Introducing Brad

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Part 1

I found a way to get out of the house on a cold, snowy, day. It was the second day in a row I was stuck at home and I just needed to get out. I made up some lame excuse and headed out with nowhere to go; but, I did have a place in mind.

I drove the sixteen miles to an ABS I had visited numerous times over the years (sometimes with my wife Sarah). Usually, I did so spontaneously; but, not this time. I had planned this excursion because I really needed a release – this time, I wanted to be alone. The roads were a little slippery as I drove, but there was no obstacle that could stand in my way.

It was a small brick building, pained yellow, by the side of the highway. It was most easily accessible from the Southbound lane It had a large lot between the premises and an old barn – on a farmers field. Only one small light could be found on the exterior; it was neon, blinking open.

When I entered the store I headed straight for the booths. As I had done in the past, I stood against the wall and gave my eyes some time to adjust. I walked up the narrow hall casually searching for life. It was dead. I had been there alone before but I never had to wait long.

I sat down in a booth and sent a five dollar bill into the slot. I moved through the channels looking for something I might like. I had a particular fondness of blowjob movies (especially featuring cum) and it wasn’t hard to find one. I put my hands in my pants and began to rub my cock. It grew harder as I watched the film and relaxed. I heard some rustling around in the hall.

I stood up and exited the booth and proceeded to venture down the hall again. This time I found that I had company. I stood outside of an occupied booth. He was probably in his early forties and fairly slim. He was sitting, but I would guess he was nearly six foot tall. His cock was already out of his pants and he was softly stroking. It was the perfect size to fill my mouth and just as thick as I liked them.

He could see me through the permanently open door as I watched. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall. I took that as a sign that he was ready for me to join him. I crept into his booth and promptly took a spot on the floor. I opened up my mouth and began to suck on the head of his cock as I wrapped my hand around his thick meat.

I continued to take it deeper into my mouth as he wretched around on the bench and began to moan. I was as hard as a rock by this point. The feeling of his cock was the magic touch – it always worked. I continued to stroke him faster and alternately took him deep in to my throat. I worked his cock hard with my mouth and my hands to the point where he was about to lose control before backing off slightly letting him settle back down. Then I picked up the pace and worked him hard again. I liked to play with men. This time, I wouldn’t stop.

I bobbed my head in his lap as fast as possible as I moaned loudly for his cum. His breathing became erratic as those last few seconds went by. With a tremendous flood, his cum filled my mouth and headed down my throat. I continued to suck him as the last few spurts worked their way out.

My appetite for cum was temporarily satiated as I knelt there before this man whom I controlled for just a short time. The feeling was invigorating. I left him alone, casino siteleri there in the booth, to clean himself up and prepare to leave. I watched him as he walked toward the door and moved out of the store. I followed behind as he exited and moved toward his car in the parking lot. His cum was the best I had ever tasted and I wanted more.

Part 2

As I caught up to him, he looked back with a confused look on his face. “Hey,” I said. He had no reply, simply a look of embarrassment. Obviously, this was a straight man staring back at me who was simply looking for a quick bit of relief. I also noticed that he was wearing a wedding ring – I hadn’t noticed that before.

“I don’t mean to be a bother,” I said to the man. “It’s just that I really enjoyed what you have given me and I’d like you to know that I would like us to meet again; could I give you my phone number at least?” I asked. Again, he had no answer. I apologized and turned around and began to walk away.

“Wait,” he said. I turned and took a few steps back in his direction. I wasn’t sure what caused him to change his mind. I thought that perhaps the fact that I was willing to walk away was a sign that I was a reasonable, non-psychopathic, man. He motioned for me to enter his car.

I took a seat on the passenger side and he joined me quickly. He confirmed that he was both straight and married. He said that this was his third time in the store and that it was only the second time he let a guy pleasure him. He wasn’t really attracted guys, but that he always loved getting head. That was one of those things that he wife didn’t do any longer. I understood that; it was something that I heard quite often.

I told him that I understood and that I was married too. I mentioned that I considered myself to be bisexual and that my wife was accepting. He was surprised. I told him that if he took my number, he could feel free to call or text me whenever he wanted and that I would meet up with him again – no pressure and that he didn’t have to reciprocate in any way if he chose to meet me again. He programmed my number in to his phone and we went our separate ways. I didn’t expect to ever hear from him again.

About two weeks later I received my first text from the man.

‘Hey, it’s Brad. We met the other week at the store, remember?’

Of course I did! I was really happy that he decided to make contact. We had a brief conversation in which he apologized for the way he acted in the parking lot and asked if I would be free any time soon. A smile emerged on my face as I thought about the potential of this budding friendship. Eventually, we agreed to meet again the following night. I gave him my address, as he wasn’t to fond of meeting at the store, and he agreed to visit on his way home from work the next night – 5:30/6:00.

I spoke with Sarah and told her that I had made some plans to meet up with a guy. She agreed to stay away; she would go out for dinner and drinks with a friend after work. Perfect! It would be just he and I and there would be no reason for him to feel uncomfortable.

It was just before six when he parked in my driveway. I watched through the window as he sat in his car, no doubt considering if he should come in or drive home. He sat there for a good ten minutes before he made his way to my door and knocked. canlı casino

When I opened the door, he entered and stood there for a minute without saying a word. I told him to relax – no pressure. If he only felt like hanging out that it was fine. We could talk or do whatever. He seemed to calm down a bit before following me to the living room and taking a seat on the couch. I sat on an adjacent chair so as to not make him any more uncomfortable. I had ESPN on the TV – what could be more manly? Just two guys hanging out, watching a pregame show.

We had a nice conversation. He asked many questions about my wife and was very curious about how we got along living this unorthodoxed life. I answered as best as I could and he seemed pleased with my answers. After about forty-five minutes, he asked me if I still wanted to give him head. I smiled first, then obliged.

He sat back on the couch and I knelt between his parted legs. I began to rub his cock through his slacks and he grew harder. I reached for his belt and I opened it with one hand while I continued to rub. Then I opened his top button and casually took down his zipper. He lifted up a bit as he slid from his pants and they fell to the floor at his feet. He was in his shorts, sitting on my couch, his hard cock rising toward me.

He sat motionless as I maneuvered it from his shorts and softly began to stroke. I worked it up and down with my hand as I had thoughts of devouring his cum. I first kissed it, then licked it, before taking just the tip in my mouth.

I moved my tongue in rapids circles around it’s head as it throbbed just a bit. I could hear him inhale, then exhale, in deep controlled breaths. I took it deeper in my mouth as I continued to pump my hand rotating my wrist ever-so-slightly. I alternated between his cock and his balls giving them equal attention all-the-while dreaming of his cum.

I picked up the pace on his shaft; I sucked hard as it moved in and out of my mouth between my lips. Occasionally, I took it out and let it touch my face before reinserting. I could taste his precum and I appreciated the residue it left on my cheek. Moving faster yet, I continued taking him deep in to my mouth while moaning softly. I had him near the breaking point. I always knew when it was just about to explode. Like magic, cum spewed from his cock into my mouth and I gulped it down graciously. I continued to suck just awhile longer as he softened and his dick returned to its normal state. I enjoyed the taste, the feel, and the aroma of his cum. I enjoyed as I took my final sips in the form of small beads of cum.

I stood up and returned to my chair. He sat for only a few seconds before returning his pants to his waist. Again, we sat in silence. He thanked me for helping him relieve his tension and he asked if he could call again. I told him I would be more than willing to meet him in the future. He smiled before rising to his feet and we walked toward the door. This time, I followed as he led the way. He turned before leave and once again thanked me. I watched as he took the path to his car, got in, and drove away.

It wasn’t long before Sarah came in and asked how the meeting went. I told her great before giving her a kiss with his cum on my breath.

What next?

Part 3

We texted a few times over the next month. kaçak casino He talked about me giving head but he didn’t set up our next meeting. Our relationship took a weird turn – we went from two men enjoying a blow job to more or less friends. After awhile, he asked about my wife.

‘You said your wife was cool with you meeting guys. Does she ever join you?’

I knew what was coming next. Of course he asked if she would be willing to meet him. I told him that she has on a bunch of occasions. We’ve met some guys from online, book stores, and bars in the past. I would talk to her about if she was interested.

The next day, I texted him with her answer. She was willing to meet him. He seemed excited. We planned our meeting for the next week when he would again visit our house.

Sarah was dressed casually as was I when he stopped by that Tuesday evening. She had made a light dinner and had set the table. She had chilled a bottle of wine and I had a few beers left in the refrigerator for me. He could have whichever he prefered.

He came to the house while I was upstairs taking a shower and Sarah let him in. They waited for me – she said it was a bit awkward.

When I joined them, we ate dinner. I drank beer while he shared her wine. We didn’t talk about sex at all during dinner. It served as more of a getting to know you dinner. He talked about his wife only briefly as we sat there enjoying his company. As time went on, he seemed more at ease – was it the drinks? We moved to the living room where we sat down. I took the adjacent seat again while Sarah sat next to him on the couch. It wasn’t long before she snuggled next to him while I watched.

She put her hand in his lap and her nervously jerked away. He apologized and welcomed her hand the next time. It was obvious that he was aroused by Sarah – her touching. It wasn’t long before she opened his pants and began to consume his cock. I watched as I sat there quietly stroking my cock as she gave him her best head. He had his hand on the back of my wife’s head.

She stood up, taking her clothing off before taking a seat on his lap facing him. She moved around a bit working his cock into her pussy. Slowly she moved up and down, kissing him on his lips, as he slid in and out of her. His hands, around her hips, guided her movement. Then, after dismounting his cock, she knelt on all fours inviting him yet again to penetrate. I lay on the floor in front of her while she sucked on my cock and took his cock again. As he pounded her, I could feel each thrust, as she was pushed back and forth. We had a wonderful rhythm going when he shot his load deep inside of her.

When he pulled out, she moved aside so that I could take the rest of his cum from the tip of his cock. I greatly accepted the wonderful medley of his cum mixed with her pussy juice. She rolled beside us on her back, arching her hips upward, before I moved to her and ate his cum from within her hole. The taste was wonderful. I moved back to the chair as she began to suck me once again – this time to completion. Brad watched as she made quick work of my cock and ingested my cum.

She rose without saying a word and left us alone. We talked more and he was thrilled with what just happened. He loved the way my wife felt and enjoyed watching me slurp up what remained in her. We laughed a little before he left for the night.

I met Sarah a few minutes later in our bed after she showered. I held her as we talked about the wonderful evening we shared and discussed the potential of meeting Brad again.

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