Lavender Love

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Hmmm lying back I feels my body relaxing in a bath of hot, steamy water. The scent of my favorite, French imported bubble bath Chez-Lavender fills the candle-lit air….I lounges dreamily…soaking my lean, silken body. Letting my mind drift to the sound of Rhiannon by Fleetwoodmac I raises one delicate feminine arm and massages oil-scented bubbles onto it before letting it slowly sink back into the water. I repeats the same slow, languid movement to my otmy arm. oohh how I loves the feel of my body under my hand. My hand starts to massage oil onto my firm, well-rounded breasts, first one, around and around and then the otmy. Sliding my body lower, the water massaging and caressing my, my mind floats to images of the night with him; my lover Beg, his power. Images of the previous night begin to flicker behind my closed eyelids:

He came to my…tall, masculine defined male body, thick-corded muscled thighs moving toward me like a sleek powerful pantmy on the hunt, sure of its course and prey. I smiles shyly to my hunter and raises my arms to him…he approaches steadily…silently…stalking. In one movement he bends and picks my up….cradled tight and safe to his chest he hugs his prize to him…my body molding automatically to his. I can feel his breathing and the slow steady beat of his heart. Time and music blend as one, as he moves fluidly and slowly toward the bed.

He stands before my bed made of ivory canlı bahis satin Iets, of pillows with lace trim, of my old, tattered and worn, favorite stuffed dog; so out of place among the feminine finery. Slowly and so delicately he places my gently on the bed, he has the whole night ahead of him and his actions are not ruId but oh so clear. He stands next to the bed as I looks at him; his blue eyes piercing into mys, his long brown hair with dignified streaks of gray is held by a single strip of leatmy at the back of his neck. My eyes travel over him, my lover, from his chest down over his flat stomach…lower to his erect cock. He stands like this watching my so I can take my time and look him over…seeing what will soon possess my and when he sees my shiver he moves onto the bed.

Stretching out his body next to me he leans on one elbow and looks down at me. My body naked for him to look over, inspect at his leisure, touch and caress. The shadows that play across my breasts call to him and draw him to them. He moves….his mouth covers one firm, hard nipple as his hand reaches to dance with the nipple calling to him. He loves to look at their peaks, those hard nipples for his pleasure to poke and play with. Hmm, I feels the tug of my right nipple pucker as he sucks the tiny morsel into his mouth…rolling his tongue over it. My nipple being tugged up high and tight as he holds it with his teeth. I moves my head slowly bahis siteleri from side to side and moans with pleasure as he pinches and sucks my nipples. Caressing my breasts he feels his passion rise and can feel his cock growing thicker and harder. He sucks harder and slides his hand down over my delicate feminine mons . That juncture reached he plays with my curls pulling on them, running his fingers through them. He pulls and spreads my thighs apart and slides his hand down cupping my pussy, squeezing slow and massaging me. I feels his hand cupping my heat and feels the need growing to move against his palm. My body reacts to his palm… moving, massaging me, and the pressure between my legs finally drives my body to heat and passion.

His fingers delve between my private lips and finds the core of my heat; I is wet for him…I is ready for him – he is ready for this! He feels that point in need, that point within his being of no return, that point lust rules all. The sound that breaks from his throat is from deep in his chest, a primal need, a man’s need. As the candle burns brighter the room seems to take on a life of its own, intensity, a burning passion.

With an age old intensity born of need he moves swiftly down my body, forcing my thighs wider as he lifts my hips and brings my core to his waiting mouth. Hmmm, yes, my body feels his hot lips searing a path from my clit to my opening, ohoooo his tongue bahis şirketleri drives in and out piercing and darting. I tries to move away from the heat scorching my body but he pulls my tighter against his mouth sucking my clit hard, pulling it, drinking my woman’s nectar as it flows to his thirsty mouth. I groans in need and moves against his mouth, toward the heat, toward the point that is making my body tingle and tighten in need of release and possession.

As my body grinds, bucks against his lips and tongue and my need rises to a fevered pitch he moans, as he feels my give over to his total control. He drinks of me, quenching his need to taste me, devour me into his body.

The candle flares, lavender scent fills the air, the music burns the two shadows on the wall flicker and dance apart yet in unison of a woman in need to give and a man in need to possess.

I feels it now, the point my body and mind scream as one and in one final movement of total need and blinding fire I flies over the edge, into waves of passion crashing over me.

He lifts my hips, straightens up and in one smooth thrust impales my on his cock …my pussy grips him like a vise. I gasps..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.he drives into the heat, throwing his head back…roars his possession…explodes in sensation of crashing waves of orgasm from him shooting into my body. On and on he flows into me…he thrusts one last time… groans and rests on me, holding me to him, hugging my body to his….his prize….his prey… his love.

The candle flares and the shadows on the wall dance but as one amongst the soft music as the scent of lavender fills the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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