Ideal Day Four

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Big Tits

As I stated in “Ideal Day One” there are many “ideal” days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a version of what might be “Ideal” with a slant toward my wife’s pleasure this time.

Moving slowly, being careful to be very gentle, I wake wife from a deep sleep by playing with her pussy. Only after she stirs and rolls over on her back to I add in sucking on nipples. She must be fully aroused before it to feels good and does not tickle. Slowly building her up to orgasm, feeling her hump against me as I rub her clit firmly under one finger, I make sure she is experiencing full pleasure. I give her plenty of time to calm down before rolling her on her side, pulling one leg up and straddling her other leg and enter her little by little.

Slow deep strokes allow me to enjoy the feeling of her wet and warm pussy as she squeezes my cock. The combination soon has me beyond the point of no-return causing me to pound her hard and fast until I cum.

After snuggling for a brazzers porno few minutes, we clean up and get some breakfast. The rest of the day we are naked except for putting on clothes to walk the dogs, get the mail, etc… always with something that can come off easy once back in the house. Being naked is a great way to keep the idea of more sex at the forefront of our minds, not that I need much help in that regard.

Late in the afternoon we decide to go out to dinner, I put on a thong under jeans and Lynn wears a dress with a bra, but no underwear. All during dinner I hint at her feeling a draft, have her pull the dress up so that her ass is on the cool fabric of the seat, etc., all to keep her horny and thinking of sex.

After dinner we go for a drive to view some of the local mountains. While I drive she pulls up her dress and starts to play with her pussy. Moving the mirror I am able to watch and still drive safely. There is something to be said for watching her play with her pussy while other rigs are going by on the highway. clip4sale porno Knowing that they cannot see into the cab of the pickup does not distract from that pleasure, the thought is what counts.

She is soon moaning with pleasure and pushing back in the seat. Reclining the seat gives her more space to move and allows me to see her fingering her pussy. In the mirror I can see her fingers flying over her clit and alternating with inserting into her pussy. As she nears climax she uses both hands finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit hard and fast. That is my clue to find a wide spot to pull over and stop. When I do she moves forward in the seat so her feet are on the dash and he ass is hanging over the seat, opening her pussy wide for me to view. Just before she cums she uses one hand to spread her lips open while continuing to rub her clit. When she cums she squirts nearly to the dash while jumping in the seat. I’m sure that anyone driving by can tell by her feet on the dash and me leaning over that she is masturbating.

A colette porno home again, we watch porn while she lies on the couch with her head in my lap, playing with me until I can not take much more, then we trade places and I make sure she is wet and ready as well. When a scene we both like starts playing we move to standing at the table where she can lean on it while I enter her from behind. That way we can watch the scene and describe to each other what we like about the scene.

In this case it is a scene where the man is slowly fucking the woman from behind while pulling on her hips to control the pace of their mating. Soon he is pounding into her pussy with abandon and I’m doing the same. The sounds on the TV and the feeling of my groin hitting her ass while my balls slap into her pussy soon take me over the top. Since she was not quite with me I pull out and finger her clit while she continues to watch the next scene.

In this scene two women are making out hot and heavy until one of them pulls out a dildo and starts fucking her friend’s cunt and playing with her clit. Since our dildo is in the bedroom I make do with my fingers. Soon she is climaxing along with the woman on the screen and her knees give out and she kneels on the floor.

After cleaning up we retire to the bed for a much needed night of rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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