiful shapely ass in the white panties. The material rode up her ass crack and her smooth cheeks looked soft and rounded. I knelt behind her and placed my hands on her slim hips. My cock felt ready to burst.

Sandra put a hand to her mouth. “I don’t believe this,” she said. Donna took a photo of us.

“Oh God, look how excited he is,” Julie said.

“Yeah,” Donna said breathlessly as she took another pic. “Jill’s really turned him on.”

I pressed the front of my shorts against Jill’s ass cheek. Jill gasped, “Oh yeah, you’re really hard aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said. “You girls all turn me on.” I took a sharp breath as Jill started to grind her ass cheek against my manhood.

“Jill, what are you doing?” Sandra asked, horrified.

“Sandra, if you don’t want to watch, you’ll have to leave,” Jill replied. “Because I can’t stop now.”

“Surely you don’t mean…” Sandra looked aghast.

“You’re always telling us how Eric has lost interest in you, Sandra,” Donna said. “Look at Adam…I bet he’s turned on by you. Aren’t you, Adam?”

I looked at Sandra, at her huge bust. “Oh God, yes,” I groaned. “I think you’re gorgeous, Sandra.”

Sandra looked at the floor, blushing. “This is getting out of hand,” she said. “If our husbands…”

“Hey, those losers aren’t here,” Julie said. “We always tell each other how they’ve lost interest in us. Well look at Adam…I’d say he very damned interested.” She pointed at my shorts. “I want to see his cock.”

“Yes, ” Jill whispered to me, “For God’s sakes get your cock out for us.”

I didn’t need asking. I was so horny, I’d do anything right now. I slid my shorts off and stood up, my cock thick and hard, rising proudly from my groin. All the women gasped at the sight of my huge erection.

Jill wasted no time. Still on her hands and knees, she crawled over to me and took me in her mouth. I groaned as her mouth enveloped my cock, her lips pushing back my foreskin to reveal my purple helmet. She bobbed her head from left to right, tasting me and groaning with pleasure. She looked up at kaçak casino me, released my cock from her mouth then slid her tongue down the underside of my shaft to my balls. She moved her mouth back up to the head then gently took me between her lips again. I pushed my groin against her face, feeding her my meat.

Donna said, “Screw this,” then put the camera down. She got on her hands and knees and joined Jill. The two girls took turns lapping at my manhood while I stood there gasping and groaning with pleasure. Their tongues worked expertly on me, tasting me from my balls to my cockhead.

“I can’t watch,” Sandra said from the sofa. Julie had started taking pictures with the camera that Donna had discarded.

Jill turned around, still kneeling on all fours then pulled her panties down to her knees. Her pussy lips shone wet between her legs, covered in a light brown downy hair. I dropped to my knees behind her and touched the head of my cock to her pussy. “Yes,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

I pushed into her and we both gasped at the sensation as my dick slid into her hot tight tunnel. I pressed my groin up against her soft ass then started thrusting in and out of her. Donna started taking off her own shorts and panties, kneeling next to Jill.

I looked at her lovely brown ass then at her prominent pubic mound and pink pussy lips. I pulled out of Jill and pushed into Donna. She cried out as I started to fuck her.

“Donna” Sandra cried out, “What about your husband?”

“He’s…ughn…lost interest in me,,,ughn….” she managed as I fucked her, “…what I need…ughn…is a good hard cock like Adam’s…uhn…inside me…oh God it feel so good in there!” I held her ass tightly as I bucked against her.

I could feel my balls filling with cum and my lower stomach tingling. “I’m not far from cumming,” I gasped.

“Cum inside me,” Donna moaned.

“No, cum inside me,” Jill cried out.

Then Sandra stood up. “No,” she said, “We all want to see that cock cum don’t we girls?” They all nodded in assent. “I know I want to see it,” Sandra said. She started to unbutton her blouse. “I want you to cum over my big tits while we all watch,” she said.

“Sandra, what’s gotten into you?” Julie asked, still shooting pics of us on the camera.

“The sight of that cock,” my huge-busted neighbour said. She threw the blouse to the floor and stood there in a nig frilly white bra which barely contained the mountains of flesh within. Sandra lay back on the sofa then unhooked it. She let it drop to the floor and her glorious tits were there for everyone to see. I had never seen anything so beautiful. Each soft, full heavy tit was topped with a huge, erect dark brown nipple. “Julie,” she said, “I want you to get a shot of me jerking him off over my tits.”

“Oh yes, oh yes,” I half-moaned. I pulled my cock out of Donna’s pussy then walked over to Sandra with my manhood waving hard and thick before me. She wrapped her fingers around me and looked me in the eye. “Do you like my big tits, Adam?”

I nodded and groaned as she started to jack me off. Her fingers slid over my cock, from base to head and her tits wobbled heavily with the movement.

“Oh fuck, they’re beautiful,” I moaned

The other girls gathered around to watch. “Come on, Adam, ” Donna said, “Let’s see that lovely big cock explode all over Sandra’s tits.”

“We want to see you shoot your cum over those big nipples,” Jill said.

Julie took a pic then threw the camera down to watch my cock more closely. “Cum for us,” she moaned.

“Cum for me,” Sandra said, looking at me seductively, “All over me, all over my big tits. I want to feel your hot seed spilling over my big tits and nipples.”

“Oh yeah,” I moaned.

“Come on, baby,” Sandra urged.

“It’s coming!” I shouted.

“Yes, all over me,” Sandra commanded.

I cried out and thrust my hips forward as a hot salvo of cum exploded from me and hit Sandra’s big brown nipple. “Oh yes!” she cried out.

I continued jerking against her hand as she milked my seed from me. A second ribbon of cum hit her tits, then a third. All the girls urged me on with “Come on, Adam” and “Shoot it for us”. A line of cum shot from and hit Sandra’s other nipple, then the rest of my hot seed spilled over her hand as she pumped it out of my cock.

Finally, I fell to the carpet, totally spent. My cock had just had the time of its life and I was sure these women wouldn’t let it end here…

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