Impulsive Ch. 02

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Karina had just enjoyed the soothing feel of a nice relaxing bubble bath, hoping to unwind and to try and get some of the kinks out before she got to bed. After the long trying day she’d had, she figured she’d earned it. And after pulling back the sheets, ready to crawl in, her phone rang. Snagging it off the bedside table, not bothering with the call display, she answered, surprised to hear Zane’s deep sultry voice, murmuring, “Just thought I’d call and say hi.”

“Oh, hi,” she responded with a delighted little grin, imagining he got her cell phone number when she’d first dropped off her car with one of his employees.

“You and I never did set up that dinner date we talked about. So, I was wondering if you’d like to maybe get a bite to eat and catch a movie tomorrow night, unless you’ve other got plans.”

She began to smile, thinking what a night with him might entail, already feeling her pulse rate pick up thinking back on what they’d already done. “No, no plans.”

“Good. So, how about it?” he asked again, hoping like hell she wouldn’t blow him off.

“Sure, why not. I’m usually done around six.”

Hearing that, he blew out an audible breath. “Good. I’ll pick you up then.”

After she’d hung up, Karina could hardly believe with the way they’d started, that they were going out on an actual date for dinner and a movie, like a normal couple. Shaking her head, she reached for the light, wondering what they’d find to talk about since they’d already jumped ahead to at least the tenth date with what they’d already experienced in his garage. All the same, she was looking forward to seeing him again – a lot.

When she left her busy practice the next night, she smiled at the sight of Zane parked on the street behind her office building, sitting behind the wheel of a big, black SUV. Imagining, he’d have to have a car like that just to fit him with his tall muscular build. And the moment he spotted her he hopped out and rushed around to open the door for her. “Hey,” he said, pressing a soft little kiss to her cheek, surprisingly seeming almost timid.

But any awkwardness between them soon vanished when Karina smiled warmly into his eyes once he got in and started the engine. Unable to resist, Zane reached out and took her hand and gave it gentle squeeze and asked, “You hungry?”

She nodded, feeling her stomach beginning to grumble. “Yeah, I’m getting there.”

“Well, we’ve got a little drive ahead of us, but it shouldn’t be too long.”

He turned up the radio a little, making her turn her head and study him, as soft sultry Jazz filtered through the speakers. She imagined he’d be more of death metal fan with all those tats, but the man it seemed, was just full of surprises.

He glanced over at her once he’d they’d gotten on the highway and winked. “Thought we’d go somewhere a little different.”

Glancing around at the forested countryside as they began to leave the city behind, she couldn’t even guess where he might be taking her. But forty minutes, and a lot of companionable small talk later, when he pulled up at a drive-in movie, it dawned on her. The guy really did seem to enjoy doing everything with cars, which had her blushing, remembering back to their time in his garage, when he’d had her spread, one night after the other, over the hoods of two of them. As they lined up to get in, she glanced up at the movies showing, and smiled. A comedy and an action movie – perfect. And it was still early, so hopefully it wouldn’t finish too late, considering she started her day pretty early. One thing she knew, it was a first date she wasn’t likely to forget.

“Be right back,” he told her once he’d found a spot with a good vantage point to park his car.

With him gone, Karina took a look at the other cars, and noticed there were mainly other couples, probably since kids would have school in the morning, and it was only a Tuesday night. And although she had work in the morning, she would happily risk being a little tired if it meant having a fun night with Zane to remember. Thinking back, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been to a drive-in, but it had to have been when she was a girl with her family, in the trusty old van her mom always drove. And already it felt like fun, at least way more fun than some stuffy restaurant she’d normally go to on a first date with the type of men she usually dated.

A few minutes later, Zane returned with two trays of food instantly making her stomach growl when he carried them inside filling the car with the delectable aroma of sizzling hot beef, melted cheese and freshly cooked fries. “Not exactly gourmet food,” he said, handing her one of the trays. Her eyes went big at the size of the meal. By the looks of it, he’d gotten her the works; a big thick fully loaded burger, a mountain of gooey cheese smothered nachos, and a heaping load of hot tempting French fries. And from the sounds of her stomach, she might just be hungry enough to eat it all, too. No surprise, she didn’t waste any time digging into the burger. Closing her eyes, czech harem porno she couldn’t hold back a moan, making him look over at her and chuckle. Mmm, it was just so juicy and good. Who knew drive in food could be so tasty?

They ate together quietly, as the movie previews were showing for upcoming movies. “The burger’s really good, all of it really,” she finally told him, wiping at her mouth with a napkin.

He nodded, eyeing her. “Wasn’t sure if you’d enjoy it or not.”

“Well, when I eat out with my girlfriends, this is the only kind of food we eat. We figure we eat enough salads most of the time to allow a little indulgence now and again.”

His eyes slowly raked her over. “I don’t think you have to worry, Karina. Not with the shape you’re in.” Under his intense gaze, she felt herself flush, wondering how in hell she could be getting so hot from just a look.

Zane had finished his dinner, and she’d eaten what she could, making a decent size dent in it, by the time the first movie started – a rom-com that she wondered if he’d enjoy. But he laughed right along with her, and smiled into her eyes every once in a while at the romantic bits. Seems the big guy had a soft side, which she had to admit was pretty sweet.

As the night wore on and the temperature outside began to drop, she felt a shiver run through her, making her button up her coat and tug up the collar. When he glanced over at her, noticing her bundling up, he asked, “Are you cold?”

She nodded, admitting, “A little.”

Zane quickly turned on the ignition and cranked up the heat. But he didn’t stop there, taking her by the hand, he said, “Why don’t you come and sit on me, and I’ll warm you up.”

No need to ask twice. Happily crawling into his lap, Karina didn’t waste any time snuggling into him to watch the last of the movie, even happier when he reached into the back seat and pulled out a blanket to cover them up. Gently brushing back her hair, so he could see her, he asked, “Better?”

Smiling up at his face, now so close to hers she told him, she pressed a kiss to his cheek and murmured, “Mmm, yes, much better, thanks.”

Zane had his big strong arms wrapped around her, with his hands folded over her tummy, which had her feeling all warm and cozy. But aside from that, he didn’t try and touch her in any other way. And Karina wasn’t too sure if she should be relieved or offended. Not very often she sat this close to a man, and did nothing but sit. Of course, she could always be bad and shift her bottom in his lap, but quickly decided that might not be fair. If he was going to try and behave, she figured she should do her best to try, too.

Meanwhile, drawing in a deep breath, Zane willed his dick to stay down. With Karina’s sweet little ass tucked up nice and tight against it, his cock had to know what was going on, even if his brain was trying to tell it that nothing was going to happen. Still, it felt so damn good to hold her like this. Light as a feather, and smelling like heaven, if he hadn’t promised himself that he’d hold off and get to know her better before they took things any further, he’d be tempted to slide his hands up under her dress and cop a little feel of her sweetness. And of course he remembered just what she looked like too, spread over that car like a sexy centerfold, she had to be the hottest woman he’d ever laid his eyes on. Shaking his head, he forced his attention back up on the screen. And wouldn’t you know the couple were in bed, going at it like cats in heat. Damn, he wondered why in hell he’d had to pick this stupid movie to watch with her.

But it didn’t escape him that Karina’s chest was beginning to heave, now, too. So at least he wasn’t the only one affected by them being so close. Unable to resist, he brushed back her long blonde hair and pressed a soft lingering kiss to her neck, right at her quivering pulse point, as he quietly murmured against her ear, “You warmer now?”

Swallowing hard, she managed to get out, “Uh… yep.” He chuckled as he felt her begin to shift anxiously in his lap. Seems the lady was every bit as aroused as he was. But he was not going to let anything happen between them tonight. No way. Not if he was going to do as he’d said, and really try and get to know her better first.

His lips curling into a naughty smile, he couldn’t promise what would happen next time they got together, though.

Drawing in another breath, enjoying the sweet sultry scent of her, he even took the risk of running his fingers through the silky ends of her hair, going so far as to gently caress the softness of her nape with his fingertips, it just felt so good to touch her. Holding her so close, it was hard not to at least enjoy the smell and feel of her, even if that’s all he was going to allow himself. Still, the sensuous feel of her warm little body tucked into his had him shaking his head and looking skyward for the strength to resist her. And she was one hard woman to resist.

The suspense-filled action movie that followed was more czech mega swingers porno his style and he could tell that she seemed to be enjoying it, too. And thankfully, at least no one was making out in it. But nearing the end of it, he felt her head begin to droop before he felt it finally drop to his chest. Tipping the seat back, to get her more comfortable, he just loved the feel of cradling her in his lap, wrapping her tighter in his arms, at least now she wouldn’t know how close he was holding her, with her being asleep. Hating to wake her, he watched till the credits began to roll, then gently lifting her chin, he pressed a tender little kiss to her lips and said, “Hey, wake up, sleepy head, it’s time to go.”

Her long lashes fluttered as she looked up into his eyes. Then rocking him to his toes, her arms circled his neck and she pressed that pretty mouth to his, almost automatically. But as nice as the little kiss was, it wasn’t nearly long enough for him. Pulling back, she looked around, as though still coming awake, and asked him, “Oh, is it over?”

He smiled running his hand along her back. “Yeah, it’s over. And I guess I should get you home. You must be tired.”

With a sluggish nod of her head, she started to get up. But he hated it when she pulled away, taking the blanket with her. Crawling off his lap back into her own seat, he felt the loss of her warmth the minute she left him, knowing he’d have loved nothing more than to have held her longer – like all night – especially in his bed.

But, blowing out a breath, he knew that wasn’t going to happen tonight. Once she was safely buckled up, he started the car and followed the procession heading out, priding himself on his restraint. But damn, he’d been tempted.

The next morning, Karina’s waiting room, chock full of patients, should have taken all her attention. But she found herself daydreaming about Zane, even in the few seconds she had between rooms. God, he’d been so sweet, and the way he’d held her to keep her warm, like she actually meant something to him, just felt so good, like nothing she’d ever felt before. And he hadn’t even tried anything – when he could have. Grinning to herself, she knew she would have let him, too.

But duty called. And a four year old girl, who needed to have her cast removed, eyes as big as saucers, sat looking absolutely terrified when Karina grabbed her chart off the door and walked into the examination room. Doing her best to put her at ease, she crouched down to her level, patting her knee and flashing her warmest smile, as she said, “Hi, Belinda, bet you’re ready to get that nasty cast off, huh?”

As the wide-eyed, dark-haired girl carefully nodded her head, Karina handed her a sucker before reaching for the electric saw, deciding it might be a good idea to distract her, she asked, “So, tell me, which flavor do you like better – cherry, lemon or grape?”

“Grape,” the girl said, in a tiny frightened voice.

Smiling, Karina handed her one and then unwrapped another, holding it out for her to taste. “Then for being so brave, I think you should have two.” And a few minutes later, once she’d carefully managed to saw the cast off her tiny arm; the girl was flexing her arm and smiling around the sucker in her mouth. Karina telling her, “There now, that didn’t hurt, did it?”

Beaming, the girl shook her head, and even offered Karina the other sucker as a thank you, making both women laugh. Affectionately running her hand over her long, dark hair, Karina said to her, “No. You did so well, I think you should keep both.” And after giving her mother instructions on caring for the arm, and telling Belinda that she’d still have to be careful with it for a while, they were gone.

Getting to her feet, Karina glanced at her watch, a little flutter going through her, as she wondered if she’d be seeing Zane again, really hoping she would.

At his shop, Zane had his head under the hood of an old Volkswagen that was on its last legs, aware that the young couple who owned it couldn’t afford to replace it; he was doing his best to get it going again. But his mind wasn’t really on what he was doing, since all he could think of was a certain little blonde who smelled and tasted like heaven. His cock twitched at the thought of her, and he chuckled as he loosened a few bolts on the car. Hopefully he’d have her soon enough and he’d be the one offering to wear a condom, so that shitstorm he’d caused wouldn’t happen again.

But he had to admit last night it was nice just going to see a couple of movies with her, since she didn’t seem to feel out of place just sitting in his car and having a burger, instead of dining in some five star restaurant, like he’d assumed she be used to. He’d sure miss-judged her, and now he was kind of glad he’d cut his hand, giving him a chance to try and fix things with her.

Sitting in his office at noon, having a quick ham and cheese sandwich, he reached for his phone and texted her, “Hey, how about dinner at my place tonight?”

When czech pool porno she didn’t answer right away, he imagined with her practice as busy as it was, she might be tied up, so he put his phone down and reached for his coffee. But when there was still no answer by the time he was done with his lunch, he had a sinking feeling she was rethinking seeing him again. So, maybe the drive-in hadn’t been her cup of tea, and maybe he wasn’t either.

Then just as he was about to stuff his phone into his pocket and head back out to work, his phone rang. Heaving a relieved sigh, seeing it was her, he smiled, as he said, “Hi, there.”

She sounded a little flustered. “Hi, Zane. Sorry I couldn’t get back to you right away, I was giving a shot to a newborn, who wasn’t too thrilled about getting poked. You can probably still hear him wailing.” And he could, too. Which got him wondering what it must be like to help people, day in and day out, the way she did; all he knew was that she was pretty special, and he was hoping to see a lot more of her. In or out of her clothes.

Imagining she was busy, he got right to the point. “So, are you free for dinner tonight? Thought I could fix us some steaks and baked potatoes, and maybe even mix up a salad for you.”

“As good as that sounds, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it tonight. I’ve got a charity dinner I have to attend.”

“Oh.” He actually felt himself sag, hoping he was going to see her again.

“But, I was planning to go alone, so if you wanted to accompany me that might be nice. But I should warn you, it’s formal.”

Oh crap. “Like penguin suit formal?”

She laughed, “Yeah, sorry. And now I’ve got to get home and try and look good in a gown, too. Which after the day I’ve already had, will be miracle if I don’t look a wreck.”

“You could never look like a wreck, Karina.”

She chuckled. “Gee, thanks.”

“So, what time should I pick up?”

“So you’re coming?”

“Sure, why not.” Then he could see just how she lived her life, and if he had a hope in hell of fitting into it. And already his neck was feeling tight just at the thought of strangling it in a snug white shirt and bow-tie, considering all he ever wore was overalls or T-shirts and jeans. But if he wanted to see more of her, he knew he’d have to adapt, or it would never work. And now he had to get out and find a freaking tuxedo, of all things. And a real pair of shoes, too, since he normally wore nothing but steel-toed boots, which he didn’t imagine work too well with a tux.

Karina smiled. “Okay, good, I’m glad you’re coming.” After she gave him her address and the time, she said, “See you then, Zane.”

And when he pulled up at her condo building, and hopped out of his car, feeling like a bad James Bond wanna be, uncomfortably stuffed in a tux, he couldn’t believe his eyes when Karina walked out of the building in a floor length deep silver gown with a short, soft pale gray fuzzy jacket covering the top of her, in the sexiest heels he’d ever seen. She looked more than stunning with her hair in an upsweep, and sparkly earrings twinkling in her ears, and he couldn’t believe she was going with him. Afraid to muss up her makeup, he slipped his arm around her waist, to draw her close, as they walked out to his car, pressing a kiss to her cheek, he told her, “Wow, you look fantastic.”

Grinning up at him, she said, “You don’t look too shabby yourself.” And he sure did clean up nice, with that gorgeous face of his clean-shaven, she barely recognized him. And those broad shoulders and wide chest packed in a perfectly fitted tux, was truly was a sight to behold. His bronzed skin the perfect contrast against the white of his shirt, with those sexy pale blue eyes smiling into hers, had her wanting to wrap her arms around his neck just to feel all that muscle pressed against her. But considering where that might lead, she settled for running her hand along his strong, smooth jaw, and telling him, “Actually, you look amazing.”

Flustered that she thought he looked good all decked out for her, Zane decided it might not be a bad idea to clean up his act a little more often – at least for her – since she was sure worth cleaning up for.

Reaching for her hand, on the drive to the hotel, he asked, “So, what’s this dinner for?”

“It’s an annual benefit, called Health Care for All. I’ve been attending since before I got my medical licence, it’s such a worthy cause. You wouldn’t believe how many people can’t afford to see a doctor, and not just in this country, but around the world.”

Smiling to himself, he squeezed her hand a little tighter. Yeah, he’d misjudged her all right, she had a heart of gold, and if he was lucky she might even have a little piece of it for him.

Eyes wide as they strolled in, Zane thought the grand ballroom looked like some kind of winter wonderland. All done up in soft whites and cool blues with spot lights making the room glimmer like diamonds, nodding his head, he was impressed that they went to such lengths for a charity dinner. He’d been to a few dinners in aid of people down on their luck, but nothing like this before. And he just hoped no one would notice that he didn’t fit in. Everyone looked so comfortable in their evening duds, he wondered if they could tell he had no more business being here than he did on the moon.

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