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I met Jon online. Just two random bisexual guys looking for a blowjob buddy. I was nervous as hell going to meet him for the first time. I’d met very few people via the net and never a guy so I really had no idea what to expect. Anyways, I got to the door and knocked. I was pleasantly surprised by the man who answered the door. He was average height, a few years older than me, tightly cropped hair and a slim build. Not gorgeous but not bad looking either. I smiled introduced myself and he ushered me in the door.

He offered me a beer which I gladly accepted and we sat and chatted for a bit in his living room. We had a couple more beers sitting on his sofa exchanging small talk and the occasional caress. Not really foreplay, but the kind of touching that definitely indicated we were both interested in a little more.

After the third beer Jon stood up and said “let’s go upstairs”.

I eagerly followed him upstairs shucking my shirt off on the way. By the time he walked into his bedroom he had done the same and we were both all over each other. The tentative caresses we exchanged on the sofa were now full blown groping. I was in full blown lust mode. Jon had appeared very slim but when he took off his shirt I realized he was actually very well built. Slim but casino oyna wiry muscle all over. I sucked his nipples with fervor as I groped his well muscled ass then slid his pants off to be greeted by the sight of the most beautiful cock. A bit bigger than average, cut, clean, and standing at full attention.

I eagerly dropped to my knees and went to work. He moaned in appreciation and grabbed the back of my head shoving his cock further down my throat. Being inexperienced I gagged a little but I grabbed his muscled ass and kept working at getting him all the way in swallowing to control my gag reflex.

I could feel him start to tense and he asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I took his cock out long enough to assure him that I most definitely did and he warned me that he was a heavy cummer. I just smiled and told him I always swallow and went back to sucking his cock like it was my job.

I felt his cock tense and begin to spasm and he moaned loudly as he shoot his load down my throat. He was a heavy cummer indeed. Seemed like he came forever When he finished he pulled me to my feet and said “OK sweetie your turn”.

Sweetie? Nobody had ever called me that before It seemed fitting and weird at the same time. My experience with guys had been pretty limited canlı casino at this time and I was unsure how to take it so I just rolled with it and laid on his bed.

He proceeded to give me the best blowjob of my life. To say he was amazing at sucking cock is an understatement. He swallowed as eagerly as I had then we got dressed and I went back to work.

I got pretty regular calls from Jon and our hook-ups generally went the same way. We’d have a couple beers, swap blowjobs, then part ways until one of us got the itch again. There is one time (apart from the first that is) that kinda stands out. We met up as usual but for some reason that day I had trouble with my gag reflex.

“It’s OK sweetie”, he whispered in my ear. “I can get off another way. Have you ever been crack fucked?”

“No, Jon, I’m not even sure what that means,” I replied.

“It’s kinda like titty fucking but your ass cheeks are the tits,” he said. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to stick it in you or anything, just slide my cock against your ass.”


I was nervous, but honestly I kinda hoped that he would slide his cock into me. I was horny as hell still and Jon had a beautiful cock. Plus I’ve always been the kind of partner that worries more about his partner kaçak casino getting off than himself. But I digress.

Jon had me kneel on the bed with my knees spread and grabbed my hips. He slid his cock between my cheeks and began to thrust. He began slow but soon was pounding hard. His balls slapped my ass as his cock slid back and forth. I moaned it pleasure. It was surprisingly erotic and a turn on for me. I loved being bent over and treated like this and was constantly hoping he’d just fuck my slutty hole, but he was good to his word and crack fucked me hard without entering my virgin hole.

It was great when he came. He let out a moan and I could feel big gobs of cum hit me on the back. He shot so much cum so far some of it ended up in my hair and on my pillow. I loved it. It felt so good to be used for someone else’s pleasure like that. I didn’t know it then but I suppose that is my submissiveness showing even then. He used his fingers to scoop his cum off my back then held his fingers to me and I licked them clean. He had the tastiest cum. Not salty like most guys, it was actually slightly sweet. He then got a towel and help me clean my hair. We kissed and promised to see each other again soon.

We met many times over the next year or two. We enjoyed each other’s company as well as blowjobs. Unfortunately work transferred me and we parted ways. I miss Jon, we had a lot of fun together and he still has the best tasting cum of any guy I’ve ever met.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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