Library of Love

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This is a short and steamy story. Enjoy, and please leave a comment and rating.

All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.


I had thought that by taking the initiative to study somewhere quiet, I might achieve some progress. The truth was that I’d gone from procrastinating at home to procrastinating somewhere else.

I had never seen the campus library this empty. It was late, most students would have left at this point. The only kind remaining were desperate or obsessed. I was the desperate kind. I suddenly remembered Ezgi, she was the obsessed kind, though I hadn’t seen her in over a year. The impact she had on my way of thinking remained, though. The effect best friends have on us isn’t washed away so easily, not even by something as destructive as time. I wondered if she was here. I glanced around, looking for her, wondering if I ever had the intention of studying at all, or if subconsciously I just wanted to see her again.

My heart skipped a beat. There she was, her back to me, hunched over a pile of books and notes on her desk. I’d recognize her silhouette anywhere. The slender frame and short stature. The light brown skin and dark brown hair. She still dyed the ends red, after all this time. It has been 18 months since I’d spoken to her. 18 months since I decided to exit from her life completely. It seemed a good decision at the time, but now I wasn’t so sure.

I gathered my books into my bag, not sure what to do. I should have left. Should have moved on. Should have gone home and gotten ready for this goddamned physics test tomorrow. Instead, I found myself standing behind her. Heart noticeably beating. What was I going to say? How do you break that long of a silence? How do you right that many wrongs?

“Hey, Ezgi,” I said.


She turned around, looked me in the eye, her expression unreadable. She stood up. She was a full head shorter than me. She took a deep breath, I waited to hear what she would say. Instead, she reared back to deliver the king of all slaps. I didn’t defend myself.


It stung like a bitch, but I deserved it, and it washed some of the guilt away. I rubbed my face, letting her know it hurt.

“Vic! Where have you been?!” She yelled. I knew I was in trouble then, she was a stickler for rules and a lover of libraries. If she was breaking the library rule of silence, it meant she well and truly didn’t give a fuck.

“It’s been ages,” she said, “you were my best friend, and you just disappeared, you didn’t say anything!” Her voice broke off at the end. Her eyes wettened. Shit. Before I could react, she hugged me. Tighter than I deserved. I held her back, I didn’t have any words to say that didn’t sound stupid. Over her shoulder, I spotted a few curious glances from other students. I played for time.

“I need to talk to you, is there anywhere quiet around here?” I said, glancing around. She was always in this godforsaken library. she’d know a place. She let go of me, nodded. And led me on. The library was huge, six stories high and full of paths branching off in all directions. This time of ataşehir escort bayan night, it held a soothing kind of calmness to it. I hated it, I needed distraction and noise to hide the unease.

The little office she led me to had a couch and the large kind of desk you assume important meetings are held over. The windows facing the rest of the library had blinds to allow for privacy, and she shut them and locked the door. I don’t know how she had the key to this office and it didn’t seem like the time to ask. We were alone. In a secluded room. I still didn’t know what to say, neither did she. There was a kettle in the corner, with sachets of coffee. She busied herself while I stood there like an idiot. She had been my best friend. I’d met her five years ago in my first year. We caught on like a charm, sharing the same hobbies, the same silly sense of humor. The infamous Ezgi and Victor. After four years, I had finally admitted that I wanted more. But she wasn’t ready. And I couldn’t live with her as just a friend. So I chose to live without her at all.

God, I’d missed her. Her company, her friendship.

God, her butt looked good in those jeans. Her white shirt was tucked in. Tight over her torso, There had been nobody else in her absence from my life that managed to drive me crazy quite like she did. I knew words going to solve this. We had spent so much time speaking before my departure. So much time tossing over ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’ that after all this time there was nothing more to add. It was time for action. I had changed. I no longer deliberated as I once would have.

I stood over her, still uncertain as she turned around, slowly. Her mouth slightly ajar. Her breath a little short. I didn’t care anymore, I had to show her what I wanted. I kissed her. It was slow, deliberate, and she met me halfway. My arms found her waist, hers found my shoulders.

“Finally,” She whispered.

“I should’ve kissed you five years ago,” I breathed back into her mouth.

I took my time, she didn’t. She pushed me back towards the table, attacking me with her tongue. I accepted it, enjoying her taste. Her fingers found the hem of my t-shirt and she pulled it up, the touch of her hands on my chest sending shivers down my spine. My shirt was thrown off, she paused to gaze at my chest. I took advantage of her hesitation.

I picked her up and spun around, sitting her down on the edge of the desk. I began undoing the topmost button of her shirt, kissing her as I did so. It was done up tight, and it took longer than I expected. I cursed under my breath, fumbling with the tiny button.

“Aha!” It finally came free. Exposing two inches of her chest and neck. I looked her in the eyes, she was glowing, and this was taking too long. I grabbed the fabric just below each of her collars and yanked them apart as hard as I could. Buttons flew in all directions as her shirt opened up for me. Only a black bra obscured her petite chest. She was perfect. Her caramel brown skin looked warm and inviting. I took a bite. My mouth finding her neck. I bit, kissed and caressed my woman, enjoying the escort kadıköy effect I was having on her. Her chest rose and fell as her breath quickened. Her hands gripped the edge of the desk tightly. She shrugged her shirt off her shoulders, and I gazed at the beauty in front of me. I almost drooled a little.

Her hand found my bulge, Painfully held back in my jeans. I undid the buckle and dropped them to my knees. Only the thin fabric of my briefs in between her soft caress and my cock. She stood up and pushed me where she wanted. I found myself crashing against the blinds of the windows. She held me, lowering herself and softly cupping her prize, she had wanted this, and she was going to take it in any way she pleased. Her mouth opened to gently cup my balls, still in their prison of cotton. I let her take her time, but I was going crazy. Her hand gripped my shaft, firmly and possessively. Finally, the briefs began to come off. My heartbeat was somewhere in my throat.

My cock stood bare and to attention, pointing towards the ceiling. She enjoying the moment, turning it this way and that, examining it the way she would a particular interesting equation. My nerdy Ezgi, I let her do what she wanted, it belonged to her anyway, even if she didn’t realize it yet. she finally brought it to her mouth, I let out some sort of cry, but I was long past caring who might hear. I thought I would finish then and there. My fist slammed into the blinds behind me, I heard a crack and I might have shattered the window. She tongued my head, her lips tight on my shaft, she flicked back and forth on my opening, balls still cupped in her soft caress. I held on through the pleasure, enjoying the warmth and intense pleasure coming from my best friend’s mouth.

I wasn’t ready to end just yet, but I needed a breather. I pulled out. She frowned, disappointed showing. I needed to please her. I looked up, the ceiling was high up, good.

“Take off your jeans,” I ordered. “Before I break that too.”

She complied, smiling wickedly. She revealed a sexy pair of white panties.

“Too slow,” I bit into her panties, pulling to create a tiny tear. I grabbed the opening and ripped them down the middle. I was less successful this time, it didn’t break cleanly. But after some quick work, her pussy lay bare before me. It was thin and smooth, with small lips. I don’t know if a vagina can look innocent, but cute and innocent is how it looked to me. A small triangular trim of hair added some growl to her.

I slapped the inside of her thigh.

“Open up,” she complied, spreading her legs. I pushed my arms through, getting my shoulders beneath her thighs, grabbing her butt for support, and stood up.

“Eek!” She shrieked. She was now sitting on my shoulders, my face in line with her crotch. She grabbed my head tightly for support. I moved towards the wall, looking for support, her butt found our blinded window.

I finally looked at my prize. I teased her, kissing her thighs. Nibbling, biting. She took it kindly at first but began to grow wild, wiggling about impatiently.

“Please,” she moaned. bostancı escort Her voice was crack to me. Sultry and soft. Guttural yet gentle. I needed more.

“Tell me what you want.” I kissed her clit, establishing contact for the first time.

“I need you to eat me. I need to cum. You’re driving me crazy, you’ve been driving me crazy ever since I met you. I didn’t know what the feelings meant. I didn’t want to lose you. When you confronted me, I was afraid you’d become like my exes. Estranged and forgotten. You were my everything. I’m sorry I pushed you away, I’m sorry I hesitated. But I’m yours now, forever, so take what you need.”

Well shit. I couldn’t help but smile. I was expecting sexy talk. But that was so much better. I dove in, giving her what she needed. She was delicious. The musky smell that I always associated with her, the smell that I’d missed so much was so potent here I could almost taste it. I was ravished by it. It powered my forward and I accelerated in.

I ran my tongue up and down her folds as she yelled instructions from above. I dove in and out, side to side, paying attention to clit and everywhere else I could reach. I gauged my performance on the sounds of her moans, doubling down when she reached a peak. I focused entirely on her. I was having the time of my life, but somehow I felt in service to her. Giving her what she needed. Showing her that I was worthy.

She thrashed around, barely able to stay put. I grabbed her thighs, holding her steady, feeling her crescendo coming. She pushed my face into her, and I tripled my focus on that spot. She let out an indescribable, animalistic sound that was unfiltered and full of pleasure and joy. She was twitching, her limbs jelly, her moans died down.

I carried my princess to the desk and laid down to enjoy it. I kissed her tenderly on the forehead and began to straighten up. She surprised me, hooking her legs around me and flipping me over.

“Woah!” I exclaimed.

She was on top of me. The look in her eyes that of hunger and lust. I had been holding it back, but now I let it all out. I needed her. She lined up my shaft to her entrance and lowered herself onto me. She might have been wanting to do the work, but I didn’t let her. I grabbed her ass, held it in position, and began to slam myself into her. The time for gentleness was long gone, I was pounding my best friend from underneath with everything I had. A part of me still wanted to savor it, to enjoy her moans and warmth. But I was out of control.

There was a moment of clarity. This was Ezgi, my perfect woman, and here I was, buried in her. I breathed her in, and it threw me over the edge. There wasn’t a single second where I considered not cumming inside of her. And so I did, I let it all out, I could almost feel my balls pulse and as I emptied completely into the girl of my dreams. I found myself grunting, breath heavy, not knowing how loud I’d been, not caring.

She collapsed on top of me, we were both spent. An hour ago I thought I’d never see her again, and now here we were, wrapped in the most intimate of embraces. I settled into her, holding her smell in me, feeling her chest on mine, and just held her.

After an inordinate amount of time, I pushed away some strands of her hair and whispered into her ear,

“be my girlfriend.”

The reply came immediately.


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