I Want to Write on You

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“I want to write on you,” I told her. “I want to write my name on your back and then fuck you.”

“That’s perverted,” Jeena said. “Do you think you own me or something just because we’re sleeping together and I call you my boyfriend? Fuck you.”

“You asked me what I fantasize about, I told you.”

“That’s true. I did ask you,” she said, with a trace of a smile.

“Yes,” I replied.

“So, what do you want to write it with?”

“What do you mean? “

“Lipstick? Marker?”

“Oh, …well, something that washes off within a few days.”


“Like henna.”

“No henna, but you can write it in my darkest lipstick, if you’d like. You can write it as big as you want and as dark as you want.”

The next night, I went to Jeena’s bungalow. That was our usual spot. She had asked me to come at 9 and I was there at 9 on the dot.

When I rang the bell, Jeena answered the door wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and tight-fitting black jeans. Her slim, dancer’s body and small breasts tore a river of excitation through my body. She smiled and flashed her fathoms of green eyes at me. She wore her short brown hair back in a burgundy hairband. She smelled like fresh lemons.

Within seconds, we embraced, and then began to kiss. It was the urgent, hungry type of kissing that comes from a mutual crush. Both of us were equally excited about the other. There was no dishonesty or calculation, just two lovers loving.

“I want to show you my ass,” she whispered to me. My cock stirred tecavüz porno magnetically at that.

She led me into the bedroom and hopped on to the bed. She got on all fours with her compact ass bending up to me.

“Take down my jeans,” she commanded. I did as she said, unzipping her jeans and pulling them down around her thighs. She was wearing a burgundy thong.

Then she said, “Take off your pants, then pull my panties down and kiss me right in my butthole.” I was spellbound at the instructions and the assertion of authority. Never in my life had a woman said things like this in my presence, much less said them directly to me. What a fucking incredible night this had already been. I glanced up for a moment and saw that the digital clock next to the bed read 9:14. Then I did what she had asked.

I pulled down her silky panties to reveal the most achingly, heart-rendingly beautiful asscrack I had ever seen. In all truth, I teared up when I saw it and my cock spontaneously extruded from my briefs.

I brought my nose and tongue to her butthole; it had only a very subtle smell and tasted slightly salty. It was very hot to the touch. She moaned as my tongue plumbed anxious millimeters, heretofore, I guessed, unknown to a man’s tongue, though I couldn’t be sure.

“Write it, ” she finally said to me, craning her neck around and looking me straight in the eye. She handed me a lipstick she had been holding. It had completely escaped my notice until then. I knelt down and unrolled travesti porno the lipstick. It was a deep red, but rather browner than I had expected. I placed the head of the lipstick right where the crack of her ass began and wrote a large “V” in a dressy, cursive font. Just seeing the first letter of my name there was enough. I needed to fuck her now, didn’t need to see “ictor” there too.

“I want to fuck you now,” I told her.

“Whenever you want to,” she said back to me softly, looking away from me towards the head of the bed. “Anytime you want me, you know I am yours.”

I moved my finger down and stirred the dark, fine hair covering her labia. I felt a bit of moisture on my fingertips and heard Jeena give out a very slight moan. Then I inserted my forefinger a half inch into her anus, feeling the beginning of her rectum. It felt tight and hot. Holding that finger there, I gently but firmly slid my cock inside of her.

When I had plunged all six and a half inches of myself into her, I stopped and held myself motionless. I heard both of us breathing, and the whirr of the ceiling fan above her bed. I closed my eyes for a moment.

“Now, please insert the entire length of your finger into my butt,” Jeena said, turning back to look at me. I did as she asked. I couldn’t believe the heat I was feeling on my finger. Her rectum was positively on fire. I happened to reposition myself a little bit on the bed, and when I did, my knee grazed the comforter. It came back with a big smother tumblr porno of her juice. I glanced down and saw that she was soaking the comforter with a small puddle of her pussy oozings.

I removed my finger and brought it to my nose. This time, it smelled a bit more like a butt. That’s what I had been waiting for. I sucked on my finger, coating it in saliva, then again inserted it as far as I could into her butthole.

Jeena said, “Oh Jesus, Victor, you don’t know how incredible that feels to have your finger in my butt like that. No one has ever… just keep it there.”

I remained still, gently pressing my cock as deeply as I could into her liquid cunt, my finger as deeply as I could into her hot, dark rectum. “You are in my ass, in my butt, in my behind, and up my rectum,” she said calmly. “Now, coat me with your thick, white cum, please. Right now, please.”

I moved quickly in and out of her, removing my finger and parting her butt cheeks wide to get my first real glimpse of her anus. It was darker than I had expected, and it looked extremely tight. It was spasming with an orgasm. Seeing that, I was ready to cum.

I parted her butt cheeks as wide as they would go. “Wider,” she said, “open my butt wider, please, it won’t hurt me.” I bore my full weight down on her butt cheeks, reddening them with the pressure from my hands.

“I am so exposed to you, Victor!” she cried out all of a sudden, “I have never been so utterly exposed to anyone! Please know me and taste me and smell my darkest part, my deepest smell, my butt is just for you.”

Hearing that, I exploded all over her butt cheeks and her anus, sending torrents of warm semen shooting into her asscrack and up onto the “V” on small of her back. I screamed in triumph. That was the greatest orgasm of my life.

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