Imported Pie Ch. 2

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After our experience with an “imported pie”, my wife and I have had many hot sessions with each other. Of course, the imported pie was the main topic. Just the mention of it would send us both into a mad sexual frenzy. As I expected, she had suggested that we do it again, but this time I was to be a participant from start, to the hot, wet, and sticky finish.

She had been preparing me for this for quite some time now, by going into graphic detail about having two hard cocks to work with, and of course, getting her twat filled with hot cum for me to lick clean. She got really hot, telling me in detail what she wanted, and I too was very excited about the project, so we agreed to proceed. She said that she would take care of the details, and all I had to do was be ready.

About a week later, my wife called me at work. She sounded very excited as she told me that she had arranged everything, and tonight was the night. I could hear her voice tremble. She was ready, and after her call, I was too.

I arrived home canlı bahis at my usual time, and she was already there, showered and in her robe. I reached down between her legs as I kissed her and found that she was soaking wet. I asked her if I was too late, and she moaned and said that she has been that way all day

We could have taken each other right then, but we both new that it would be even hotter when our guest arrived, so I got in the shower and thought about the night to come as I washed off the day.

As I got out of the shower I could hear voices coming from the bedroom, so I went on in as I dried off. She wasted no time once she saw me standing there. Her hands went for his pants, first undoing his belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped in one motion. Her eyes were fixated on his crotch as she worked his tool out of his pants. He was very hard and seemed to like how aggressively she was going after his cock.

Once his cock was out, she began going down on him while removing his pants and boxers. It took no bahis siteleri time for her to get him stripped down without missing a lick. Her mouth was working up and down on his cock as her hand worked up and down his shaft.

Of course by this time,I was more than hard myself, so I came up behind her and fed her some dick from the other end. She let out a very intense moan as my cock plunged into her dripping wet snatch, and she began to suck on him harder and faster as I drilled her. We got a real good rhythm going and she loved it.

I must say, she wasn’t the only one. Knowing that both of these cocks were about ready to explode, she stopped sucking on him and pulled away from my fully engorged root, and said; “not yet guys, I’m not through with you yet”. I knew exactly where she wanted me, so I laid on the bed with my head on the edge, and without even a pause, she climbed on me in the 69 position, and told our guest to fuck her while I licked.

I must say that the view that I had could not be beat! He positioned bahis şirketleri his cock at her wet opening and fed the whole length of it to her all at once. I could feel her body shake as he started working it in and out, making her already wet muffin even wetter!

Meanwhile I was licking her “bud” and watching this hard wet cock move in and out of her. I know that she came at lest a few times during this, but as he started picking up the pace, she knew that he was about ready to unload, so she told him to give it all to her, and he did, still pumping her as he filled her twat, with me right there licking both of their juices as they leaked from around his thrusting cock.

The real flood came when he pulled his dick out of her. It was still pretty hard and was covered cum from both of them as he slowly withdrew from her, and then he pulled all of the way out and a flood of hot cum poured out of her snatch.

This was the moment that she was waiting for. Immediately, she pressed her freshly creamed twat onto my mouth, humping my face wildly, while sucking my cock with a passion, her whole body quivered as I finished cleaning her. At that point I could not hold it any longer. I came with an intensity like no other, and we both collapsed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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