Jungle Fever Ch. 2

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I woke to the feel of sweat trickling run down my chest and my eyes flickered open to reveal the sun greeting a new day, it’s warmth already noticeable.

Had it all been a dream? I went to rise and found myself halted by invisible bonds. I couldn’t move!

Snapping to full consciousness, I looked down. Nothing. Just my moist body, sitting upright against a tree. And then it dawned on me. I couldn’t move my arms! I strained to bring them forward but they wouldn’t move. I was tied to the tree, my arms stretched around the trunk behind me.

Desperately, I tried harder to pull forward, but to no avail. I was firmly bound.

“Good morning.”

The voice startled me and I looked up to see The Stranger sitting several feet to my left, sampling the contents of my saddlebag.

“Sleep well?” he asked.

“Untie me!” I hollered, instantly regretting the decision to shout. My neck hurt from where The Stranger had throttled me and my throat was parched from so long without water. So long….how long had I been unconscious?

The Stranger chuckled.

“Water?” he asked and approached with the bottle, which he held to my lips.

I gulped the water as he poured it in my open mouth, crouched beside me, his free hand on my upper thigh for balance. When I’d drunk enough, I turned my head away, but instead of stopping, The Stranger allowed the water to continue pouring, running down my body.

The bottle empty at last, he raised his free hand and gently caressed my chest, playing with the remaining trickles of water.

“You have a very NICE body,” he cooed, his fingers pausing to play with my nipple.

I groaned, feeling myself rising in response to his touch in spite of myself.

The Stranger smiled, that same warm, provocative smile that he wore when I first met him.

“Thought you’d like that,” he whispered and leaned forward to kiss me.

I turned my head away and brought my knees up suddenly, hitting him in the chest. The Stranger fell backwards and his hand instantly raised to retaliate. I flinched, and he stopped himself from striking me, grabbing my cock instead.

I gasped in surprise as The Stranger slowly began caressing it, making me squirm in pleasure and fear.

“You’re a feisty little hunk, aren’t you?” he whispered. “Well don’t worry, my friend. I’ll soon shake that out of you.” His stroking became faster and I struggled to catch my breath as the momentum built and I felt myself heading for the explosion.

The Stranger’s breathing became rapid, matching the pulsing strokes of his hand around my hardened cock and the growing excitement that had taken hold of me. His mouth wrapped around mine and I struggled for breath as the frenzied masturbation reached a peak. But he wouldn’t move back, my desperate need for air locking our mouths together like a vacuum as I exploded over his chest and arm, his mouth gagging the scream that would otherwise have burst from my lips.

But still he kept his mouth to mine as his stroking ceased and he ran his cum-covered hand over my chest, using my torso to wipe his hand clean in the fashion of an erotic massage. Our breathing was loud, forced to take in air through our noses, his fixed seal across my mouth now turning into a tender kiss.

Finally, he leant back and as I looked at The Stranger, his eyes seemed glassed, as though lost casino oyna in love.

“You’re really screwed in the head, aren’t you?” I panted.

“Not at all,” he said, rising to his feet. He was the gentle giant again. Carefully, he stepped forward, pressing his crotch into my face as he reached around the tree trunk to grab the ropes that held me.

“Stand up” he said. “I’ll lift the ropes as you get up.”

I did as I was told, bouncing between the tree trunk and his body as I rose awkwardly to my feet. Once there, he remained pressed in against me and began rubbing his furry chest up and down my own.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked. “Who are you?”

His movement stopped and he looked down at me sandwiched uncomfortably.

“My name is not important…yet.” he answered. “The time will come though when you really want to know me.”

“You said you had a photograph of me. How? Why?”

“I was sent to kidnap you.” His response was direct and he stepped away from me to watch my reaction properly as he spoke. “My employer heard that there was a rich kid on his own, about to embark on a solitary journey. He suggested that I might like to collect you for him, but you left your hotel room earlier than I expected. I had to follow you here to catch up with you.”

My head was spinning, but I was determined to stay calm.

“Then why don’t you take me back to your employer?”

“Oh, I will….maybe. Eventually. But if I do that, then you’re sure to die. So first – a little fun of my own.” He paused. “And perhaps a little romance.”

“Romance!” I screamed. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding! With you?”

“You’ll come around. You’ll see.”

“You really are disturbed, aren’t you?” I struggled against my bonds again and The Stranger moved around behind the tree.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said. “I’ll untie you from the tree, so long as you don’t try anything stupid. Okay?”

If he waiting for a response, he didn’t get one, but I soon felt the ropes loosening around the tree and suddenly my hands fell forward, lengths of the cord dangling from my wrist. I rubbed my shoulders to ease the tension as The Stranger appeared from behind the tree. He grabbed my arms and turned me around, facing away from him.

“What are you doing?” I said, trying in vain to turn back to face him.

He grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back. Instantly, I kicked back in an attempt to break free, but a quick grab at the pressure point on my shoulder sunk me hard and fast to my knees. The Stranger shoved me face down in the moist dirt and planted a knee in my back, pulling my hands behind me to tie them together.

“Lie still and you won’t get hurt,” he warned. “I said I’d untie you from the tree, not free you.”

Moments later, my hands were firmly tied and The Stranger was lifting me to my feet again. He pulled me back to the tree and I felt him working the ropes once more. When he was done, with my hands, I felt the rope coil around my neck like a noose.

I was like a dog on a leash. He had bound my hands behind my back and in turn to a length of rope tied around the tree. As if this wasn’t enough, he’d then tied a noose around my neck and secured that to the leading rope too. The set up gave me freedom to walk no more than 5 steps forward until the tug of the bonds halted my course and began canlı casino to choke me.

“You bastard!” It was all I could think of to say, and it was followed by the only action I could think of to do. I screamed!


The Stranger looked on, neither moving to silence me nor yelling to warn me. He simply watched, taking a seat on the ground nearby like a child enthralled by a Punch and Judy puppet show.

But still I continued. I screamed, yelled, hollered, shouted, bellowed and cried out. If there were any other adjectives to describe the raucous, then I did them too.

It was no use, and I knew it. We were alone in the jungle with nothing more than a few birds and other hidden animals for company. No one was going to save me and I was powerless against him. In sheer frustration, I sat down and cried.

It was perhaps ten minutes later that events took a turn for the better – and the worst. It began with a rustle in the trees, like a monkey swinging from branch to branch. The Stranger noticed it too, and rose to his feet to scan the tree tops.

Nothing. Silence had returned. Until I saw him.

He came from nowhere, landing in a crouch from some great height where he’d been watching us, summing up the situation. Like a Tarzan fantasy, he rose to standing position and looked directly at me, his smooth sinewy body covered only by a loincloth tied discreetly around his waist. He wouldn’t have been more than 20 years old, perhaps a little younger; his handsome and chiselled features accentuated by rippling muscles and the elegant movement of an animal. A mane of long, golden hair cascaded unkept over his shoulders like a sparkling waterfall for all the world to admire.

Slowly, the newcomer turned his gaze to The Stranger, whose was still facing the other way, looking up at the tree tops. As though sensing his stare, The Stranger turned and the two men eyed each other cautiously. Eventually, The Stranger laughed, loud and hard.

“Let me guess,” he said. “Tarzan?”

“I am Boi,” came the simple answer.

“Oh!” The Stranger smirked. “I stand corrected….”

“Release him.”

The Stranger laughed again, obviously amused by the teenager’s order.

“I’ll tell you what,” The Stranger offered, “Why don’t you join him instead?”

“I do not wish to harm you, but if you do not release him, I will be forced to attack.”

The smile vanished from The Stranger’s face and the darkness returned to his eyes.

“Do your best.”

Instantly, the two men crouched and began circling each other in battle, both of them confident in their own strength and ability.

The Stranger lunged first and Boi caught him, locking the duo in a power vice. Muscles strained as their hands clasp together and they struggled to gain controlled. The Stranger’s eyes widened in surprise as the strength of Boi threatened to hold its own, but the lunge had given The Stranger the advantage and his body pressed down on his opponent as Boi’s back began to arch slowly.

I watched transfixed as these two gorgeous men wrestled for dominance, growing hard again as their bodies rubbed together in violent foreplay, muscles erupting with testosterone!

The Stranger gave a cry of victory as his control grew. Boi’s face contorted with pain, every bulging muscle screaming kaçak casino in agony as he strained to overpower his adversary. But The Stranger’s rock hard torso pushed him further and further back.

Boi’s knees began to buckle under the weight of the attack but suddenly, he dropped to the ground, raising his legs and flinging The Stranger over his shoulder. The Stranger hit the ground with a thud and Boi was on top of him before he knew what was happening. The Stranger gasped as Boi pounded his chest with a powerful fist. He raised his hands to protect himself and Boi grabbed them, forcing The Stranger’s arms down to the ground.

Rolling off and hauling The Stranger on top of him, Boi wrapped his mighty legs around The Stranger’s waist, squeezing tight as he rolled The Stranger over again and forced his arms to the ground.

Pinned to the dirt The Stranger bucked, attempting the throw Boi off, but the youth held fast, crushing The Stranger in the mighty leg vice and holding him to the ground.

Without warning, the scene before me brought me to the height of excitment. One touch and I would have cum in a fountain of pure white. This God-like creation, this stranger, who had overpowered and molested me; this dominating beast with the looks of an Idol was now facing his own defeat – an event I would have thought impossible against his unstoppable might.

But the fantasy didn’t end here. Letting out an almighty growl, The Stranger suddenly stopped thrashing around and concentrated all of his strength in his arms, determined to lift them against Boi’s hold.

Realising his move, Boi leaned forward, using his body weight to hold The Stranger down, but The Stranger had anticipated this and instantly raised his legs, bucking again and knocking Boi forward over his face.

Snatching his hands free, The Stranger grabbed Boi around the waist and squeezed, the latter’s groin unexpectedly thrust into The Stranger’s face.

The Stranger held fast, releasing his grip only slightly in order to pound his clasped hands into the small of Boi’s back, causing the teen to cry out in pain. The Stranger repeated the moving again and a third time before rolling Boi over and climbing on top of him.

Boi’s leg hold was useless now; The Stranger’s crushing bear hug forcing Boi to release his lock. He wheezed as The Stranger’s fist connected with his chest, knocking the wind out of him. With malice in his eyes, The Stranger grabbed Boi’s nipples and twisted them sharply. Boi screamed as his back arched and The Stranger grabbed his hands and pinned him to the ground, planting a knee firmly in Boi’s stomach.

Twisting around in pain, Boi was helpless as The Stranger released his hold and grabbed Boi from behind, hauling him into a kneeling position and a painful full nelson. Turning the youth to face me, The Stranger yanked hard on Boi’s outstretched arms and hooted in triumph, too embroiled in his own victory to notice my solid cock reaching out towards them.

“You see!” he cried at me. “I’m invincible! You think he could have saved you? Look at him. Mine! His mine – just like you!”

And as Boi’s stretched body hung powerlessly in the grip of The Stranger, I knew that even my potential saviour’s rippling muscles weren’t enough to save either of us. Now there were two of us against one. And the one had all the power.

Their bodies glistening brightly in the light. Boi’s cries of agony echoed through the forest and The Stranger continued to exact his painful revenge, vengeance slowing changing to lust in his deep, soulful eyes.

To be continued…

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