Husband’s Anniversary Surprise

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As Kelly Evans drove home from work she was trying to think of a place where she and her husband John could go for their 5th anniversary dinner. She hated making last minute plans, but the last two weeks had been so hectic for her at work that she had even forgotten to get John a gift.

When Kelly walked through the front door she was immediately struck by the smell of food. Her husband John had heard the door open and poked his head out of the kitchen.

“Hey baby, dinner will be ready in about 10 minutes, why don’t you head upstairs, freshen up a bit and see if what I left for you on the bed fits alright.” John said.

Kelly couldn’t believe it at first. John was cooking dinner? He’d hardly ever cooked dinner in the 5 years that they’d been married; more than that he had never taken things like birthdays and anniversaries very seriously. Now there he was in the kitchen making their anniversary dinner.

John wanted her to go freshen up and change so Kelly headed up the stairs without saying a word. When she got into the bedroom she found a beautiful black dress waiting on the bed along with some sexy lingerie.

“Boy…he really went all out.” Kelly said.

She took off the clothes she’d worn to work, headed into the bathroom, fixed her hair, put on fresh makeup and spritsed her body with the perfume that John liked.

She walked back into the bedroom, put on the lingerie and the dress, and she even found a pair of shoes waiting for her as well. When she was dressed Kelly walked down the gangbang porno stairs and into the dining room just as John was pouring the wine. Already on the table was a grilled salmon dinner…Kelly’s favorite.

“Oh my…I’m impressed…this looks and smells fantastic.” Kelly said.

“Happy anniversary.” John said.

He kissed her. They sat down and started eating. During dinner they talked about all of the wonderful times they’d had since they met. They talked about their first date, when John proposed, their wedding day, and so many more wonderful memories.

When they’d finished eating Kelly goes to clear the table, but John gently touches her arm.

“Leave it…the evening is just getting started.” John said.

He pulls the remote for the stereo out of his pocket and turns on the song that they had their first dance to when they got married. Kelly smiles and they start dancing. John holds Kelly close…she puts her head against his chest…she can hear his heart beating…she loves to be held like that…the beating of his heart makes her own heart beat faster.

John lifts Kelly’s chin and kisses her. It’s a sweet…tender kiss…just the way they had kissed at their wedding. John reaches out and picks something out of the china cabinet. It is a black jewelry box. John opens it and shows Kelly the diamond necklace inside…her eyes light up.

“May I?” John asked.

Kelly smiles and nods. John takes the necklace out of the box and delicately puts it czech harem porno around Kelly’s neck.

“It’s beautiful.” Kelly said.

“I hoped you’d like it.” John said.

“John…I didn’t…I was so busy…” Kelly said.

“Shh…it’s okay Kelly…it’s okay. Being with you for the past 5 years is more than enough of a gift for me.” John said.

“You’re so sweet…you’re a liar…but you’re sweet.” Kelly said.

“Come with me.” John said.

John gently takes Kelly’s hand and leads her down the hallway towards their guest bedroom. He opens the door and Kelly finds that it has been specially decorated. Long sheets of red silk have been hung along the walls…the lamps in the room have been covered with red silk to give the room a warm red glow…the bed has red satin sheets on it.

No words need to be said. Kelly slips out of her dress and John takes off his clothes. Kelly slips off the panties, but she leaves the rest on…she knows that John loves making love to her while she’s wearing lingerie…she hardly ever does it…but this night she doesn’t even think about taking the rest off.

They make love for several hours and then hold one another. After laying there holding one another for almost an hour John rolls off the bed, offers his hand to Kelly, and he smiles. It’s obvious that John has something else in store for her so she takes his hand…knowing that she would follow her husband to the ends of the Earth and back.

John leads Kelly out onto czech mega swingers porno their back deck. Normally Kelly would never go outside wearing so little, but it’s after midnight, and John is completely naked and he doesn’t seem worried so she follows right along.

John leads Kelly over to their hot tub. John had turned on the heater and the jets hours ago…before Kelly got home. John kisses Kelly and removes her remaining lingerie. They slip into the hot swirling waters with Kelly sitting on John’s lap.

They kiss and caress each other for several minutes then John slips down to a position where Kelly can easily position herself across his hips. They make love slowly and quietly in the hot tub and then enjoy the warm bubbling water as they hold one another. Kelly sees just how well John had planned the evening when they get out of the hot tub and he grabs two towels from the table nearby.

They towel off and then John again takes Kelly’s hand and leads her back into the house. He doesn’t lead her back to the guest bedroom…he leads her upstairs. Kelly thinks that they’re heading for the master bedroom, but instead John opens the door to one of the unused upstairs bedrooms.

Kelly is amazed when she sees the antique 4 post bed that she wanted to buy for their bedroom is set up in one of their spare bedrooms.

“We can move it into our bedroom later…but tonight we get to make love in it and spend the first night of the rest of our lives together in our new bed.” John whispered.

They make love in the bed and then lay in one another’s arms…tired…satisfied…and totally in love.

“Happy anniversary Kelly my sweet wonderful wife.” John said.

He kisses her.

“Happy anniversary John my darling husband.” Kelly said.

She kisses him and they drift off to sleep.

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