How It Was

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I went away from home for the first time to go to university. Throughout high school I wasn’t too social outside of sports. My build isn’t much to talk about. Slender, athletic, and lightweight all describe me. Blue eyes and brown hair round finish off the mundane description. I guess the only remotely remarkable thing is the tiny fish looking birthmark on my ass.

After the first semester of college, my room mate moved out to live with one of his friends off campus, and I got the choice to stay in the dorm room or see if there was anything else. The building had miniature apartments in the central area between the wings of each floor. They were segregated from the rest of the rooms and aside from being small, were nice and quiet. Luckily for me, one was available during the week I was searching for alternative housing.

I met Matt in one of my lab practical courses my first semester. He was the TA that oversaw the lab section next to mine. I probably spent a little too much time looking at him that was appropriate. He was hansom with his green eyes and broad chest.

He always passed close to me or bumped into me on the way to get chemical reagents or equipment from the cabinets. We chatted, and he helped me with coursework during TA office hours. After the final, he started inviting me to parties and events. That’s how it started.

We usually crashed at each others place after going out on the weekends. It only depended upon who lived closer to wherever we ended up. I don’t know what possessed me to step into the bathroom as he was showering after a night of parties. I might have been a bit tipsy, because I somehow had the courage to move the curtain out of the way enough to sneak a peak. On second thought it’s likely I was drunk and not tipsy because he caught me doing it.

Catching me by the arm, he yanked me right into the shower with him. I was about to protest as I was in my pajamas, but he had me by surprise and pushed me to my knees before I could get a word out. Matt casino oyna was bigger and stronger that I was. Being face to face with his cock all of a sudden I could see how much bigger he was.

His tight grip on my head didn’t leave me much of an option. I opened my mouth as he started to force my face onto his cock. I sucked on his dick and did a good job to keep my teeth out of the way. I was wishing that he wouldn’t go so deep or so fast, but I didn’t have much control over that. He was moving me at the pace he wanted, and that was that.

The head of his cock kept trying to force its way down my throat, and his hips were trying to help it. The girth of his shaft was keeping my jaw painfully open. I didn’t want it to go on like that, but he did. I was on my knees sucking his cock for what seemed like forever. Matt passed the time thrusting into my face and saying things like, “That’s a good cock sucker,” and, “Just take it, bitch.”

Finally he blew his load. I wasn’t ready for it, and made a mess all down my front. I guess it didn’t matter much as I was totally soaked from the shower and probably looked a mess from the treatment. He picked me up after he’d regained some composure and turned off the shower. He stripped me, wrapped a towel around me, and led me out to the bedroom. The television program I had been watching was over. I must have had my face fucked for nearly twenty minutes!

Nothing went on for the rest of that night, but I did get to sleep in his bed finally. The next day I guess we started seeing each other seriously. We went to the campus health center and got tested together after much insisting on my part. Matt wasn’t too happy with it, but he went along begrudgingly.

It took two and a half weeks to get the results back. A clean bills of health returned, and I felt a measure of relief. I was very excited to finally get to do more than just fool around and get a mouth full of cum and a sore jaw. I cleaned myself inside and out as I usually do in the morning canlı casino or before seeing Matt, and then called him to see if he had his returned. He had, and I asked him to come over and hang out.

He must have felt a measure of justification or entitlement or something for having to jump through this hoop for me, because he didn’t waste much any time when after he closed my apartment door behind him. “I want to celebrate right now,” he said. I went up to kiss him, but he didn’t want much of that, so I got down on my knees and undid his pants and my own. His cock was already very hard, and the tip was wet with precum before I even got to start in on it. Sucking his cock didn’t last two minutes before he stopped me and told me that he didn’t need any more foreplay. I was ready to move on as well, but I didn’t expect it so quickly. He half dragged me by my arm off the tile entryway and onto the carpet in the main room. The next thing I knew he was pushing me face down using his hand between my shoulder blades while his other hand roughly jerked at my pants gettting them down to my knees. Everything was happening so quickly that I was too stupefied to be of much help.

Getting frustrated with my pants, or satisfied with where, they were he stopped tugging on them and moved back a bit. Then he spit a couple times on my asshole, lined his head up with it, and suddenly popped it in. Initially I gasped and teared up. Immediately after that I began crying like a bitch. For one, I wasn’t ready for this so fast, and two, his cock really hurt!

He grunted as he made an effort to fuck his cock further up me. I attempted to pull away. His grip on my shoulders tightened and he pushed me down harder. This made wiggling off his cock impossible and only aided in my penetration. Having only spit for lube his cock felt like it was tearing its way up me. The memory of this rending pain led me to add lubricant up my ass after cleaning it in the morning, but that wasn’t helping me at this point.

Finally kaçak casino after much effort he had his thing all the way in me. I was face down on my own floor, crying, and with my boyfriends bare dick stuck in my upturned ass. At this point I guess I just resigned myself to taking his cock this way. So I arched my back a bit to try to make him cum more quickly.

That did have the effect of making him pound me harder, but I don’t think it sped his orgasm. He slowed down his pace every now and again to slap my ass and scold me to arch more and take it. I tried to comply, but there’s only so much I could do. My knees were sore, but not as sore as my poor hole back there. He putting in a lot more effort that I could have expected, and he was definitely going a lot longer than I wanted.

Matt began increasing the intensity of his thrusts after he was satisfied that my back was arched as far up towards him as I could make it. He still had a hand between my shoulders holding me down while the other was grabbing my ass and hips pulling up towards him. The increasing pressure and punishment just made me cry harder. I realize now that he got off on the crying, but at the time I didn’t understand why my boyfriend would make it hurt so much.

Finally he began making a lot of loud grunting sounds interrupted by, “ahhhh,” and, “ooooh.” A small measure of relief made it into my mind as I knew this was signaling his coming orgasm, but it got a lot worse before he finished. Just before he came he pulled out to just the head of his cock and began quickly and shallowly fucking my asshole with the head of his cock. Being that crest was the widest part of his dick and that my hole was really sore, this was the most painful part of the whole experience. I had to endure quite a while before he actually started to ejaculate.

He didn’t push in deep when he came in me, and he got a few spurts on me. His dick smeared the fluid up and down my crack a bit before he stood up. “Don’t bother cleaning that up, and don’t put your pants back on either,” he instructed me. I looked up at him questioningly, but I didn’t get the chance to utter a word before he interjected, “That’s just the way it is.” And that is how it was with me an him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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