I Shouldn’t Have Teased Him so Bad

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I was working as a waiter at Le Ristorante de Fancypanse downtown, and it was the night of a big gala fundraiser. Suits and ties were the order of the day. It was a hectic night, everything had to be just perfect, but it worth it, knowing the tips were sure to be astronomical… and boy were they ever, in more ways than one.

There was this one older gentleman who was constantly getting my attention. He was rather large in the overweight sense, kept ordering drink after drink, and clearly becoming a bit soused as the evening wore on.

“…waiter… I say, waiter!” he’d mumble, sticking his finger in the air, looking all around as a man lost in the wilderness. “Drink! I need drink!”

“Yes sir!” I said, coming to his immediate aid with drink in hand.

He was… shall we say… very appreciative. His smile got wider each time, and his eyes were clearly making their way slowly up and down my body, which is rather muscular.

“You’re casino siteleri a good… boy… a good… boy… aren’t you..?” he managed, drinking up, giving me a sordid wink, and even touched my butt a time or two.

I got down right to his ear and whispered, “Very good!” then left to attend to the other guests.

It was all a part of what you did to get more tips, any waiter will tell you. You let them flirt with you, you flirt back… by the end of the night, you’ve got a pocket full of cash. No harm in any of it, right?

After all, this old guy was clearly not my type… Probably three times my age, fat, hairy… hair coming from his nostrils, hair coming from his ears… yechh! Still though, he clearly had a lot of money, so it was to my benefit to be as accommodating as possible. And, truth be told, I enjoy teasing, the look of desperation on men’s faces… Maybe I’m a bit sadistic, in that regard. I like canlı casino getting them going, only to let them down later.

Finally, at the end of the evening, all of the guests had left and the rest of us were just cleaning up.

Except he was still there, in the shadows. He was staying in the hotel and asked me to come to his room. I told him No, that I wasn’t gay, and even I had been gay, I wouldn’t have been interested.

Then he said he wasn’t asking, and he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me toward him. He was very strong, In a moment, he was kissing me, and holding me to him. I struggled but couldn’t get away. He was too heavy, he leaned in to me and pinned me against the wall, fumbling with my pants and his.

I kept hoping someone would walk in, find us.. but no one did. I started to yell out, but he slapped me hard against the face, threw me down on the floor.

“I know the owner,” he said. “If you don’t kaçak casino keep your mouth shut I’ll see that you’re fired tomorrow. Now start sucking.”

“No!” I ran away, but he grabbed me with his meaty hand. I got one look at his wild eyes before he tossed me against the wall. He punched me in the face hard, blood pouring down my nose.


He punched me again, nearly knocked me unconscious… When I came to, I was laying on my stomach. His cock was in my ass and he was thrusting again and again. He had a hand over my mouth and nostrils, I couldn’t breathe and felt myself getting dizzy.

Then I felt him emptying himself in me.

He got up, tossed me a hundred dollar bill which lay crumpled up beside me.

I got up… but at that moment, the lights came on. It was the morning shift, coming in to clean up and get things ready for breakfast. They came in and started laughing, took pictures of me and said they were going to post them online.

Humiliated, I gathered up my tings and left. Ironic, he’d threatened to fire me, and now here I was walking out of my job.

I didn’t deserve that, did I? I was just flirting! It wasn’t my fault.

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