Just the Six of Us

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I savored the delightful sensations of being inside Andrea as she rode up and down on my erect cock, her moist, warm, silky-smooth vaginal walls squeezing and caressing my thick shaft as she ground herself onto me along its length. Her flaming red hair swirled around her face, and her large, full tits, splashed with freckles like virtually every inch of her body, swayed up and down, and side to side, with her movements. My cock was buzzing warmly as it probed to her inmost depths.

“God,” I breathed, “it feels wonderful inside your pussy tonight.”

“Mmmmm,” she purred in response. “Your cock feels so good inside me, too. . .”

At the foot of the bed, Judy’s elbow nudged repeatedly against my leg as Mike pounded his large cock into her pussy. She was laying with her ass at the edge of the bed, her legs splayed wide apart, while Mike stood, his cock perfectly aligned with her cunt as they fucked. His hands were on her knees, pressing them onto the bed, leaving her cunt wide-open for him to penetrate her as deeply as possible. Her white tits were in stark contrast to her raven-black hair as they jiggled back-and-forth with each of his thrusts, swaying in time to their sexual rhythm. “HUUUNNNGGGHHH! HUUUNNNGGGHHH! HUUUNNNGGGHHH!” Mike grunted, as he jack-hammered his stiff, swollen manhood repeatedly in and out of Judy’s wet hole.

“Oh. . . god. . . yes. . . fuck. . . me. . . deep. . . Mike. . .!” Judy groaned, in time with Mike’s pounding. “So. . . fucking. . . good. . .!”

On the bed next to Andrea and me, Bill and Kate were happily undulating together in the missionary position. His long thin cock slid slowly in and out of her, causing her to moan with delight as he probed to the farthest warm corners of her vagina. Sensuously, Bill rolled his hips, driving his member in and out of Kate, her pussy adorned with a thick bush of blond pubic hair. Kate rolled her own hips back at him, as the two of them performed a sultry horizontal mating dance.

Kate caught my eye as Bill slowly slid in and out of her. “Isn’t this incredible?” she gushed.


It was incredible — the three of us couples all fucking together on the giant, custom-built super-king-size bed in our ‘play room’.

I should start at the beginning. I’m Tom; Kate and I have been married for six years. Bill and Judy have been our closest friends, even going back to before we all were married. Five years ago, the four of us rented a lovely little rustic cottage in the woods together for a week. Living in close quarters like that. . . the walls were thin enough to hear each other having sex. . . and the shower was outdoors, with only a curtain between our naked bodies and the great outdoors. It started with some mischievous teasing, Bill and I sneaking peeks at the women as they showered. One thing led to another, and by the end of the week, we’d all shed our clothes, and had fucked each other’s spouses, as well as our own, multiple times. We still call that our ‘Naked Week Orgy’, and it was really the beginning of the erotic lifestyle we live together today.

After that, the four of us got together once or twice a month for weekend foursomes, keeping the sexual momentum from our vacation rolling. After a couple years of that, the four of us decided to just move in together as a single household; nobody much minded having twice as many folks to share cooking and maintenance chores. It didn’t take long before our relationships were all pretty completely ‘open’, and the fact that Kate was my wife, and Bill was Judy’s husband, almost came to seem incidental. One night, I’d go to bed with Kate, and Bill would sleep with Judy; then the next night, we’d swap, and I’d sleep with Judy, and Bill would share Kate’s bed. It really was like two men sharing two wives, and vice versa. Sex never got dull — I had two pussies, and four beautiful tits, available to me on a daily basis, and so did Bill; just enjoying the differences between the two women, and their bodies, meant that the sex was always interesting. And of course, the women each had two men, and two very distinct cocks, available to them, as well.

Andrea was an old friend of Judy’s. One time, about three years ago, the two of them were talking together, and Andrea confided that she and Mike were seriously thinking of expanding their sex life, to include other partners, preferably couples. Judy laughed, saying, “I might know of something you’d find very interesting,” and told her about our arrangement. Then she asked Andrea if she and Mike would like to come and play with us sometime.

Andrea looked at Judy, her mouth agape. “YOU, Judy? You and Bill have an open marriage?”

“Not exactly open-open,” Judy explained. “But the four of us share freely among ourselves.”

“That sounds like EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for!”

Judy told the rest of us about her conversation with Andrea, and all of us were thrilled to find potential new playmates. So that weekend, Mike and Andrea joined us for our first three-couple orgy, and we had an absolutely fantastic time together. casino oyna Soon they were regularly joining us for long erotic weekends. We all dearly wanted them to move in with us, but there simply wasn’t room in our house.


Mike is an architect, and we began to toss around ideas as to what kind of house would be ideal for six people — three couples — in a single, open-sex household. Mike drew up some plans, at first just ‘blue-sky’ imaginings — ‘what would you think about this?’ — and the rest of us enjoyed looking at them, and thinking about them. But the more we thought about it, the more we thought, ‘why the hell not?’ and before long, the whole tone changed, and we were offering serious suggestions for tweaks and changes to a house that we planned to actually live in someday.

Finally, Mike drew up some plans that incorporated all the best features that we’d discussed, and we all sat looking at them, realizing that the next step — actually building the house — would mean that we were committed, virtually irrevocably, to each other, and our erotic lifestyle.

“What do you think?” Mike asked.

“I like it,” Bill chimed in.

“What do you suppose it would cost?” I asked.

Mike quoted an amount. If we pooled our resources, it wasn’t outrageous at all. For a minute or two, we were all rolling the idea over in our minds.

“Let’s do it!” I finally blurted. “We’ll never be more ready to do this than we are right now. Let’s just do it!”

My enthusiasm seemed to help persuade the others, and we all agreed on the spot to build our six-way play house.

It took just a few months to build the new place, and when it was finished, Bill and Judy and Kate and I sold our house, and Mike and Andrea sold theirs, and we all went in together on the new place.

The main feature of the new house was a giant ‘play room’, with a huge, custom-built, super-king-size bed that would easily accommodate all six of us, if need be. On one side wall was a large movie screen, and a DVD/video projector, in case we wanted to watch an erotic film (or three or four) to ‘set the mood’. Other beds lined the walls of the room, providing multiple venues in which to fuck. There were three ‘regular’ bedrooms, with queen-size beds, for whoever was paired off with whom on a given weeknight — no-one ever slept alone in our house — and a large ‘dressing room’, containing six closets for all our clothes (we did have to leave the house occasionally). We also had a number of ‘extra rooms’, which were designated as guest rooms, or a library, or storage, or whatever else.

The new house design was incredibly exciting, and we all looked forward to moving in together, and living our lifestyle to the fullest.


Andrea looked into my eyes, her hands resting on my chest as she continued to grind on my cock. “God, I love your cock,” she breathed. Soon, she sat up, and began grinding her hips more insistently on my erection, and clenching her thighs around my hips. Rolling her head back, she closed her eyes and formed her mouth into a silent ‘O’ as her climax rose within her. She was grinding on me furiously, her ass virtually a blur, and the sensations in my cock were going through the roof. Her orgasm and mine arrived virtually simultaneously, and our ecstatic cries and groans swirled in and around each other as her pussy clenched in rhythmic spasms on my cock, and my balls sent jets of my cum surging into her. Our bodies were a single twitching, writhing orgasmic entity. Slowly, our transcendent bliss began to dissolve into uncontrollable laughter, at the sheer mutual joy of our coupling. Andrea fell onto my chest, and I held her tightly, still grinding my softening penis in and out of her, covering her face and neck and shoulders with kisses, wanting to devour her, to know her even more closely than I already had.

“Nice. . .” came Mike’s voice from the foot of the bed. “Hang on, Judy. . .” The two of them had settled into a comfortable rhythm, but now he began ramming his cock into her even more forcefully than before, causing Judy to wail at the pleasure overload exploding in her cunt.

“OOOOooooOOOOhhhh!” she groaned. “Oh. . . shit. . . Mike. . . I’m. . . COOOOMMMMM. . .!” Her head rolled from side to side as her orgasm exploded through her body. She jerked and flopped uncontrollably on the edge of the bed, while Mike continued ramming his rod in and out of her. For what seemed like several long minutes, Judy quivered and squirmed in climactic bliss. Finally, as she began to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere, still bucking her hips against Mike’s thrusts, she groaned, “Come in me, Mike; shoot your cum inside me. . .”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mike replied, and with one more thrust, he reached to her central core and held himself deep inside her. His body twitched and shook as he released himself to his orgasm, and sent rivers of his cum into her. When he was finished, he fell forward onto Judy, kissing and caressing her, as the aftershocks of his climax continued to rumble through his body.

Bill canlı casino and Kate had continued fucking each other steadily, not even breaking rhythm, while they watched the rest of us climax. When Mike and Judy finished, they looked at each other with sly, sexy grins.

“Guess it’s our turn now, huh?” Bill said.

“Let’s do it,” Kate answered, as she raised her legs, to open herself to Bill’s deepest penetration.

Bill hooked his arms under Kate’s knees, and began to thrust deeply into her, rolling his hips and straining to reach her innermost core. The two of them locked eyes as they rocked together in the ancient sexual rhythm, and it was wondrous to behold as they communed with each other at a deep, unspoken level, the sexual energy passing between their joined genitals, and cycling back around through their deep gaze, reaching into each other’s souls.

Kate closed her eyes and rolled her head back, her blond hair swirling around her face. Her tits bounced in rhythm with Bill’s thrusts into her. “Oh god, Bill,” she groaned. “Your cock feels so good; so deep inside me. . . You’re making me come. . . I’m. . . OOOOoooohhhhh. . . Yesssssss. . .”

As Kate reached her orgasmic peak, Bill was approaching his own. He thrust deep into her and held himself tightly inside her, pressing his groin tightly against hers, until, with a shudder and a groan, he came inside her.

“Oh, yesssss, Bill. . .” Kate purred, “you’re coming inside me. I can feel your hot cum spurting into me, filling me up. Yesssss. . . give me all of your cum. . .”

When Bill was finally, totally spent, he rolled off of Kate, and the six of us lay together, our naked bodies sliding against each other in a happy pile in the middle of the bed, laughing in satiated joy. At least, for the moment. “End of Round 1!” I wisecracked.

It was our first night in the new house, and the six of us had all piled into our new, giant bed, to dedicate it to many thousands of future hours of erotic pleasure to come. Tonight, we were all going to fuck until we were utterly, completely sated, our precious bodily fluids flowing in and out of, onto, around and through, each other’s bodies, in a full sexual round-robin — each of the men fucking each of the women, and whatever else we could come up with.

“OK, then — how do you all want to pair up for Round 2?” Mike asked.

Kate sidled up to Mike. “Can I have a shot at your big cock next?” she asked.

“By all means!” Mike agreed. “As long as you’ll let me suck your tits.”


“Then I guess I’m with Bill,” Andrea said, with perfect logic, and an eager sexy grin.

“And I’m with Tom,” said Judy.

We climbed over and around each other, our naked skin sliding sensually against each other, until we were properly paired up with our new partners.

At first, Judy and I simply held each other, stroking and caressing each other’s bodies, and kissing each other passionately, our tongues intertwined, probing inside each other’s mouths. I ran my hands over her firm, tight, round ass, while she stroked my shoulders and back. I slid down to attend to her breasts, licking and sucking on her delightful fleshy orbs. Pale-skinned C-cups, they were tipped with pink areolae; I happily twirled my tongue around her erect nipples as I suckled her, while she cradled my head in her arms, pressing me tightly to herself.

Down by our feet, Mike and Kate were happily 69ing each other. Kate had already managed to restore Mike’s man-club to nearly its full erect length and thickness, while Mike eagerly explored her warm, wet opening with his tongue. When Judy and I saw what they were doing, we looked at each other, nodding, and quickly shifted into the same position.

I lay on my back, and Judy’s flower-petals opened up in front of my eyes. I felt her lips surround my cockhead, and savored the sensations of her mouth on my cock. Judy hummed happily as she swirled her tongue around my cockhead and shaft, creating a buzzing sensation in my man-meat. I nuzzled and gently nibbled on her labia with my lips, and ran my tongue along her inner lips. Her scent was intoxicating, and I reveled in the taste of her savory sex-juices. Mike’s cum was slowly oozing out of her, and as I lapped it up, I smiled to myself at the thought that Judy was sucking Andrea’s cunt-juice off my cock. Before the night was over, all three of the women would have the cum of all three of us men filling their wombs.

When my cock was straining urgently, and I couldn’t bear for another minute not to have it in Judy’s pussy, I patted her ass, and asked her what position she wanted to fuck in.

“Can we do doggy?” she asked.

“Doggy it is,” I replied.

While Judy climbed off me and got on all fours, I took my position behind her. Looking around the bed, I saw Mike lying on his back, with Kate poised above him, his cockhead just nestled between her pussy-lips. I caught her eye with a wink and a smile, just as she slid herself down onto his thick shaft with a happy groan, and began sensuously riding kaçak casino Mike’s cock, her eyes closed savoring the sensations of her second cock of the evening probing into her warm depths. I watched her lean forward to offer her tits for Mike to suckle while she rode him.

Bill was on top of Andrea, fucking her missionary-style, while she stroked her legs along his back, sexily sliding them slowly from his waist, over his ass, and then down his legs, holding him in tight contact with herself as she rolled her hips up, meeting Bill’s thrusts into her, receiving his long, slender cock with happy contented purrs.

I knelt between Judy’s legs, gripping my shaft in my hands, positioning it against her cunt-lips from behind. As I nestled my cockhead in position between her labia, I thought back to the time, years ago at the cabin, when Judy and I had fucked for the first time, taking the first step on the road that had brought us to this day, sharing ourselves sexually. At that moment, years ago, we were just lost in the sexual excitement of the moment, with our respective spouses; we had no clue that this is where it would lead.

“Come on, Tom!” Judy’s voice brought me back from my reminiscences, to the real world, in which her tight cunt was hungry for my cock in the here and now. “Put your cock in me; I want to feel you stuffing my pussy! Don’t tease me, Tom; fuck me now!”

How could I refuse such a beautiful woman, with such an urgent need for my cock?

“As you wish, my dear.”

Slowly, insistently, I pressed my eager, stiff rod forward, until I was completely buried inside her. Judy’s pussy was tighter than Andrea’s, and I savored the sensations of being wrapped inside her. I hunched over her, my chest in tight contact with the skin of Judy’s back as I reached around to fondle her delightful tits as they hung down from her chest, swaying in time with the rhythmic movements of our bodies.

We mated slowly at first, savoring all the sensations of our coupling, the underside of my cockhead scrubbing against the front wall of Judy’s vagina as I probed inside her. Rolling my hips, I ground my erection to the deepest corners of her tight, warm tunnel. She rocked back against my movements, matching my rhythm, groaning as her pleasure began to grow within her.

“Oh god, Tom,” she breathed. “This is great! Your cock fills me so full!” She trembled slightly, the first sign that her orgasm was beginning to rise within her.

I rose up off her back, and with my hands on her hips, I began pulling her onto my cock as I thrust into her again and again, more forcefully than before.

“Oh, god yes! Fuck me hard, Tom! Pound your cock into me!”

Obedient lover that I am, I pounded her pussy even harder, grunting with every thrust. Soon Judy was moaning and wailing as the waves of her climax broke and crashed, shaking her body independently of her own will.

As her cunt-walls began to contract involuntarily around my shaft, I was driven over my own orgasmic edge. “Oh god,” I choked, and soon my own body was twitching spastically as jets of my thick, hot cum shot into Judy, joining the remnants of what Mike had deposited inside her minutes before. A warm, wet sensation spread over and around my balls as my cum, and some of Mike’s, oozed out of Judy’s pussy. I collapsed back onto her back, and the two of us knelt, spooned together, panting and gasping for breath.

“My god,” I whispered in Judy’s ear. “That was wonderful!”

“Uh-huh,” she panted back.

My soft cock slipped out of her, and the two of us fell onto the bed. I resumed lazily fondling her tits while we watched the other two couples finish.

Mike was now sitting on the edge of the bed, holding Kate by her waist and suckling her tits while she straddled him. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, pulling him into herself. From our angle, I could see his big cock disappear into her as she slid forward-and-back along its length.

Before long, Kate threw her head back. She and Mike locked arms and leaned apart to increase his penetration, and the two of them began banging together at a furious pace.

“Oh. . . god. . . Mike. . .” Kate groaned, between gasping breaths, “your. . . cock. . . is. . . filling. . . me. . .” Her jaw went slack, and a long, incoherent wail came out of her, as she exploded in climax.

Mike didn’t wait for her to finish coming; with a loud groan, he raised his hips forcefully up into her, and I swear I could see his balls pulsating as they pumped great spurts of his semen into her.

Bill and Andrea were also approaching their mutual climax. Andrea had her hands spread wide on Bill’s ass, forcefully pulling him into herself as she threw her hips up off the bed, matching his eager thrusts with her own, and matching his masculine grunts with feminine ones of her own. Bill’s long, slender cock seemed to reach halfway up Andrea’s freckled belly as it disappeared into her again and again.

Bill’s face showed the strain of his exertions, as he and Andrea slammed into each other in the age-old sexual rhythm, and he strove mightily to hold off his orgasm. I watched as his eyes got big, and he inhaled sharply. “Andi –” he gasped, and his shoulders twitched and jerked as he came inside her, in a rush.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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