I Missed You

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I have been gone a long time, or what seems to be a long time. When we are apart, hours seem like days and days seem like weeks. I yearn for your touch, for your smell, for the twinkle in your eyes, for the brilliance of your smile, for the warmth of your smooth skin and the taste of your lips. When we are apart I stumble through my days and restlessly lay in bed thinking about our past and future sexual adventures. I fantasize about the most incredible orgasms you have had. How your body shudders and how your pussy contracts around my cock. How your whole body convulses with the intensity of your release.

I am only hours away now from seeing you now. When I get home from the airport you will be at the house. The wine will be out, the cheese will be out and you will have just started cooking dinner. You are a stunning sight as always. Your dark hair frames that beautiful face with the most intense warm eyes and inviting smile. But what I have been waiting for are those lips; those luscious lips. No sooner am I in the door then you are in my arms. Our lips meet and our tongues greet each other from our long separation. I relish at the feeling of your firm body pressed against me. We kiss and hug and kiss and hug and we smile and we laugh. As your breath hastens I kiss your cheeks and down your neck. I nibble on your ear lobes and your breath starts to quicken and you grind into me. Your body feels so incredible against mine.

It does not take much to get you started. This is going to be a nice slow intimate evening. I want you so badly but we are going to take this evening slowly. I love to please you. Tonight I will please you but not until I adequately tease you.

I press you up against the wall as my hands are all over your body. I have an incredible ass cheek in each hand now as our tongues dance and our hands reacquaint ourselves with each other’s body. I take it far enough to let you think I am going to take you now. My breath is quick and my knees are weak. My cock is screaming to get through my pants to find you. Your nipples are hard to my touch and I know you well enough to know that you are wet in anticipation. Well that is the word for the evening… “Anticipation”. You are staying over tonight and I am going to enjoy every minute of keeping you on the edge.

I really hate to do this, but I want mobil porno to leave you hanging. It is time to make dinner. I leave you in a wanting heap as I make my way back to the kitchen. We enjoy the wine and snacks while we prepare dinner. I cannot keep my hands off you as we work our way around the kitchen. We grope, we kiss, we lick. I want you to know how badly I want you. I am on my knees licking your flat tight abs. I have both hands rubbing up and down your thighs. I am going to keep you wet and on the edge for this entire evening. I am going to have you for dessert, for my bedtime snack, for my midnight snack and for breakfast. Just like I have had you in my dreams while we have been apart.

Dinner is awesome as usual. A simple meal with my partner. The conversation is engaging and easy as we talk about the day, the week and the weekend. Your smile is intoxicating. I missed your smile and your eyes almost as much as I have missed your naked body riding me.

After we clear the table we embrace in the kitchen and your tongue is back in my mouth as you pull me close. I lift you on to the counter and I start to nibble on your thighs as I hike your skirt to your waist. I start with the inside of your knees and keep working my way up. Oh how bad I want you. Your breath is fast and you are pressing your sex to me. You always go to fast; you are pressing your hips to me and pulling my head into you. I know what you want. I can see the wet spot and I can smell your arousal. Your body is hot with desire right now. It is driving you crazy that all I will do it so softly brush against your pussy through your panties with my nose and my hot breath. Oh sweetheart, I want to part your lips with my tongue and lick up and down your pussy and nibble on your clit. I want to plunge my tongue into your sweet pussy and feel your warmth, your wetness and your sweetness. I want to gently suck on your clit and please you. But that is going to have to wait. I press my mouth against your pussy to give it one hard kiss. You press everything against me. It feels so good to please you. Time to clean up the kitchen. I know you don’t like dessert but I can talk you into some berries that we can feed to each other as we cuddle on the couch.

We settle into the couch with a good movie and wine with our bodies intertwined. mofos porno We cannot get close enough to each other. We cannot get enough physical contact. We touch and kiss for the entire movie. I cannot keep my hands out of your shirt. Your nipples are so responsive to my touch. Like my dick, your nipples are hard the entire night.

This is almost as much as I can take. I have to have you. I have waited so long. I have fantasized about you for as long as we have been apart. Time to go to bed. It is late. You are hungry for me. The wine has your head light and you are ready to go. The touching and kissing and rubbing have been going on for hours now.

I know how I want you.

Up the stairs we go. You cannot resist giving that ass just a little more attitude as you walk in front of me. Do you really have to make me want you more than I already do?

Your clothes are off and at long last I get to see your naked body. I would say that it has been so long that I forgot what it looks like, but I have memorized your body. I have every curve, muscle and freckle memorized. I know the soft pale skin on the inside of your knees where I kiss you. I know how your breasts rise up to these perfect nipples and how your dark pussy lips engorge with my touch. I know how your body reacts when I kiss the small of your back or how your ass cheeks jiggle when I play motorboat in your ass crack.

With your clothes in a heap on the floor inside the bedroom it is go-time. My dick is aching to be touched by you. Your whole body is ultra-sensitive right now. Every hair is on end just waiting to be touched. You like to watch and you also like to be in control. Tonight you have no control over matters, but I will let you watch. I take you over to the floor length mirror and press your hand against the mirror with your legs spread and you raise up on your tippy toes. My hands are all over your butt as it is there for me and only me. I can kiss it, smack it, rub it or just admire it. You can feel my hardness as I press against you so I can kiss the nape of your neck and fill my hands with your breasts. You love the way we look together. In the mirror you can see my pale hands on your dark skin. Our eyes meet and you can see the desire in my eyes. My eyes tell you that I love you, that I want you and that I naughty america porno am going to take you.

From behind you I drop my pants and my aching dick is free to feel you. You hoist that butt higher in the air and press against me. I slide my dick up and down the inside of your thighs and I control your hips with my hands. The look in your eyes is hot. The wetness between your legs shows how ready you are. I take my time to kiss your strong shoulders and the back of your neck just marveling at your body in the mirror.

I have longed to feel your mouth around my dick. It has been so long and my dick is hard enough to cut glass. We shuffle over to the bed where you lay on the bed with me standing next to the bed. You can take me in your mouth while I can still reach between your legs to play with your wetness. My knees can barely take it as you lick my shaft and twirl your tongue around my head and gently suck my dick. As you are taking me in your throat your hips are rising and falling as I massage your pussy and enter you with my fingers.

The time is long gone for anticipation. Now it is time for gratification.

I have had about as much as I can take. You are on the verge of orgasm and I cannot stand up any longer. That is enough of that. You put a foot on the floor and a knee on the bed as you face away from me. I hope you closed the window, because the neighbors are going to hear your screams and think someone is being murdered over here. I try to enter you slowly but you press hard against me and let out a gasp as I hit bottom in your pussy. You are so wet and so warm. With you watching in the mirror and in this position it does not take long for you to reach your first orgasm of the evening. Your body convulses and your already tight pussy contracts around my dick. The neighbors can hear you crying out in pleasure.

We change positions and hop up on the bed where I can be on top. I want to kiss you and look you in the eyes as my cock slides in an out of your perfect little Brazilian pussy. We are in heaven. I cannot tell you how many times I tell you that I love you. I can feel your increased sense of urgency and I do everything I can to hold off my own climax as you start working your clit with your fingers. Again, your body starts to convulse and your pussy clenches down on my dick as you are rocked with your orgasm. That is all I can take. As your pussy finishes its contractions I explode with a beastly roar and collapse in your arms. My sweaty body presses you into the mattress as we fight catch our breath.

Maybe I should travel more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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