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Please note that all my stories are essentially true experiences but that with any one other than my long term boyfriend Dave, I always make sure I am fucked safely, ie with a condom. Thanks.


Jerome was a guy we met twice at the beach. Not the one near our house but a cruisey and well known naturist beach about 11 miles from our house. We didn’t often go because we didn’t have a car and so it was a longish bike ride, even further coming home, or we’d have to try and correspond with the buses in both directions.

When the sun was shining, if the weather forecast had been correct, people came from miles around as it was one of the few authorised naturist beaches and all the best spots got taken early. The best days for us were when the forecast was wrong and it turned out unexpectedly sunny, the visitors stayed away and unless it was Monday, the local town’s day of almost everything being closed, we would sometimes have almost the whole of the gay part of the beach to ourselves.

Sometimes, again as the buses on Wednesday were at different times due to their being no school in France in the afternoon, we’d head off anyway a little earlier than planned with a picnic, depending on our work and other commitments. It was nice to lay bare arsed in the sun with a glass of wine in one hand and maybe my boyfriend’s cock in the other.

On 2 such separate occasions we met Jerome. He was a wirey built guy, perhaps 5’8 or 5’9 like us, flat bronzed stomach and slightly broader at the shoulder. I never asked him if he exercised but would have guessed at perhaps him being a swimmer. And he had a large angel tattooed on his back.

He was a fidget, couldn’t keep still. I noticed him the first time, perhaps 20 metres away to my left. I blinked and he’d gone, appearing moments later a little closer and to my right. Then he sat in the next dip to us, unfolded his towel and undressed. When I looked again, he was stood up with his back to me. A nice butt, smooth like his stomach and in good shape. Then he sat back down, sadly without turning round so I never saw his cock before popping up again with his trunks back on and moving off. I was enjoying the sun but exhausted just from watching him, he was up and down like a meerkat.

I saw Dave my boyfriend had noticed him too and asked if he’d got a big cock, but he hadn’t seen it either. “Nice arse, though,” he said, confirming what I thought.

We’d almost finished the wine and then I looked up and Jerome was stood straight in front of us at the entrance to our dip.

“Hi,” I said, and invited him to sit with us. I moved our towels apart, hoping he might notice my semi erect cock as I tidied things. He unfolded his and sat between the 2 of us, introduced himself, told us he was Jerome and politely accepted the small glass of remaining wine. I always pack a third glass when we take a bottle to the beach, sometimes it pays to be polite. The sun warmed our bodies and we lay back down, still making small talk. He lived near the hypermarket on the edge of town which we knew but only went to occasionally as we bought casino siteleri most of what we needed much nearer to home and he told us he worked at the Post Office depot nearby. I heard him slip off his Speedos, he was bigger than the bulge suggested and to say he had such a smooth arse and stomach, his pubes were plentiful. I wasn’t sure if he was on the way to arousal or just a well endowed lad and he brushed his arm against me and down my arse (I had turned on to my front as my own semi hardened further). I was about to reciprocate when- as happens all too often there- some fat old pensioner with no hope of an unpaid shag came and stood at the entrance of our dip playing with his equally unattractive old cock pointlessly and stared at the 3 of us, hoping. Without hope.

Only Dave is rude enough to tell guys like him to piss off but there was no need as Jerome picked up his towel, covered his swollen modesty, grabbed his other things and left, thanking us for the drink. The old guy disappeared too, so our possible sexual encounter with Jerome came to nothing.

Some months later, it was pretty much a repeat, him bobbing up all around both dressed and undressed before joining us and familiarising himself again with our names and so on, removing his clothes and sitting between us, this time even sitting so I could brush my fingers against the tip of his sizeable knob and ball sack… Before along popped another pensioner wanting a look (or more). This time Dave did say something but again, it seemed to dampen Jerome’s wish or willingness to take things further and he left.

One day we needed some new computer equipment and the hypermarket was the place to go. We planned on making a visit to the other shops for clothes and sneakers perhaps and have lunch in town. We’d made a few purchases and found the things we wanted for our laptop, we were quite pleased that the day was going well when, as we queued to pay, Jerome was stood next to us, also wanting to proceed through the same till.

“Didn’t recognise you dressed,” I said and he smiled, remembered us although we reckoned on it being may be 8 months since we were all on the beach together. I asked him if he fancied joining us for a coffee at the in store café but he suggested we go over to his place if we had time and he’d make us a drink. Well, that saved me a few euros so what had we to lose?

He had said he lived opposite the first time we met and, as we left the store we could indeed see the apartment block he lived in. His was on the first floor, looking directly on to the main road although set back enough not to be troubled by traffic. We left our shoes at the door and entered.

“Coffee or beer?” he asked.

“Whatever you’re having,” we said, and he returned from the kitchen with 3 small, chilled beers. It didn’t feel as refreshing as a cold drink with the sun beating down on our naked bodies, but it was a nice surprise nonetheless. And he genuinely had looked different with his everyday casual clothes on, still attractive but a little bit of a geek with the glasses he wore hiding a minor eye problem. canlı casino After the beer, I wanted to pee so asked to use the bathroom and he said he’d get us another round. I’m a bit of a lightweight with pre-lunchtime drinking and knew after a second beer I’d have a slight and pleasant buzz, plus we had, as far as I was concerned, unfinished business… hence, I finished my piss and removed all of my clothes.

I returned to the living room, Dave not giving me a second glance. He’s seen me strip time and again and knows I need little or no persuasion and Jerome looked at me admiringly which I was pleased and relieved about. He sat next to me on the sofa and ran a hand down my chest to my lower belly. He didn’t touch my cock but it was growing in length and girth. He smiled and removed his t shirt and not one to be left out, Dave did the same so the 2 of them were topless.

I leant in and stroked his upper torso, licking his lips which he allowed me to do. I wasn’t sure if he was a kisser or not, it seems he can take it or leave it but he enjoyed it when Dave came over and nibbled his neck as he stroked his chest whilst my hands moved lower to undo and remove his trousers. My cock hardened fully.

His underwear was most unfashionable but it mattered not, his large uncut cock, a good 8 inches and proportionately fat, stood to attention and I proceeded to remove the baggy boxers he had been wearing.

“Still don’t know what you like,” I said.

“Ass” was his single word reply.

Now I became Dave’s little cum slut only relatively recently and have taken a few other cocks since discovering the pleasure of being butt fucked. And much as I loved the sight of Jerome’s cock, I was hesitant as to where this might lead. However, I moaned in approval as we all played more with our bodies and removed the rest of our clothing. Jerome suggested we retire to the bedroom and there was no hesitation. He left Dave and I on the bed momentarily and we both made a beeline for each other’s cocks. We had both shaved that morning, and I had done my ass crack too. Jerome returned to find the pair of us in full 69 position and I had all of Dave’s length, just over 5 inches of cute and circumcised shaft in my mouth as he toyed with my own knob. I made sure Jerome saw my hole as soon as he came in by opening my legs and moving my knees in to a kneeling position.

He took a position behind me and reached round me from both sides to stroke Dave’s own muscular body, placing on one side of me some lube and on the other a bottle of poppers. I felt his hard on rubbing against my crack and I knelt back a little further to tease him. I reached for and opened the poppers, taking a good sniff.

“Might be past their best,” said Jerome. Indeed they were but I could cope with a headache later, for now they had the desired effect after a second, larger sniff, and my sphincter relaxed. At the same time, I felt the slippery touch of a lubed finger. I don’t know where he’d kept the lube but it was cold, a sensation I quite enjoyed, and he placed more lube on my eager ring and some on his bell end, which he kaçak casino had gently pulled back the foreskin from. He moved away and placed some more lube on my asshole and then probed me gently with 2 fingers, about an inch of the way in. I was loving it and feeling more accommodating than I had ever been so I took a hit of the poppers and passed them to Dave. He stopped sucking me, inhaled deep and returned his warm wet mouth to my rock solid knob end. He gripped my butt cheeks but knew what I wanted from our host and so he parted my cheeks and pulled me down further making my anus more accessible and inviting.

Jerome liked what he felt and saw. He placed his bell end against my man cunt and steadily rocked against it, slowly and gently easing his way inside. I moaned encouragingly so he would continue, at the same easy and gentle pace. He slid just past my g spot and I stopped sucking Dave to give a gasp of ecstasy and to let him know, if he hadn’t felt it, that he’d reached my most sensitive part. I clamped down good on his cock and he stayed almost in position, just rocking backwards and forwards ever so slightly and causing me to leak generous amounts of precum down Dave’s throat.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” I shouted, something I’ve never done before. Behaving like some cheap porn star is one thing, but I never want to sound quite as corny as some of them do. And fuck me he did. He upped the pace a little and pushed in deeper, pulling out further and I looked to the side, catching a glance of our collective reflection in the mirror adjacent. He was so long, I could see his shaft as he almost withdrew with each thrust.

I had put some lube on Dave’s hairless cock, unable now to suck as I was concentrating my energies on gripping Jerome’s cock with my ringpiece each time he was as far in as he could go but Dave had let go of my butt cheeks and had raised his arms above his head and grabbed hold of Jerome’s, pulling him in further and deeper, which thankfully meant the thrusts weren’t quite as long.

I think it sent the message we both wanted him to shoot up my ass. Dave knew I loved it and he likes to see me happy. And he received the message loudly and clearly. Very loudly. With an almighty shout, he began pumping a satisfying large amount of man juice into me, six or seven very generous spurts. Dave let go of Jerome, who remained hard and in my arse and who slapped my left buttock, a real hard and satisfying slap. At that stage, both Dave and I were ready to shoot anyway and I fell forward on to his slippy dick so that we both spunked in to each other’s mouth. Not a drop was spilt and although Dave normally kisses mine back to me, as I already had a mouth full, he swallowed dutifully.

Jerome wrapped his forearms around my belly until his hard on subsided and his cock slipped out.

Well, we didn’t have too much cleaning up to do as no spunk had been dropped, and we dressed and finished our beers, washing away the bitter yet sweet taste in our throats, before politely excusing ourselves and heading in to town for a later than expected lunch.

We’ve seen Jerome at the beach once since, and he came and sat a while, letting me suck him off as he fingered my arse until we were interrupted by some unattractive voyeur. I just hope we get to see him again this summer, we’ve found a new dip further off the beaten track…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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