I’m Happily Married…But Ch. 03

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Gail awoke Saturday morning feeling very contented as thoughts of the prior evening ran through her mind. Bill was already up and not in the bedroom or bath. She decided to take a shower and was soon under the spray. Her soapy hands went to her DD breasts as Gail reflected on Bill’s lust for them. He was just as obsessed with her breasts and nipples as ever. His words and behavior during the prior evening had left no doubt about that.

Her hands moved to her ass. As she touched herself she pressed and grabbed her left ass cheek feeling for soreness. Bill had grabbed and held a handful of her ass very hard as he’d pounded into her. It had been a little painful but very erotic. He’d never handled her so roughly and she’d loved being fucked so hard. Not feeling any bruises she was almost disappointed and smiled at how far her mind had come. She was still barely knowledgeable about sex and yet she longed for a morning after souvenir of her husband’s lust. To be saddened by the absence of a bruise was at best odd and perhaps even perverted. Did she want her sex to that rough?

Of course, had there been a bruise it wouldn’t have been her fault; she’d been helpless and at the mercy of her lust-filled husband. He’d had a right to be rough; she’d not been much of a sex partner during their five years of marriage. Things would be different. She reflected on having given her first hand job and smiled at her ability to give Bill pleasure. Putting her mouth on his cock would be the next step. Now that she’d touched him and tasted his semen having his cock in her mouth didn’t seen too daunting. In fact, she was looking forward to trying it. With continued experimentation she’d learn how to keep him sated.

Gail remembered Bill’s talk of trimming her pubic hair and her hands instinctively moved to that area. Her fingers trailed through the hair on her Venus Mound. She tried to visualize shorter hair and a smaller triangle of hair defined by shaving the areas near her natural hair line. Bill hadn’t given her a choice; he’d simply told her how he intended to trim and shave her. That was hot.

Gail got a little more shower gel and her right hand returned to fondle her breasts- first sliding over the left and then moving to the right. It felt especially good to caress them with the slippery gel. Her breasts were very large- almost obscene- on her trim body. She’d had countless men staring at them over the years no matter how conservatively she dressed. While embarrassing to have strangers ogling her it was also an ego boost. Her breasts were unquestionably the best part of her body but the rest was also well shaped and very fit. She was proud of her body and intended to capitalize more on its beauty in her love life.

In essence, that had been her therapist’s advice. Wear tighter clothes and sexier lingerie. Get educated on sex and explore your partner’s body. That had been Mona’s directive and Gail had complied. So far she was more than pleased with the results.

Her palms slid over her large nipples. She shivered slightly as the contact aroused her. Bringing her fingertips to her erect nubs she recalled Bill’s praise of them during his exploration the prior night. He’d said her nipples were bigger and bolder than those of the women in his video. When erect they stood a half inch tall; even at rest they were probably a quarter inch. She loved to touch them but had always assumed they were average. She hadn’t known her nipples were bigger than most and was thrilled that Bill thought they were special. Perhaps he’d touch and suck on them more often. They were always sensitive and welcomed attention. In fact, they were like ‘on’ switches to the nerves in her pussy. If Bill didn’t know that she’d have to wake him up.

In the privacy of their home she’d have to tease Bill more with tighter tops and thinner bras. Letting his mouth water as her breasts bounced in front of him covered only by a thin tee could become a frequent evening activity. She’d never worn anything thin enough to show nipple bumps but she’d read that men loved that look. She’d have to shop for a sheer bra and tight tee for Bill’s at home pleasure. A little teasing should help get his lust motor going so he’d perhaps grab her, throw her onto the bed and ravish his horny wife. That’s how she wanted their evenings to go.

After her shower Gail dressed in one of her new nude color demi-bras with matching panties. The bra left the upper third of her large breasts exposed and was made of a satiny fabric. The panties were of the same fabric cut in a bikini style. Gail thought the high cut legs of the panties made her legs look longer and sexier. The lingerie wasn’t risqué but it was far sexier than she’d ever worn for a Saturday morning. Gail smiled at the thought that she was showing more breast than most women had to show if they were topless. Even though her bra wasn’t cut too low her flesh seemed to be sitting on a shelf- nicely displayed for her man’s pleasure. Bill walked into the youporn porno bedroom just as she had finished putting on the lingerie. Gail hesitated but then in keeping with what she thought of as ‘the new woman’ she’d become, pulled her shoulders back and pushed her chest out. “This is one of my new lingerie sets. I thought it was time to dress like a big girl and not a middle schooler. What do you think?”

“I think you look great. With those breasts I don’t think anybody would confuse you with an adolescent. I’m sure we can buy you even sexier bras but what you’re wearing makes your breasts very inviting.” Bill stepped closer, lowered his face to the exposed breast flesh and nuzzled against it. He pressed his face between her breasts and then kissed the mound of each breast. On withdrawing his face a little he said, “I think I’m seeing more of your breasts than I’ve ever seen in the daylight. As always, they’re spectacular. I’d love to take the bra off and see the rest but I know that’s not in keeping with today’s exploration schedule.”

“No, it’s not. I have to go to the cleaners and grocery store this morning. My exploration of you follows those demands of real life. Shall we say 11 o’clock?”

“Okay. I need to cut the lawn. Then I have to go to the drugstore to buy an electric hair trimmer and some feminine shaving cream for my exploration session. I’ll meet you right here at 11.”

Gail blushed. “I guess you were serious last night about my pubic hair. I have shaving cream for my legs. We don’t need any more.”

“I was looking on the Internet this morning. It’s probably just marketing hype but there’s special feminine shave cream for the pubic area and some cream to apply afterwards to minimize irritation. I wanted to buy those. Besides, you don’t have an electric hair trimmer and I thought that would be a good thing to have for today and for the future to keep your hair trimmed- unless you’d rather have it all shaved. That’s my first choice. I was trying to be considerate to not push you on that right away.”

“You’ve apparently given quite a bit of thought to my pubic hair; obviously, more than I have. I thought my hair was okay in its natural state but I’ll admit it has gotten a bit bushy. You’ve convinced me that a trim would be good. I’ve never thought about being nude down there. Let me get used to having less hair; then we’ll see.”

“That’s what I had in mind; we’ll take it slowly. But we need to have an understanding. You said you wanted me to take more control of our sex life. I view your pubic hair as part of that so whether you have hair and how much are not subject to a vote. I’ll decide and you’ll cooperate. That includes waxing or electronic hair removal. We’ll do limited shaving for now and perhaps shave all or most off in the future. I’ll decide. In any case for the longer term I intend on looking into more permanent solutions and I’ll expect you to follow my direction.”

“Oh. So after decades of women getting more rights and greater equality my rights are getting smaller.”

“I’m not taking away your right to think for yourself and be equal in everything-except in our sex life. When it comes to sex we’ll each learn much more about sex and we’ll have a better sex life. Once we have some knowledge and experience in the bedroom you’ll do as you’re told. Obviously, I want to hear your opinions and what feels good or bad in bed but if I choose to have your pussy waxed your role is to go to the salon and come home smooth and hairless. If I want you to dress a particular way or perform a certain sex act you’ll submit to my wishes. You said you wanted me to be more of a dominant lover. If so, our life in the bedroom is not a democracy and you’ll do as I decide. Yes or No? Is that what you want?”

In a meek voice Gail replied, “Yes. I’m embarrassed to say it but yes. What you just said made my vagina-er… my pussy, twitch.” Bill smiled. He’d never talked to Gail that way before and was relieved at her positive reaction. His cock had hardened at roughly the same time her pussy had moistened. It appeared they were in sync as to their new sex life.

Gail said, “I never thought of myself as a submissive person until my recent therapy session with Mona. She seemed to understand that our religious background had deprived us of sexual knowledge so the first step needed was education. She gave me specific instructions on how we both could learn and I guess I exhibited my willingness to take direction. She understood that I craved you to be my more dominant lover but had never told you. She pushed me to correct that.”

“I’m still a little confused about our reporting back to her in detail about our sex.”

“I think that’s very simple. It was her way to convey that I had to do as she said or there’d be consequences. Between you and me, I also think she’s turned on by being involved vicariously with our sex life. She identifies with me because we both have big natural breasts and zenci porno fantasize about being taken by our dominant lover. If I give her a graphic description of the great sex I had it’ll be like she had the same sex.”

Bill said, “Isn’t that a little sick for a therapist?”

“Perhaps, but I think it’s also hot. I’m looking forward to turning her on with my ‘report’. I’m going to make it rather pornographic.”

The couple went their separate ways to do their Saturday morning errands. The fact that they had a sexual encounter planned for the late morning put a sexual edge on the morning with each of them constantly checking the time and looking forward to what lay ahead at home.

At 11 o’clock Bill and Gail were both in the bedroom for her second exploration session. Gail told him she again wanted to restrain his arms so she could take her time with exploring and teasing. She didn’t want him interrupting. He teased that he’d guessed her plan- gesturing to the scarves that were still dangling from the bedposts. At her direction Bill stripped and assumed his position on the bed. She tied his wrists as she’d done the night before.

Gail removed her blouse and skirt as she stood next to the bed. After hesitating for a moment to be sure she had Bill’s attention Gail reached for her bra’s clasp and slowly exposed her big breasts to his hungry eyes. Bill stared at her and scanned up and down her body. He said, “Wow. You have no idea how sexy you look. Wearing just panties makes your breasts look even bigger. I think it’s because the panties emphasize how slim your waist is but the reason doesn’t matter. If my arms weren’t tied I’d be attacking your chest right now.”

Beaming at his compliments Gail pulled her shoulders back a bit and struck a pose that boldly displayed her breasts and body for her husband. He was in awe of how her breasts seemed to defy gravity. They were huge and had just the right pendulous look while sitting proudly on her chest. Each areola was the size of a casino chip and topped by a half inch high nipple that begged to be sucked. The shape of her breasts seemed perfect. As she moved they swayed and changed shape just enough to proclaim that they would feel soft and natural. A plastic surgeon could try to duplicate their size and shape but he’d never be able to make a set feel like these natural beauties. Bill’s erect cock twitched as he thought of devouring Gail’s tits with his hands and mouth.

Gail noticed his cock’s erect state and remembered it was her turn to explore- not his. She loving seeing him erect and knowing that she was the cause but it was time to get him harder and do some experimenting. She moved closer and bent over thinking she’d do a little visual tour of her new toy- his cock. As she did she felt her unfettered breasts sway and knew Bill was staring at them. She shook her shoulders creating extra shimmy and bounce at her chest saying, “Based on what you said earlier about seeing more of my breasts exposed by the bra I guess you’ve never seen me topless in daylight. Enjoy.”

Teasing Bill with the sight of her breasts gave Gail a new idea. She climbed onto the bed and knelt over Bill’s legs. Leaning forward she put her arms out to support her upper body. She locked eyes with Bill. Moving by touch she lowered her chest and let her breasts settle around Bill’s cock. She rocked forward and back just a bit to confirm his cock’s placement between her breasts and then extended her forward and reverse movement to several inches in each direction. She could feel the soft skin of his cock rub against her equally soft breasts. It felt nice for her and his cock undoubtedly thought it was in heaven.

Bill gasped as he felt his cock being enveloped. He wanted to look down to watch but sensed Gail wanted him to keep eye contact. As she moved and keep staring at him he thought she’d never been so sexy. Her sexual initiative hinted at the sensuous mind his conservative wife had never revealed. His hips rose slightly to increase the wonderful feeling in his cock.

“No. Lie still,” she said. “I just thought my breasts should say hello to my new sex toy. That’s all for now,” she said as she lifted her breasts and moved her body further down on the bed. Tim groaned at the loss of contact.

Gail lifted a knee and insinuated it between Bill’s legs indicating he should move his left leg to the side. She repeated the movement with her other knee- pushing his legs further apart. She lowered her head to get a new view of Bill’s fully exposed cock and balls from between his legs.

Gail brought her hand up under Bill’s scrotum and caressed him gently. She raked her nails over his balls ever so lightly causing his groin to clench with arousal. Her hand then moved up his cock with her fingertips spread out and feeling their way as if they were five blind men searching something new and mysterious. Her movements were accompanied by Bill’s gasps of pleasure as she explored. Gail said, xhamster porno “I feel more comfortable touching you today. I was very nervous last night. Men are always talking about protecting their balls. I thought men were very fragile. Now that I know I can be rougher I’m not afraid of hurting you.”

She brought her face in close and trailed her forefinger over a prominent vein saying, “I’m still fascinated by the pattern of veins and the various ridges. It’s also neat that the skin is so soft while the underlying shaft is hard. It’s gotten harder in the last few minutes. I think it liked my breast hug.”

“Breast hug? Well, it was a great hug,” said Bill. “Are you aware that there’s a sexual practice called ‘tit fucking’?”

“Oh my. No, I’ve never heard of that.”

“Picture your ‘breast hug’ made tighter by your hands pressing your breasts together. Add some sliding movement by me and in a little while I’d ejaculate onto your upper chest. That’s tit fucking.”

“But I needed my arms to hold myself up.”

“Yes, but if you were sitting up and I was standing your hands would be free. I’ve never done it. I’m not sure about the alignment. You could sit on a low stool, on the bed or a higher chair- whatever height works. We’ll have to experiment.”

“So, breast sex is something you’d like to do? I didn’t know the practice existed but with my endowment and your obsession I can see that you’d love it. It sounds rather messy but I’ll indulge you.”

“There’s no such thing as ‘breast sex’. Repeat after me, ‘tit fucking’- now you say it.”

Gail blushed but in a small voice said, “Tit fucking.”

“That’s better.”

Gail said, “It seems rather one sided. It’s ‘sex for one’- like masturbation. Am I supposed to get pleasure from it?”

“You can’t focus just on that act. It would be part of a broader sexual encounter. For example, I might tit fuck you right after giving you a crashing orgasm in some other way. Lots of sex acts are one sided if taken out of context. And you might get pleasure from giving pleasure. That’s a big part of our past sex life that was deficient. Lots of what we each need to learn is teasing and pleasuring the other person.”

“You’re right. Foreplay and pleasuring the other person have been missing; we each need to work on that. So, will you be tit fucking me today?”

“Probably not. I’ll be too busy exploring your pussy with my razor and then with my fingers and mouth.”

“Oh. You just made my pussy clench again.”

Gail’s fingers slid over Bill’s upper thighs and up under his balls. She was turned on by the manly strength of his legs and intrigued by how that male power was used in the biological act of sex to thrust into the female- her. She knew that her hips were also designed for sex; thinking about the biology was all very erotic but it was time for some hands on learning.

Her fingers clasped Bill’s cock and held it vertically. It looked proud and strong. She could visualize it fucking her tits, or better yet, plowing into her pussy. She moved up and brought her mouth to within a few inches of his cockhead. Gathering extra saliva in her mouth Gail lowered her mouth over Bill’s corona for the first time. He froze at the new sensations- wanting desperately to move but being afraid he’d frighten off the timid woman exploring him. He wanted her to be comfortable and anxious to return time after time.

Gail’s tongue moved around his cockhead to spread her saliva and to feel the smooth flesh with the tip of her tongue. She could imagine how thrilling this must be for the male. It was exciting to her- he was incredibly firm yet soft like a baby. She sensed that he’d stopped breathing. She concluded her mouth gave him so much sexual pleasure he was overwhelmed. She wondered if he’d ejaculate soon; she didn’t know how long oral sex was supposed to last. The prospect of his erupting any second excited her but also made her nervous.

Bill said, “You can move your mouth onto the shaft of my cock. It would feel good.” Gail realized that she’d stilled completely and he wanted more movement. She relaxed her mouth and moved her open mouth down one side of his cock teasing with her tongue as she’d seen on the ‘How to’ video. Bill’s hips levitated an inch off the bed and there seemed to be a hitch in his breathing. She took this as a compliment- proud that she was doing it right. She relaxed a little and moved her mouth more freely. She adjusted the arm she was using for support so the fingers of that hand could toy with his balls. Her free hand guided the coupling of her mouth with his shaft.

Remembering other parts of the video Gail worked her mouth back to the head of his cock and enveloped it. She wanted to experiment with sucking on it. She sucked and wasn’t impressed with his reaction. After a couple of further tries she concluded he liked her tongue more than suction. She remembered the video urging variations in technique and so tried different mouth and tongue movements up and down his shaft and back to the head. Based on his ragged breathing and the tense muscles she could feel in his legs and hips she felt she was doing very well for her first time. She continued and could sense he was getting more and more excited.

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