Jonah’s Assistant

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This is my first submission to Literotica! Constructive criticism and your thoughts are appreciated. If I should continue this story or make more, please let me know! Thanks!


Chapter 1

“……And make sure you start on the Winston report, along with the Baker files.” Mitchell ended

“But Mitchell, the Baker files aren’t my responsibility! I’ll be up all night working on them!” I replied.

“Hey, you get paid too much anyway, Nino. So get to work!”

“Yes sir.” I grunted

I took the Baker files off of Mitchell’s desk and walked to my own. My coworker Margaret walked in, “Damn! Ever since Mitch became the head of the insurance agency, he has really been taking charge! I think Jonah was a way better boss, right?” she started.

“Yea, i guess. Jonah got too old though, he had to give the office to his son. He’s 60 now.”

“He built this company up all by himself and now Mitchell thinks he’s all that!” Margaret ended as she sighed and left the room.

Margaret did that when she was mad at Mitchell, I didn’t care or notice too much.

Jonah entered, “Hey Nino! If you want, you can give me the Winston report, you seem to have a lot on your plate.”

“It’s OK Jonah, I can handle it.” I said clearly lying.

“Are you sure?”

Jonah still worked in the office having nothing much to do in his old age. His wife passed away long ago and he was happy here.

“You can work on it if you want to, but It’ll take a while…..” I replied

“Trust me, It’s OK!” He said as I left the office out the back and into the company’s ‘break yard.’

The yard overlooked the populous city that I lived in and the view was spectacular. To the right next door, there was a BioChemistry lab that I liked to watch. I’d would always peep through the window to see the experiments that made the chemists laugh and smile. It made me almost envious; I’ve longed to be happy. I was a man who didn’t know his purpose in life, so I looked upon others for happiness.

“God, I miss working for Jonah. I wish I was there when he first started this company in the 1970’s.” Nino said to himself as he leaned on the fence that separated the office building from the laboratory.


Chapter 2

“Jesus Joey! You’re still working on that failed project?” A chemist from the lab asked the other.

“I just….. I wanted to make it work so that i could meet my father when he was alive. I got this mixture all set up and I checked out the math on the chalkboard. It all adds up. I have to test it on someone.” Joey, the second chemist answered.

“You’re not going to get legal clearance to test it and I certainly won’t. It’s time travel for God sake!”

“Well, according to my calculations, it should only last 12 – 24 hours. Can you please try it?”

“No Joey. Try it on that neighbor guy who keeps watching us experiment.”

“The insurance guy? Eh, It’s worth a shot…..” —————————————–

“Hey you, are you interested in trying an experiment for us? You just look so interested….” Joey said to Nino through the fence.

My eyes widened in excitement, “What does it do?” I asked nervously as I pointed to the vile he was carrying filled with a clear-like red liquid.

“It…. Uh…. makes you ten times stronger than you are now!” Joey blurted out.

“well, OK I guess….” I said as I took the vile in my hand through the fence and drank it.

“Are you sure It’s safe?” I asked when I finished casino oyna it, weirded out by the bad taste.

“Completely safe…… How do you feel?” He responded.

I started to shake. I could barely speak, “My stomach hurts guys….” is all I could muster as I slowly fell unconscious.


Chapter 3

“Buddy, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises.” A man said as he shook me awake.

“Gah!” I said as I realized my surroundings. I was naked. I quickly covered my privates with my hands and took a step backward. I took in my surroundings: I was alone with this guy next to a lone building on a hilltop. “What…. happened?….uh….. Can I please use our cell phone to call for help?” I asked shyly and embarrassed.

“Uh…. sure.” He said as he pulled out his cell phone.

This phone looked so old, I had to laugh.

“Dude, where’d you get that phone? The 60’s?” I said as I continued to giggle.

“For your information, this is a brand new 1976 cellular!” He said in a serious tone.

“New?” I said out loud. I was confused, he seemed so serious. “Wait, did you just say it was 1976???” I said in a slightly laughing tone.

“All year.” he replied and continued, ” Look buddy, if you’re confused-” I cut him off

“No no! I was…..uh…. robbed. Look, can you just drive me to the nearest store so I can get some clothes?” I asked very scared.

“Sure I suppose I can drive you to the store.”

“Thanks, man. You’re a huge help!”

Eventually, the man drove me to nearby store and bought me clothes. I wondered the store and browsed the newspapers. All of them had the same date: October 1, 1976. I couldn’t believe my situation. I was in awe for 30 seconds until I realized I had to work with the current situation.

“Hey, you owe me $10.80 for the clothes.” the friendly man told me.

I couldn’t reply. My mind went blank. All I could think about was his arm grabbing mine. His white but tanned skin looked almost perfect as it complimented the tight tank-top he was wearing.He was an idol. Well, one you find in 1976. His hair was short but kinda poofy and his clothes didn’t match. Nor did mine.

“I don’t have any money, as you can see. But I promise, I can work for you in whatever way. I’m just confused and need to get things settled.” I said disgruntled.

“Well, I could use the help in the building you were just at that I recently bought. Are you good with insurance?”

“What a coincidence!” I said to myself. “As a matter of fact I am.” I finally replied.

“My name is Jonah. How about you?”

“Nino….” I said as I figured out why the town looked familiar. I had travelled back in time somehow. I had travelled back to the same place before the town had developed into a city!

“Let me drive you back. I see much to do in your future….” Jonah finished as we left the store.


Chapter 4

Jonah showed Nino the building that he already knew. They chatted for an hour and the sun started to set. “Excuse me for asking, but why are you wearing that outfit? Shouldn’t you be wearing a suit or something?” I asked

“I suppose. I bought this place after my wife passed. Our insurance company had told me that her death wasn’t covered by the accident…. she died in childbirth. That’s why I bought this place and I just don’t have the money or time to care….” Jonah replied.

“I’m so sorry Jonah. How is Mi……. your child? I asked biting my tongue.

“He’s at my sister’s canlı casino house right now. He stays there often now that i bought this office. I’m in way over my head Nino! My life is basically in ruins!”

“Hmm….. I wont let that happen. With my experience, I think I can help you out. I can fix everything!”

Jonah took out whiskey he kept in a drawer. “We all have dreams.” he muttered. I went to a computer and typed up a message onto a piece of paper I printed out. I took Jonah into his car and drove to the town square. I made many copies of the original paper and posted it all over. I went back in the car and started to drive Jonah home. He had a buzz from the whiskey.

“What was that paper?” Jonah asked.

“Ads. I put them up all over.” Nino answered

“What a smart idea! I owe you one….. Nino. You’re my hero! haha!” Jonah laughed, obviously tipsy. He began to sob. I pulled into his driveway. I have driven him home plenty of times in 2011 and he must of been too buzzed to notice I know where he lives now.

“What’s wrong Jonah?” I said as I guided him to his bedroom.

“I don’t know….. I just…… I’m so happy.” He answered as he took off his shirt.


Chapter 5

“What about your son Jonah?” I asked as I sat on his bed.

“I guess he’ll sleepover at Leslie’s house! It’s OK….” he said in a sexually aggressive tone. His body was perfect. He had some chest hair, pecs I could only dream of and a body I’d die for! He was certainly fit, like me, but I was nowhere close. He pulled my shirt until i was face to face with him.

“Here’s your pay for today.” Jonah said with a smirk as he passionately kissed me. My eyes widened.

I wasn’t gay, but I was a total virgin. I never really explored my sexual side and I certainly wasn’t prepared for this!

“Jonah!” I shouted in a hushed tone.

“Come on….. Don’t you want that promotion?” He said as he laughed to himself. I wasn’t laughing, but he continued his act by taking off my shirt and unzipping my pants. The heat of the two of us got me semi-erect. He pulled my dick out and wrapped his lips around it. Suddenly, he took my hot member down his throat. He sucked so hard and so fast, i was in a sexual trance! I had never experienced this before and I wasn’t disappointed. I fell onto the bed still in a trance as he continued to suck down and eventually deep throat my cock. His mouth was so tight that my thick meat completely filled his mouth. As he continued, I started to pump my hips to the rhythm of his sucking. I could tell he was experienced, at least with women.

I lay on the bed in awe as he took off his pants. He pulled down his underwear and out sprang an 8 inch dick as hard as steel. Soon He positioned himself on top of me.

“I see you’re not experienced. I’ll do all the work.” He said as he put his firm ass to my hard cock. I squinted because of the pressure and the tightness made by my phallus inside of his anal passage. Once he started bouncing, I couldn’t help but to moan along with him. His ass was so tight and my cock was rock hard. I found a rhythm to the fucking and started pumping my dick all the way up inside of him.

Soon enough, I came inside of him with a huge grunt. a huge load of my cum pored directly into his ass as I experienced the most fantastic orgasm of my life. He was surprised but happy with the spurts of cum.

Once he finished with that, he lifted my legs and positioned himself to my arse hole. I was pretty scared for it but was sure I could trust him. I wondered kaçak casino for a second if AIDS had been discovered yet, but soon disregarded the thought.

Without warning Jonah entered me. With all the sweat building up from before, he easily slid half of his member up inside of me. It hurt, but soon turned into immediate pleasure. He pumped hard and fast into my virgin hole, I couldn’t help but to moan loudly.

“Ah! Jonah! It hurts so much!” I yelped as Jonah giggled.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. It’s all the booze.” he said as he slapped himself against me. With my legs in the air, I could only take what was coming. While still pumping himself hard inside me, he leaned in for another kiss. Maybe I was moaning too loud, I don’t know nor did I care. He brought his lips to mine as we aggressively kissed. I could taste the whiskey in his kiss, which drove me so wild that I thrust my buttocks back upon his member harder. Almost immediately afterward, I felt his hips begin to buck. Soon after I was completely filled with Jonah’s seed. He came into my ass, spurt after spurt of warm cum inside of me. It kept coming until he collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion. We cuddled for a minute, kissed and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up at 11:00 am to see a note on the door. He wrote to me that he needed to be at the office for something important. I walked for twenty minutes to the office up the hill and entered the building. The phones were off the hook! People from all over town wanted to get a quote for a new insurance policy!

After handling a wave of calls with Jonah for forty-five minutes, the calls died down. I told Jonah I was happy for him but needed to take a break. I went to the yard and noticed to the right of our building that construction was going on. I wondered if they were building the lab but suddenly felt a pain in my side. I fell to the floor unable to move or speak. Suddenly, I fell unconscious.


Chapter 6 – Epilogue

I woke up to the sounds of laughter, “Hahaha! Nino! Why are you naked?!” Margaret asked me, unable to contain herself. I sprang up, took my business clothes from the floor where they were before I travelled back from 2011. I put them on as I had fully realized what had happened, but was too in shock to believe it. I ran to her,

“What day is today?” I asked angrily.

“Thursday…… Why?” she replied confused.

“You mean 2011!?”

‘Haha! Of course it is! Is this some sort of joke?” she said as I sighed

“Yea…… a joke.”

“Well, if you’re done joking, lets go to lunch! I’m starving! But you’re buying. In about five seconds, you’ll see why.” she finished as we went inside and Mitchell brutally interrupted.

“Hey! Where the hell were you? You were gone all morning!” Mitch yelled

“Watch it Mitch! He finished all the Baker files for you after working all night! Margaret interrupted.

“Really?” Mitchell asked in a confused state.

“Uh… sure did Mitch!” was all I could blurt out.

As he walked away, I told her she was right and that I’d meet her at the diner we usually go to for lunch. I went to my desk and sighed. Jonah entered.

“I couldn’t help but finish the Winston report for you, heheh.” Jonah started.

“Thanks Jonah.” I said with a smile.

“It was nothing Ni…” he finished slowly.

“Something wrong Jonah?” I asked somehow knowingly.

“Oh, I’m sure It’s nothing. It’s your name. Nino. It makes me…. well, happy….. but sad.”

“If you want, we could discuss it over dinner. You can tell me all about it.”

“Sure thing Nino!”

“See you after lunch Jonah…..” I said as I left the office, picked up my coat and walked out the front door.

The End…

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