Libertine Adventures Ch. 08

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Big Tits

All the people are over the age of 18.

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Libertine Adventures chapter 8


I drove back to Dallas on the morning of the 30th after spending a couple more days with Aunt Gwen and Chelly. The drive back was entirely on autopilot and I really paid attention to nothing more than changing cassette tapes every 45 or so minutes.

A beautiful day led me to open the windows and the front door. A cool breeze filled the house and I spent the next twenty minutes listening to a variety of voice messages. A couple from George, one each from Amy and Stephanie three from Lisa, two from dad, and the last one was from Tina, identifying herself as a friend of Lisa’s.

I thought about the order I should return the calls, settling on boys first, then the girls.

I didn’t know what number dad gave me so I tried it first. It would be around 9 his time, so hopefully, he was at the number. I dialed the number and after the second ring a cheerful voice answered, Colonel Cockrum’s office, Lieutenant Boyle, how may I help you, sir or ma’am. She had a saccharine-sweet voice, tone, and inflection reflecting professional training. Then it struck me, “Wait, you said Colonel? Not Lieutenant Colonel?”

Her laugh existed on its own plane of music, “Yes, sir, he was promoted recently. You must be his son.”

I wondered what the hell dad had been doing to get promoted so quickly. I had barely adjusted to the silver oak leaves from the bronze ones. Now he had birds? I replied, “Sorry, yes, I am Dave.”

“He will be back in a couple of minutes if you want to hold, sir.”

“Yeah, that’s fine, but if you want someone to flirt with you just keep me on the line.” It was a long shot that she would be willing to flirt, but I knew a few things. Female officers had a very small pool of guys to choose from. Officers that worked for my dad, even less with the hours he maintained.

Her musical laugh filled my ears as she replied, “Okay, what should we talk about?”

It didn’t take half a second for me to reply, “Why don’t you tell me about when your album is coming out? I really want to listen to it.”

She laughed again and answered, “No album coming from me, but thank you.” Her voice contained mirth as she asked, “Do you flirt with everyone?”

It was my turn to laugh, “No, just the pretty ones.”

“Oh ho, you think I am pretty? You haven’t even seen me.”

I chuckled, “Have you heard yourself? All I can say is I bet the privates are danged happy that BDU’s are loose and come with a jacket.”

Lieutenant Boyle laughed again, and started, “Aren’t you,” then her voice changed to the professional musician, and she finished, “your son is on the line, sir, I will transfer him right now.”

It took about five seconds until dad picked up the phone, “Flirting with my assistant eh?”

Sounding like a parrot I queried, “Have you heard her voice? I mean really listened to her?”

Dad laughed, “Okay, big boy, describe her.”

I pulled from my imagination, “Say, five feet three, blonde, brown eyes and cheerleader type.”

I could hear his grin through the phone, “Wrong on all three counts, Hero.”

I grunted, “Then spill the beans.”

Dad laughed even more. “Nope. If you want to know, fly out here and meet her.”

Confusion swept through me, “Is she going to be there come summer? Hold on, are you?” I sat upright elbows on my knees. “Is that why you left a message? You aren’t coming home in a couple of weeks?”

Dad’s voice turned serious, the-boy-don’t-fuck-with-me-tone, “There is a ticket waiting for you at the airport. Jump on a flight and I will have someone pick you up at the airport.” His voice softened a bit as he concluded, “If you stop fighting about flying out I will have Boyle pick you up.”

I had to laugh. “Well, getting to listen to her for a couple of hours would be worth the trip. Oh, by the way, I have something to talk to you about when I get there.”

He sounded intrigued but merely said, “Okay. When are you coming?”

I mentally shrugged, “Assuming this is more important than New Year’s Eve with a big titted blonde, I will try to catch something tonight if they have it, otherwise tomorrow morning.”

“There is, every night at 1900 hours one takes off to New York then Frankfurt.”

I glanced at the clock and said, “That doesn’t leave me much time. Gotta go, love you.”

He hung up the phone with a” too” and I started packing for a week in Germany. I paused long enough to call everyone and let them know I was out of town and would be until after school started.

I slept on the flight to New York. From New York, I slept all the way to Frankfurt. Once the plane entered the final landing pattern I stretched and looked around. Admittedly, I had been a terrible flight partner saying next to nothing the entire time.

It felt good to be back in Germany on some level. Kind of like a second home, but in my case, it would have been canlı bahis the third home. Texas pretty much had become home for me.

I had checked all of my luggage so I was not in a hurry to deplane, well, I was, but the anticipation of hearing that musical instrument called Lieutenant Boyle had become offset some. What if she didn’t like me? What if she was horrendously ugly?

I let most of the people depart the plane before I stood and headed down the aisle. The gate area was pretty vacant and I saw a vision holding a sign that merely read, “HERO.”

I stumbled in shock. If this was Boyle, she was fantastically more beautiful than her voice. Alabaster skin, so white it seemed to glow. Flame red hair that cascaded into a series of light curls. She was obviously fit, for the Army did not suffer overweight people long. Her dress greens hugged her body, not too tight but tight enough to know she was stacked as well as fit.

She stood around five feet eight inches tall, her face seemed sad, and I would find out that when she did smile it almost always seemed like she was crying, a calmness about her that seemed to radiate out from her persisted despite her countenance.

Something in me felt… calm. Content. As I gazed upon her. I walked up to her and stammered, “B-B-Boyle?”

She smiled warmly, dare I hope lovingly, and the chorus of heaven sang out her reply, “If you are the Hero that I am waiting for then I am indeed the Boyle you seek.”

It seemed my heart was racing a million miles per hour as I asked, “I hope you understand that I am not going to call you by Boyle. What’s your first name?”

“Krystal, though in return I really want to know about the Hero name.”

I replied, “The most beautiful woman in the world should be named Helen, not Krystal.”

Her musical laughter seemed to fill the airport, “Oh, you are trying hard to get into my skirt.”

I chuckled and replied, “No ma’am. I don’t plan to do that until you are my wife.”

She stopped whipping her head in my direction. I stopped and looked back at her. She stood staring into my eyes for a minute or two. It gave me a moment to appreciate the hues of blue. She took my hand in hers and said, “Hero, you don’t have much time if that is your intention.”

I squeezed her hand, stepped up to her, our chests touching, “I know, and if I don’t succeed in the seven or ten days I have, I will write you daily, call you weekly until you realize the truth that we belong together, we just have to figure out what that means for us.”

Her free hand caressed my face tenderly, and she whispered, “Off to a good start Hero.”

I reached up and cupped her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. As our lips met the sun went supernova and the world ceased to exist. Her lips parted slightly and my tongue filled the space, seeking out her tongue. Eternity would not have been long enough for me to enjoy her kiss.

Somehow we parted and looked at each other, “Okay,” she whispered, “I believe in you, in us.”

I really needed to work on my poker face, because Krystal laughed at my expression and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Come on let’s get your bag and go home.”

We walked hand in hand to baggage claim and I pulled my suitcase off the carousel. “Speaking of home, where is that?”

She smiled, “About a three-hour drive.”

My internal map of Germany lacked a lot of detail, so I didn’t have a good idea of where. We walked out to a military minibus. I slid the back door open and tossed my bag in.

Before she could get into the van I grabbed her hand and spun her toward me. My arms wrapped around her waist and I confessed, “You should know that I am eighteen.”

She kissed me and whispered, “It will be a bigger issue for your father than me. I already knew.”

I brushed my lips across hers, asking, “Testing interrogation techniques on my father?”

She laughed again, “No, just asked. He loves talking about you. I was probably in love with you before we talked.”

“Remind me to thank him. The best thing he has ever done for me.”

We talked the entire way to Augsburg. No subject off limits, family life, childhood, loves losses and so on. I don’t know how fast Krystal drove, but it took almost five hours to get to Augsburg.

As we got close, “Are we going to his office?”

She shook her head, “No, I can’t even take you within a mile of his building much less his office.”

“Oh, then the billets?”

She gave me a smile, “That was the original plan, but I am taking you to my place. You are staying with me.”

I whipped my head left and her laughter filled the van and she said, “It simply would not due to have my future husband sleep in a hotel alone.”

I reached over to place my hand on her thigh. “Wife,” I muttered, “I like the feel of that.”

All I heard was her response of “Me too,” as it reverberated in my mind until we arrived at her rented house.

She let me in and said, “Make yourself at home. I need to return the van, let your dad know where you are and then I will come back.”

I bahis siteleri kissed her deeply, our bodies sliding together as if they had always been two parts of a whole. “Okay, but as dad goes, just tell him to meet us wherever you want to eat dinner. We can spring it on him then.”

She thought about it, “Okay unless he asks specifically where you are. I won’t lie or mislead him.”

I nodded, “Makes sense.”

After Krystal left, I showered and went snooping around. I mean eventually, I would see it all anyway, right?

It did not take long to find a stash of Penthouse magazines. She had thirty magazines and looking them over, the erotica sections had been read and reread. That is not to say she hadn’t looked at the pictures, for she had. More than one girl had some sort of liquid stain on her picture.

Next, I looked at her stash of sex toys. A couple of vibrators, a couple of dildos, a lubricant, and a pair of handcuffs that looked suspiciously authentic.

I put everything up and checked her kitchen and found the foodstuff on the light side. She clearly ate out all the time.

Or didn’t eat.

I was looking through her bookshelf when the door opened. Turning I saw her smiling as she folded herself into my arms. “Hi baby,” I whispered as I kissed her.

She looked up, “I can’t express how excited I was to come home and see you.”

I grinned and returned, “I can only hope I can hold my own against the nightstand drawer.”

She blushed furiously, her alabaster skin turning a gorgeous red. She asked, “What else did you find?”

I kissed her gently, pulled her against me and held her as I responded, “My heart, my life, my love.”

Tears welled up in her eyes and she said, “I must confess something Dave. It may change your mind about me.”

I simply said, “Not possible.”

She took a deep breath and said, “I like women as much as men. I, I, I don’t know how you want us to be, but I would want other women to be part of our life together.”

Stunned, I looked at her and said, “As long as I don’t have to share you with another man, we can fuck as many women as we want, so long as it doesn’t hurt our relationship.”

Krystal released her breath and leaned against me. “Dinner is in an hour, Hero. Want to tell me that story while I change?”

I nodded, “Sure, but I am going to stay in here so I don’t see you naked. We won’t make dinner if we do.”

Laughter, music, love, filled the room as she headed to the bedroom. I sat down in a chair and told her about saving Donna in the Cache River and the ball of barbed wire.

When she came into the living room Krystal was wearing a light blue dress which clung to her very much how I wanted to cling to her.

My cock was hard stretching down my left leg. Her eyes widened and she whistles, “Fuck.”

She walked up and asked, “Please sit.”

I sat and she climbed onto my lap, sighing softly.

“Fuuuck me,” I groaned as Krystal settled into place. I wrapped my arms around her waist and simply held her.

She kissed my ear and whispered, “I hope you like this half as much as I do.”

I looked off into space and whispered, “More, with all my heart, do I love this and you.”

Krystal rested her head on my shoulder and kissed my neck, “I love you too.”

I clasped her perfect ass and said, “I have another thing I have to confess before you say that.”

She rotated around so she could look at me more easily, which helped not at all with my hard-on for her ass cheeks rested on my dick. “You know the cuffs?”

She nodded carefully.

“I really want to use them on you. I seem to have developed a taste for more violent lovemaking.”

She looked at me and replied, “I am your canvas to paint on, however you choose within limits. Like not my face.”

I sighed out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding. Krystal kissed me and said, “We should go.”

I lifted her up and walked toward the door and set her down to put our coats on. We walked to the Gausthaus and found Dad already there. His eyebrows raised when he saw us. We were smiling and dad said, “That was quick boy.”

I smiled and said, “Oh, there is so much more.”

We sat at the table and he said, “Out with it.”


I looked at him replying, “I want to marry Krystal. Or Boyle. Preferably before I go back to Dallas.”

His face screwed as if he bit into a sour lime. He looked at Krystal, “Talk to me Boyle, what are you thinking.”

Her voice was steady, confident, as she said, “From the first stories of Dave you told me I was fascinated and wanted to meet him. When he called and we talked, I cannot explain why, but it was like talking to myself. Or the male me.”

She took my hand in hers, not for comfort, rather to show possession. “When I waited for him to get off the plane, I was calmer than I have ever been. I knew he was there, I could feel him somehow.”

Her face turned red, “When he finally got off the plane, I just knew no other man or woman would ever measure… no. No one could possibly bahis şirketleri fulfill me as he does. It’s kind of love at first sight.”

Dad looked at me. “Dad, you dangled her before me, to come here. I knew I made the right choice when I saw her.”

He nodded once. “Okay. We can get it done before you leave.”

Stunned, I merely sat there. Dad guffawed, “That face Hero. You should see it. Something you don’t know is that I knew your mom about a week before we eloped.”

I nodded, “That makes sense.”

We ordered beers and dinner, then I said, “We could wait until spring break and make it a double wedding.”

Dad and Krystal both spewed a little beer, crying out, “What!”

“Hear me out,” I calmed. “Aunt Gwen is pining for you. She either worships you as a hero or loves you completely.”

He looked shocked.”Gwen?”

I nodded. “Call her to tell her to get her passport and get her ass up here.”

He opened his mouth and I stopped him. “Her parents are dead. Your family wants you to be happy. Get some.”

He sat there and drained his beer. “I will think about it.”

After dinner, we ordered more beer and he finally got to the reason he had me fly out. “I have been offered a command here. It comes with the eagles.”

I laughed.

They both looked at me like I had lost it. I asked, “What do you want to do with the house?”

Dad shrugged, “Do whatever you want. We can transfer the deed to you.”

I turned to Krystal, “We can discuss this, but the plan at this moment is keep it, I live in it while I go to university in the Dallas area. Like It Arlington.”

She nodded, then quipped, “Other than being a kept man, what are you going to be when you grow up?”

“Be a gigolo?” Dad had the good grace to snort as Krystal giggled. “Construction management, I want to buy houses, fix them up and rent them out after I think the third or fourth sale.”

Dad nodded, “Good choice. Boyle, you will be very happy with your home, the young man is talented.”

She looked at dad and me, “I have something to say. I don’t want to wait. I want to marry as soon as we can. My family will insist that we do it again in Nashville later.”

She turned to me, “Hero, please don’t make me wait. I don’t think I could bear waiting three months to be yours.”

Fuck. Hearing Krystal pleads like that made my cock get hard instantly. I nodded, “Okay, honestly, I don’t want to wait either.”

She nodded and whispered, “You are my Hero.”

Dad looked at the two of us, somehow, not throwing up in his mouth. “Boyle, you will need a new assignment. I won’t have my daughter work for me.”

She nodded, “Yes, sir, I understand.”

He asked, “Any place you want to be?”

Krystal looked at me, I nodded, and she said, “Dallas or as close as possible.”

Dad nodded, “That will be part of my gift to the two of you.”

A heartfelt “Thank you” came from both of us.

We sat for another hour or so and dad paid the bill. “I assume that you are staying with Krystal?”

I was conflicted. I wanted, needed, to be with her; but, I also knew that as soon as we laid in bed together I would be all over her. “Yeah, I need to find out if she snores.”

He laughed, she punched, and I grinned.

We walked out with Dad and he said, “For the rest of your stay I am working overnight so we can spend the afternoon and evening together.”

I hugged him, “Thanks, dad.”

We walked back our arms around each other’s waist. From knee to her shoulder our bodies were pressed together.

As we entered her rental, we said nothing. We began kissing in the living area, my hands sliding down her back. I grabbed her ass cheeks and Krystal moaned into my mouth.

Her hands were far from idle; she unbuttoned my slacks and unzipped them. As soon as they were open enough, she fished my cock out and sighed as she gave it a squeeze.

I groaned and whispered, “Krystal, if you keep that up…”

“Husband,” she murmured as her hands twisted and slid up my length. “This is a fantastic cock.”

I smiled and quipped, “The girls in my high school think so.”

She laughed lightly, “Do you think they would share?”

I picked her up and carried her to the bed, “Yeah, some of them will. Lisa for sure.”

She settled onto the bed, “Tell me about her

I sat adjacent to her and told Krystal all about Lisa and what I did to, and with, her. The entire time her hand slid up and down my length. As she got wound up her grip tightened, never to the point of pain, but it certainly excited me more and more. Particularly when my precum started giving lubrication and her hand slid nearly effortlessly.

I loosened and removed her dress. She had on white lace undergarments which somehow contrasted beautifully from her white skin. “Let go,” I stated softly.

She released her grip on my cock allowing me to move to where I sat over her legs just below her knees. My hands rested on her thighs and I was taken by how soft her skin felt. I wasn’t Casanova by any stretch of the imagination, but I did know that Krystal’s skin was the softest I had touched.

My eyes devoured her body. I could see how soaked she was and how hard her nipples were.”Dave, are you going to make love to me?”

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