Last Months in the City Ch. 01

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Anri Okita

Hey guys! Here’s a new story I’ve been working on- one that is loosely inspired by own experiences. It’s a little more story driven. Do let me know what you think. I read each and every comment, and fully appreciate all the feedback you guys give me. Thanks for sticking around.


Chapter 1: The subtle art of avoiding your problems through sex

Jamie pulled on both ends of his coat, wrapping himself up like a tightly wound burrito as he trudged along Geary Boulevard in what could only be described as the coldest night in San Francisco. He remembered the first time he walked down this strip as a freshman- taking note of all the bars he’d eventually drink at and every eatery he’d try when he had some money of his own. All of that eagerness and wonder had melted into a rosy-colored puddle he seldom dipped his feet in. These days, it felt like the city was doing everything it could to chase him out.

He remembered the last time he wore this tan coat- Marissa, his best friend who lacked any sort of filter said he looked like an extra stuffed burrito from Chipotle underneath all of those layers-complete with a dark brown beanie that resembled carnitas. She always said it like it was.

The two had met one late night in the studio- it was quick intro followed by a couple of hours of working silence, filled only by the music playing into their respective headphones. He ran into her the next day and the day after that, realizing she was friends with this group he’d just been welcomed into. It was like they were destined to be in each other’s circles, and Jamie knew better than to test fate.

He checked his watch to see he was already late as the avenues increased in value. It was the last Wednesday of the month- a day that he and his friends set aside for a standing dinner together. It was one of those drunken ideas that spurred up after one impromptu get-together: the group of friends had complained they hadn’t hung out in a while, to which Marissa suggested a monthly dinner.

Jamie thought back to that night- a rare occasion that each of their schedules had lined up and everyone was suddenly free to grab drinks. Each of them had been busy getting acclimated to their new jobs and lives after graduation that they hadn’t seen each other in nearly weeks.

Kevin, another one of Jamie’s best friends, shook his head about, messing the oxford shirt he’d come in after a day of corporate life. “I’m all for monthly dinners, but why Wednesdays of all days?”

Without skipping a beat, Marissa gave him a knowing look and a shrug, “Why not, Kevin? It’s not like you’re getting humped on Humpday.” The two were often thorns in each other’s sides- mostly attributed to the fact that they’d gone to high school together and thus couldn’t hide behind the cooler, more mature personas most people adopted in college.

Kev rolled his eyes, “Whatever Riss, it’s not like you’re dating either.”

Jamie inched his way between the two, “Come on guys, we’re all desperately single here.” He placed a hand on Marissa’s shoulder, “But you know, you two could always just get together. I mean you did go to prom together.” Kevin had mentioned that he used to have feelings for Marissa way back when- feelings which have long since disappeared when they actually became friends and she wasn’t just some object of his affection, perched on a pedestal and without fault. Now they were just the siblings he had that could never get along.

Marissa audibly gagged, placing the back of her hand on her forehead like it was providing her some relief. “I was young and naive. And Kevin was the first guy to ask- I couldn’t say no.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Kevin replied with an eye roll just as Garrett came back with the next round. He handed each of them their drinks- a pair of matching Jack and Coke’s for Jamie and Kev, a Moscow mule for himself and a whiskey sour for the lady.

“What’re they fighting about now?” He asked as he took hold of the copper cup.

“Who’s got a bigger dick.”

“Ah so the usual, then” Garrett replies, getting a chuckle from Jamie.

“But Riss is proposing a dinner- the last Wednesday of every month. You down?”

Garrett took a second to enjoy his drink, “Yeah, but as long as we don’t eat anywhere basic. If I’m gonna drop cash on a meal, it better be good.”

That was nearly a year ago and the group had managed to stick to their once a month dinner rule- minus a few modifications for holidays and family birthdays. These monthly dinners brought both excitement and dread to Jamie, who often felt insignificant compared to the accomplishments the rest of his friends seemed to enjoy. They had all graduated last year and each went into work right off the bat- with Kevin getting swept up into corporate finance life and Garrett happening upon an internship at a large architecture firm that later turned into a great job. Even Marissa, who like Jamie had started in a medium-sized arch firm, was soon brisked away when the company was bought out and made massive. That left Jamie, who’d been at the same casino siteleri job and cubicle he’d had for the past year and a half. He just didn’t know how much longer he’d be able to smile and nod his way through.

Even today, as he sat at his desk working on some project he knew he had too much experience doing, he felt like he could walk out at any moment and no one at the office would know he left or even care. So he sucked up all of his pride and finished up the rest of the day. And after what felt like an hour-long coaching session with himself, he worked up enough courage to finally convince himself to tell his friends the truth- that soon, he’d pack up and leave San Francisco, and them, for good.


He opened the doors to that small Thai restaurant that he and all of his friends loved ever since they first ventured out of the campus cafeteria and into the world of San Francisco cuisine. He saw them, perched at the far end in a booth that they’d eaten in at least a handful of times. Before he even got to the table, he heard Marissa calling out in her best attempt at a Spanish accent.

“Hola señor, I see we have burritos on special today”, she said pulling him into a hug.

Jamie playfully swatted her away, “Shut up, I happen to love this coat, plus it’s a fucking tundra out there.”

Kevin rolled his eyes, “Dude, it’s light sweater weather at best. You’d think after five years, you’d have adjusted.”

“Nope, not in the slightest.” He said, knowing that Kev was a Bay Area native with no room for reason. “I still have my flip flops and tank tops packed away to prove it.”

He leaned over the table and gave Kev and Garrett two half hugs before taking a seat next to Marissa.

“So, what’s everyone been up to?” he said, resting his forearms on the wooden table.

Garrett immediately responded, “Well, I actually have a bit of news”

Kevin threw his hands up in protest, “Before we get into that, can we order? Jamie kept us waiting for like fifteen minutes and I’m starving.” Leave it to Kevin to be all “business first, fun later”, Jamie thought to himself. There was this meticulous nature of his friend that perfectly paired with his own chaotic energy- like two magnets who’d bonded over comic book movies and obscure hip hop tastes.

Jamie threw his straw paper trash over at Kevin as the group agreed to order first.

Their food came piping hot just as Jamie’s empty stomach growled. He remembered all the times they used to come here, scraping together enough cash for dinner- back before they had real jobs and didn’t have to question whether or not to order appetizers. Sometime after digging into their meals, Marissa broke their current conversation, asking.

“Wait Gar, you never told us your news.”

Garret wiped his mouth, “Oh yeah! Um, so Lisa and I are moving to Oakland.”

Garret and Lisa were two fellow architecture majors Jamie and Riss had gotten close to down in the trenches of their basement studio hall. In many ways they were parallels, closest to each other apart from the rest of the group. Lisa was off in graduate school, barely making time for the friend group in favor of study sessions and naps- neither of which anyone gave her grief for.

The rest of them opened their mouths in shock. “Wait what?” Kevin asked, “You love it here dude!”

Jamie sat back silent. In many ways, he and Garrett were the same. They were both island boys who’d found their way to the mainland, and the city, nonetheless. Jamie often bonded with him- talking about their simpler lives back home and what they missed about it. But Garrett adjusted way quicker than he did like a fish to new water. Soon, the tan boy blended in with Kev and Riss, both California natives themselves, unintentionally leaving Jamie as the odd one out.

Garrett nodded, “I’ll miss the city, yes, but there’s so many advantages bro. First off, Kelly’s leaving to go live back in San Jose which means Lisa and I would have to cover her share of rent which is no bueno.” He reasoned with them, “I mean I’ll still be working here, I’ll just be commuting everyday.”

“How soon is this?” Jamie asked.

Garret shrugged, “In two weeks.” He reached for his water and took a drink, “Our lease is up at the end of the month and we just looked at a place this afternoon which we both liked. So once all the paperwork goes through, it’s a done deal.”

Jamie leaned back into the booth, aimlessly stirring his roasted duck fried rice. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

“Me neither, but it’s not like this changes much. If anything, it gives me an excuse to crash on your or Riss’ couches.” He said with a wink.

Jamie knew in that moment that he couldn’t tell them- at least not tonight. It was almost as if Garrett had stolen the main act of the night and that any other big news would be too overwhelming. He had a stressful week and so right now, all he really wanted was to enjoy the rest of dinner without stirring up too much more.

Sometime after finishing their meal, canlı casino Kevin suggested they go grab a drink nearby which- after several groans about work the next day- was finally agreed. The four of them made their way to The Bitter End, one of the dive bars they frequented in college and kept up with since. The dark wood interior and mixed drinks that tasted of flat soda left something to be desired, but it was familiar to them, and no matter how much he knew they could spend their money elsewhere, Jamie loved the place.

They each had about two drinks, drawing the line when Kevin suggested Jager bombs. After a string of goodbyes and half made plans to meet up this weekend, Jamie was the last one left, nursing the Corona he’d been drinking and wallowing in his decision to leave. He just didn’t know where it all went wrong- how this adventure in the City turned out to be such an overwhelming and anxious experience that made him feel lesser than. He needed to get out, feeling like his only option would be to slip back in bed with his hometown- not because he really wanted to, but because it was easy.

He needed something to take his mind off things.

Now the Bitter End wasn’t the type of place he used to pick-up guys. Hell, the last hook-up he got from here turned into a less than stellar night. Still, he needed someone quick and he didn’t have too much room to be picky.

After a few minutes of hopelessness, he caught sight of this guy standing at the end of the bar and finishing off his own drink. He took in the fleece jacket and olive corduroy pants with a pair of boots that made him look like a model in a Portland ad campaign. Jamie downed the rest of his beer and with his new sense of courage, made his way over to him just as he too took his last drink.

Jamie slid up towards him, both calling for their checks at the same time. The bartender chuckled and proceeded to print out each of their bills.

Looking at the bill, Jamie saw his chance. He leaned over, saying, “Now unless I drank more than I thought I did, I believe this one is yours.” He turned to see the profile of the man’s face- which based on the soft features and pouted lips, looked like he had just turned 21.

He handed the stranger the paper, “Ah yes. I had a rough day but not-” he looked over at the items on the wrong bill, “two corona’s and an AMF, rough.” The stranger squinted his eyes in a smile, softening his chiselled jaw.

Jamie laughed out loud, “You judging me based on my drink orders?” he corrected, “one of which by the way was for my friend.”

“A little bit.” He replied with an extended handshake, “Chris”

“Jamie” he said, meeting the boy’s touch that instantly thawed his cold body.

“So what do you do, Chris?” Jamie asked, gesturing as they sat down at a pair of barstools. “I mean other than drinking two bourbons on a Wednesday night.”

Chris smiled, “Boring office job by the Pier, you?”

“Boring office job off Market Street.”

Chris mocked, “So detailed, how exciting.”

Jamie shrugged. Right now, Chris only served one purpose. Jamie wasn’t delusional enough to think anything else. But he had to admit that talking to him came easy- which for a city of nearly 900,000 was rare. He was so caught up in his boyish face that he didn’t even notice he’d spaced out for a minute.

“So, what do you say?” The stranger asked, nodding towards the door.

“Sorry, what?”

“I said do you wanna get outta here?”

Jamie was a little taken aback by the forwardness, thinking he’d have to spend another ten minutes or so in casual conversation before dropping hints at sex. But Chris seemed to be dialed into the same wavelength which was refreshing.

“Yeah, definitely.”

Chris smiled, pleased. “I live about six blocks away.”

Jamie led them out of the bar, saying, “Mine’s closer.”


Jamie wasn’t kidding when he said his place was closer. After only a few minutes, the two were standing in the living room of Jamie’s apartment as Chris looked over the few framed posters he’d managed to put up.

“My roommate hated those-” He said, pulling off his coat and setting it on the hook by the door. “Said they made the place look too uppity.”

“And what did he put on the walls?”

Jamie shrugged, “A Golden State Warriors flag, autographed posters of Mac Dre and E-40, oh and some postcards from his hometown of Santa Rosa.”

“That sounds like a Bay Area wet dream.” Chris said as Jamie took a seat on the couch.

Jamie chuckled, “It was that, and worse.”

Chris turned his attention from the plain walls to Jamie who looked like he’d been calling him over with his brown eyes. He walked over, dragging his sock covered feet against the carpet floors, waiting for any friction to stop him. He paused, with his legs planted firmly between Jamie’s knees and with one motion, he straddled the dark-haired boy, resting his body against his thighs.

“Tell me I’m not reading this wrong.” He whispered, bringing his face close enough kaçak casino to Jamie’s that they could smell the alcohol on each other’s breaths.

“Not at all”, the darker boy said as he took Chris’ jaw in his fingers and pulled them into a kiss. He slipped his tongue into Chris’ hungry mouth, tasting the boy for all he was worth. He too was hungry, having not been with another guy for months- using the excuse that work was a bitch and he didn’t have much time.

Chris proved to be just what he needed, folding when Jamie demanded dominance but still letting his eager hands wander enough. He pulled at the collared shirt, careful not to rip off any buttons and undid it entirely. Jamie too wanted the boy naked, so he stripped him, only pulling away from their kiss to pull the shirt over and toss it aside. He took hold of Chris’ neck, pecking at the boy’s milky and soft skin like it was a batch of bao fresh from the steamer.

Chris shivered, feeling those wet lips against his skin and cradled the back of Jamie’s head as he attacked. “Let me suck your dick.” he said, only half hoping that the tan boy hadn’t left him covered in bites that- against his pale white skin- would stick with him for weeks.

Jamie nodded, fiddling with his zipper as Chris sank to his knees, resting them on the carpet floor. He watched as the older boy pulled off his pants, hearing that delicious noise as his cock slapped against his stomach. It was hard and dripping with more inches of flesh than he was used to. Chris leaned forward, lazily licking at the wet, uncut tip that could only be dripping for him. He listened to the muffled moans leaving Jamie’s mouth before rolling his lips over his teeth and taking the boy in.

It had been weeks since Jamie had any sort of sexual encounter- with the last guy being some random thirty something who hit on him while bar-hopping with his friends. At twenty two, he certainly wasn’t a prude- taking advantage of the sea of strangers within this self-contained city which was something he couldn’t get back home. He eased his fingers into Chris’ hair, feeling those jet-black locks as the boy took his cock down to his throat- a difficult feat that made him swell in pride. He forced himself to only look down periodically, not wanting to ruin the moment with an unwanted intensity. This was a one-time fuck after all- something that doesn’t warrant intense stares and longing looks. Still, when he did look down at the hungry cocksucker, he saw Chris’ deep browns staring back at him- like the two had the same intentions but their timing was too in sync.

Jamie gripped onto Chris’ shoulder blades and pulled the boy up, hearing a groan of disappointment along with the popping sound of his cock slipping out of his mouth.

“My turn” he insisted, as the other boy straddled his torso giving him access to the cock he’d pulled out sometime in between the blowjob. He grabbed the hard, uncut flesh, filling up his entire palm and then some. Chris couldn’t have been any less than a half inch smaller than him- which considering his own size, was equally impressive. He gave him a few decisive strokes, watching that foreskin glide back onto the shaft, exposing a blushed pink head.

The older boy licked at the rounded tip, tasting Chris’ eagerness in the form of precum before taking his length in his mouth. Chris nearly fell off balance as Jamie kept going, determined not to stop until he’d made it down to the balls.

“Jesus Christ, dude.” The Asian boy said as he reached forward to steady himself on the wall in front of him.

Jamie pulled off once he got to the base and gave it some loving kisses along the shaft. “Sorry” he said weakly, “been a while since I had one this big.” He hit him a wink and went back to sucking.”

Chris leaned back slightly, feeling his eyes roll back, “Flattery will get you everywhere.”

The boys stayed like that for another ten minutes with Jamie getting his fill of cock that he’d been deprived of. He pulled off for a minute, giving the nod for Chris to get up as he led them into his bedroom. Chris stripped off the rest of his clothes, ditching the pants that sat at his ankles while looking around at the same sparsely covered walls and minimalist decore. Now fully naked, Jamie pulled the younger boy into a messy kiss.

“Fuck me?” He asked, nipping away at the boy’s lips.

Chris raised an eyebrow, “I kinda guessed it would’ve been the other way around.”

“Why, do you only bottom?” Jamie asked in between kisses.

The other boy shook his head, “No I’m verse. I just pegged you as a strict top.”

Jamie turned to a smile, teasing, “You’re not the only one who had a rough week.”

He simply nodded, kneeling before him as he spread his legs apart- feeling like the biggest slut this side of Golden Gate Park. But he didn’t care- he wanted this, Chris wanted this, and when you’re in your twenties and consenting- only the prudes can judge you. He handed his Chinese friend a bottle of lube and a condom he’d pulled from his bedside stash, feeling those new slick fingers poking away at his pucker. Chris stifled a moan as he saw that pink flesh, buried deep between the inches of tan skin that covered Jamie’s toned body. The other boy just smiled, pleased that he could impress.

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