Joy Ride

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NOTE: I’m taking another risk and trying something different again! Please let me know if you enjoy this story, and if you’d enjoy reading others like it. Comments and feedback are very important in determining what I write next, so make sure you let me know how you feel! As always, enjoy!


“Again, great hustle out there, everyone!” A heavyset man with five o’clock shadow and salt and pepper hair spoke to the young men in front of him. Coach Miller gave a proud smile as he looked at the varsity soccer team before him. “Great practice today. I’ll see all of you tomorrow, bright and early!” The players groaned as they dispersed. “6 AM, I expect to see you all here for warmups. Try and blow off some steam tonight, come to the game with a clear head!” He sighed and waved his hand in defeat, watching as the juniors and seniors made their way to the parking lot, some calling out parting acknowledgements of his advice.

Two seniors, Brad and Kyle, walked to the lot together, their matching bags slung over their shoulders with their high school logo sewn onto the front. Kyle was taller, tan, with brown hair he was constantly running his hand through to look casual. Brad was just an inch or two shorter, and his hair was a shade darker, cut short with curls at the top. Kyle was in a loose-fitting tank top, Brad wore an old jersey, and both had on baggy gym shorts. Between soccer and the gym, the two boys were muscular; where Kyle was a little beefier, more obsessed with his physique, Brad was leaner, in shape but thin.

“Have you started studying for Spanish yet? Ms. Morales seems serious about this test.” Brad asked Kyle as they stepped off the grass, onto the gravel of the lot.

“No, not yet, have you?” Kyle responded, absentmindedly. He surveyed the cars in front of him, watching as fellow teammates either hopped into their own cars or were picked up by parents. Brad glanced around as well, looking for Kyle’s mom’s dark green mini-SUV. Typically, Kyle’s dad picked them up after practice, on his way home from work; this evening, however, he had to work late, and Kyle’s mom offered to chauffer the boys. Even though the two boys were both eighteen, neither had their own car. Kyle had failed his driving test twice, and while Brad did have a license, his parents couldn’t afford a car. As such, Brad squinted in the low light at each of the cars; Kyle’s mom was running a little late.

“Hey Kyle!” A shrill voice caught Brad’s ear and he turned to see a small, gray sedan idling on the side of the road, outside the parking lot. Hanging halfway out the window in a low-cut top was Amy, Kyle’s girlfriend. She waved enthusiastically, her whole body wiggling. The driver of the car, another senior, Jake, honked the horn twice, also gesturing to Kyle. Brad could partially make out a girl in the back, who he assumed was Jake’s girlfriend, a junior he couldn’t remember the name of. Brad shot Kyle a confused look, who pulled his eyes from his girlfriend’s bouncing cleavage.

“Sorry, did I forget to tell you?” Kyle apologized insincerely. “I’m hanging out with Amy and the others tonight. Amy’s older sister Molly is in college, and she said she could get us some beers for a party. You know how Coach said we should blow off some steam?” Brad watched Kyle undress Amy with his eyes. “I’m hoping Amy will blow off my steam, if you know what I mean.” He playfully smacked Brad on the shoulder and winked.

“Wait, you’re going with them?” Brad asked as Kyle walked away, towards the idling sedan.

“Yeah man, sorry. My mom should be here soon, can you tell her for me?” Kyle called back.

“Well, sure, I guess.” Brad shrugged. He hated how irresponsible Kyle was, and how frequently it affected him.

“Thank you!” Kyle shouted back, throwing up an overdramatic pair of hands, pretending to bow to Brad in thanks. Brad just sighed, watching the sedan drive off, full of hormones. As the parking lot thinned out, the sun hung lower in the sky. The school year had just begun, and it was late summer, so the nights were still warm and the humidity stuck to Brad’s skin. He checked his phone, wondering if Kyle’s mom was actually coming to pick him up, then looked up to see the familiar mini-SUV pull into the parking lot, stopping in front of him. Brad walked up and opened the passenger door, smiling at his friend’s mom, who was giving him an inquisitive look, before a quick sigh.

“Let me guess, Kyle went to hang out with Amy.” She rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, you kind of just missed them. Coach said we should all blow off some steam before Regionals tomorrow. Kyle took that to mean he should party with Amy.” Brad replied, settling into the passenger seat, placing his bag at his feet. “I don’t think he’s coming back tonight.” Brad had had this conversation casino oyna before, constantly being the one to tell Kyle’s parents of their son’s spur-of-the-moment plans. The two boys had been best friends since middle school, and even though Kyle began running with a very different, very delinquent crew in high school, they still stayed close. Their moms got coffee every Tuesday, and their dads went fishing together on Sundays. Brad was close with Kyle, but that only meant he was even more willing to call Kyle on his misbehavior.

“Oh, he can be so irresponsible.” She groaned. “I’m sorry you have to put up with him, Bradley.” She laughed, shooting him a smile. She was the only person who called him Bradley besides his own mother.

“Don’t worry about it, Mrs. Lynn. I’m definitely used to it at this point.” He smiled back. When he’d met Kyle in seventh grade, he’d thought his parents were cool because they didn’t demand that he call them by their last names. They weren’t Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they were Mr. Mike and Mrs. Lynn, Kyle’s cool parents.

“I wish my kid wasn’t such a little bastard.” Lynn joked, and Brad felt his cheeks get warm, not sure if he was allowed to laugh at her comment. “You’re a good kid, why can’t you peer pressure Kyle into being a better person, huh?” She laughed again, and Brad did as well. The car pulled up to the driveway of the parking lot, inching towards the main road when Lynn stopped, tapping her car’s GPS in the center. “Sorry, honey, I just realized I’ve never driven to your house from this direction, and I just don’t want to get lost. Can you give me your address?” Lynn gave an embarrassed smile.

“Sure,” Brad sat forward. “Here, I can just type it in.” He tapped the touch screen, filling in his address, before pressing a big GO button.

“STARTING ROUTE TO 4176 FAIRWOOD ROAD” the GPS’ robotic voice announced as it loaded the map. “YOU WILL ARRIVE IN FOURTEEN MINUTES.”

Lynn stepped on the gas and turned onto the main road as the GPS instructed her to continue straight for the next few miles. The two sat in silence for a minute, listening to the hum of the car, before the silence was broken by the GPS again.


“You know, I don’t know where I’d be without this thing.” Lynn gestured to the GPS. “I’ve lived in this town for the last fifteen years and I still get lost without a map.”

“Yeah?” Brad was half listening.

“Yep. The other day, I had to look up directions to get to the mall, the same mall I’ve been shopping at for fifteen years, just because I was coming from the south instead of the north…” Lynn continued, going into a story about how terrible her sense of direction is, as Brad drifted off. It wasn’t that Brad wasn’t interested in Lynn, it was simply that he was too interested in Lynn herself to actually listen to her. Lynn Smith, a plain name for a plain woman; but something about how she carried herself this evening was making Brad look at her in a way he’d never seen her before.

In the warm light of the setting, summer sun, Brad was enamored by how radiant Lynn looked. Her tanned skin was soft and supple. Her blonde hair was just barely trembling from the slight breeze sneaking in through the cracked sun roof. Her raspberry red shorts fit snug on her smooth, thick thighs; and Brad watched as her calf tensed as she slowly stepped on the brake pedal as the car in front of them slowed down. On her shoulders, Brad could just barely make out a beige bra strap peeking out from under her simple, comfortable, white tank top. Following the strap down to her bosom, he noticed how full her breasts looked. He’d always thought she was nice looking but in all the years of being Kyle’s friend, Brad had never taken a moment to appreciate how truly sensual of a woman his friend’s mom was. He fixated on her cleavage, barely shown off by her top’s scooped neckline; with each pothole, each dip, each bump in the road, her subtle cleavage jiggled and her maternal breasts bounced ever so slightly. Suddenly, a loud, robotic voice snapped Brad back to reality.

“CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON GROVE STREET, THEN TURN LEFT ONTO CREEK TRAIL ROAD. YOU WILL ARRIVE IN TWELVE MINUTES.” The GPS announced. Brad looked up from her breasts, realizing that Lynn wasn’t talking anymore. He wondered if his staring was obvious, and if she’d noticed at all.

He also realized that while he looked his friend’s mom up and down, he’d obviously grown a little aroused, and his cock was waking up. Brad looked down at his lap in horror and realized he could see the outline of his cock, half mast, somewhat noticeable through his thin gym shorts. Out of the corner of her eye, Lynn watched as the young man frantically grabbed his bag off the floor and situated it on his lap, canlı casino trying to seem casual as he “adjusted” himself beneath it.

“So, Bradley,” Lynn spoke again, practically frightening Brad as he tried to mentally redirect blood from pumping into his crotch. “You said your coach wants you guys to blow off some steam before Regionals tomorrow?”

“Um, yeah.” Brad tried to play it cool, engaging in the conversation.

“So what’re you going to do to clear your head? Do you have a girlfriend?” She almost enjoyed how flustered her questions made the young man sitting next to her.

“Oh, Mrs. Lynn, I—Uh, no, I don’t.” He stammered, understanding what she was insinuating. She clearly knew what Kyle was getting up to with Amy. “We have a Spanish test on Monday, so I’ll be studying for that tonight.”

“You know,” Lynn never took her eyes off the road as she moved her right hand from the steering wheel to Brad’s left thigh. “You really should make sure you blow off some steam tonight. Otherwise, you’ll be so worked up that you won’t play well tomorrow.”

Brad stopped breathing, and felt his heart skip one or three beats. Was this actually happening? His cock was no longer growing, it was now fully grown, rock hard under his bag as he watched Lynn’s mature hand gingerly caress his inner thigh, her ruby painted nails a striking juxtaposition against his navy blue shorts.

“Um, Mrs. Lynn, uh—” he started, but she shushed him with a glance before looking back to the road.

“Bradley, let me see what you’ve got under that bag.” She nonchalantly pushed his bag to the floor. Lynn took her eyes off the road to admire the sight in front of her: Brad embarrassed, blushing, his shorts tented by his hard cock straining against the thin fabric. He refused to make eye contact with her, too afraid she’d be upset.

“I—I’m sorry,” Brad apologized, feeling vulnerable and flustered.

“What’s to be sorry about?” Lynn shrugged. “You’re so worked up, you just need to relax, blow off some steam.” Brad again held his breath as his friend’s mom reached to his lap. She snaked her fingers under his shirt, hooked them under his waistband and pulled down slowly, pulling just low enough that her passenger’s swollen cock sprung forward, pointing straight up. She tugged the waistband just a bit lower, revealing Brad’s heavy balls. She tucked the waistband underneath his package, and took a look at the prize before her, letting out a small gasp when she saw the present she’d unwrapped. Brad’s cock was visibly throbbing in the warm air, and Lynn was impressed. It wasn’t the largest she’d ever seen, but it was long, longer than she’d anticipated. She never would’ve guessed that her son’s friend was packing at least eight inches.

Her eyes still on the road, Lynn made contact with Brad’s cock, sending a shiver down his spine. She ran her fingers along his shaft, starting at the base, trailing her soft fingertips up to his sensitive cockhead. He let out an involuntary groan as she cupped his balls in her soft palm.

“Oh my, Bradley, your balls are so full.” She remarked, genuine concern in her voice. “It must be painful. You really need to take your coach’s advice and blow off some steam. How about…” She prodded at his large balls before tracing two fingers up his shaft again, finally taking grip of his large cock in her maternal hand. Lynn gave his cock a quick squeeze, and a few drips of precum leaked out, spilling over his cockhead.

“Wait,” Brad grunted, suddenly feeling guilty. “What if someone finds out?”

“Well,” Lynn spoke is a measured tone, still paying attention to the traffic in front of her. “I’m not planning on telling anyone. What, next Tuesday when I’m getting coffee with your mom? ‘Hey, Jillian, a few days ago I got a handful of your son’s cock.’ Can’t imagine that would go over well.” She laughed, and Brad squirmed in her hand. He couldn’t help but feel a little odd hearing Lynn mention his mom while she had a grip on his throbbing cock. “Or am I going to bring this up to my husband?” She continued in a sarcastic tone. “‘Oh, Mike, just so you know, our son’s friend has a better cock than you.'” Brad felt another shiver run down his spine. Had she just said that he had a better cock than her husband? “Besides, it’s not like this is some torrid affair. I’m just helping you clear your head before a big game. It’s totally innocent.”

There was something about Lynn saying the word “innocent” while beginning to slowly stroke Brad’s cock that made him groan again, spilling more precum that Lynn quickly made use of as lube to aid her movements.

“This is just some quick relief, okay?” Lynn asked.

“O-okay.” Brad nodded.


“Emphasis on ‘quick’, I suppose,” Lynn stated. “If you’re not finished by the time we get to your house, your mom might get curious about why we’re parked out front for too long.”

With that timer in mind, Brad finally began to relax a little bit, letting Lynn go to work, stroking his cock with a steady rhythm. Up and down, tip to base, Lynn’s soft hand held a firm fist around the young man’s stiff member. With each pump down, Brad thrust into her hand slightly, almost unnoticeably, relishing in the amazing feeling of this MILF’s hand on his cock. She removed her hand, and Brad whimpered, scared it was over suddenly. Instead, Lynn brought her hand up to her mouth and spit into her palm, before returning it to his cock, finding her rhythm again, now with more of a steady glide thanks to the added lubricant.

“You know, Bradley, you should be very proud of your cock.” Lynn complimented, still not taking her eyes off the road. As her hand worked up and down, she continued. “I’m surprised you don’t have a girlfriend, or multiple, honestly. Not many guys have tools like this.” She switched her grip, holding his cock with an upside-down fist, her thumb gently teasing his balls as she continued stroking. “If I knew a guy like you in high school… Let’s just say I don’t think I would’ve been able to wait until marriage like I did with Mike.” Lynn was really lavishing on the compliments, like she was lavishing love onto Brad’s cock, as it throbbed in her hand.

“CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON WEST COLONIAL BOULEVARD. YOU WILL ARRIVE IN FOUR MINUTES.” The GPS’ robotic voice reminded the two of the timer they were working with. Brad was stunned and disappointed at how quickly the last four minutes had flown by, not wanting to have to lose the amazing treat he was getting from his friend’s mom.

“Well, I suppose we should speed this up.” Lynn begrudgingly admitted as she slowed the car to a stop at a red light; she was almost enjoying this as much as Brad was. She glanced around her at the other lanes of traffic idling around her. All of the other commuters were looking straight ahead, none paying any attention to her. With the wait of the long light before them, Lynn saw the opportunity she was presented with and leaned down towards Brad’s lap, who’s eyes bulged as he prepared himself for what he thought was about to happen as this older woman’s blonde hair brushed against his balls.

Instead, Lynn stopped just an inch away from Brad’s twitching cockhead, and it took every ounce of self control for him not to simply thrust upwards into her mouth. Rather than taking his cock into her mouth, Lynn drooled a large glob of spit onto Brad’s rock hard cock. Though it wasn’t her soft lips engulfing his throbbing member, or her warm mouth swallowing him down as they sat stalled in traffic, Brad couldn’t deny that the sensation of this woman’s hot saliva spilling down his cock was one of the best things he’d ever felt.

“Oh my god, Mrs. Lynn,” Brad moaned as she sat up, beginning to stroke him again, now with more vigor. As her hand quickly glided up and down in a tight fist around his swollen cock, Brad swore under his breath. He was close.

“IN THREE HUNDRED FEET, TURN RIGHT ONTO CEDAR COVE DRIVE. YOU WILL ARRIVE IN TWO MINUTES.” The GPS ticked down. Lynn drove, her eyes back on the road, while trying her best to help this young man.

“Are you going to cum?” Lynn asked, encouraging him.


“Are you going to cum for me, Bradley?” She coaxed, briefly giving specific attention to his cockhead, eliciting another whimper from him.

“Y-yeah,” He could barely speak as he shut his eyes tight, thrusting into her hand.


“Come on, Honey! Give it to me!” She could see his mailbox in the distance, stroking him even faster.

“L-Lynn, I’m g-gonna—”

“Uh-uh, Bradley,” She corrected, not letting up on his cock. “I’m still Mrs. Lynn. I’m still married,” She was practically whispering in his ear. “I’m still your friend’s mom.”

That last sentence did it for him, and Brad lost it. He let out a loud groan as his balls churned, and he bucked hard into Lynn’s hand, letting lose a huge blast of thick cum as he thrust forward. Lynn didn’t let up on her stroking, and Brad swore loudly as he shot rope after rope of cum, splattering the glove box in front of him, and coating Lynn’s working hand in loads of hot cum. Finally, Lynn slowed her stroking, as Brad let out one last grunt, sending a stray shot of cum across the GPS touch screen. With that, the young man was totally drained, exhaling hard and sinking deep into his seat.

“My, my,” Lynn remarked, impressed with the mess she’d made. She slowed the car to a stop, idling in front of his house as she admired his twitching, spent cock.

“YOU HAVE ARRIVED.” The GPS announced.

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