If You Ever Give My Husband a BJ

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Ava Addams

A Ms. Neb Story

This started out to be a “How To” essay but I ran into trouble almost immediately. Men, and more specifically, how they like their blowjobs, are like snowflakes and fingerprints. They are all different. It was just too daunting to write a one-size-fits-all description of how to please all men orally. I am not qualified for that. However, after more than 30 years of marriage, I am the world’s foremost authority on how to please my husband! So if you ever get that opportunity (which I doubt), you’ll need this invaluable knowledge.

As it turns out, going down on my husband doesn’t start with me going down on my husband. It starts with him going down on me! Feeling him work his magic on me gets my mind racing with images and thoughts of what will happen next. He builds me to a frenzied pitch. When his tongue circles my clit, it’s not too fast but it is firm and deliberate. It drives me wild when he goes from that to licking my lips and sucking them into his mouth with gentle tugs. It feels so sexy when I can feel is mouth sliding all over me and I know that it is because I am getting him wetter with my juices. It’s wonderful when I feel his tongue slip into me and tickle me internally. I try to clench down in an attempt to draw his tongue in deeper but it is useless. I just end up more anxious to climax and that gets his face even wetter.

Frankly, I like that. I find it wonderfully erotic to get so excited that every impulse gets us me wetter and that is exactly what he wants. I like that he likes licking and sucking on my slippery flesh and tasting me. He craves me. He can’t get enough of me. He wants me and wants to please me. That man just truly loves my pussy, the way to looks, the way it feels, and most of all, the way it tastes. How wonderful is that! How can that not make a woman feel great!

At this point I am nearing my climax but I need more than his tongue. I am desperate to feel something more inside of me. I need to feel his cock deep inside me and fill me like his tongue could never do but I don’t want him to stop. It feels too good. I am so close to coming. The dancing of his tongue around my clit has brought me to the edge! To stop now would be terrible! I need him to keep going! Just like that! Just like that!

And over the edge I go. I hold his head and press his face between my legs. I can feel his tongue slip into me to enjoy the full spasmodic furry of my orgasm. I can tell that I am coming on his face. Everything is even more slippery than before. I can hear how wet I have made us both. The scent of my orgasm is strong. It envelops and intoxicates us. We love the taste, feel, and smell of sex.

After all these years of experience, he knows exactly what to do and when. He knows exactly when to leave me. Not too soon or my orgasm will sputter to a premature and frustrating end. Not too late or it will fade to something less than total fulfillment.

He is perfect. He rises up from between my legs right at the time when my orgasm is at its undeniable and irrevocable peak. His hips move between my legs and in one quick motion, his cock effortlessly slides home. All the way into me it goes, filling me physically and emotionally. His cock thrusts into me and out gasps all the air in my lungs as my orgasm goes into overdrive. My whole body shudders. Every muscle tightens.

Now I can clench down hard and feel him. That is what was missing. Right at that point I needed something as long, as thick, and as hard as his cock to go deep inside me and fill me completely. Now each spasm has something to work against. Now I can feel the pressure against my cervix that I need. This is how it is supposed to be!

He slowly moves in and out as my orgasm starts to subside. I do not need manic thrusts now. I just need the feeling of him moving in and out to complete my orgasm. It feels so wonderful. There are the wet juicy sounds as he slides in and out so easily. We fit so perfectly. He stretches me but not uncomfortably so. He fills me in exactly the right way. He just keeps moving until we both know that I have come completely. It is over when there are no more spasms, no more uncontrollable twitches, and my breathing is more regular and measured.

My eyes can now register and I look up at him. I can really see him for the first time since my orgasm started. What a sight! His face is covered in a thin wet film of my cum. My scent is stronger now because his face is so close to mine. I can see my juices all over his nose, lips, cheeks and chin. He runs his tongue over his wet lips, signally to me that he likes what he is tasting. That pleases me very much.

Finally I speak to him.

“Did you like that honey? Did you like making me cum that way?”

He usually just hums a “mmmm” sound and licks his lips again.

“Do you like the way I taste?”

“You know I do baby,” is his typical response.

I shift to one side and awkwardly slide my hand under my thigh and between my legs. My fingers lay lightly czech amateurs porno against his balls. They are very warm and very wet. I fondle him for a moment and then slide my hand to the other side and run my fingers along his rock hard shaft until the point where it enters me. I can feel my plump lips surrounding him with wet tenderness. I caress him there, right where he enters my pussy. He begins to move in and out again and my fingers are there to aid his pleasure. Everything is all so warm and slippery.

“Oh God that feels so good,” he mutters. “I love being inside you.”

“Yes it does,” I coo. “I love it too.”

Making sure that he feels that I have gotten my fingers coated with my cum, I bring them up and pause so we can both see them. A sticky web of my juices stretches between my fingers. Slowly and seductively I bring my fingers to his lips and slide them into his mouth. It is just symbolic but still very powerful. His face is already covered in my wetness and doesn’t need my fingers to taste me but it is the power in the gesture of me feeding him my cum that excites him, and me too.

Down he falls onto me. Our lips connect in a powerfully wet kiss. It is all about the sharing of my taste, the feeling of our mouths sliding together, all slick with my cum. We lick each other’s face and mouth. We feed the wonderful juices to each other with our tongues. We do that until there is no more to share and my cum has been replaced with saliva.

So what does all this have to do with a blowjob? It is the buildup gentle reader. This has all been the build up to the crescendo of this session of our love making.

So let’s assess where we are.

The orgasm I just had was probably my second, maybe even my third, so I am perfectly satisfied. I don’t need to come again. My darling husband has once again guaranteed my pleasure before his own, at least in the orgasm department. He is laying on top of me. Our bodies interconnect perfectly. We can still smell my cum even though there are just traces on our faces now. His cock is still inside me. I can feel it occasionally twitch or pulse. When it does, I respond in kind with a clench. Every once in a while he’ll move, pulling out slightly and then pressing back in. I can hear wet sounds when he does that and I can feel more wetness seep out of me.

All of what has transpired has now put him in position for a wonderful orgasm and that is exactly what I want him to have. Of course he could resume his thrusting and come inside me. That would be fine and we’d both enjoy it but that’s not going to happen this time. He treated me like a queen, making me feel so good so now I am going to treat him like a king. He is just going to lay there and do nothing but enjoy how I please him. I think that’s fair. For all the pleasure he has given me, I think it is the least I can do. The added bonus is that I will enjoy it all too!

Knowing full well that I will get the same response as the countless other times I have asked this question, I look into his eyes and with an impish smile, I ask it anyway.

“Would you like me to kiss you and make you come?”

“Oh yes,” he moans.

“You would?” I say with feigned surprise. “But your cock is in my pussy now, covered with my cum. If I put it in my mouth, I’d be licking it and tasting my cum on your cock.”

“Oh God!” he muttered before he kisses my mouth with a wet sloppy kiss.

Without him leaving me, we roll to one side until I am now on top of him. There are no surprises awaiting us. Nothing will be new but it will just as special as if it was the very first time we did this.

Soon I will be in no position to do much talking but for now…

“I love feeling you so deep inside me like this.”

I sit up. His cock slides in deeper and I gasp again. I squirm on him, feeling him move side to side, not just in and out. I moan with pleasure. I know I can come again if I keep these gyrations up and I tell him so.

“I’m so wet. This feels so good. If we keep doing this, I’m going to come again.”

I keep squirming, wriggling, and talking.

“But I think it’s your turn. I want to make you come. I want to make you come with my mouth. Is that what you want?”

He just nodded and he progressed closer to coming.

“How about I get off of you now and let your cock slide out of my pussy. Then I’ll go down there and lick you. I’ll lick and tasting my cum that will be all over you. All warm, sweet and slippery. How about that!”

I know that kind of talk just drives him right to the edge. I also know that if I don’t get on with it, I will soon be feeling his cock swell and start spurting wave after wave of his cum deep inside my pussy. A delightful thought to be sure but that is not the plan.

I slowly lift myself up. We both look down and watch his thick engorged shaft slowly emerge from between my pussy lips. It is shiny from the juicy thick film that coats him. Out it comes with an erotic czech bitch porno wet plopping sound. A few clear strands of cum stretch from my lips down onto him.

Slowly I make my way down, kissing and nibbling at him until I am nestled between his legs. I lay my head against his thigh. God, he looks beautiful. His cock lies almost against his abdomen, pointing away from me. His balls are tight under his shaft. He is pulsing. I am a little awed by it. There seems so much power in that pulsing!

There is a sheer sheen of my juices all over him. Like the motionless wax from a used candle I can see drips of my cum that had collected at the base of his shaft. This balls are all wet and slippery too. I love that I have cum all over him.

My scent is again strong. My nose is filled with the heady aroma of our lovemaking. I take in it in deep breaths that fill my lungs completely. I like what I have done. It excites me to know that earlier I put cum on my husband’s face and now it coats his cock and clings to his balls. It arouses me that my scent is on him and also from the thought that I will soon be tasting on him.

He is looking intently at me. He wants to see everything and I want him to enjoy everything he sees. I move closer and extend my tongue. I just touch him lightly, right at the crease between his thigh and his balls. I lick him gently there, barely touching him but not tickling him. I taste myself. We both moan deeply. I move away and then back in again, lightly licking and kissing him until I take one long lick up the crease in his scrotum. My tongue comes alive with my taste. He moans again and squirms with pleasure.

Now I press my face into him. I can feel his wet balls on one cheek and his thigh on the other. It is all so warm and wet and slippery. I lick him again, this time harder. I can feel his cock twitch. It is all a tease, a prelude to much more. I take my face away from between his legs and try to look up at him. He is looking down at me and we smile at each other again.

I reach up and cradle his cock in my hand, lifting it up. I can feel it warm, wet, and pulsing.

“Look honey. Look at how wet I’ve made you.”

I extend my tongue and make one long slurp up the length of his shaft. My sweet cum collects on my tongue as I slowly lick up the shaft. When I reach the head, I stop. I make sure he can see the dollop of my cream laying on my tongue. I curl my tongue over my lips, smearing them and then I make sure that he can see me draw it into my mouth. I close my eyes and moan as I taste and swallow my cum.

“You like that don’t you honey. You like watching me lick my cum from your cock. You like it when I can taste myself on you, especially when you can see me do it.”

Now everything is as much visual as it is physical. I look deep into his eyes while I make long slow licks up his shaft. Each time I do I can feel the head swell and precum oozes from the tip. For now, I just ignore it. Still holding him up, I move down back to his balls. I am not so gentle this time. I nibble at them. I take turns sucking them into my mouth, licking them, slobbering on them until there is just a faint taste of my pussy.

I return to his cock. His syrupy precum now covers the head and is dribbling down the shaft. That is the path that I take as I again lick upwards. I swirl my tongue all around the coated head, all the while making sure he can see me collecting his juices on my tongue. His precum is sweet and just a bit thicker than my juices and unbelievably slippery.

I pull away and a glycerin strand of precum stretches from the tip of my tongue back to the source. We again smile at each other because we know this is all intentional theater.

I move back in and again swirl my tongue around the seeping head. I finally take him into my mouth, slowly. I want to feel how it enters my mouth. I want to feel my lips slide over the ridge of the head. I want to feel each bump and vein as he enters my mouth. I want to feel each pulse of his cock. I want to feel the heat from the shaft. I am in no hurry and neither is he.

Just as I like to enjoy the feeling of his cock in my pussy, I want to enjoy the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I can feel his cock swell and press out more precum. Sometimes it is uncontrollable but sometimes he does it intentionally. I don’t care. I moan each time that happens, confirming to him that I felt it and that I like it. I know what he is telling me. He is telling me that eventually something other than precum will be entering my mouth. He is letting me know what he wants to do. He is telling me he wants to come in my mouth. With each swell of his cock and with each ooze of precum I moan, telling him that it is OK. I am telling him I want him to come in my mouth.

At a steadier pace I move up and down his cock. My tongue swirls around the shaft as I go from having all of him in my mouth to just the tip. Precum and my saliva mix and I let it dribble from my mouth down his czech casting porno shaft. My fingers massage it into his balls, coaxing him, urging him to orgasm.

I let him slip from my mouth and run my pursed lips from base to head. Each time I reach the tip, precum leaks out and drips onto my cheek. He wants to see this. I lick and suckle at his balls again and then return to his cock, sliding up and down the shaft, letting more syrupy precum slip on to my face. I engulfing him and swirl my tongue through the newly released sweetness.

This is the pattern that I repeat over and over. Sliding him on my face, getting it wet with precum, sucking him inside my mouth, caressing his shaft with my tongue, slobbering over his balls and then licking up the mess. Again and again I do this, moving him ever closer to his orgasm. Everything is so wet again, his cock, his balls, my face.

Then he lets me know. He says it. He says with a grunt, “I’m coming!”

What a dear. There is no need. He just likes saying it. I know he is coming. I can feel his body tense and his legs snap taught and his stomach muscles tighten. His head presses back into the pillow. His balls pull up even tighter. I know he is coming and I am in perfect position.

I cradle his wet balls in my hand and caressing them, urging them to help produce the most intense orgasm possible. I have taken his cock back into my mouth and I am moving up and down. Not all the way to the base or all the way to the tip. Saliva drips liberally. My tongue is concentrating on that special place right below the head, those special nerve endings that will bring his orgasm to its highest level.

I can feel it, first in my hands and then with my lips and then with my tongue. I can feel that first knot of ejaculate move through him. God, that is a wonderful feeling. I feel the head swell and then it comes out. I can feel a thick stream of cum squirt from the head and fill all the empty space in my mouth. That is an amazing feeling. It is so warm and thick. It tastes strong, a bit salty, but immensely enjoyable. I love the feeling of the thick gooey texture as it fills my mouth.

I let him leave my mouth but do not lose contact with him. I resume running my lips up and down the shaft. Why? Because I want him to see the second eruption of his orgasm spurt cum along my lips and up my cheek. Maybe another burst too for good measure. I love feeling of it warm and clinging to my face. I can smell it better this way too.

I open my mouth, careful not to lose any of its contents but I want him to see his cock spurt some into my mouth to add to what is already there. Then I close around him, taking him in again, sucking up and down. I feel more pulses, more swelling, and more spurts into my eager mouth. More warmth, more taste, more thick gooey texture, more pleasure.

His orgasm is subsiding now. His cum just oozes out with each swelling pulse of the head but the show continues. I know that his vision is clearing and he is looking at me. I look back at him and with loving eyes, I try to smile with his cock still in my mouth. It is no surprise that when I do that, some of his cum slips over my lips and down his shaft in a thick erratic dribble. It is all intentional. I know that he equally enjoys putting cum into my mouth as well as seeing it come back out. I am happy to indulge that erotic pleasure.

His orgasm is all but finished now. The role of my mouth has now changed. No longer is it a source of stimulation. Now it is a source of comfort, like a warm blanket. I surround him with my mouth. My tongue, bathed in his cum, rests almost motionless against the shaft. I must move very slowly now, just enough to bring him down carefully and gently. I do that until there are the unmistakable signs that his orgasm is over. The oozing from the crown has stopped and his cock has lost some of its steel-like rigidity. It just harmlessly pulses.

Just like when his cock left my pussy, it now leaves my mouth. I let it slide out and with it slips the luscious cum that remained. I let it slide over my lips, coating them. It dangles naughtily from my chin. I give him a cum smile, letting him know that I have enjoyed myself. I make sure that he can see his creamy cum on my lips, teeth, and tongue.

I just wait until all of his semen has cascaded in a thick wave over my lips and down my chin. When my mouth is finally empty, I look at his cock. His cum is all over it. I give it one more lick and a kiss. A “thank you” for the pleasure I have just received.

As I slide up his body, I intentionally let his cum smear my breasts and abdomen. He looks lovingly at me. He can see my face streaked with white strands of his cum. He can see it slick on my lips. We can both certainly smell its manly scent.

I kiss him. Not as intensely as before. This is a different time. It is slow and sensual. Our lips are warm and slippery because of the cum. We share the taste and relish the feeling. We are in love. We lay there, enjoying all the stimulations to all of our senses. We talked through our love making. We are all wet and warm from the wetness that we have generated. The scent of our sex surrounds us. Our bodies still bask in the physical afterglow of very intense orgasms. We will sleep this way, not changing a thing.

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