I Saw Daddy Kissing Mrs. Claus

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Well he’s not my Daddy and I didn’t really see him kissing me but I saw his face so close to mine as we kissed under the pine trees. I IMed a friend yesterday and low and behold he was available. He said he saw the IM from me and his dick got hard wow it’s incredible to know I have that kind of power. Anyhow after a short discussion we decided to meet in 20 minutes on a side road in the country about 5 minutes from my house. I quickly while talking to him stripped down and struggled to type and put on a red garter belt with black stockings. In between messages I ran and plugged in the curling iron, not much hope there I need a trim badly, but that’s why we have limited time I have an appointment. He says he has to go get dressed. I say ok I’ll see ya in 20.

I turn off the computer and slide into a red satin nighty. Curl my hair, as I said needs help, didn’t even bother with hairspray. Do my makeup, grab a pair of earrings, now where’s that Santa’s hat? Ahh there it is, I grab it up, pull it on and check my reflection in the mirror. Looks nice. I grab the Anal Ease maybe we will need it that knows. Pull on my black cape, not the hooded one but the one that looks like a leather cape. I grab my jeans and a t-shirt just incase we run short on time, throw them in a bag with my hiking boots. Rubbers! He usually has some of his own but just in case I grab 3 from my bag of tricks. Let’s see it’s only been about 15 minutes.

I slip out the door sex izle and hop in the car. I take the chance of driving past the neighbors, if asked Ill come up with a good excuse later after all I am PTO president I have plenty of reasons to go this way today. I pull into the turn around he told me to and waited. Damn here comes a car. Shit I hope whoever it is doesn’t recognize me. Damn now a truck? And it’s not his. That’s it! There’s a place to pull back into the woods if you pull into the turn around you can see my car but going by they won’t. So I back into it and wait. I don’t have long to wait before his truck pulls in, he spies me and motions for me to follow him. I pull out behind him and follow him to a state land road and follow him out into the roads. There’s snow on the ground and the road is slick as his truck fishtails around. My car sticks pretty good and this amuses me. I follow him into a turn around spot and he pulls his truck into the trees. I watch him, as he gets out of the truck are we going deeper into the woods or right here?

He motions me to come to him and I lean over grab my Santa hat and put it on my head as I step out of the car, carefully so as not to slip. I walk around the car and I watch as a big smile spreads across his face. That’s some out fit he comments as I get closer to him. We both laugh lightly as I say I thought you’d like it. We wrap our arms around each other embracing in a kiss. sexmex porno Note heels and mud are not a good combo for I started to sink in the mud as we kissed getting shorter. He hands roamed under my jacket down to my ass. He made a mmmmm sound as he caressed my ass and realized that underneath the nighty there was no undies. His hands slid up under my nighty one in front one in back, one rub pressing my ass forward as the other caressed and rubbed my clit. I moaned and buried my face in his shoulder. I held onto his shoulders moaning as he worked my clit and ass, my body humping against his. Our mouths kissing, not kissing, kissing again. Me Screaming, moaning in lust as I’m being brought ever closer to the edge.

My body begins to shiver and quake, his hand moves up from my ass to my back steadying me, my head tilts back ward slightly, I long since lost my Santa hat, My body pumps towards his expert fingers as I cum, nothing major but cum. He holds me for a second then takes my hand and leads me around the truck. He motions for me to climb up on the seat of the truck. I follow his instruction pulling him close to me I manage to get him free from his jeans and wrap my lips around the head of his cock. I take it deep and then back up to the head. He then pushes back on my shoulders and pushes me back on the seat. I lean back, as he plays with my clit with one hand he reaches over in his coat and grabs a condom. He grabs sikiş izle the edge in his teeth while playing with me keeping me right on the edge, and somehow I’m not exactly sure how gets it open and on.

This man is truly talented. He motions for me to back up and I do on the seat as I wrap my arms around him kissing him as we both move into position. I take his shaft in my hand and move him to the opening of my pussy lips. He wraps one arm underneath me as the other grasps my ass and our body’s slam together fitting perfectly. He kisses me as I let out a low growl. Mindful that there may be mud on my shoes I am careful to lock my legs around his hips but not my feet up over him as I’d love too. His hands push up my nighty, his thumbs roll over my nipples, his cock pumping in and out of my pussy. I can feel the cum dribbling from my pussy as he drives his cock in. Alternating between kissing him and remembering not to bite him or dig him, he’s not mine to mark up. Suddenly he kisses me very deeply and I feel my pussy explode around his cock and am aware that he is cumming also.

He stays planted firmly within me as I come down off one high and ride back up onto another. For what seems like forever we stay locked in each others arms kissing, panting, and riding the waves of cum. Then slowly as I moan in protest he disengages himself from me. I’m unaware of how much time has passed, but slide towards the door, getting my cloak and hat. I put myself semi back together and slide off the seat. We stand kissing, discussing his plans for the day, then slowly kissing more we part company. I in my car he in his truck wishing we had just a little more time. Someday soon we have told the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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